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Time Travel 4: Timelines

The Q & A

This forms something of a prelude, in much the way The Earth Part IV did: a means to present speculation on possible answers to what is, on the face of it, disparity between presented histories. That I’ve several answers confirming each of these strands – or timelines – is valid is, at least, a salve in terms both of Q & As generally and the indication that Ascension Glossary is 100 percent accurate and correct, but it leaves lingering uncertainty over the mechanism(s) involved. There’ll be a look at some of the divergences in events and dating here, along with the Glossary’s treatment of timelines, a subject on which it has much to say.





It should be acknowledged, of course, as a preface, that “time does not exist and is a construct located within the layers of dimensional bands of frequency that make up the Universal Time Matrix, our accumulated memories are recorded in our mental bodies, and that content functions in space as timelines”. 

With that sorted out, a core concept for the Ascension Glossary is this Universal Time Matrix, a “map of all of the Timelines in which the consciousness moves that are simultaneously taking place within the entire time matrix”. This is composed of 5 density levels (or harmonic universes), with 3 dimensional holographic fields/octaves within each. The first such harmonic universe (3D Earth) yielded – I’ll refer to it in the past tense, since we are now on 4D Earth as part of the ascension process – 6 timelines (2 per octave); higher frequencies expose one to more potential (or future) timelines. The ascension cycle offers the opportunity to reclaim aspects of identity from these timelines as part of the process of “timeline collapses” (healing self multidimensionally through energetically meeting events or identities in those timelines). 

When the Ascension Glossary talks about such healing then, it is about “reintegration of selves”, reconciling the past – or future – “as well as issues presented at the individual self, the ancestral self, the karmic self, or the collective planetary self and so forth”. The success of this depends on the individual’s stage of spiritual awareness/evolution. Factoring into this process is the abandonment of the original 5D ascension plan, due to the “false ascension matrix” of the 5D timeline; when it comes to timelines, there’s much that is false and artificial to contend with. 

Consequently, Earth was required to evolve “through the many time fields at a faster pace, to move through many inorganic timelines”, in order to achieve “the end of a 3D combined timeline… moving into a higher frequency of future time”, the consequence of which is the “skipping” of “human beings and their consciousness, into future time and space fields which have much higher dimensional frequencies”; Ascension Plan B (“incension”), the “Universal Ascension timeline”, is facilitated through the Inner Worlds domain, which intersects the particle (matter) Earth and antiparticle (antimatter) or parallel Earth (with its “exact mirror opposite” time cycles). It appears this process is about time cycle merges, impacting both these Earths, so creating “some vast changes and corrections in the energy architecture which impacts past and future timelines”. 

The question would be whether any of this can account for disparities in timelines, since Ascension Glossary seems mostly to be addressing energetic healing rather than observable physical changes; when it talks about the organic timelines as distinct from the false or artificial ones, the latter generally appear to be the stuff of consciousness overlays (or amendments to the record), rather than actual alterations to history itself (“When we clear the past, we move outside of the trauma timeline and this changes the persons timeline for the future, that further changes the probability of the future cycle of time”).

The “end of 3D collective timelines on earth” will signal the move to the next harmonic universe, which will “change the planetary coordinates, planetary timelines, thus changing where the planet is actually located in Universal space-time”, and “the lower three-dimensional frequency bands will cease to exist in the planet” (which is the scenario, with 4D Earth, at which we are now looking).

Ascension Glossary defines artificial timelines as those whereby Dark Forceshave used dimensional blending experiments and alien technology to eliminate certain historical timeline records and to manipulate the perception of important figures throughout human history, in order to control or eradicate these memories from the physical 3D matrix of human perception”. This is the “AI version of the 3D timelines”. The manipulations aren’t merely historic, such that the Twin Towers “became known as the 911 Timelines, the institution of the false reality timelines in order take the planet into AI Assimilation Timeline which is the Fallen AI Timeline Loops that the NAA fully control from within the Phantom Matrix”; in common is the use ofAI technological manipulation methods to Mind Control and negatively manipulate the future direction of the human race by artificially generating False Timelines”. 

Armageddon Software (negative programming) was rife, such that “False Timelines keep repeating in order to trap collective consciousness into playing out the same AI mind programs and realities over and over again. This method was used to trap souls on the astral plane through forced recycling into the lowest density of the earth plane” (this recycling was stopped in 2021).  We’re told “These mind control programs could capture souls and dominate them, while existing in their artificial realities”.

