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The Earth – Part V

The Q & A

When last we touched down on terra firma – in The Earth – Part IV, astonishingly enough – we established the apparently conflicting detail that, while the Earth is indeed in a crater, at the edge of a realm at the centre of the Universe, there is also a physical outer space, albeit one that deposits one, through the miracle of portals, in the realm beyond the Great Barrier Membrane. Further confounding attempts to make perfect sense of such matters, there is also an Anunnaki moon space station “up there”. On the bright side, though, it’s due to take 500 years for the Earth’s shape to be revealed, so perfect sense, in linear or wholly transparent terms, is not, it seems, the order of the day.

Some of these points are followed up here, most notably with regard to the substance of the Moon, but also with particular regard to our present circumstances. Those being the not-so-minor detail brought forward by Honey C Golden and friends, that we’re currently on a different Earth to the one we were on hitherto (until Spring 2023).

I’m prefacing the questions here with some density and dimensions talk, since the distinctions between them can be a little taxing (not least for me!) It’s fine when one defines one’s terms, less so if different sources seem to be using them interchangeably to describe the same thing. When I previously asked “Is there a difference between density and dimension?” the answer came back “No” (God & Related Bothering), and that may stand (although, the way things are with Q & As, their quirks may be revealed when I revisit the subject). Regardless of which, others do define them separately, so a good place to start with this might be Honey.

She tells usDensity is the body mostly – it’s the physicality of existence, whereas dimension is the time, so that’s where the timelines lie and also the consciousness”. As such, Honey considers that, when someone says, “‘Oh, I’m 5D’… 5D is the dimension that’s your consciousness and time”. Which means, “a lot of people are already in the 5th DimensionasDimensions are your different versions of consciousness”. 

In dimensional terms, then, 5Dim (I’ll abbreviate it to that from now on, to distinguished it from 5D, 5th Density) finds the consciousness with no negativity, fear, doubt or anger; it’s the dimension of universal love. There is, however, a correlation, as youGet to the dimension before the density – consciousness is going to create the density”. At least, that’s generally the case (or generally was the case); as The Law of One: Book 1 noted, it is (or was) possible to advance in density while working negative (Service to Self); if the same dimensional correlation applies, then 5Dim would have to be achieved by a similar polarisation (universal love is replaced by self-love); Ra (“I am Ra”)  indicated that applying oneself to a Service to Self regimen in order to ascend – Ra uses the term “harvest” – the densities was actually more difficult, owing to the contrasting requirements to achieve a “pass” grade. Whereas 51-percent Service to Others was fine for the “positive fourth dimensional level”, “The entity who wishes to pursue the path of service to self must attain a grade of five, that is five percent service to others, ninety-five percent service to self. It must approach totality. The negative path is quite difficult to attain harvestability upon and requires great dedication”.

Ascension Glossary concurs, with Honey, with regard to consciousness and timelines, such that “the easiest way to equate a timeline or a time grid is also to recognise that is also a dimension. The Higher dimensions that we are moving into represent future time and space”. In addition, “‘Consciousness’ represents awareness. The inhabitants of each dimension function clearly, easily, and with a minimum of resistance within that plane because their consciousness vibrates in resonance with the frequency of that dimension”. And with regard to the order of things dense and dimensional: “During the Ascension Cycle, and personal Awakening, we are able to open the dimensional doorways beyond the access of the magnetic repulsion zones that function to separate the densities, in order to integrate with our higher consciousness aspects stationed in other densities…”.

Nevertheless, the Glossary’s Universal Time Matrix, with its 5 density levels of the harmonic universe (in which, for example, 5Dim Earth is part of Density Two) is a little less straightforward. And while we may apply the “dimension before density” to Earth itself, it’s difficult to avoid a slight dissonance when the Glossary refers to “5D Earth” and “7D Earth” (that is, Tara and Gaia), being 5th Dimensional Earth and 7th Dimensional Earth  (“3D Earth” is 3rd Dimensional Earth), as opposed to 3D Earth being the density Earth has departed in favour of (currently, per Honey) 4D-positive on its way to 5D (being density).

The Earth’s status brings us back to the subject of this post. Densities – and dimensions – are pertinent to any attempt to assimilate various apparently disparate Earth models without necessarily discarding one outright in favour of the other (as alluded to in both The Earth – Part IV and Beyond the Ice Wall Part VIII). Ascension Glossary, in as much as it references the Earth as a physical object (the “3D Earth”), doesn’t appear to present anything that’s overtly at-odds with prevailing, most-familiar lore. In endeavouring to establish further the veracity of 100-percent-accurate Glossary, I sought to confirm if this meant all the information in it was correct. Which, it seems, it is. There are, however, nuances to this, as I’ll discuss in Time Travel IV. 

Honey’s toroidal Earth, one where we’re positioned at the top, is also – at least in the way she received it; she acknowledges that the template for the toroidal model is the donut – spherical. While her readings seem sketchier, Tarot by Izabela also had a sphere Earth – comparing it, like Honey’s friend Alisha, to an onion – and referenced “planets within planets”, which may be an approximation of Honey’s different density layers. She also has a moon that was taken over by predators and it will be blown up eventually.

