Antimatter III

A fairly brief immersion into antimatter this time, one that – as ever – raises a degree of confusion, both in terms of defining terms (see the first answer and how it relates, or perhaps does not relate, to previous ones on this subject) and basic visualisation of a realm that is foreign to us and yet which, per the Seth Material – and also confirmed by answers relating to his wisdom – is one we “live in” as much as we do our familiar matter universe.  Additionally, there’s further consideration of the antimatter AI, eliciting answers that are, perhaps,

White Hats XII

Any day now… Any day now… There are no prospective dates or ballpark figures in this update. Rather, a few questions and answers relating to a smattering of figures in the Truther Movement, or to ideas they’ve proposed that have inspired further enquiry in pursuit of clarity. And, for good measure, there are also a few questions relating to the ultimate White Hat (if you want to call him that): Jesus. It’s fairly evident that nothing is proceeding with the kind of alacrity certain prognosticators would like, such that you can see Phil Godlewski’s recurring frustration – ameliorated by occasional

Antimatter II

There have been additional, tentative excursions into the antimatter realm since the first Q & A on the subject, chiefly in pursuit of the best-known (only?) matter-universe navigator of such shores, Nikola Tesla. While he forms a part of the following, as indeed do various excerpts from that Q & A, this concentrates on the universe’s inhabitants for the most part: AMT and AI. You can find the specifics of this twin universe to our own, first set out in explicable terms – and bypassing the distracting faff of mainstream science – by the Seth Material (as far as I’m

ETs and Other Ultradimensionals Part 2

You’ll become familiar with this introductory refrain if you’re trawling through this month’s Q & As, but much of the following can be found in other Q & As; this is consequently intended to serve more as a readily locatable reference than offering all-new content. Mostly, then, the purpose here is to clarify the status of ETs.       Q. Are there other places in the Universe, besides Earth and the realm beyond the Ice Wall?   Yes.  There are other places in the Universe.  Earlier answers agreed with this, that there are other places in the Universe, created

Atlantis & Lemuria

Atlantis is perhaps the holy grail of lost history. Dismissed by authoritative types as fanciful myth or corralled into decidedly less evocative trappings, such as a more elaborate version of Crete, it remains unbowed and unbeaten, confident of its ability to endure in those altogether more imaginative. Which is not to say they need settle for a fancifully opposite extreme, plumbing for submarine civilisations of Aquamen. Or Patrick Duffy holding his breath. Perhaps the best source of Atlantean lore, in terms of sustaining the conversation post-the late nineteenth century explosion in all things esoteric and spiritualist, was Edgar Cayce’s readings.

Beyond the Ice Wall: The Races

Or rather, the chief antagonist race, mostly. I was going to title this post “Anunnaki”, since the content largely ends up being about them (hence the cover image). I reconsidered, as there are also a fair few questions regarding Positive Forces beyond the Ice Wall. As with much pertaining to the hidden aspect, the scope of inquiry is, to a significant degree, dependent on one’s bearings, which means there remains vast potential for follow-up visits. As intimated in the first part, the starting point was tracing the line of Dark Forces. That obviously takes us elsewhere too, but as the

Beyond the Ice Wall: The Realm

Questions regarding the realm beyond the Ice Wall took something of a cart-at-the-same-time-as-the-horse approach, which means some of the inquiries here, invariably ones representing the earliest inquiries, may seem on the rudimentary side. I’ve split this foray past the confines of “Antarctica” into two posts, the first, by and large, considering the realm and the second its inhabitants. Dark Forces has been used as a catch-all for those who took control of the Earth, but the initial focus was on those bearing responsibility who reside beyond the Ice Wall. It may be worth clarifying my initial approach to this subject,