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The Earth – Part IV

The Q & A

This Earth post comes quite time after the last one, and it’s more keyed in to the speculative – or contemplative – than straight answers. Some of that is down to answers, but it’s also a consequence of considering an alternative model – that is, alternative to the official one, the Flat Earth one and the one answers here have yielded – received by Honey C Golden. I’ve encountered theories of a toroidal Earth before – the Stolen History forum has proposed a few, including the idea thatearth is a toroidal energy formation holding/energizing flat plane space for organic life…andI’m with the toroidal model in that it is energy, but no set shape” – but I’ll readily admit that Honey’s rendition, at least as presented, doesn’t strike me as terribly tidy. Which is that we’re living on the top of the Earth (and others are living on the bottom, but no one is in between). 

However, going to that second Stolen History quote, it’s worth entertaining the prospect that, since many of the developments we’re dealing with generally at the moment are to do with perspective – which isn’t necessarily meant to imply it’s all subjective, but rather that the position from which we’re looking at something may inform its appearance or perceived reality – there’s a strong possibility that concepts which are, on the surface, at variance are more accurately the result of looking at something from different angles. This would, if nothing else, make some sense of the apparently mystifying answer in White Hats XIV, when asking about various areas of public disclosure and how long it would be before the shape of the Earth was revealed.

To recap, from earlier Q & As – and as always, answers are subject to revision, either because the various sides of the question weren’t considered prior to asking, so the answer has been appraised in a too restrictive manner, or sometimes because the answer is actually incorrect – the Earth is 5 times larger than we’ve been told (such that the area beyond the first Ice Wall is 4 times larger than the known Earth). Earth is in a crater at the edge of a realm 160 times larger than Earth in physical terms (but otherwise infinite). The Earth may be considered convex when the firmament is included. It’s stationary in the Universe, and it is also at the centre of the Universe (as is, therefore, the realm beyond). The Moon and the Sun are plasma (although, as we shall see, these are the local bodies designed either for or under the dome environment). They are also between firmaments. The planets are of different dimensional properties to the Earth. There is no inner Earth, beyond large cave systems (the honeycomb definition Corey Goode suggested was confirmed as correct). That would, to my understanding, be in 3D terms, since I didn’t ask for clarification beyond that. “Outer space” is astral (which would make it, per common definitions thereof, such as in the Ascension Glossary, 4D).

Beyond the first Ice Wall there are 9 continents, and beyond the second there are 11 (Ice Wall 7). Beyond this, one must pass the Pharaoh’s Peaks/mountains (per Nos Confunden), to reach the realm beyond, where there are 178 worlds under a “superdome” (Nos Confunden refers to these worlds as “dome” worlds but answers preferred the “membranes” explanation Nos Confunden also provides, that of a kind of membrane that divides a system). These are natural (although, that doesn’t mean, per se, they weren’t put in place in the manner of Earth’s dome, merely that they are not “unnatural” or composed of artificial materials). One may pass from world to world via portals. To leave this area (the one beneath the superdome), one must cross the Great Barrier Membrane. The realm beyond also contains dome worlds, and this is where ETs may be found. There are four other Earth-type craters. The area of the realm within the Great Barrier Membrane is 90 times larger than Earth. While the realm beyond the Ice Wall is ageless, answers for the Earth have proved conflicting and thus require revisiting (50,000 years was given initially, but on the last time of asking it was less than a million years).

Closer to home again, the sky ice and the ice wall meet each other – I’m presuming this is the second Ice Wall, rather than the first, nearest to us, which was raised, it would seem, after the fact by the Anunnaki – and, in addition, there are 3 firmaments proximate to each other. Concerning the Moon, I must hold my hand up to being particularly slow on the uptake, failing to pay attention to the hollow Moon information because of the projection Moon information; that is, in the former’s case, it’s an Anunnaki spaceship (Clif High, in particular, has been big on such data over the past year, suggesting it will become a hot disclosure topic). While that squares nicely with Honey Golden’s take on the composition of the Universe, it does represent various logistical considerations that need to be rationalised under crater Earth.

