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White Hats XVI

The Q & A

This post is less a Q & A – although, I’ll be referring to previous answers – than a consideration of a couple of recent livecasts in the Truther field, one in respect of intel and the other, the fallout from running with the views of a patented dissenting voice. With regard to the latter, Clif High’s position on NESARA/GESARA and QFS, the validity of which he has regularly dismissed on X, is nothing new. The only difference this time is that, ardent disciple of the controversy monger that he is, Jean-Claude of Beyond Mystic has devoted an inflammatory passage from a recent show to espousing Clif’s creed under the title “NESARA GESARA QFS…  BS!” As a mindful viewer, one should, arguably, resist being triggered by such tactics, but I thought it might be useful to highlight previously Q & As in respect of Clif’s position(s). 

The former subject relates to Phil Godlewski’s most recent show, under the title “Boom”. I won’t be rehearsing any of the scuttle regarding Phil here; the intel itself seems worthy of review, not least because Phil was evidently frustrated by it (previous answers have confirmed Phil as legitimate, as far as intel goes, albeit he has admitted that there are times when he has given out disinfo). More still, because it suggests a development that, by his own admission, he’s in the dark over. 

I’ll admit, I was a little sketchy on Phil’s source’s position. The gist seemed to be that, as it stands, the US election is going ahead – contrary to everything Phil understood would be the case – with the accompanying attitude that, despite the need, in Phil’s eyes, for justice to be seen to be done and the previous election fraud to be exposed, “We’re so close to November now, let’s just go on…” In relation to which, he suggested his source was “also pretty aggravated”. 

Simultaneously, however, when Phil presented his argument against – of how could he be expected to suggest his “tens of millions of” viewers should go out and vote, because they don’t trust the system – he was told, “Well, we don’t think people are going to vote anyway”. Which suggested to Phil “They know an election cannot occur” because they’re concerned Trump might lose due to that very narrative (there’s no point voting because it’ll be another fix). 

Yet surely, by that logic, the “It’s going ahead, go and vote” must be a falsity, even within the bounds of the conversation with his source? Unless it’s meant to imply another election planned to be fraudulently won, the purpose being that this time, the truth can come out thunderously (I can’t remember who, but I recall someone on X suggesting a timeline to that effect some time ago, in the context of a much more extended period for all of this to be publicly resolved, a timeframe that becomes more realistic the longer it takes; I’m also put in mind of Linda Lazarides’ post – White Hats XIII – that Trump wouldn’t be back in office before the election. She pointed to the risk of Trump returning prior to an election inciting civil war; one wonders, similarly to the decision to dispense with the stock market crash that has also been a “sure thing” among Truthers as a signal of everything being concluded, the less dramatic path has been chosen as a means to ensure the fewest human casualties. 

The election going ahead wouldn’t especially surprise me, in as much as its not happening has been confirmed for so long – by Phil, by Janine’s cards, by Clif suggesting the US government will fall in the autumn, by Q & A answers – that the only recourse is surely to pull the rug from under such expectations). To the justice point, Phil’s source told him “Arrests have already begun” of those responsible. However, I’d have thought they began and finished a long time ago, certainly with upper-echelon conspirators.


The substance of Phil’s intel is that “an unprecedented event” will occur between now and the election, an event no one is anticipating and is “unthinkable” (the connotation of “unthinkable” is more usually negative, of course, rather than a situation too unlikely to be considered possible); Phil divined this would occur in July and suggested his source, who was tight-lipped over the timeframe for the “unveiling”, was irked he’d guessed as much. Pressing for something specific with regard to the nature of this event, all his source gave him was “Boom”. Phil’s commented that, while an explosion of some kind would be the immediate association, his “mind is going away from that”. 

So Ncuti standing on a landmine or the Fresh Prince shaking the room probably don’t offer a successful translation either. Several people in the comments suggested the Q Drops were the obvious place to go for substantiating a “Boom” reference. I’m no student of these sacred texts, but a cursory search suggests such averments as “Treason doesn’t pay well in the end” and “BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. A WEEK TO REMEMBER. DARK TO LIGHT. BLACKOUT NECESSARY”. 

Assuming (a) the source is on the money and (b) that it doesn’t relate to something oft-mulled, not least by Phil (who said he was a little teed off by the idea he’d never broached whatever it was in all his live streams), my thoughts went to an event that would eclipse anything as small-fry as national politics/ governmental collapse – since my inference from this prospective event  was that the fact of the election going ahead, or not going ahead, would become significantly less relevant as a result, that the whole business of the fraud would be put in perspective – and arguably not the collapse of the financial system/RV. 

