The Earth – Part IV

This Earth post comes quite time after the last one, and it’s more keyed in to the speculative – or contemplative – than straight answers. Some of that is down to answers, but it’s also a consequence of considering an alternative model – that is, alternative to the official one, the Flat Earth one and the one answers here have yielded – received by Honey C Golden. I’ve encountered theories of a toroidal Earth before – the Stolen History forum has proposed a few, including the idea that “earth is a toroidal energy formation holding/energizing flat plane space for organic

Beyond the Ice Wall Part VII

Further ground is broached in relation to Nos Confunden’s publications in this Q &A, but there’s much more still to go. Beyond which, the answers received, in many instances, beg further lines of inquiry all their own. The main takeaway is that, while this source appears invaluable in a slew of areas, in certain key ones Claudio Nocelli (and/or the Morrises – father William and daughter Helen) appears to be rather wide of the mark.  Several of the points raised here are specifically clarifiers in relation to earlier, potentially conflicting answers. There is also, however, clarification of clarification arising, which

The Crazy World of Corey Goode

Because everything he says IS crazy, right? Blue Avians, 20 and Back, Sphere Being Alliance, Moon colonies, Mars colonies, Inner Earth civilisations, the works. And if it isn’t craziness on his part, the only remaining option must be that, seemingly by his own admittance, it’s all express fabrication; Corey Goode’s a charlatan out to hoodwink the super gullible for personal gain.  Or is he (crazy/conman)? I followed Corey’s story initially when consummate self-evangeliser David Wilcock climbed aboard his space raft and graced him with the gift of the Wilcock seal of approval. Obviously, it didn’t seem quite right that the

The Earth – Part II

So where were we? Last time on The Earth, we delved into its shape. Which was quite enough to be getting on with, as incendiary starting points go. The following questions and answers come within the context of the nature of the Earth and its form – and void – but the subject extends itself and crosses over into various other areas of inquiry, so expect to find further referencing and clarifications in future posts, particularly when it comes to the realm beyond the ice wall and the broader universe. Pertinently, the Convex Earth documentary cited in the first part’s