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Dark Forces VI

The Q & A

The degree to which Dark Forces are still a “thing” would appear to be debatable at this point. I don’t just mean in terms of White Hats prevailing over them, which is generally assumed to come down to when and how – rather than if – the fact of this comes into the public domain. And not really even the prospect that they’ve been packed off somewhere, never to darken Earth’s doors again – or bare minimum, not for at least a millennium. 

Rather, if indeed the entire universe is ascending and, consequently, nothing that’s “unascended” (or to put it another way, is fixed on a path of negative polarity, or Service to Self, as an “ascension” path) will be able to maintain any permanency here, they’re going to have – to put it in Honey C Golden’s terms – surrender duality and heal or “you’re going to have to go back to pure energy” (the process of which, per Honey, applies not only to humans, but also ETs, angels, animals etc). The ramifications of that universally aren’t something she’s addressed, to my knowledge – for example, factors of time allowed – although she has cited 2027 as the crunch point for those of Earth deciding if they’re going along for the ascension ride. 

There are also implications to ponder with regard to how inclusive “universal” ascension is (does the Phantom Matrix count? And how does this affect future timelines? Do other universes – adjudicated by other God Sources – maintain polarity?) Most of the questions and answers were asked before I ploughed through Honey’s material – some are also replicating questions pertaining to Dark Forces that appeared in the Phantom Matrix post – so a few would probably have been gauged differently to account for her take, as I’ll note when commenting.



Q. Is it correct that the Draco will be energetically expelled from this system because “An incompatible energy will emanate from the Sun for about a thousand years”?



I was pondering this from a free will/determinism perspective, which doesn’t quite provide the parameters to appraise it sufficiently, since the eventuality seems to be mutually interdependent. Which is to say, “Yes, the emanation from the Sun is something that is ‘ordained’ to be”, but additionally, “Yes, the actions taken by individuals – humanity, White Hats, the Alliance etc – are intrinsically required in achieving this end”. 

The quote comes from Corey Goode’s material, who was told “During that time, the Draco will be unable to return to this system”. Corey is also the source of the follow-up question.



Q. Is it correct that “The thousand-year energy fields seem to be a natural part of the cosmic web’s cycles and energy flow”?



Corey couches this energetic shift in terms of a “series of solar events”, and when he queried the 

thousand-year period, it was acknowledged that it sounded biblical (answers have confirmed it corresponds to the thousand years of peace in the Book of Revelation). He was given the vaguely non-explanation “The Earth is near a Super Gate”.



Q. How long is the “season” for which Satan will be unleashed?


The season is 10s of years only.

This is in reference to the Book of Revelation predicting events that will transpire after the thousand years are up.

Which raises the apparently conflicting question of how – and for “Satan”, I’ll apply the broad definition of “Satanic forces” – this will take effect. How can a polarised (negative) force, reintroduced, impact on a universe by that time immersed in “unity consciousness”? One might conclude not very effectively, if the length of the season is any indication, but would the universe even accept such polarity – would it not immediately repel it? – given the conditions whereby it has achieved this consciousness?

Notably, Honey’s understanding is that “Aliens stole the idea of 1,000 years of peace and gave it to us so we wouldn’t think we were going into complete peace at this point”. That interpretation is certainly more compatible with a presiding unity consciousness, but Q & A answers have consistently credited the peace as having a finite duration (even if its end seems to register as a blip, in terms of duration, rather than an epoch to be dreaded). It might well be that I am misunderstanding something in terms of the answers upholding the thousand years idea (along with other timelines suggesting future events that are less than optimal: see a forthcoming Time Travel post for further consideration). 

A further factor to consider in this regard is that we are no longer in the same universe as the ascending Earth; we’ve been occupying a simulation since April 2023, or thereabouts, owing to the Earth needing to ascend unhindered (“… it’s just right beside the other universe, so it’s a parallel, almost like a mirror image”: see The Earth Part IV for more on this). Effectively, this would be a simulation of a simulation, in a sense, or “a form of hologram, I think”; “We’ve been in this hologram the whole time”, learning.  Honey suggested we may or may not be reconnecting with actual Earth in the future, but answers suggest we’ll actually be going to a new Earth. All of that being the case, where would Satanic forces unleashed for a season actually find themselves? With no 3D Earth and humans (or other 3D environments and occupants) to plunder, they might be a little stuck.



Q. Has the antimatter AI been sent to the Phantom Matrix?



See the separate post on the Phantom Matrix for what/where this is. The idea is thus that the AI will be consigned to the Phantom Matrix for 1,000 years. The salient point is that it seems the Phantom Matrix cannot be accessed directly via the matter universe. A “relay” through the antimatter universe is required.

Answers also suggested there was more than one Phantom Matrix: that it also developed from/was a consequence of previous creation cycles. There may be an issue here, in that I need to get to grips with precisely how Higher Self defines a creation cycle (I was struggling for suitable terminology for the idea that we are simply in the latest iteration of Source’s ongoing development and expression thereof).

