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Starseeds IV: Incension

The Q & A

This comes snapping at the heels of Starseeds III: Ascension, which was mostly a speculative consideration of the apparent differences between Honey C Golden’s understanding of what is going on with the ascension process and the information confirmed in previous Q & As (see Starseeds I and Starseeds II). While there’s much more to be looked at, the main takeaway from this post is that there isn’t actually much in the way of contradiction. Mostly, the disparities may be addressed by perspective rather than division. A key to bridging the two is the understanding offered by the it-does-what-it-says-on-the-tin Ascension Glossary. The following includes a look at who is ascending and when, densities pertaining, where the ascension is taking place (this reproduced from the recent The Earth – Part V post) and the subject of NPCs.



Q. Did Earth enter the ascension process from 3D to 4D (negative) in December 2021? 



As noted in Starseeds III, Honey gives December 2021 as Earth’s transition from 3D to 4D (negative). Earth then locked in to 4D positive with the (stretched out) solar flash in 2023. Earth is on its path to becoming 5D. For humanity, the ascension process is similarly couched, with those ascending moving from 4D negative to 4D positive and eventually 5D. There will be no more 3D or 4D-negative on Earth. 

This appeared somewhat at odds with previous answers, in which the prospect of an ascension process involving the transition to 4D, as presented by The Law of One channellings, had been broached. Ra (“I am Ra”) referred to this as a “harvest” and suggested the pickings were slim so far (the channellings took place circa 1981-83: “The energies of your Wanderers [starseeds], your teachers, and your adepts at this time are all bent upon increasing the harvest. However, there are few to harvest”). This was repeated more recently (circa 2015) in Corey Goode’s contact with the Blue Avians – the same ETs as Ra in The Law of One channellings – along with the prospective ascension to 4D; the gloomy prognosis was that less than 300,000 would make the pass grade.

However, Q & A answers gave a slightly different take. With regard to the ascension numbers, Ra’s ballpark figure was correct; indeed, it was actually lower, as 144,000 (the number of the chosen few during end-times tribulations, per The Book of Revelation) would ascend. This appears to discard the rumblings of concern voiced by Ra over a disappointing harvest, since it suggests a specific number was expected. Further, the ascension relates to 5D rather than 4D, except for those starseeds who are part of the ascension process (constituting starseeds in 5D who will be moving to 6D, which will take place after they die since that transition cannot occur in the body). The latter group make up approximately a third of those ascending, which means the remainder (about 93,000) comprise those who were formerly NPCs (see the NPC questions in this post for more on that subject). There will be no further opportunity for ascension on Earth (but again, see the NPC questions).

As the above implies, starseeds were not part of this ascension process, except for those moving to 6D. The Law of One offered an approximate date of 2011 for the harvest (to 4D). However, answers indicated there was a transition to 4D, but this took place gradually, from 1987 (the year of the Harmonic Convergence, perhaps not coincidentally; Ascension Glossary notes this event as a trigger for Dark Forces attempting “the complete takeover of the New Age”). The transition to 5D also took place gradually, from 2012; it was completed in December 2021 (the date identified by Honey). So this bifurcation point is the date by which those transitioning or ascending to 5D had done so. And also the date of the Earth’s ascension to 4D.

It appeared something wasn’t quite adding up here, particularly since Higher Self reconfirmed, in respect of this post, previous answers – that December 2021 was the date of the bifurcation, when all those going to 5D had done so; that 4D wasn’t part of this ascension process and had taken place from 1987 – while Honey is discussing a move (for people) to 4D, with 5D further down the road. Without getting ahead of myself, it appears we are talking about two processes here. More specifically, with regard to ascension and the side affecting starseeds (the majority of Honey’s audience, per her own appraisal), it would seem, per answers, that this apparent dissonance – the 4D/5D aspect – is because we’re looking at different timelines. It would seem, to an extent, that Honey is discussing developments that have already happened (in respect of moving to 4D and to 5D, at least in as much as it relates to starseeds and those in the 144,000); the Earth aspect is current, however, and there is a 4D part of the equation, but you’ll have to read on for that.