WWIII threats are surely rather passé in that regard too, since more-than-rumours of wars are part of the overt narrative at present. One might construe an ET encounter of some description – I was reminded of Honey C Golden suggesting a forthcoming scenario (this in a show about two years ago), in which human and ETs would be giving a public speech right after the dome falls; this would involve “two tall blue beings and whole council of people”. Certainly, Phil denies (publicly, anyway) the existence of aliens, so it wouldn’t be part of his predictive range, beyond a possible Project Bluebeam incident. Perhaps the reveal of the true sky (and sun and Anunnaki moon space station – the Moon has come up in Clif’s data sets, and Honey’s information suggests it will appear much larger to us than the projected dupe we commonly see) would immediately precede this, given the dome came down completely, per Honey, in 2023, and the sky of old is currently maintained via hologram technology (hologram technology utilised on our simulated, hologram Earth, since we’re no longer on the original).

More recently (January this year), Honey has referred to the parallels (or timelines) “starting to separate again, which is why we’re amping up for this big event, because they all have to experience it in one way or another. So we’re not going to be totally separate until we have the event. And once that’s done, it will be a cosmic event that translates also into a 3D event. And it will split the parallels, and we will have the lower parallels, will decide… the two Earths, you know, that scenario where they’re going to be on their own reality because they won’t accept the new reality”.

She added, “This Cosmic event is going to get people to question everything, and I’m not even conjecturing what it’s going to be because it will appear differently to a lot of different people… Because whatever’s important for them to see when the veil goes will be what they see. But the people in the lower parallels will still see it, but they will turn it off really quickly and go right back into programming”. 

Gauged that way, one might distance oneself from something as overt as an ET reveal (would people go right back into programming after something like that?) Her understanding suggests a degree of subjectivity available in how it’s processed (perhaps a very big Moon might be perceived in such a manner). And, of course, Honey’s cosmic event may be entirely different to Phil’s source’s “unprecedented event” (curious, however, that both Phil and Honey used “veil” language in respect to the event, since they aren’t coming at this from the same perspective). How one goes from the cosmic event to the more “mundane” ones (ie, the meat-and-potatoes politics and financial system) is unclear; for example, even more recently, she suggested access to lands beyond the Ice Wall would be a consequence of resolution of the Israel situation (and connecting tentacles thereto), which seems very separate and much more down to earth than cosmic blindsiding.

Addressing the event on another show, Honey suggested it wouldn’t necessarily be “the event we were all thinking” and it could be “something that will be more neutral… not something that is about one country or other, but it’s about the entire world. So things that could happen are like… ET events. It could be a sky event. It could be a lot of things. It could be a big ocean event… where people get really freaked out about the ocean… or some kind of… enormous amount of animals are seen, and they come to… all the coasts… They’re all in the works. So it really is up to humanity what we bring in”. So yeah, “unprecedented” would probably cover any of those.

On the confrontational Clif front, answers have given his data-search methodology as 87 percent accurate and his analysis of that data as 69 percent accurate, so this is far from one of those “Clif has never been right” responses (the future is a moving feast, so prediction is an area best dabbled in with a thick skin and a complete disinterest in admitting one got it wrong). I’ll readily admit, I was off beam on his moon take (albeit, he doesn’t, it seems, have it completely right either).

Clif is inclined to take pot shots at anyone and anything that, for whatever reason, incurs his ire that morning, targeting all manner of Truthers and whistleblowers as well as such articles of faith as medbeds. Accordingly, he’s been railing against NESARA/GESARA and QFS at regular intervals. When I asked if he knew if NESARA/GESARA and QFS were real (I wondered if he might have an agenda, for reasons unclear), answers indicated he did not, and that he has a genuine blind spot in this area.

While I value Janine’s tarot readings (answers gave her as 80 percent accurate), it’s evident that, since joining Beyond Mystic, her talents have been somewhat funnelled through Jean-Claude’s fairly narrow remit. Jean-Claude’s reasoning for his middle-ground approach is best known to himself, but the common charge that he has become The Clif High Show by another name isn’t completely baseless. While Clif rarely makes a personal appearance, Jean-Claude appears to hang off his every prognostication, something that restricts his focus and at times becomes rather exasperating (he regularly ignores or reframes Janine’s interpretations of the cards so as to maintain his own line, and she’s much too moderate to cause a fuss). His rallying behind Clif’s one-man war on the Elohim Cult some months back was especially embarrassing, flourishing the bizarre claim of censorship when Bo Polny, quite understandably, blocked him on X because Polny didn’t particularly want to listen to someone impugning his religious beliefs. And he dragged Janine down with him, such that she was obliged to defend his position.

