Going Nuclear

Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the “Nuke Lie” Lie. So, it seems I’d been chasing the wrong conspiracy with this one. It’s almost inevitable that, when you think you’ve grasped the nettle of some subjects, you instead get stung to blue blazes. There’s long-standing theorising concerning the legitimacy of the nuke threat, and of nuclear technology generally, and as one who’d been dyed-in-the-wool terrified of all things atomic as a nipper, it took me a while to warm to it (mostly over the last three or four years). Warm to it I did, though, and it

The Celebrity Register 5

In among this batch of those currently still circulating in Hollywood, in one form or another, are a number of influencers of a more literary bent. As one of those in particular suggests, Black Hat status may not necessarily be something an individual has embraced wholeheartedly, just as those who have crossed the room from Black to White Hat may have done so for practical reasons, rather than through seeing the light. Obviously, as a few that have been covered suggest, an individual may nurse neither affiliation, while a White Hat may be a White Hat because they’re acting against

The Earth – Part I

Broaching the subject of the nature of terra firma, of the grounding of the ground ’pon which we all live (or lie beneath) is fractious. And if isn’t fractious, it invariably inspires ridicule. The charge of “Flat Earther” is tantamount to the “He believes in little green men from outer space” of yesteryear. Both, of course, reside firmly in the territory of bucking, or operating at variance to, the scared text of the presiding paradigm, and therefore, by implication, mainstream science. Space aliens, while ostensibly visiting from officially designated outer space – to a degree, therefore, underlining that paradigm – are