With regard to Honey, a potted summary of her Earth shape-related information follows. The Earth has/is a toroidal field with a crystalline centre; humans live on the top of this field, and a “melting pot” of ETs live on the bottom; around the sphere – Earth is a sphere, sort of, but our living on the top allows for a degree of inclusiveness with regard to Flat Earth theory – is uninhabited and is just land mass/ocean/energy (which wasn’t entirely clear, but in her illustration – below – she depicts it as water). Earth is smooth around the sides because it “has to push through space”. 

So the Earth does indeed move; it spins in place but rotates around the Sun much more slowly than we have been told; its rotation pushes it through the plasma, which makes up space rather than the NASA-approved vacuum. This plasma is sticky and thick, like jello (jelly to you or me), thicker than water (plasma is “part of Source, and Source is infinite”). One can travel through this plasma, if one desperately needs to, which is why ET ships are shaped like discs (so they can cut through it). More usually, however, the method of conveyance is through a “fascia”, tube-like portals that “go through space all over the place and kind of hold space together”.

The actual Sun is plasma, generating its own energy and behaving like a very large magnet; “we are inside the toroidal field of the Sun” and “the solar system was created by the Sun” (directly created by Source). The Sun isn’t hot; the heat is an effect of charging the ether. We are “not much more than” a million miles away from the Sun (we also have the two fake Suns; the yellow one and the more recently “installed” white one). In respect of other planets being solid, Honey noted that everything’s really holographic (that is, the entire Universe). Meteors are “bits of debris from spaceships” and “space junk”, or “rocks” working themselves in towards the atmosphere. The firmament is “basically the atmosphere” and a “different density of water” to space (she identifies only one; I did wonder if, with two ice walls coming down, this might account for two of the firmaments, but answers give three firmaments besides the sky ice). It’s too thick for a rocket to break through.

The Earth is hollow – “The whole interior of the Earth is mostly hollow… other beings live there” – but Honey also says it’s a honeycomb, “like the Swiss-cheese thing” (so on that basis, it’s somewhat different to the classical Hollow Earth). Inner Earth can be accessed near Antarctica (or what we refer to as Antarctica). More particularly, the interior comprises sandwich layers of 4D, 5D and 6D (at the middle), before fanning out again to 5D, 4D and the bottom (see Honey’s illustration below). The 4D part(s) is essentially where The Lord of the Rings comes from, channelled by Tolkien. There are more than 20 billion beings inside the Earth.

The top of the Earth is 5 times larger than the known Earth (in the dome) and 20 times smaller than the whole Earth. Spaceship Moon is a 10th of the size of Earth, and the Anunnaki arrived in it 70-80,000 years ago. They were in 4D, became polarised and “fell” in behaviour and intent when exposed to 3D (although some Anunnaki remained positive). Travel to the Moon is possible via two portals from Earth. The Moon is “pretty stationary”; it’s the Earth that’s moving. The Earth, which is billions of years old, was also previously in Saturn’s – then a brown dwarf – orbit, and the initial inhabitants, the Titans died out when it was “yanked away”.

With regard to the dome – put up by benevolent ETs to contain the Anunnaki threat – this has come down, disintegrating due to higher frequencies coming into play, while the Ice Wall is either down or in the process of coming down. The dome’s final collapse, having been thinning, occurred in early 2023, and all that remains is a hologram – we’re looking at a holographic sky – preserving the illusion until humanity can deal with the “new” reality of an Earth with days lasting 36-40 hours, no time zones, a short night that is more akin to twilight, a periwinkle sky and (gradually) temperate climates for all (no lower than 10 degrees at night and higher than 24 degrees during the day, albeit with the possibility of it getting a bit higher on coasts and lower in mountainous regions). And meeting the Tartarians (of whom there are about 2.5 billion).

Obviously then, on the face of it, there isn’t much wiggle room for Honey’s understanding of the Earth to extend to one with a realm beyond. There’s a further element thrown into the mix here, with regard to ascension, which I’ll consider further in a forthcoming Starseeds post (since previous answers regarding ascension were focussed in that series). The Earth is going through its own ascension process, from 3D to 4D – ascending in December 2022 and locking into 4D positive during the solar flash that began in 2023 – to 5D (or at least, the top of it).

