White Hats III: White Hats Happenings

2022 bids adieu and 2023 dawns all-new. But whither the White Hats? Why hasn’t something happened yet? Questions had previously yielded mid-December as the deadline set for an announcement on worldwide corruption; obviously, that deadline whistled breezily by. This time, I’ve attempted clarification in terms of establishing more immoveable parameters, as opposed to those subject to change. The answer it seems, is that the announcement remains imminent. There are a few questions here relating to White Hats/ individuals in the truther community liable to stir up as much animus as they do devoted followings. While I tend to avoid hanging

Atlantis & Lemuria

Atlantis is perhaps the holy grail of lost history. Dismissed by authoritative types as fanciful myth or corralled into decidedly less evocative trappings, such as a more elaborate version of Crete, it remains unbowed and unbeaten, confident of its ability to endure in those altogether more imaginative. Which is not to say they need settle for a fancifully opposite extreme, plumbing for submarine civilisations of Aquamen. Or Patrick Duffy holding his breath. Perhaps the best source of Atlantean lore, in terms of sustaining the conversation post-the late nineteenth century explosion in all things esoteric and spiritualist, was Edgar Cayce’s readings.

The Greys

What it is we’re doing here is a whole subject in itself. For another juncture. It would appear we were earmarked a spot on the edge of a plain some 50,000 years ago, were intended to get on, at least in part, on our own recognisances, and were then intruded upon (albeit, having stirred up the conditions for said intrusion). But where is this all leading, pray? As a precursor, a few clarifications on what we’ve been told about our general circumstances. Addendum 20/05/24: The Earth age answers, for whatever reason – imprecise wording, failing to test far back enough,

The 1700 Event

One of the central tenets of “stolen history” is that we have been deceived in some very fundamental and pervasive ways about our past, even our recent past. Various theories have been forwarded in this regard, most strikingly the often jointly forwarded possibilities of a once-legendary Tartarian Empire and a “mudflood”. The latter, it is suggested, may have taken place as recently as several hundred years ago. The mudflood concept’s genesis derives, at least in part, from buildings across the world that appear to have been constructed with lower levels buried beneath layers of earth. The resulting question, quite reasonably,