The attempt to steer Earth back to organic timelines is known as the Timeline Wars, andAs a result there are some surreal events happening in the multidimensional fields that have heightened the war over timelines between the various competing factions”. Quite how this has manifested is unclear, but Ascension Glossary foresees the “Blended Earth reality” created by the projection of artificial timelines and leading two competing timelines (artificial and organic), which has been undergoing template connections to return it to organic, continuing “during the acclimation period and transition over the next 1000 or so years to eventually move out of these blended reality timelines”.

The influence as presented is chiefly a “broadcast one”, then. WherebyWe were handed a false history, false identity and false reality from the victors of war, along with strong broadcasts of NAA Mind Control programming in order to condition us to believe in the fabricated anti-human culture that is the controlled AI version of 3D reality”. Healing will come from remembering and reintegrating the truth of the organic timelines, set out in the Glossary’s Historical Timeline Trigger Events, which are “directly related to the seed or causal events of the main Galactic War histories involving humanity. The NAA war against humanity originated from the timelines of the Lyran and Orion Wars from the higher Harmonic Universe. When the Cradle of Lyra and several planets exploded this further destroyed the Andromedan Stargate, leaving humanity trapped in a fallen system. Those histories of Galactic warring eventually descended into many conflicts for power and control over the 3D Earth” and into the Timeline Wars.

So is there any reference to physical changing of history in Ascension Glossary? The danger is that one might easily make errors by looking for the literal, for physical actuality, in certain statements. Discussing Timelines Shift, we’re told that, as this occurs, “it changes previous Trigger Events recorded throughout history, and thus, has a chain reaction that changes future memories in the ancestral and genetic code of the planetary tribal identities”, but this appears to indicate that, as surmised earlier, the false events will be replaced by the organic ones. 

A trigger eventcreates a probable reality at a certain position, of what’s known as a Time Vector”, having a “domino effect”; a lot of the healing work “is going back in time” because “human beings are actually Time Travellers, and once they develop their meditation skills and their mental focus, can actually influence time”; by clearing “certain events, identities, we may transit beings that are stuck at that particular position in time, as again a service to God-Force, a service to the Christ-Force. And when that is removed, when that is erased, it changes the future”. These trigger events “can be positive or negative in their effects throughout time. If we return to observe a Trigger Event in a personal or planetary timeline, whether in the past, present or future, we can potentially alter or change the Causality, and its ripple effects that contribute to the series of interactions and forces that were energetically connected to manifest effects into events”. The clearing may be personal, then, but some “work with planetary projects, so we can override these timelines”.

There are various references to time travel in Ascension Glossary, but little emphasis on pervasive effects. It’s indicated that “Time travel is used between multiple virtual reality systems… where a person can bounce from one reality to another, experiencing a past or future timeline, but each reality is still locked down into an AI powered virtual reality system”. But this is, by definition, an artificial system. There’s also reference to “the control of reptilians to this particular timeline, and how they have managed to distort time, which is what they do”. But this time distortion is “by using inorganic artificial structures in the planet’s brain, in the planet’s consciousness fields that control the human body”. 

There is also the account of the Amurvarians (or Gold Order Melchizedek Amuvarians), who are “connected to angelic humanity in the future, yet in another reality during future events in the parallels, they were imprisoned and forced to be slave workers for building the outpost colonies for Zeta-Zephilium race”. They came from the future to aid ascension but were “trapped somewhere else and unable to incarnate into this timeline. This also means that they have been trapped in a future time (not on the Earth) and recycling somewhere in the Astral Planes and artificial timelines as slave workers”. 

So the Amuvarians are/were “trapped in future timelines in the parallels”, being “the astral plane parallels”. This “time travel reincarnation trap” has resulted in rescue missions by Guardian teams. Ascension Glossary indicates this is taking place “in what would be for us currently, somewhere in the future” and also notes Secret Space Programme “future histories” in this regard, which leads one to wonder what happens to these future timelines in an ascended universe (do they simply fall away? Become closed off?) This is something I’ve broached elsewhere in respect of future-human Greys (and Satan being released for a season, following 1,000 years of peace), as one wonders how either can really fit. This post is mostly concerned with the past, however…

All apologies if that lot isn’t entirely clear; I’ll readily admit that elements of it aren’t entirely clear to me either. The gist was to establish the parameters of timelines as the Ascension Glossary has them, so as to consider the degree to which its timelines differ from Q & A answers.



Q. Did Atlantis experience a destruction, aside from the 1700 Event?



However, the Ascension Glossary is also accurate in its account of Atlantis, per the Historical Timeline Trigger Events. This is not, it seems, down to there being two Atlantises (the one within the Ice Wall and the one beyond it). Rather, it is down to different timelines.