Should you be willing to entertain this notion, there’s still the question of the practicalities involved, ie shouldn’t such changes be obvious (whether it’s Earth or its people)? The explanation for this seems to be one Honey has addressed, talking about the ascension from 3 & 4D to 5D and suggesting that bodies may be in 4D for a while and then move, because the mind is still catching up; that is, one’s appreciation of where one is is based on one’s awareness (or the timeline one’s consciousness is in) rather than where one’s body is (or one’s density resides), and it’s more a question of that locking into phase. All of which works on both the levels of individual and mass consciousness. Or more acutely, it may be looked upon as a three-pronged process, whereby the body is ascending/DNA is activating, one has already done it as a soul, and all that’s left is for the mind to expand/catch up. Or further still, “Your soul is helping your consciousness ascend”. On the “realisation” front, 5D “I think is us knowing how to use our crystalline body for the programs of third density to finally be gone”.



Q. Are those ascending/who have ascended undergoing/undergone a crystalline body upgrade?



Again, per Honey, part of the ascension process is an “upgrade” from a carbon to a crystalline body (with DNA upgrading too, from 2 to 12 strands). Ascension Glossary also references crystal body activation as an aspect of the “consciousness rebirthing necessary for preparing to navigate the planetary liberation and ascension timeline”.

Everyone here now – unless they fall into Honey’s category of holograms: see NPC questions for more on that – has undergone this change. As per the previous question, the implication is that it’s simply a question of how/when you become conscious of this and how you handle the process: “I feel like some people are still living their life like they’re in third density but I received back in December Earth went into fourth density. She’s ascended, she’s done, yeah, so she’s just waiting for us to kind of catch up, and our bodies are catching up right now, and our consciousness catching up”. The more one is locked in to the 3D timeline, the more problems one will have adjusting.

With regard to this 4D (or 5D) transition, there was the question of those who weren’t heading that way…



Q. Will we encounter instead the “ascended” version of (loved ones) in a higher timeline or plane as we’re in higher plane? 



We won’t encounter their ascended version.

Honey has given varying accounts of those who aren’t along for the ride to 4D (or 5D), in relation to those who are, perhaps because her own (full) understanding of the process is a moveable feast, but perhaps also because she knows it will be a sensitive area for her audience and doesn’t wish to cause distress. 

When discussing our transfer to a “simulation” Earth (see below), Honey considered those who came along with it and suggested “so everybody had to look at their own soul as they went through, and they came to this plane of existence… that we’re in now… so anybody that’s here and doesn’t leave pretty shortly is here for ascension, and the ones that are leaving, they’re just getting their own creation that they’re going to be doing… and people we love, we will see in their… highest existence. So one thing we forget about is every is happening at the same time, and you know time doesn’t exist, so people are worried about ‘I’m not going to see my children’ or ‘I’m not going to seem my parents or my friends’… but actually you’re just gonna see the ascended version of that person, so you will see them in a higher timeline or a higher plane as you’re in that higher plane” (again: “Most of your family will be going with us… a higher version of them will be there…”).

That doesn’t seem to be the case. And some of the process there seems a bit sketchy anyway. Not the point about timelessness (for example, Ascension Glossary indicates that all starseeds are from the future, in “time” terms); would this just be for the comfort of those in – I’ll say 5D, since it seems, again see below, that there’ll be those doing 4D and then those doing 5D, in due course; albeit Honey presumably means those in 3D who weren’t aboard with 4D, since 4D has already happened… – as there’d surely be no other reason for them to be there (and not just getting on with their own process anyway)?

If this means those uncomfortable with moving to 4D, there’s the broader question of where they will incarnate with an entire universe leaving polarity behind (see next question). Perhaps the implication, for some at least, is one of (literally, in incarnation terms) baby steps. On another occasion, Honey suggested of those passing on that those here would “be able to talk to them soon and communicate pretty soon” (which further calls into question the need for an ascended version of someone). Ascension Glossary refers to such communication as part of the “lifting the veil between dimensions” and “more people will have experiences with passed on relatives, people existing in other dimensions, seeing a variety of spiritual entities, orbs, elementals, etc. The intensity of the current shift amplifies an array of multidimensional experiences…

None of which necessarily excludes the prospect of exited family and friends remaining, but as walk-ins, of course…



Q. Is the whole universe ascending – all souls, races, ETs, animals – and going to unity consciousness? Will there be no 3D left in the universe?