It did seem – and again, redefining exactly how this works in practice may be necessary – that the Phantom Matrix is permanent, and that it will not be recycled. That is, it won’t be taken back into Source and reutilised for creative purposes/expression. That doesn’t, on the face of it, seem to mesh well with the prospect of unity consciousness and an ascending universe. Not if an aspect of it, or a derivation of it, is remaining apart. It may be that the Phantom Matrix constitutes a different definition – of what is part of the universe – owing to the substance of its composition (see the next answer). But assuming, for the sake of argument, that it, and prior instances of it, remain, festering, it doesn’t seem like a very tidy means of creating, unintended side effect or no, if the equivalent of garbage dump, one with no biodegradable content, is produced each time.



Q. Did the AI’s Anunnaki soul go to the Phantom Matrix with it?



Souls don’t go to the Phantom Matrix. When the AI returns to the antimatter universe (in 1,000 years) it will reconnect with the Anunnaki soul.

I noted in the Phantom Matrix post that Ascension Glossary refers to the possibility of someone falling into the Phantom Matrix and that one would conclude, if both the Glossary and the answer are correct, that (souls) could end up there previously, but now (or currently) they cannot (the only other explanation I can think of that would allow both would be “if one fell into” means their consciousness, rather than their soul). This would suggest a change in the guidelines, something that could conceivably fit with the perceived universal ascension taking place. That would be, all souls are considered part of the universe and must, to varying degrees, ascend with it or return to Source; they cannot, therefore, remain in the Phantom Matrix, if they’d wound up there, nor can they be consigned there (if they’re working negative). This, assuming the Matrix (a) continues to exist, and (b) is the repository of Dark Forces elements, be they soulless creatures, energies or AIs. You wouldn’t, therefore, find Anunnaki or fallen angels being sent there, but you could find Draco, Greys, Archons (in as much as they are machines) or AIs consigned to its depths. How the AI will reconnect with the Anunnaki soul when it has ascended (or returned to Source) is another one to muse upon.

With regard to fallen angels, Honey has some interesting insights. She feelsmost of the fallen angel stuff is resolved at this point” and that most of those who have fallen have “gone back to the angel they originated with”, while “some have gone back to be with God Source” (regarding which, the one who “lived inside Hillary” returned to Source to be “disseminated”). Her perspective regarding soulless angels – those who continued as angels after the fallen soul absented itself – fits with Q & A answers, although answers also identify those fallen angels as archons. Archons seem to have broader definitions, however, including the robotic AI minions of the squid-type seen in The Matrix (Ascension Glossary explicitly makes that parallel). So the extent to which the fallen angel is/was simply the archon extending itself or that and its invasive presence over a range of vessels (AI, human) suggests scope for further consideration.



Q. Do the Draco come from the antiparticle Wesedrak system? 



This also comes from the Ascension Glossary, which it seems is 100 percent accurate (and further, to makes sure I was understanding that answer – something I’ll be considering further in the Time Travel post – all the information included in the Glossary is 100 percent correct). 

Antiparticle is essentially antimatter, meaning the Draco are from both the antimatter universe and the future (created there by the Anunnaki in the future, per answers; again, this dictates food for further thought, with regard to a universe that will, going forward, be unified and without polarity). This isn’t, as one might conclude, at odds with previous confirmations that those in the antimatter universe cannot exist in ours, since the antimatter Anunnaki found a way to reach the matter universe via the development of the Draco, who don’t have souls (that is, they don’t have parallel selves in each universe that would prevent one from crossing to the other so both are present physically in one of the universes. The nature of the Draco’s soullessness is another area to be discussed in the next Time Travel post).

Corey Goode identified that “The ‘Dracos’ are ‘Intruders’ to our space/time from what was communicated to me”, which seems to tally very well (not everything in his accounts is accurate, but it would seem more is than isn’t). From what I understand then, the Draco have now been expelled (or are being expelled – certainly, expelled from Earth) from the matter universe and, via the antimatter universe, consigned to the Phantom Matrix for 1,000 years.

In keeping with the ascending universe theme, Ascension Glossary intimates towards the antimatter (or antiparticle) universe being something that will fall away; as it’s part and parcel of a fallen system, it would have no place in an ascending universe. It notes that “At certain points in the time cycle when merges occur, new architecture can be created which impacts the particle and antiparticle time field”. Hutch, in a show with Honey last year, suggested that “All information is merging into this timeline”, and “the parallel antiparticle universe is merging with this timeline”. If that is the case, one snaps back to 1,000 years conundrum; if “Satan” is to be unleashed for a season, and his exit route is via the antimatter universe, how can he achieve this if the antimatter universe has merged with the matter universe (perhaps the merging is the answer)? The same applies to the antimatter AI and its soul (and the questions arising under that answer).



Q. Were souls being split to hundredths by the Greys?



This relates to the reincarnation trap and soul recycling (per Honey, this activity ceased in 2021). The consequence is that many NPCs (who comprise the majority of the population) were left with onlya spark of consciousness, but it’s very tiny”. This operation was being overseen by the Greys (although the initial recycling process was Anunnaki-devised).


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