So what is happening here? If Higher Self consistently responds that Atlantis didn’t fall, that Atlantis still exists, and that its inhabitants have ascended to 5D (or 6D), it follows that the Atlantis history presented by Ascension Glossary is no longer active, whether that’s because the timeline was “healed” or overwritten or represents a parallel of some other description; trying to put it down to events in a different density or dimension wouldn’t really play, as they’d still represent a “current” fall/destruction in that level of reality. 

While answers on Atlantis have confirmed some of the elements in the Ascension Glossary account (ones also common to Edgar Cayce’s, whose readings on the subject are given as about 40-percent accurate), such as the Sons of Belial (and those following the Law of One), and the creation of “things” (hybrid creatures used as a work force), the timeline seems to be very different, with the civilisation dating to approximately 39,000 years and moving to 5D about 20,000 years ago (while Lemuria dates to about 25,000 years); there are approximately 500 million Atlanteans and Lemurians living today, with roughly equal populations. The Anunnaki had no influence on Atlantis (whereas they feature heavily in Ascension Glossary’s timeline; Honey Golden has the Anunnaki basically being Atlantis, spanning “the entire top of the Earth”). We also have Tesla coming from Atlantis 500 years ago (this too is curious, since the Glossary records him asa Christos Starseed from the future timelines on Venus that was sent to Earth to reverse engineer the lost free energy technology used from Atlantis”; unless this is a different timeline Tesla, the only explanation that would fit is that the Venus Tesla is the one born in Croatia, whereas the Atlantean Tesla is the one who “walked in” on him). 

Ascension Glossary offers 3 destructions of Atlantis, relating to the Lemurian Holocaust (52,000 years ago), the Atlantean Holocaust (28,000 years ago) and a third cataclysm circa 9558 BC, (now obscured) events that had great reverberations in terms of Earth’s history; these dates approximate those given by Cayce. The (original) Great Pyramid was constructed during pre-Atlantean times and the Sphinx, it would seem, during a period 35-45,000 years ago. 

Whereas answers have the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx being built under Khazarian/Ashkenazi instruction approximately 1,000 years ago. While this is keyed in to time travel, so one might suggest the originals were knocked down and then rebuilt, the disparities between dating and trajectories of the Atlantean and Lemurian civilisations are stark (and Atlantis being older than Lemuria is the reverse of how it is generally given). That, in the Q & A account, the civilisations didn’t crumble and fall suggests positive rather than negative influence, but the hows and whys of this rewritten – for want of a more appropriate current description and understanding – timeline are elusive.

There is much in the Historical Timeline Trigger Events that I haven’t addressed separately in Q & As; the possibility that mudflood masked an entirely fallible historical record rather threw out of whack a clear approach for constructing a timeline. And since Ascension Glossary couches events, both far-off BC events and post- ones, in ET activity, it is often quite distinct anyway. One can find some degree of concord with Honey Golden’s information (for example, the Lyran seeding of Earth) but also distinctions (she has the Anunnaki arriving on the Moon 80,000 years ago; the Glossary suggests the Moon was brought here separately, about 11,500 years ago).

And mention of mudflood further underlines elements Ascension Glossary omits; there’s no reference to the 1700 Event, no overt suggestion of time travel royally messing up history, nothing much on Tartaria, nothing on the dome, or the Ice Wall and “unmapped” continents beyond. It’s all very curious. The other area besides Atlantis I did query confirmed a similar state of affairs…



Q. Did Jesus live approximately 1,000 years ago?



Additionally, however, the Ascension Glossary timeline, giving the – much more traditional – 2,000-years-ago date for the “Jesus Christ Mission” is accurate.

In the Q & A account, Jesus lived approximately 1,160 years ago, and the events he experienced took place in Lemuria (Australasia); Jesus incarnated after the Anunnaki altered history (when they entered following the 1700 Event). If we have some form of “rewrite” or timeline supplanting another, it would appear Jesus “previously” had a mission in the 2,000-years-ago timeline too, but it came after everything that followed the Atlantis and Lemuria destructions in that version of history. Honey has a different account again, whereby the Jesus movement came from outside the dome 542 years ago (many got stuck there). She dates mudflood to 1796 (and at the behest of the Greys).

Obviously then, this post raises far more questions than it answers, but it nevertheless suggests there are answers, beyond the most obvious conclusion that one account is right and one is wrong (It would appear something similar is the case with the vexing question of Earth shape; Alisha, a friend of Honey Golden, has also suggested as much). Admittedly, Honey’s veracity comes in the 80-90 percent range, so there’s a little wriggle room for some of her dates and events being amiss, but even then, we could feasibly have a third layer of applicable timelines with similar criteria at play to the Q & A answers and the Ascension Glossary. The thorny part is homing in on what those criteria are exactly…



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