References here and here. Albeit, I didn’t ask regarding animals. For their parts, I’m not entirely clear. Honey suggested they would be “up-levelled, like humans used to be”, but how that relates to consciousness, I don’t know (simply on the level of the parameters within which, say, a horse can operate versus ones an “old-style” human could). She indicated that “Right now, our animals are coming in with big souls, and a lot of animals have had walk-in souls that are really big, so they’re ascending too” (she added that everything, including the multiverse, every version of this universe, was ascending – I need to probe her definitions of “multiverse” at some point, however).

The upshot being that there will no longer be polarity in the universe (this raises questions, as alluded in other posts, regarding projected future history, the Phantom Matrix and post-1,000 years of peace, but they’re for another time). My understanding has been that for all the messiness of it, polarity offered the opportunity for greater leaps of experience and understanding; that without it, the ascension ladder simply took a lot longer to scale (for example, starseeds nevertheless came here, per Ra, “due to the intensive life experiences and opportunities of the third-density. Thusly the positively oriented Wanderer chooses to hazard the danger of the forgetting in order to be of service to others by radiating love of others”).

Ra commented (and my understanding from answers is that he/they never actually did 3D), “In our vibration the polarities are harmonised; the complexities are simplified; the paradoxes have a solution. We are one. That is our nature and our purpose”. And (in Book III), “We seek now without polarity. Thus we do not invoke any power from without, for our search has become internalised as we become light/love and love/light”.

When asked regarding the distinction in progress between incarnations, as opposed to embodied, Ra indicated, that “The thoughts, the feelings, the troubles, all these may be seen. There is no deception and no desire for deception. Thus much may be accomplished in harmony but the mind/body/spirit gains little polarity from this interaction”. The question of polarity was pursued further in Book IV, where a creation with only positive polarity was proposed, and the reply came back that “It is, to our knowledge, only in the absence of free will that conditions of which you speak obtain. In such a procession of densities you find an extraordinarily long, as you measure time, third-density; likewise, fourth density. Then, as the entities begin to see the Creator, there is a very rapid, as you measure time, procession towards the eighth density. This is due to the fact that one who knows not, cares not”. Further, “Those Logoi whose creations have been set up without free will have not, in the feeling of those Logoi, given the Creator the quality and variety of experience of Itself as have those Logoi which have incorporated free will as paramount”.

But also, as an overriding point, “In truth there is no right or wrong. There is no polarity for all will be, as you would say, reconciled at some point in your dance through the mind/body/spirit complex which you amuse yourself by distorting in various ways at this time. This distortion is not in any case necessary. It is chosen by each of you as an alternative to understanding the complete unity of thought which binds all things. You are not speaking of similar or somewhat like entities or things. You are every thing, every being, every emotion, every event, every situation. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love. You are. This is the Law of One”. Ra indicated – and answers confirmed – that polarity “will… simply become history” in 6D, so it would appear that, going forward, it will be the same at a 4D-positive baseline (or however long it takes for that to be supplanted by total 5D). Will the universe simply move on more sedately as a result, or will the cumulative experience that polarisation mustered be seen as enough to maintain momentum?



Q. Is the ascension process primarily a consciousness shift but also one of the physical body?



This was by way of revisiting a question from Starseeds II – “Is ascension essentially a consciousness shift, rather than one of the physical body?” – whereby one might have inferred the answer meant it was only a consciousness shift. As Honey’s information indicates, the physical side of it is not to be understated, but the consciousness is most significant.



Q. Are we not on Earth right now? 


Yes. (That is, yes, we’re no longer on Earth.)

This is confirmation with regard to the information discussed in The Earth – Part IV; as part of the Earth’s ascension process, and humanity’s capacity for hindering the same (or the portion thereof who don’t want to move forward), we parted company around Spring 2023. Humanity was pulled through a “mirror wormhole” to get to the universe we’re now in, a simulation (“We’re on a seed of Earth and Earth is nearby”). At present then, “We’re floating around on little islands in pretty empty universe where we don’t have any interference” (“we” being humans, Tartarians, elves, dragons and fairies). Additionally, “If we look at it from the universe where we used to be, it’s just right beside the other universe, so it’s a parallel, almost like a mirror image”. Honey tells us demons and entities didn’t come to this realm with us, but ascended versions of some of those who weren’t such beneficial influences in the past – reptilians, Greys – have come to assist. While there are two moons at the moment, there is just one Sun (I haven’t queried any of these additional points). 