On the subject of which, it was the Anunnaki moon space station – included in both the Glossary and from Honey, albeit with different periods of arrival – in particular that had me mulling how this could gel with Q & As that were not, by and large, it seemed, in favour spacecraft travelling between the stars, let alone giant death stars. Consequently, different models of the Earth and their interconnection are, at this stage, extrapolations, but suggest an idea of how they may be non-exclusive.



Q. Is the Anunnaki moon in 4D?


Yes. And higher. It is not in 3D.

Admittedly – and this occurred to me after the fact – even if we were still with the original Earth (we’re currently in another universe occupying a simulation Earth: see later questions), that Earth has been in 4D since December 2021, meaning anything related must, logically, no longer be in 3D (because, how could it be supported?) So this would include an Anunnaki moon that had, hitherto, been in 3D. Nevertheless, there’s corroborating detail to the argument that it was always (at least) 4D coming both from Honey and the Ascension Glossary.

Honey’s take on Spaceship Moon is that the Anunnaki lived in it for hundreds of years, looking for a planet; they found this one about 80,000 years ago. The Anunnaki came from 4D, but their contact with Earth caused polarisation, such that they “dropped into 3D”. Accordingly, the moon they arrived on must surely also have been in 4D. Is the suggestion that, when they polarised, the spaceship also dropped into 3D? Additionally, Honey notes the Greys – whom she indicates took over control of the Moon – “were 4D taking over 3D beings”. 

Honey has also related, on several occasions, that medbeds are being manufactured in their hundreds of thousands on the Moon (the Moon having been taken over by good ETs). She indicates medbeds were created in 5D for the lower densities. Which is not to say medbeds are in 5D, but would a 3D device being made in a 4D – or higher – environment, particularly if it’s going to be utilised on a (now) 4D Earth? I’m not suggesting it couldn’t be “reduced” from 4D (or 5D) to 3D – much as ETs of higher densities, or their craft, may appear in 3D – but if the ascension of the Earth was understood, along with the ascension/incension of humans, the density of the production line would also, presumably, be known in advance.

Ascension Glossary is supportive too, although, in terms of language, there are the aforementioned caveats of dimension/density distinctions. We’re toldThe centralised races of the Anunnaki, along with their Nephilim hybrids, exist within and are gatekeepers of the 4th dimension which is the main dimensional access to our Sun”. Further, “They started to contact and negotiate treaties with the 3D world governments at the turn of the Century”.

Where this is angling is towards contextualising not only the density of the Moon, but also that of “outer space” itself.  Answers have, admittedly, been frustratingly inconsistent with regard to the nature of space. When initially broaching the subject, we learned there is no physical outer space, that one cannot travel the universe in a spaceship and that the best term for what we call “outer space” would be “astral” (The Universe). Beyond the Ice Wall Part I appeared to confirm something similar, that one would be unable to pass “beyond the edge of the Ice Wall where there is no physical realm beyond it”, and that this non-physical realm is astral (there may be a problem with assumptions here – that there is an ice wall bordering the crater in which Earth sits, at the edge of the realm, although – and again, this warrants revisiting – answers seemed to suggest there was an ice wall along the edge of the physical realm beyond the Ice Wall. If that’s the case, one would also need to clarify which physical realm beyond the Ice Wall).

Still with things icy, and again something that may be victim to faulty terminology (the distinction between sky ice, which moves, and the firmament, which does not), it would seem sky ice forms/formed a barrier to the astral (The Earth – Part II). Follow-ups and further consideration may be appropriate here. As ever, meaning can be skewed by injudiciously chosen words in the question. The sense taken was that the sky ice was there to stop us leaving Earth (which, if the sky ice represented the “quarantine” of the dome, and prevented access to the astral – or rather, portals elsewhere in the Universe – adds up). It was also confirmed there are 3 firmaments, in addition to the ice wall and sky ice, which meet each other (there are firmaments plural for reasons of “insulation”).

The Universe also confirmed there are there portals to other places/realms in the Universe. So The Earth – Part IV offers only partial divergence when it indicates there is a physical outer space. This is not, it seems, what one might think. Rather, it’s the realm beyond the Great Barrier Membrane (and who resides in both outer space and the realm beyond the Great Barrier Membrane? Why, ETs, of course). On this, there is a degree of overt convergence with Honey’s information. Admittedly, she allows for the plasma, of which space is composed, being traversed by spaceships (designed so they may cut through it), but for the most part, outer space is traversed via portals.

