Thank you, er, hopefully the Academy invites me back.

Oscar Winners 2021   Well, at least this year’s Oscars gave everyone something to talk about, so let’s hear it for Chris Rock and Will Smith. We’re obviously at a stage where the entire ceremony and its participants could, if it was so desired, be virtually simulated, so this incident at least sparks the possibility that everything we’re seeing right now, even or especially in the world of celebrity, isn’t scripted, by whichever side that may be at that particular moment. Indeed, this altercation could surely only be topped by Sean Penn publicly “smelting” his Oscars for the Academy’s crime

Your desecration of reality will not go unpunished.

2021-22 Best-of, Worst-of and Everything Else Besides   The movies might be the most visible example of attempts to cling onto cultural remnants as the previous societal template clatters down the drain. It takes something people really want – unlike a Bond movie where he kicks the can – to suggest the model of yesteryear, one where a billion-dollar grosser was like sneezing. You can argue Spider-Man: No Way Home is replete with agendas of one sort or another, and that’s undoubtedly the case (that’s Hollywood), but crowding out any such extraneous elements (and they often are) is simply a consummate crowd-pleaser that taps

How can I win over Glenn Close?

Oscar Winners 2021   Because a photo of Amanda Seyfried on the red carpet was about the most fun you’d have from this year’s ceremony (you can also find one of her with matching mask, should you need an extra chuckle). As for the Youn Yuh-jung acceptance speech comment, at this stage, how can anyone not win over Glenn Close? Welcome to the Oscars, brought to you by the World Economic Forum. Set in a station (a home for the homeless) and celebrating a billionaire’s daughter – actually, Zhao claims her father is not a billionaire, which takes some steel – and her movie

I’ve always had instincts about the future.

2020-21 Bests-of, Worsts-of and Everything Else Besides   As one, year-end lists and retrospectives are keen to see the back of 2020, doubtless under the blithe illusion – or brazen fabrication – that what’s coming next will be any kind of improvement. The good news is, if you’re into ramped-up New World Orders, you’re in clover. Otherwise, the outlook is far less rosy. My take on such matters comes via an ostensibly filmic blog, which may at least temper the veneer of doom mongering beneath a slick, or sick, auteurish sheen. Or perhaps not. I did manage to see a

Don’t call me a mindless philosopher, you overweight glob of grease.

Movies on My Mind Week Ending 3 September 2016   The Mandela Effect So did C-3P0 always have a silver leg? Did Dolly from Moonraker once wear braces? Did Forrest’s mother always say life was like a box of chocolates? In the case of the latter, and without really wanting to trawl back through the movie to check, I’d be minded to suggest the confusion arises from Gump’s momma telling him it is like a box of chocolates at one point and his recounting it at another. But the silver leg thing… I don’t remember that. And it does make much more sense for Dolly to have braces because…

Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?

Movies on My Mind Week Ending July 2 2016 Stranger Things ‘80s nostalgia, and especially for Spielberg’s Amblin, has had mixed results, from Abrams’ Super 8 to the recent Midnight Special, but this particular soup seems to possess all-important substance, with well-cast, rather than annoying, kids (more Stand by Me than The Goonies) and a scenario that seems to take in influences as eclectic as John Carpenter, Stephen King and Poltergeist (all evident from the trailer, and all referenced in an Irish Examiner interview with the writer-directors), as well as featuring Noonie herself, all strung out but as becoming as ever. Most enticingly, though, this was originally titled Montauk (it’s now set