Answers confirm that yes, the Earth has to ascend on its own and yes, we’re now in a different universe (for more on this, see The Earth Part V). 



Q. Will we have the opportunity to reconnect with the actual Earth?



We won’t be going back to the old Earth (or the now-ascended, new old Earth). We will be moving over to a new Earth in the “proper” universe.

At the time this information first broke – she hasn’t said much about it over the past year, perhaps because it’s seen as something that might cause continuing ripples of consternation, even among the awake – Honey got that humanity would meet (the old, on a 5D-trajectory) Earth again, although we’d have to decide at the time whether it was where we wanted to be. 

Notably, answers previously indicated (in Beyond the Ice Wall Part VI) that future humanity – that is, future human Greys – would be occupying one of the 4 other craters in the realm beyond the Ice Wall (in a future timeframe… but at the same time, the answer kind of left the impression this was occurring now. Then there’s also the continuing-or-is-it Phantom Matrix, since Ascension Glossary suggests it requires an external power source for its existence). Obviously, that doesn’t, on the face of it, tie with Honey’s vision of ascended Earth and unity consciousness, so it’s near the top of my list of topics to clarify next time.



Q. Were souls being split to hundredths by the Greys?



This relates to the reincarnation trap and soul recycling (per Honey, this activity ceased in 2021). The consequence is that many NPCs (who comprise the majority of the population) were left with only “a spark of consciousness, but it’s very tiny”. This operation was being overseen by the Greys (although the initial recycling process was Anunnaki-devised). That would be Zeta Greys (to best of my knowledge) rather than future human Greys. I felt it was worth reproducing this question from Dark Forces VI as a prelude to discussing the NPC side of the ascension process.



Q. Are there going to be fewer people/NPCs around after ascension?



Honey has addressed this thinning out of the population on various occasions, suggesting thatwhen the Earth went crystalline, we had a drop in NPCs”. This change has, it seems, been most evident in the cities, although several elements appear to come into play; those ascending won’t see them anymore because they are vibrating differently. Honey feels a significant portion of NPCs are/were holograms “that we’ve created in our own head” (“The population will start to look smaller but because there are not as many background people”). She described this as inconsistent in its manifestation, in as much as a “big upgrade” in the ascension process might lead one to observe empty streets and little traffic, but then “it fills back in again” because “we’re not at the point where we have no NPCs because we’re not totally ready for that yet”. In this regard (and this presumably relates to the eventual 5D “realisation, rather than 4D, as we’ll see), she feels “like the population is very small”.

On the numbers front, Honey commented she’d read there was one human to 500,000 NPCs, and that while it wasn’t that high, “it’s a lot” (the use of “human” might have been a misspeak, as she then says of NPCs that a lot of them weren’t really human, but rather holographic. Which would mean the NPCs who weren’t holographic were human). The suggestion here is that these holographic people are waiting for a non-NPC’s presence before activating (appearing in their range of experience) because they have no life outside of the non-NPC’s activities. All very Schrodinger’s Cat. She felt the purpose of NPCs was “To make us feel comfortable and keep the energy more dense, because they didn’t have the ability to spring out of it, easier to keep stuck” (although, that doesn’t really take into account the whole aspect of soul splitting and its function, unless she’s suggesting that’s why Greys were doing it).

I haven’t inquired after the hologram factor in NPCs, but if I had to guess, I’d hazard that Higher Self doesn’t consider them genuine NPCs, on the basis of previous answers indicating NPCs had souls, and there were very few soulless humans (in the range of 1 in 9-10 million). Honey has given various estimates regarding NPCs, that about 75 percent of people are NPCs “to varying degrees”, and some could “switch out and get a walk-in”, and that about half the people will be ascending (so if there are 5 billion on the known Earth and starseeds constitute about 1 percent*, this would be about 2.5 billion, which is a lot less, but it’s hardly “very small”). Brad has offered the statistic of 1 billion having left Earth in the last 4 years (be it from the jab, from the frequency changes or from concomitant stresses), but it’s a figure Honey hasn’t qualified. 