Where this would appear to lead is that space, being astral, is 4D – that it is, thus, not something one could traverse in a 3D spacecraft sense. Which wouldn’t mean space is the astral plane, only that we’re in the same basic territory of density and dimension. Ascension Glossary advises thatThe Astral Plane is the fourth dimension and is referred to as the Astral plane or Astral dimension of the Soul Matrix”. Meanwhile, the Sun – the one in outer space – “is a stargate”, while the “4th dimensional Stargate on the earth is located in Giza… the opening into the Astral Plane where the trajectory between the Sun and Earth is interconnected”. Honey offers that “The Astral plane is 4D but it goes through all the densities and becomes more and more elevated… 

So is the rotating sphere (or donut) Earth the view from a different density (or dimension), and thus one that doesn’t conflict with it being in a crater at the edge of a realm? And if 4D humanity looks down on Earth from the vantage of the rest of the universe, no longer filtered by 3D, will it see a “more traditional” model than one that is scandalously defaced by a realm of lands/worlds beyond the Earth, and lands beyond the lands/worlds beyond the Earth? If so, it might take hundreds of years to iron out the wrinkles.

A further thought, and then I’ll move to the new Earth, is Corey Goode’s visit to the Moon base (The Crazy World of Corey Goode). Answers indicated that Corey attended Moon base through a portal, and that the Moon base – LOC; Lunar Operations Command, per Corey – is in another dimension. That is: it (the Moon) is not physically 3D, and Corey wasn’t in his body when he attended. The experience was an astral one. Honey also has portals as the means for travelling to the Moon; there are two, we learn. One of them is in Antarctica. Another – it’s unclear whether this is the other, presuming the other is currently active – is/was in the Eye of the Sahara (the former Atlantean outpost).



Q. Are we not on Earth right now? 


Yes. (That is, yes, we’re no longer on Earth.)

This is confirmation with regard to the information discussed in The Earth – Part IV; as part of the Earth’s ascension process, and humanity’s capacity for hindering the same (or the portion thereof who don’t want to move forward), we parted company around Spring 2023. We were pulled through a “mirror wormhole” to get to the universe we’re now in, a simulation (“We’re on a seed of Earth and Earth is nearby”). At present then, “We’re floating around on little islands in pretty empty universe where we don’t have any interference” (“we” being humans, Tartarians, elves, dragons and fairies). Additionally, “If we look at it from the universe where we used to be, it’s just right beside the other universe, so it’s a parallel, almost like a mirror image”. Honey tells us demons and entities didn’t come to this realm with us, but ascended versions of some of those who weren’t such beneficial influences in the past – reptilians, Greys – have come to assist us. While there are two moons at the moment, there is just one Sun (I haven’t queried any of these additional points). 

Answers confirm that yes, the Earth has to ascend on its own and yes, we’re now in a different universe. I have to admit, however, I’m not terribly keen on the term “simulation”; the connotations have tended to be negative ones when used by popular science (or those trading in the metaphysical or the arts). Either they imply disassociation (if nothing is real, why not get caught in a Philip K Dick-ian drugs haze, or embrace the world of transhumanism?) or a trap (of the gnostic, demiurgic variety). Simulation carries with it the implication of a copy of an actual, “more real” reality (and while one might make that claim with some justification in a more heightened, spiritual sense, I don’t think it is generally very helpful). While Honey has used the term, she also refers to a “hologram”, which has fewer adverse connotations. The 3D Earth/universe we have left is inherently holographic (“…it’s still a form of hologram, I think”), although her more recent pronouncement, “We’re realising that we’re in an organic simulation – in a hologram. We’ve been in this hologram the whole time… souls in here learning” is perhaps a little of-a-piece with the initial verdict that we’re “currently in a simulation” regarding the move.

I guess it depends on how much baggage we bring to the term; if it encourages us to disassociate, I’d suggest its counterproductive. If it encourages us to perceive the inherent possibilities of our influence upon our environment, as co-creators, then it could be deemed a positive. Ascension Glossary very much goes with the holographic phrasing, and even a mainstream site like Vox is judicious in delineating the terms (“The idea isn’t that the universe is some sort of fake simulation out of The Matrix, but rather that even though we appear to live in a three-dimensional universe, it might only have two dimensions. It’s called the holographic principle”).



Q. Will we have the opportunity to reconnect with the actual Earth?



We won’t be going back to the old Earth (or the now-ascended old Earth). We will be moving over to a new Earth in the “proper” universe.

At the time this information first broke – she hasn’t said much about it over the past year, perhaps because it’s seen as something that might cause continuing ripples of consternation, even among the awake – Honey got that humanity would meet (the old, on a 5D trajectory) Earth again, although we’d have to decide at the time whether it was where we wanted to be. 

Notably, answers previously indicated (in Beyond the Ice Wall Part VI) that future humanity (that is, future human Greys) would be occupying one of the (four other) craters in the realm beyond the Ice Wall (in a future timeframe… but at the same time, the answer kind of left the impression this was occurring now). Obviously, that doesn’t, on the face of it, tie with Honey’s vision of ascended Earth and unity consciousness, so it’s near the top of my list of topics to clarify next time.

Also worth mentioning is Ascension Glossary’s snippet regarding the ascension process whereby “Many people on earth are beginning to work on their soul integration at this time, it seems the majority of earth inhabitants are going to the 5D Pleiadean system per the Covenant of Paliador”. One might speculate various possibilities from this. For example, it’s where souls will be incarnating. Or it’s where future Earth will be located. Or it’s where anyone (now in 4D) will be progressing to, in due course, once 5D comes round.


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