The 1700 Event

One of the central tenets of “stolen history” is that we have been deceived in some very fundamental and pervasive ways about our past, even our recent past. Various theories have been forwarded in this regard, most strikingly the often jointly forwarded possibilities of a once-legendary Tartarian Empire and a “mudflood”. The latter, it is suggested, may have taken place as recently as several hundred years ago. The mudflood concept’s genesis derives, at least in part, from buildings across the world that appear to have been constructed with lower levels buried beneath layers of earth. The resulting question, quite reasonably,

The Vaccine

The following summarises questions and answers concerning the vaccination programme, mostly asked over the course of 2021. Prescriptive to the following is acknowledging the baseline that there is no virus and that the vaccination programme is nefarious in nature. The second vaccination is also required for the full intended negative effects to be realised. For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.     2022     Q. Are provisions in place for treatment of the vaccinated?   Yes.     Q. When were bad vaccines discontinued? When did this process begin?   The switch over to vaccines