The 1700 Event

One of the central tenets of “stolen history” is that we have been deceived in some very fundamental and pervasive ways about our past, even our recent past. Various theories have been forwarded in this regard, most strikingly the often jointly forwarded possibilities of a once-legendary Tartarian Empire and a “mudflood”. The latter, it is suggested, may have taken place as recently as several hundred years ago. The mudflood concept’s genesis derives, at least in part, from buildings across the world that appear to have been constructed with lower levels buried beneath layers of earth. The resulting question, quite reasonably,

The Earth – Part III: The Ice Wall

Okay, then. The ice wall. This is the prequel, if you will, to the forthcoming Beyond the Ice Wall. But less House of the Dragon – full admission, I haven’t seen it – than Reign of Fire (and Ice). As with the Earth Part II Q & A, there are inevitably outstanding points that beg further inquiry and clarification, but you should be able to find them in a forthcoming sequel featuring everyone’s favourite non-star Kit Harrington. For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.     Q. Is the Earth bigger than we are officially told?

White Hat Operations

As noted in the introduction to the Politicians & Royals Q &A, it would seem an announcement is imminent – in the absence of unforeseen eventualities – so this seems like a good moment to assemble information. As indicated in the introduction to that post, the “current events” side hasn’t been a primary focus, in part because, on the understanding that the matter is in hand, the minutiae of present, ever-changing events – the rehearsed politics, the hows and whens of revelations – are less illuminating than their background and the greater universal – if you like – picture. For the

Politicians & Royals

It seems an announcement may be imminent, so it’s probably a judicious time to collate what information gleaned thus far. As I noted in my preamble to the Celebrities Q & A, the current affairs aspect of events hasn’t been my primary focus, mostly because, once you know the White Hats have won, much of the rest follows course. Also because there is so much information, speculation and theory out there, most probably at least have a general gist of the terrain (royals = bad/ satanic/ possibly reptilian/dead, celebs = addicted to adrenochrome/ cloned/ dead/ inverted/ satanic,) even if the

The Celebrity Register

The current affairs aspect of the Q&A hasn’t been a primary focus, mostly because, once the primary signifier that the White Hats won has been checked off, much of the rest is gravy. And also because there is so much information, speculation and theory out there, most of us probably have at least a general gist of the terrain (royals = bad/ satanic/ possibly reptilian/dead, celebs = addicted to adrenochrome/ cloned/ dead/ inverted/ satanic), even if the specific details tend to leap about rather. Given the level of current scuttle, then, much of this is likely just confirming what you

The Vaccine

The following summarises questions and answers concerning the vaccination programme, mostly asked over the course of 2021. Prescriptive to the following is acknowledging the baseline that there is no virus and that the vaccination programme is nefarious in nature. The second vaccination is also required for the full intended negative effects to be realised. For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.     2022     Q. Are provisions in place for treatment of the vaccinated?   Yes.     Q. When were bad vaccines discontinued? When did this process begin?   The switch over to vaccines

The Universe

Once we’ve established, beyond all reasonable doubt, that the Earth is not, as popularly defined, a large ball/ spheroid/ otherwise rotund object spinning through space at sufficiently alarming speed to make one not just giddy but also throw up copiously and unceasingly, we’re left asking what precisely it is in which this non-globe Earth is sitting, vacuously or otherwise. The same stuff NASA tells us? An infinite void, in which we’re nothing but mere insignificant pinpricks, the uncherished happenstance of a quirk of so-called evolution? Patently not. The following is merely an appetiser, because there’s inevitably much more, much of

The Earth – Part II

So where were we? Last time on The Earth, we delved into its shape. Which was quite enough to be getting on with, as incendiary starting points go. The following questions and answers come within the context of the nature of the Earth and its form – and void – but the subject extends itself and crosses over into various other areas of inquiry, so expect to find further referencing and clarifications in future posts, particularly when it comes to the realm beyond the ice wall and the broader universe. Pertinently, the Convex Earth documentary cited in the first part’s

The Earth – Part I

Broaching the subject of the nature of terra firma, of the grounding of the ground ’pon which we all live (or lie beneath) is fractious. And if isn’t fractious, it invariably inspires ridicule. The charge of “Flat Earther” is tantamount to the “He believes in little green men from outer space” of yesteryear. Both, of course, reside firmly in the territory of bucking, or operating at variance to, the scared text of the presiding paradigm, and therefore, by implication, mainstream science. Space aliens, while ostensibly visiting from officially designated outer space – to a degree, therefore, underlining that paradigm – are