The Celebrity Register III

Less an update than a continuance, as the resting states of most of these stars – where they have indeed shuffled off – are likely at least several years’ standing now. Some of the questions and answers here are collating those from other White Hats posts. I haven’t confirmed whether all those deceased were Vril’d or simply adrenochrome addicts but may inquire after some of them at a later date. One of the significant parts of this post is essentially an amendment, or you might say an addition. Really, it should have been an obvious assumption going in, what with

White Hats III: White Hats Happenings

2022 bids adieu and 2023 dawns all-new. But whither the White Hats? Why hasn’t something happened yet? Questions had previously yielded mid-December as the deadline set for an announcement on worldwide corruption; obviously, that deadline whistled breezily by. This time, I’ve attempted clarification in terms of establishing more immoveable parameters, as opposed to those subject to change. The answer it seems, is that the announcement remains imminent. There are a few questions here relating to White Hats/ individuals in the truther community liable to stir up as much animus as they do devoted followings. While I tend to avoid hanging

The Celebrity Register II

A briefest of smatterings here. As outlined in the White Hats II Q & A, an individual’s White Hat status should not necessarily be taken to mean they are “good” or even, if formerly Black Hats, necessarily overly recalcitrant. And in the case of those who have always been White Hats, one shouldn’t expect their actions necessarily to conform to overt displays of those fighting the good fight. Anyone of any stature in Hollywood would have been attending cloning centres, which means they were, to a great or lesser extent, acting under duress. Apologies, but the greater emphasis here is