Beyond the Ice Wall Part VIII

Much of the following, it would appear, warrants a degree of contextualisation within the framework of perspective. That of the vantage point from which one is approaching the nature of the universe, and how one applies the lens of density – or dimension, albeit one will find a bit of a tangle over the distinctions between them and also their interconnection, depending on whom you source – to subjects that are most usually perceived and discussed in an “objectively” 3D manner.  I’ve broached this in The Earth – Part IV, and the potential for models of the Earth and the

Beyond the Ice Wall Part VII

Further ground is broached in relation to Nos Confunden’s publications in this Q &A, but there’s much more still to go. Beyond which, the answers received, in many instances, beg further lines of inquiry all their own. The main takeaway is that, while this source appears invaluable in a slew of areas, in certain key ones Claudio Nocelli (and/or the Morrises – father William and daughter Helen) appears to be rather wide of the mark.  Several of the points raised here are specifically clarifiers in relation to earlier, potentially conflicting answers. There is also, however, clarification of clarification arising, which

The Draco, the Vril & the Black Goo

The account of a malign reptilian influence on humanity has gone through various permutations over the decades, much of it synonymous with David Icke. Indeed, while there are various literary, film and TV antecedents (from Robert E Howard to, most famously, V), the suggestion of their actual oversight appears to start (or be first revealed) with Icke.  V gives us reptilians disguised as humans, but they’re front-and-centre new arrivals to the planet. Doctor Who earlier offered the Silurians – living deep underground, but natives of Earth, here before us, so we only have squatters’ rights at best. A bit like

White Hats II

It’s been almost a month since I posted the first White Hats Q & A, and obviously, the imminent announcement has not yet happened. Not yet. But guess what…? Nothing very lengthy here, then, but there are a few interesting nuggets, including one you’d have to be stark staring to believe. But hey, why not? A question is also included that doesn’t specifically carry current currency, but it goes to illustrate that quantifying a White Hat isn’t necessarily so much about looking into the heart; it may, in some circumstances, more accurately be an “enemy of my enemy” qualification. For the