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Starseeds III: Ascension

The Q & A

Or should that be: Appraising Ascension Dissension? I’ve been taking in Honey C Golden’s videos recently – extremely late to the party there, I know – and the area that’s perhaps most interesting, not least because it’s the focus of her message, is that of ascension. In the context of Q & As, that’s because it does, in part, suggest apparent divergence and contrast with previous answers. Obviously, the easiest interpretation is that one is right and one is wrong, but as with many things pertaining to the non-transparently 3D, the truth may be opaquer, reflecting both perspective and, in some cases, distinct but interrelated – each holding their own veracity – truths. The content here, then, is less that of a new Q & A than a consideration of similarities and apparent contradictions.

I broached this possibility in the last post, The Earth – Part IV, when considering takes on Earth shape that, on the face of it, conflict with each other. Not least in that regard is the Moon as an Anunnaki spaceship; I pondered the density of the Moon. By which, I don’t mean whether it comprises gorgonzola or edam but where it was at, if the Anunnaki were in 4D (“falling” into 3D polarity when coming into contact with Earth). To which end, would that tie in with answers relating to Corey Goode’s account of visiting a Moon base; they confirmed his visit – through a portal, which Honey receives is the method of transport there – but that this took place in another dimension; it was an astral experience, and he wasn’t in physical 3D at the time (one must also consider the distinction in definitions of dimension and density; Ascension Glossary identifies the astral as the fourth dimension). 

The disparity in answers on Atlantis and those of both Honey and the Ascension Glossary accounts also presents food for thought. Prior to Q & As, I’d taken the Cayce readings on Atlantis as something of a touchstone – it seems about 40 percent of his material on this subject is correct – but answers seem to have a different perspective on the fall of Atlantis: that there wasn’t one. Which isn’t to suggest there weren’t dark influences there – of the conflict Cayce notes between those who followed the Law of One and the Sons of Belial, or the existence of the “things”, treated as labourers – but that the final outcome wasn’t one of profound and ignoble destruction (such that both Atlantis and Lemuria actually underwent their own ascensions). Certainly, in Honey’s reading, Atlantis is pretty much bad news (and gone), while Lemuria shines on as a beacon of light (still here, but submerged). Perhaps these aren’t mutually exclusive. Certainly, it seems there’s an Atlantis beyond the second Ice Wall (and a Lemuria beyond the first), besides the Atlantis within the boundaries of the known Earth (in addition, we may take in such possibilities as different timelines or factor in, per answers, that the idea their civilisation was destroyed was the Atlanteans’ themselves. It’s unclear how that would vie with “reading” details of its destruction in the Akashic Records, however).

Returning to ascension, an aspect I didn’t broach with Q & As was the role of Earth itself in the process. Questions focussed exclusively on humanity, while the understanding Honey presents – increasingly so with the announcement that, since last year, humanity had been moved to a holographic universe in order to let Earth “prime” get on with its own upgrade in peace – identifies the Earth’s passage as equally essential. 

Pertaining to which, as related in The Earth – Part IV, Earth decided, just over a year ago, that she’d had enough of humanity dragging its heels – the portion of humanity that doesn’t want to move forward – and hindering her ascension process. This resulted in us being pulled through a “mirror wormhole” to arrive in this universe, a simulation (“We’re on a seed of Earth and Earth is nearby”). At present then, “We’re floating around on little islands in a pretty empty universe [and] don’t have any interference” (“we” being humans, Tartarians, elves, dragons and fairies). And “If we look at it from the universe where we used to be, it’s just right beside the other universe, so it’s a parallel, almost like a mirror image”. We’re told demons and entities didn’t come with us to this realm, but ascended versions of some of those who weren’t such beneficial influences in the past – reptilians, Greys – have come to assist us. While there are two moons at the moment, there is just one Sun. As to whether we’ll reconnect with the actual Earth, Honey perceives this will be the case, but we will have to decide that’s where we want to be at that time.



Q. How accurate is Honey C Golden?


80-90 per cent accurate.

This seemed like the most pertinent question, and the response puts her information in similar company to the Law of One channelling – which she has cited as worth reading on a number of occasions – but slightly less so than the Seth Material (90-95 percent accurate) and the Ascension Glossary (100 percent accurate).

Commonly, the conclusion to be reached with regard to less-than-perfect channelled/downloaded information – and most information inherently will be, by virtue of it being reassembled in 3D, which is why the apparently unqualified affirmation of the Ascension Glossary surprised me a little – is that something has been lost in the process, usually due to interference. This may be part of the channeller’s own set of preferences. In respect of the Law of One material, a reason given for inaccurate portions of information was that the source wasn’t going to infringe upon the free will of the channel group. 

It would also appear the level of density of the channel can have a bearing on the information, although whether this relates to the level of information the (in Honey’s case, 6D, albeit that’s her as a starseed rather than her current incarnation) channel can receive or the level of understanding that can be accessed is unclear. 