Consequently, just over a year ago, Earth decided she’d had enough of humanity dragging its heels – the portion of humanity that doesn’t want to move forward – and hindering her ascension process. This resulted in us being pulled through a “mirror wormhole” to get to this universe, a simulation (“We’re on a seed of Earth and Earth is nearby”). At present then, “We’re floating around on little islands in pretty empty universe [and] don’t have any interference” (“we” being humans, Tartarians, elves, dragons and fairies), and “If we look at it from the universe where we used to be, it’s just right beside the other universe, so it’s a parallel, almost like a mirror image”. We’re told demons and entities didn’t come with us to this realm, but ascended versions of some of those who weren’t such beneficial influences in the past – reptilians, Greys – have come to assist us. While there are two moons at the moment, there is just one Sun. As to whether we’ll reconnect with the actual Earth, Honey perceives this will be the case, but we will have to decide at the time that’s where we want to be.

The following questions and answers include some repeats (from White Hats XIV) as a prompt to consider the capacity for the different perspectives being, to some degree, compatible.



Q. How many years will it take for Earth shape to be revealed?


500 years.

As I noted when first commenting on this, that seems like an awfully long time, by any standard (midway through the 1,000 years of peace, albeit Honey has the peace as unstinting and the 1,000 years relating to Tartarians beyond the dome). 

If Honey’s toroidal Earth rotating round a plasma Sun in plasma space is correct, and the crater Earth at the edge of a physical realm at the centre of the Universe is also correct, it suggests conceptual and verifiable elements that will need to be surmounted before there can be a “definitive” reveal. These may be down to the density of the observer (whether in 3D, 4D or 5D), or they may be about the density of the observed. If the astral plane is 4D and space is astral, what is space, in 3D terms? If the Anunnaki were in 4D when they arrived, what D was the Moon in? 



Q. How long will it take for Globe Earth fakery to be revealed?


11 years.

This invites more specificity, in terms of the constituent parts of fakery, but if it’s correct, it suggests a staggered process for whatever paradigm shifts are in store; that the Earth is bigger than we thought (below), may be the main priority, and quite enough to chew on for the time being. The look of the model it’s replaced with – be it Honey’s or “lands beyond” – can only be conjectured, but one might assume, if indeed there are hundreds of years before there’s a comprehensive understanding, that an either/or will be favoured for the interim.



Q. How long will it take for the truth about the Ice Wall to be revealed?


1 year.

As I commented when first posting this, and in reference to the preceding answers, this time frame – in context with those suggesting partial reveals – doesn’t necessarily lend itself to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth at everyone’s fingertips. Revealing the truth about the first Ice Wall – and second, even – only really confirms that the Earth is larger than we suspected; it doesn’t guarantee exposure of a realm beyond the second Ice Wall. If, per Beyond the Ice Wall Part VI, inhabitants of domes (or invisible barriers) are unaware of the boundaries to their lands, which can be passed through via portals, perhaps the limits won’t be immediately evident. On the other hand, if this dome has come down, and the period of peace is universal, one might reasonably assume all the other domes are coming/have come down, so anything remaining would be perceptual (one must also consider that, per Nos Confunden, travel beyond can and has been done, if one knows how).



Q. Is the Moon a space station?



As noted, I’d previously focussed on the plasma Moon at the expense of the possibility of another moon. But also – and it still requires some Q & A thrashing out – because the logistics of a physical object up – or out; Honey has it as next to Mars – there don’t immediately seem to lend themselves to the crater Earth/realm beyond model. 

In this vein, I checked on earlier answers that we’re in a crater at the edge of a realm at the centre of the universe (answers confirmed this). When asked if there is a physical outer space, answers suggested yes, but that this is the realm beyond the Great Barrier Membrane. As per Honey’s information – although I haven’t asked in respect of the spaceships cutting through plasma – outer space is traversed via portals.



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