Starseeds III: Ascension

Or should that be: Appraising Ascension Dissension? I’ve been taking in Honey C Golden’s videos recently – extremely late to the party there, I know – and the area that’s perhaps most interesting, not least because it’s the focus of her message, is that of ascension. In the context of Q & As, that’s because it does, in part, suggest apparent divergence and contrast with previous answers. Obviously, the easiest interpretation is that one is right and one is wrong, but as with many things pertaining to the non-transparently 3D, the truth may be opaquer, reflecting both perspective and, in

The Earth – Part IV

This Earth post comes quite time after the last one, and it’s more keyed in to the speculative – or contemplative – than straight answers. Some of that is down to answers, but it’s also a consequence of considering an alternative model – that is, alternative to the official one, the Flat Earth one and the one answers here have yielded – received by Honey C Golden. I’ve encountered theories of a toroidal Earth before – the Stolen History forum has proposed a few, including the idea that “earth is a toroidal energy formation holding/energizing flat plane space for organic

The Phantom Matrix

I was unfamiliar with the term until recently, when it came up during a house clearing (no, I don’t mean chucking stuff in a skip). “The Phantom Matrix” sounds like an inadvisable mashup of two of 1999’s most successful movies. In spite of that, it also rather effectively conveys the impression of a place one wouldn’t especially want to be. The primary source of information on the Phantom Matrix seems to the Ascension Glossary, which can make for rather dense reading. As such, I won’t pretend to have a grasp on many of the nuances of this “region” (or universe,

Antimatter V

There’s regular cause to reframe or backtrack with this Q & A process. Invariably because an assumption has been made, and it isn’t until much later that it’s realised there’s a qualifier in there, or that one’s understanding of the thing one thought one understood wasn’t that at all. So there’s some of that in this Antimatter, mostly deriving from understanding – or misunderstanding – of AMT (Ascended Machine Technology). There’s also a related element, that of appearances in the antimatter universe. Misconceptions of AMT sparked heading off down the wrong course there, but a particular answer in Antimatter III