This latest episode feels very familiar, then. The inimitable Clif, to his credit, never adopts the “Who, me? What did I say?” pose, wearing his cantankerous nature on his sleeve (Honey cogently addressed his “Elohim Cult” – and general – stance when she suggested he was “giving people opportunities to pick their timeline”, of whether they were in victim or sovereignty mode, and was “showing his wounding when it comes to certain things”). Whereas Jean-Claude leaps into the fray with a click-bait title and then acts the innocent when his comments section reads him the riot act. As one of the comments noted, it’s slightly absurd that his argument for dismissing NESARA/GESARA and QFS is that there’s no evidence when his bread and butter comes from tarot readings, horoscopes and other speculative and subjective methods of affirmation (which isn’t dismiss any of them, not at all). Should viewers be relying on the prospect of debt forgiveness for their salvation? No, but neither should they be expected to nod along placidly when they observe inconsistencies or suspect agendas from otherwise valued sources. 

With regard to which, Janine – who looked uncomfortable throughout Jean-Claude’s polemic – issued the response “HI, TAROT BY JANINE HERE, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY! I always get there is a money system, gold-backed (the Sun) running in the background… for years I get that! Banks have already (some) agreed to it…it may even be the Brics I am getting. However, I never get QFS as it is referred to, I don’t use that term and when I ask about it, I don’t get that to be the one. I do believe we are going into better times for humanity, we will need to work together and rebuild after the old Slave system is taken down… I don’t get gesara/ nesara as it is described, but we will build a new and better world with abundant resources and learn who we truly are as a race, CREATIVE MANIFESTORS! 

Which has received some push back on the grounds of splitting terminological hairs and instances where she has used those terms. But in fairness, her readings, including the one in “NESARA GESARA QFS…  BS!”, have been highly consistent on the subject, to the extent I recall them. With the caveat that she’s also consistently deferred to the manner in which Jean-Claude wishes to summarise her position (he scrupulously ignores her references to Alliance/higher/off-world technology factoring into the mix). As far as Q & A answers go, NESARA/GESARA is confirmed as real but won’t be called that, with “debt jubilee” a term that will be used. QFS will be referred to that way (White Hats VII covers QFS questions).

Mostly, and as with the Elohim deal, this all seems rather unnecessary; it’s inconceivable Jean-Claude wasn’t deliberately provoking such a response, not with that title (I should probably stress that I find Jean-Claude an affable and erudite host for the most part; it’s some of his biases that ill-serve him). The consequence has been to reconfirm the growing doubts over Beyond Mystic’s value among many. Janine’s readings are, as I say, always worthwhile, but at this stage, one might be better served by Honey Golden’s more expansive insights. 

Addendum 12/07/25: Throwing around definite dates is invariably a recipe for nothing happening (Clif’s July 15 being the primary offender). More sobering, particularly since she was referring to a big “neutral” event on the horizon a month before (referenced above), is Honey’s recent assurance that things will “unfold incrementally”, so “don’t be disappointed when you don’t see a massive event”. The intention is to make the transition less painful, ensuring we take more people “with us to 5D that way” (this comes amid her suggestions White Hats are very busy and have recognised the need to speed up the plan, that there was an element of their thinking we’re not ready because they’re not ready. And amid the suggestion weather situations – unseasonal inclemency of various descriptions – has been designed to keep people at home as “big” financial and political stuff unfolds).

Addendum 14/07/25: I suppose it depends on your definition of “massive event”. Certainly, the Trump “attempted assassination”  – one of several scenarios they were considering, it seems – may be seen to work that way in the eyes of the unwashed, even if it carries a rather whiffy ripe cheese factor to anyone else. The Three Gorges Dam situation seems poised to be more legitimately massive (as in, something real). They’ve got the drop on Clif by a day, although there’s always reverb and anything subsequent. Regardless, he has good reason to crow on this one.

Addendum 14/07/24: Honey thinks the “shooting” is the Clif High event. I have to admit, I did rather like this idea of a big nature event holding everyone rapt (I’ve probably just seen The Abyss: Special Edition too many times). Janine, in contrast, has it that the Trump “assassination attempt” doesn’t look like the main event. Asked if this meant ETs, martial law, financial turmoil, taking down the Deep State etc, she said it could be all of the above (which, barring ETs, all also fall within Honey’s non-big event prediction; she mentions an ET event was one of the options considered but, entirely understandably, it was preferred that humanity be seen to stand up and deal with its own stuff at this point). But she had this nature event – or sky event – as something “fiery”, a visual that will draw everybody out to look at it, and “the universe doesn’t want to talk about it” when asked for clarifiers. Janine also suggested a second assassination attempt seemed likely (quotation marks to be added at your discretion). Either way – a further “big” event or the “much more gentle” unfolding characterised by Honey – it seems the next couple of weeks are set to be singular (Honey gives a rundown of likely changes comprising that period I won’t list here).


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