Honey is keen to reference perspective as it relates to reality, and it seems that may be the case not only for the ascension process, but also with regard to the relative “truth” of information. She has noted the information she receives and shares is “for the highest good”, which may sound like something obvious, but it could be taken to mean that some information, if it is deemed it will elicit less than the most positive or growth-promoting overall response from her audience – to “have the highest good timeline”, the Golden Age timeline – might be withheld. 

She has said, for example, that her Higher Self – she uses the traditional, individualised Higher Self definition, as opposed to Higher Self being Source, per Q & A answers – wouldn’t allow her, at the beginning of her process, to see that humanity would be going into 5D (and that the level of information available is changing all the time, “because the vibration is speeding up”, referring to the Schumann’s Resonance). One wonders whether, had her colleague Z (and Aubrey) not brought forward the information regarding humanity being moved to another Earth, it would have been provided to Honey, since the reaction was varying degrees of mystification and consternation. Perhaps this is a reason it doesn’t seem to have been dwelt upon very much over the subsequent year.



Honey gives a 2027 cut-off date for those who are in the running to ascend to make a final decision (she has also suggested this has come forward to 2026 due to the speeding up of events on certain levels). Like the Q & A, she offers December 2021 as a key date, but while Honey’s understanding is that this was when Earth ascended into 4D – subsequently locking in to 4D-positive during 2023’s solar flash – Q & A gave this as relating to the move into 5D, for those moving into 5D (with regard to Corey Goode mentioning a solar event as part of the ascension process, answers suggested ascension wasn’t tied to such an occurrence).

The 4D aspect is one where Q & A answers also diverged from Law of One information – where it is referred to as a “harvest” – which was largely used as gospel by David Wilcock when collaborating with Corey Goode. The ascension, per Q & A answers, relates to 5D, and was taking place in the window from 2012 to 2021; it was thus a gradual ascension over this period. The transition to 4D took place from 1987. However, answers did broadly concur with both Law of One and Corey Goode in relation to the numbers involved in the ascension. Law of One provided no specifics, except to confirm there weren’t very many and things weren’t up to snuff. The Blue Avians (Corey’s contacts in the Sphere Being Alliance, and confirmed as the Ra source in the Law of One) gave the number as less than 300,000. Q & A answers indicated the actual number was the 144,000 of Revelation (of whom, a little less than a third would comprise starseeds who will be moving to 6D, which will only happen when they die).

In addition, answers gave that there will be no further ascension opportunity for humans on Earth, that they will have to go elsewhere to progress, and that ascension is essentially a consciousness shift rather than one of the physical body (however, I would caveat that the phrasing of the question – “Is Ascension essentially a consciousness shift, rather than of the body?” – may have been inadequate, since it doesn’t necessarily exclude a physical element, only emphasises the consciousness part as dominant).

In contrast, Honey has it that those ascending are moving from 4D negative to 4D positive – and eventually 5D – and part of this is an upgrade from carbon to a crystalline body. DNA must also upgrade before ascending to a higher universe (moving from 2 to 12 strands). She has said she doesn’t think anyone anywhere has ascended in a physical vessel – ie without dying first – before (and that part of this involves humanity forming its own soul group). There will be no more 3D or 4D-negative on Earth when this is complete. 

Further still, this ascension process will divest not only the Earth but the Universe too of polarity, giving way to unity consciousness. It’s a process that will take in other races on Earth (elves, dragons, fairies, Tartarians) while animals will be “up-levelled”, like humans used to be. Angels are also experiencing this (she feels “most of the fallen angel stuff is resolved at this point”). Per Honey, “Everybody in the universe is ascending out of polarity… into beingness because we’re all one”. This takes in all the souls, all the races, the ETs, the animals, because “God source is saying we’re done, we’re not doing duality anymore, and if you won’t heal then you’re going to have to back to pure energy”. Going forward then, there will only be 5D and above. 

Honey’s take would seem to be that there’s no polarity from 5D upwards, but both Law of One and Q & A answers agree one can continue working negative – that is, Service to Self – until the middle of 6D (at which point, that per Law of One “during the earlier part of the sixth-density, society complexes of the negative orientation will choose to release the potential and leap into the sixth-density positive”, oversoul manifestation occurring in late 6D). Alternatively, her information could understood to mean there’s no polarity from 5D upwards going forward, on account of unity consciousness.

However, this does appear slightly incongruent with NPCs’ place in this process. Honey has it that NPCs – non-player characters – will go somewhere else if they aren’t ascending. She has variously suggested NPCs constitute about 75 percent of humans, or that about half the people will remain for/in ascension (so about 2.5 of 5 billion; she also noted that the figure of 1 human to 500,000 NPCs was inaccurate, but nevertheless “it’s a lot”). Honey has suggested too that the ascended will just see an ascended version of the NPC in a higher plane “as you’re in a higher plane”, “unless they decide not to” (there may be a degree of tempered language here, depending on how worried people are about loved ones “failing to make the grade”). Rex, one of Honey’s Hidden History guests, suggested NPCs “won’t even realise that they’re gonna live out their lives on a 3D Earth that teaches them more lessons… and you’ll ascend beyond that but you can still see them”. 

