Time Travel 4: Timelines

This forms something of a prelude, in much the way The Earth Part IV did: a means to present speculation on possible answers to what is, on the face of it, disparity between presented histories. That I’ve several answers confirming each of these strands – or timelines – is valid is, at least, a salve in terms both of Q & As generally and the indication that Ascension Glossary is 100 percent accurate and correct, but it leaves lingering uncertainty over the mechanism(s) involved. There’ll be a look at some of the divergences in events and dating here, along with

Starseeds IV: Incension

This comes snapping at the heels of Starseeds III: Ascension, which was mostly a speculative consideration of the apparent differences between Honey C Golden’s understanding of what is going on with the ascension process and the information confirmed in previous Q & As (see Starseeds I and Starseeds II). While there’s much more to be looked at, the main takeaway from this post is that there isn’t actually much in the way of contradiction. Mostly, the disparities may be addressed by perspective rather than division. A key to bridging the two is the understanding offered by the it-does-what-it-says-on-the-tin Ascension Glossary.

The Earth – Part V

When last we touched down on terra firma – in The Earth – Part IV, astonishingly enough – we established the apparently conflicting detail that, while the Earth is indeed in a crater, at the edge of a realm at the centre of the Universe, there is also a physical outer space, albeit one that deposits one, through the miracle of portals, in the realm beyond the Great Barrier Membrane. Further confounding attempts to make perfect sense of such matters, there is also an Anunnaki moon space station “up there”. On the bright side, though, it’s due to take 500

Dark Forces VI

The degree to which Dark Forces are still a “thing” would appear to be debatable at this point. I don’t just mean in terms of White Hats prevailing over them, which is generally assumed to come down to when and how – rather than if – the fact of this comes into the public domain. And not really even the prospect that they’ve been packed off somewhere, never to darken Earth’s doors again – or bare minimum, not for at least a millennium.  Rather, if indeed the entire universe is ascending and, consequently, nothing that’s “unascended” (or to put it

Starseeds III: Ascension

Or should that be: Appraising Ascension Dissension? I’ve been taking in Honey C Golden’s videos recently – extremely late to the party there, I know – and the area that’s perhaps most interesting, not least because it’s the focus of her message, is that of ascension. In the context of Q & As, that’s because it does, in part, suggest apparent divergence and contrast with previous answers. Obviously, the easiest interpretation is that one is right and one is wrong, but as with many things pertaining to the non-transparently 3D, the truth may be opaquer, reflecting both perspective and, in

The Phantom Matrix

I was unfamiliar with the term until recently, when it came up during a house clearing (no, I don’t mean chucking stuff in a skip). “The Phantom Matrix” sounds like an inadvisable mashup of two of 1999’s most successful movies. In spite of that, it also rather effectively conveys the impression of a place one wouldn’t especially want to be. The primary source of information on the Phantom Matrix seems to the Ascension Glossary, which can make for rather dense reading. As such, I won’t pretend to have a grasp on many of the nuances of this “region” (or universe,

Starseeds II

As suggested in the first Starseeds Q &A, the subject is, in essence, an ET one, but in a “walk among us” sense, and without necessarily any conscious awareness of those incarnated as humans, the ones doing the walking, that this is the case. The subject was probably first highlighted on any scale by Dolores Cannon, who observed it with certain hypnosis subjects during the 1960s, but it received its most involved coverage, if you want to call it that, with the Law of One channellings two decades later. Some of the following is repeated material – it can be

God & Related Bothering

Actually, there isn’t a whole lot of interrogation of “God” here, or “All That Is” (per Seth) or Source, or Higher Self, or the Infinite Creator (per Ra) with his intelligent infinity (in whom, there is “all that there is”). I’d suggest it’s probably quite easy to intuit some moderate, even ground on the God concept without applying either the extremes of a bearded guy sitting on a cloud or the sneering dismissiveness of Richard Dawkins.  The Seth Material offers some good fodder, however, notably in Dreams, Evolution and Value Fulfilment Volume 1, where Seth identifies the difficulty of explaining

“I am Ra” – The Law of One

“I am Ra.” And so it goes. The Law of One channellings, as the Ra Material is also known in its more approved & published form, counts as one of the foremost in the pantheon of wisdom delivered via such entranced means. A discourse from a sixth-density “social memory complex” ET intelligence (originating from Venus), the material’s baseline teaching revolves around said Law (“You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are”). As explained by Ra, the Law of One “blinks neither at the light