Send in the Clones: Donald Marshall and the Underworld

Donald Marshall’s testimony is among the most valuable to emerge from whistleblowers and also among the most disturbing. It’s chiefly known for documenting the Elite’s widespread use of cloning and cloning centres, as well as the parasitical effects of the Vril lizard on a human host. Marshall’s experiences in the centres make for grim reading, his gifts as a musical prodigy only having gone so far in protecting him from the torture, murder (of clone bodies) and debasement of the arena, where he’d be watched by gathered clones of celebrities and politicians. While Marshall touched on many different subjects over

The Draco II: Donald Marshall, Droning, Chipheads & Cloning Centres

Donald Marshall represents the source for spreading word of the Vril to the world, along with the existence of and activities within underground cloning centres. It would appear he was permitted to put information out there until he wasn’t, at least in part on the basis that no one would believe him. Certainly, for my part, it wasn’t his testimony regarding cloning centres that particularly rang alarm bells, but rather the origins of the Vril. He’d been led to believe they were prehistoric reptiles, indigenous to Earth, which just didn’t sound right. When there’s one (at least) reason to doubt

Beyond the Ice Wall: The Races

Or rather, the chief antagonist race, mostly. I was going to title this post “Anunnaki”, since the content largely ends up being about them (hence the cover image). I reconsidered, as there are also a fair few questions regarding Positive Forces beyond the Ice Wall. As with much pertaining to the hidden aspect, the scope of inquiry is, to a significant degree, dependent on one’s bearings, which means there remains vast potential for follow-up visits. As intimated in the first part, the starting point was tracing the line of Dark Forces. That obviously takes us elsewhere too, but as the