As noted, while Q & A answers confirmed NPCs have souls, they also confirmed the Greys were engaging in soul splitting, and Honey provides some detail on the diminishing effects of this, that NPCscan be explained as drones”, like bees. When a non-NPC had a conversation with an NPC, “a bigger portion of the soulwould come in to enable a conversation with that NPC; she felt souls “jump in and out with an NPC”. She does tend to insist on the soulless NPC idea, commenting that an NPC may only have an inner child – human consciousness – rather than a soul. She expressed the view that the degree to which someone was an NPC depended on “how much consciousness is present” and more consciousness had manifested in NPCs when the awakening period began (again, this would contrast with answers’ NPC definition, whereby those becoming “PCs” were already part of the 144,000; she offers the idea that NPCs can become PCs so, by a process of a PC interacting with an NPC, “that soul may stick around”, although “I don’t think we’re going to have very many”).

As such, because the portion of soul/spark of consciousness is/can be “very tiny”, she suggested “Some may not have enough soul in them to pull through ascension”. Additionally, it seems that, for those NPCs with splits souls, “Now the pieces have gone home” (to reconstitute their whole being), “so either that person has a walk-in or they’re a total NPC”. I’m unclear if going home might also be a case of soul pieces going to one NPC, still living (I mean, I don’t see why not, unless the act of reconstituting is one that requires post-incarnation healing; Honey comments that a lot of souls that were too traumatised – who didn’t want to let go of polarity – during the ascension process decided to return to Source, but it’s unclear the degree to which this would have included some who’d endured soul splitting).

*Addendum 09/07/24: This piece appears to indicate the figure is considerably higher.



Q. Are all humans who are not starseeds (or in the 144,000) NPCs?



This was asked to reconfirm questions in Starseeds I and II.

As alluded above, some of Honey’s definitions with regard to NPCs seem to jump around a bit, perhaps because Honey considers that NPCs do jump around a bit (in terms of numbers, soul and/or consciousness present, and whether someone is even there. Some defining aspects of NPCs can be found in Starseeds I). The answer would appear to discount – certainly, on an exclusive basis – the idea that those in one’s immediate family are not NPCs; Dolores Cannon is referenced for this, but Honey later commentedAnd I’m not talking about your relatives. Some of them maybe could be NPCs, but you know who they are, if they are an NPC. So the one’s you’re interacting with, those are souls, and they have a soul and they have a human consciousness. But NPCs, some of them are just a hologram that we’ve created in our own head”. So again, we have slightly at-odds declarations here, since Honey’s language makes a distinction between those with souls and NPCs (while earlier referencing NPCs having portions of souls, or portions of souls that come in).



Q. Will NPCs still be on Earth going forward?



NPCs will still be here, but they will be in 4D, due to the bifurcation (in due course, those in 5D will no longer be seeing them/ interacting with them).

This is where we get into differentiating the timelines and qualifications Honey gives. Because of the way she addresses both the 4D/Earth ascension and 5D (starseeds) as one, the divergent paths are a little murky (although, divergent isn’t quite right, since everyone is ultimately heading in the same direction). She noted “I don’t think we will really have NPCs, here after a while”, and that would appear to be the case, but not because there won’t be NPCs – whether they will still be defined as NPCs in 4D, going forward, is another question, but you get the idea – but because those in 5D won’t be interacting with them.

Of course, there’s the accompanying question of how long this ascension process(es) will take. Who are the projects supposed to benefit? Those in 4D or those in 5D (Honey says they’re “the foundation for the 5D Earth“)? Because if those in 5D will, generally or in part, be leading them, they’d presumably have to remain in contact with (the NPCs), at least in the medium term, in order to show them the fruits. And how long are those in 4D (the NPCs) going to remain in 4D before ascending to 5D…?



Q. Are the NPCs part of Ascension Glossary’s “Ascension Plan B”?



This is “incension”. The 144,000 were part of Ascension Plan A (if you want to call it that).

I broached the possibility that Ascension Plan B might factor in to the apparent contradiction between Q & A answers on ascension and the information Honey has presented last time, and it appears that is indeed the case. Consequently, as identified above, previous answers – that there would be no further ascensions on earth; that NPCs would have to go elsewhere to progress – are accurate, since the mechanism is incension rather than ascension, and further, the progression is taking place elsewhere, on a simulation Earth as a prelude to moving to a new one.

