Nikola Tesla: Part II

In the first Tesla Q & A, we considered the Trump family connection, his invention of time travel, teleportation, responsibility for the Tunguska event and status as a Pleiadean starseed (or Wanderer, per the Law of One material’s definitions). And not just a Pleiadean starseed, but one incarnated in Atlantis who travelled forwards in time 900 years to the 19th century, continued as the Tesla we know up to his 50s (so in the region of 1906-16), and from thence came to the 21st, where he is, some of the time, inhabiting a clone body of Elon Musk (that would

White Hats – 5, Celebrity Register – 4

No, there’s nothing here about Gary Lineker, despite the football scores-esque title. However, any conflagration at the BBC would surely be far from organic at this point, given their abject culpability. The following represents some odds and ends of questions and answers from the last couple of months, rather than anything approximating an express chain of inquiry. Things still seem imminent, as ever. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank may make them more imminent, in one way or another. Obviously, intimations of a banking-system meltdown have lately become a fixture, with a pronounced ebb and flow over the past couple

The Greys

What it is we’re doing here is a whole subject in itself. For another juncture. It would appear we were earmarked a spot on the edge of a plain some 50,000 years ago, were intended to get on, at least in part, on our own recognisances, and were then intruded upon (albeit, having stirred up the conditions for said intrusion). But where is this all leading, pray? As a precursor, a few clarifications on what we’ve been told about our general circumstances. Addendum 20/05/24: The Earth age answers, for whatever reason – imprecise wording, failing to test far back enough,