There does seem to be a slight gap in this account, however; if the entire universe is ascending, where do those who aren’t go, if they aren’t dragged along with it? Returning to Source to become pure energy (Honey has resisted saying as much)? Another universe with another Earth?  And thus, therefore, presumably, another God Source who is still doing duality (presumably another of the 12 Sources created by Source). She also suggests that “if an NPC gets a walk-in and that’s an old soul, that body can ascend”.

Honey’s account of NPCs is that their condition is a consequence of Greys tampering with humanity, such that while they have souls – “a spark of consciousness” – it’s very tiny due to Greys splitting the soul into hundredths. Consequently, if a non-NPC talks to an NPC, a bigger portion of the soul will come in during that interaction. 

For contrast, Q & A answers suggested NPCs have souls (I didn’t quantify how much), have only ever incarnated on Earth (it’s unclear how this would relate to the Orion Wars, which Honey suggests involved most souls now on Earth), have never been in 5D – those ascending will no longer be NPCs – and that NPCs – those who haven’t ascended as part of the 144,000 – constitute everyone who isn’t a starseed. Additionally, there are very few NPCs without souls (Honey identifies a significant portion of NPCs as holograms). 

Answers also indicated there would be no further opportunity for ascension on Earth, and NPCs would have to go elsewhere to ascend. In this regard, that of the bifurcation of timelines (from December 2021), my queries regarding the manner in which this would appear suggested there wouldn’t be a different Earth per se (no multiverse or parallel Earth; answers aren’t keen on the multiverse) but that the distinctions related more to the different density; this is perhaps better captured by Honey referring to incidents in which places that were previously highly populated can now seem somewhat deserted to those experiencing ascension (although, she has qualified this by saying they will be filled back in for a period, as the point hasn’t been reached where there’ll be no NPCs). Q & A answers also confirmed that Atlantis had its own bifurcation during its ascension process.

This perspective on the manifestation of universal unity consciousness also gives rise to consideration of projected future timelines. Honey has it that the 1,000 years of peace is something that already existed among Tartarians beyond the dome. Consequently, the idea was given to us “so we wouldn’t think we’re going into complete peace at this point”. On the one hand, that fits with unity consciousness, and one wonders how – or where –those of negative polarity would otherwise be restrained for a millennium, if beings with souls aren’t sent to the Phantom Matrix. Although, one might conversely suggest all that the most essential factor for those in polarity to live peacefully is to have no one in polarity calling the shots for them. At any rate, this appears to contrast directly with Q & A answers suggesting the 1,000 years of peace is a thing, that Dark Forces will be released again “for a season” subsequently, and that, in the period after this, future human Greys will live on Earth. Which doesn’t necessarily disallow some wiggle room – how different densities might relate to peace, or different earths – but they certainly don’t appear to be mutually overly accommodating.



Ascension Glossary


Worth factoring in to these considerations is the aforementioned Ascension Glossary, which has a fair bit to say about the various versions of Earth – 3D Earth is Terra, Tara is future Earth in its 5D form, and Gaia is its 7D form – but most pertinently informs us the ascension process plan has changed over time. Much of Honey’s information feels like a more digestible, “lighter” translation of Glossary lore, although there do appear to be some differences (again, though, the Glossary is very dense and therefore easily open to misinterpretation).

The original ascension plan was that of 5D ascension. This would occur “at the end of the 2012 Timelines or at the end of the Ascension Cycle, or the end of an Age of Humanity”. The intention was for the merging of “the parallel harmonic universe to which our 3D reality of planet earth would unite with its counterpart in the parallel 5D reality, our planet in the future timelines” (this situation, which needed resolving, dates back to the implosion of a black hole that resulted in fragments of the original Tara – or the once and future Tara? –being pulled into the lower dimensions, one of which became our Earth).

This plan was aborted, principally, it seems, due the further damage that would have been done to those who had already suffered soul fragmentations. As a result, Ascension Plan B was devised, which includes, amid references to accelerated planetary intelligence realignments, “incension through the Inner Hub Gate ‘Arc System’ Networks” rather than 5D ascension, and the removal of the “false ascension matrix” structure from governing the soul’s future timelines. Incension means that “all access to everywhere is residing in you” (I don’t, however, recommend a viewing of Everything Everywhere All at Once as evidence of this). Notably contingencies in this include preparation for “possible evacuation and portal jumping” (which had me wondering whether Honey’s holographic earth could be construed as one such permutation of this) and that, in the presence of Zero Point, “anything can happen in the miracle of God consciousness”. Perhaps Q & A would offer a distinction between the ascension it suggests has taken place and this “incension”.

The Glossary indicates thatthe Ascending population of earth will be moving en masse to the next density in the harmonic scale of frequencies” and that “For some people, they will not be running 1D, 2D or 3D current any longer, but will be replaced by the next density of 4D, 5D and 6D current” (the glossary doesn’t make very much mention of 4D ascension that I can see, but the activation of the crystal body as part of the “consciousness rebirthing necessary for preparing to navigate the planetary liberation and ascension timeline” is identified. Bifurcation of timelines is part of this process, “between the type of matter formed on the third dimensional earth and the type of matter formed on the fifth dimensional earth”.


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