So the original ascension plan (which I do want to call Plan A) was to take place “at the end of the 2012 Timelines or at the end of the Ascension Cycle, or the end of an Age of Humanity”,. There would be a merging with “the parallel harmonic universe to which our 3D reality of planet earth would unite with its counterpart in the parallel 5D reality, our planet in the future timelines”. It was chiefly due to the Greys’ soul fragmentation process and the further damage that would be done to these fragmented souls that Plan A was aborted and Plan B devised. Instead of 5D ascension, incension removes the “false ascension matrix” architecture that was imposed and proceeds on the basis that “all access to everywhere is residing in you”.

The duration of this ascension process is unclear, of course (ie when the bifurcation has completely effected – manifested physically). We have dates for various occurrences from Honey, such as 2027 (the cut off for those unsure whether they wish to ascend, or “incend”), which is also when the Tartarians may show up en masse, at which point60 years of learning” will ensue. From 2030, we’ll be able to go and see them (beyond the Ice Wall). But unless incension is a rapid-fire, enormously accelerated process – and it may be, since one of the Glossary’s key notes on Plan B is that “anything can happen in the miracle of God consciousness” – Honey has 4D lasting 500,000 years (for a contrasting take, if we consider Q & A answers with regard to Atlantis and Lemuria, it would seem they went from 3D to 5D in 10s of thousands of years. The Law of One’s aforementioned handicapping without polarity need not apply, because those in 4D already have experience of the same as a spur). 

Ascension Glossary comments regarding a “Blended Earth reality” – created by the projection of artificial (Dark Forces-imposed) timelines and leading two competing timelines (artificial and organic), which has been undergoing template connections to return it to organic (true ones) – that is envisaged as continuingduring the acclimation period and transition over the next 1000 or so years to eventually move out of these blended reality timelines”. The process will shift “dimensionalisation and matter manifestation as we have known it”. If that stands, it makes it sound as if there’s significant work to do, in terms of adjustment, even within a move to unity consciousness.

As noted, Honey has offered suggestions of numbers for remaining NPCs, but she has also indicated numbers of those living beyond the Ice Wall; there are in the region of 2.5 billion Tartarians who have already ascended to 5D (if her information on this is accurate and any indication of how things will work, the ascension thing may be pretty sharpish; she identified them as 4D positive in July 2022 but 5D in September 2023); Honey distinguishes Tartarians (essentially giants of various measures) from humans, and this is probably why – if the numbers are correct – the population figures Q & A answers give for humans beyond the Ice Wall (70,000, all in 5D) are so low. I ruminate a little on all this in Beyond the Ice Wall Part VIII.

Going by past answers pertaining to numbers, those in 5D generally would indeed be pretty low. Of course, there’s the possibility that, as Honey suggests, there has been an influx of walk-ins to NPCs (and 5D births) in the couple of years since (Honey commented that “Angelics or beings will come into the NPCs – working together to prime that body for another soul walk-in”). It would be interesting, in this regard, to know how many walk-ins are starseeds and how many are coming in for 4D. 

Higher Self gave approximately 1 percent starseeds in the population, which would be about 55 million out of 5.5 billion. But it also gave about 9 percent of those starseeds as living in Atlantis and Lemuria (their population constituting 550 million of the Earth’s 5.5 billion, all in 5 or 6D), which would mean only 0.1 percent, or 6.5 million maximum, on the known Earth, which I’m sure can’t be correct (something must have gone awry with the maths somewhere there). 

As mulled under the previous answer, it rather raises the question of who and how all these elements are intended to coalesce for populations in different densities – 4 or 5D, not just the projects but locale and terrain. To speculate, if they are going to remain distinct, and 4D “incended” NPCs don’t accelerate quickly to join 5D, one might expect the relatively sparse 5D-ers to congregate in places where the 4D-ers aren’t… after they’ve caught up with their 5D-ness. Hanging out with Atlanteans or Lemurians (providing the latter aren’t all underwater as Honey suggests) or with Tartarians.



Q. What percentage of starseeds are consciously aware they are starseeds?


Less than 10 percent.

For completion’s sake, this is a question that was included in The Law of One 2. The answer makes sense, not least because the Ra channellers needed to be told they were starseeds, and because it’s unlikely that, unless you’re a channeller yourself or know one, or have an open line to Higher Self, you’ll be apprised (I posed the question with a view to those starseeds either being consciously aware or having been told as such). That figure will doubtless peel back to nothing over the next few years, however.



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