Send in the Clones: Donald Marshall and the Underworld

Donald Marshall’s testimony is among the most valuable to emerge from whistleblowers and also among the most disturbing. It’s chiefly known for documenting the Elite’s widespread use of cloning and cloning centres, as well as the parasitical effects of the Vril lizard on a human host. Marshall’s experiences in the centres make for grim reading, his gifts as a musical prodigy only having gone so far in protecting him from the torture, murder (of clone bodies) and debasement of the arena, where he’d be watched by gathered clones of celebrities and politicians. While Marshall touched on many different subjects over

White Hats VI

A few different areas of current concern are broached in this update, from the ever-elusive EBS, to bank failures, to the alleged Nashville mass shooting and the latest rash of rampant AI reverberations. Will April offer showers of joy or further squally setbacks?  For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.     Q. How many delays to the EBS have there been this year?   There have been 7: 2 in January, 4 in February, and 1 in March. It appears something is planned for 1 April but this didn’t read as the EBS. However, there