Nikola Tesla: Part II

In the first Tesla Q & A, we considered the Trump family connection, his invention of time travel, teleportation, responsibility for the Tunguska event and status as a Pleiadean starseed (or Wanderer, per the Law of One material’s definitions). And not just a Pleiadean starseed, but one incarnated in Atlantis who travelled forwards in time 900 years to the 19th century, continued as the Tesla we know up to his 50s (so in the region of 1906-16), and from thence came to the 21st, where he is, some of the time, inhabiting a clone body of Elon Musk (that would


Antimatter is exciting stuff, combustible and incredibly dangerous – a bit like nuclear that way – and one wouldn’t be advised to use it as fuel source, except that everyone invariably does. In science fiction. So, a bit like nuclear that way. The same stuff doesn’t tend to be nearly as inspiring in the cold, harsh clinical light of theoretical science. But that doesn’t mean the reality, which tends to give official science a wide berth, isn’t less than scintillating. Physics tells us antimatter is made up of antiparticles of reversed charge, parity and time. It will tell you, if

Time Travel 2: History Deleted

History. There’s the history books, and then there’s what really happened, or didn’t.  But then, also, besides what did or didn’t happen, there’s what might once have happened but has no longer happened because history has been changed. It seems that, in practice, the parallel timelines theory does not fly. That is, once time has been changed, that’s the only version that exists (no infinite yous and or multiple, equally viable branches of events and lives. At least, outside of probable realities, which is another subject). How does that old favourite, the paradox, factor into this? Sure, it’s theoretically possible

White Hats VI

A few different areas of current concern are broached in this update, from the ever-elusive EBS, to bank failures, to the alleged Nashville mass shooting and the latest rash of rampant AI reverberations. Will April offer showers of joy or further squally setbacks?  For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.     Q. How many delays to the EBS have there been this year?   There have been 7: 2 in January, 4 in February, and 1 in March. It appears something is planned for 1 April but this didn’t read as the EBS. However, there

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, so the official story goes, was born in 1856 in what is now Croatia and died in New York (in the Hotel New Yorker) in 1943. He emigrated to the US in 1884, working for the Edison company for a spell before going his own way – the specific reason is unrecorded, but we do know he was no great fan of Thomas Edison’s hygiene – developing an AC motor and patents subsequently licensed by George Westinghouse. His renowned Tesla coil arrived in 1891. A decade later, the Wardenclyffe Tower project, prospectively a system of wireless energy transmission,

White Hats III: White Hats Happenings

2022 bids adieu and 2023 dawns all-new. But whither the White Hats? Why hasn’t something happened yet? Questions had previously yielded mid-December as the deadline set for an announcement on worldwide corruption; obviously, that deadline whistled breezily by. This time, I’ve attempted clarification in terms of establishing more immoveable parameters, as opposed to those subject to change. The answer it seems, is that the announcement remains imminent. There are a few questions here relating to White Hats/ individuals in the truther community liable to stir up as much animus as they do devoted followings. While I tend to avoid hanging

Atlantis & Lemuria

Atlantis is perhaps the holy grail of lost history. Dismissed by authoritative types as fanciful myth or corralled into decidedly less evocative trappings, such as a more elaborate version of Crete, it remains unbowed and unbeaten, confident of its ability to endure in those altogether more imaginative. Which is not to say they need settle for a fancifully opposite extreme, plumbing for submarine civilisations of Aquamen. Or Patrick Duffy holding his breath. Perhaps the best source of Atlantean lore, in terms of sustaining the conversation post-the late nineteenth century explosion in all things esoteric and spiritualist, was Edgar Cayce’s readings.

White Hats II

It’s been almost a month since I posted the first White Hats Q & A, and obviously, the imminent announcement has not yet happened. Not yet. But guess what…? Nothing very lengthy here, then, but there are a few interesting nuggets, including one you’d have to be stark staring to believe. But hey, why not? A question is also included that doesn’t specifically carry current currency, but it goes to illustrate that quantifying a White Hat isn’t necessarily so much about looking into the heart; it may, in some circumstances, more accurately be an “enemy of my enemy” qualification. For the

The Celebrity Register

The current affairs aspect of the Q&A hasn’t been a primary focus, mostly because, once the primary signifier that the White Hats won has been checked off, much of the rest is gravy. And also because there is so much information, speculation and theory out there, most of us probably have at least a general gist of the terrain (royals = bad/ satanic/ possibly reptilian/dead, celebs = addicted to adrenochrome/ cloned/ dead/ inverted/ satanic), even if the specific details tend to leap about rather. Given the level of current scuttle, then, much of this is likely just confirming what you