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Beyond the Ice Wall Part VIII

The Q & A

Much of the following, it would appear, warrants a degree of contextualisation within the framework of perspective. That of the vantage point from which one is approaching the nature of the universe, and how one applies the lens of density – or dimension, albeit one will find a bit of a tangle over the distinctions between them and also their interconnection, depending on whom you source – to subjects that are most usually perceived and discussed in an “objectively” 3D manner. 

I’ve broached this in The Earth – Part IV, and the potential for models of the Earth and the larger universe that may, at first glance, seem at odds with each other to be compatible. Certainly, it’s advantageous to make such allowances, if one wishes to assimilate the Q & A answers, the Nos Confunden accounts and the wisdom received by Honey C Golden or the Ascension Glossary (further distinctions, when it comes to history, will be ruminated upon in a forthcoming Time Travel post). Which isn’t to suggest every Earth model is amenable, but adherents of Nos Confunden may reasonably find themselves scratching their heads over why Honey confirms multiple ice walls and lands beyond the known Earth while failing to acknowledge a realm beyond those (the Earth is a sphere, a toroidal field, and we’ve been living on its top). Consequently, if one feels it could be rash to plump for one over of the other, the answer might be that both are valid. At any rate, that’s where I’m currently landing on this subject.



Q. Are both ice walls natural? 



This is a fairly typical example of an ill-defined question. Just because the ice walls are natural, it doesn’t mean they weren’t put in place after the fact; all it confirms is that they’re composed of natural materials. 

The follow-up question, of whether the first Ice Wall was caused by the 1700 Event – the answer was “No” – rather falls away when contextualised by Honey’s account of it being built by the Anunnaki after they were confined within the dome (along with the humanity within that area). Thus, we have the known Earth, “corralled” by the first Ice Wall (the one built by the Anunnaki) and then then first group of lands beyond (used by Anunnaki and elites at their leisure: these comprise Lemuria, Laurentia, Asgard, Aquarius, Hyksos, Scorpio, the Ancient Lands of Anak, The Ancestral Lands and Shi-Ki Lands). That the Anunnaki put the first Ice Wall in place would go to explain why Lemuria (per Q & A answers) is partially under it; sensitivity wasn’t a priority when they built their wall. 

After this, we have the second Ice Wall, the one that’s part of the dome used to “quarantine” the Earth (in Honey’s account this was, or at least largely was, the work of the Arcturians). Here, there are 11 further continents: Atos, Argos, Avalon, Death Land/The Inner Door, Shasta, Atlantis, Talos, Giges, Anax, Mermaid Lands and the Island of the Death. This would be where Honey draws a line, so to speak, since that’s the substance of the top of the Earth (in her account, the Earth spins in space, which is composed of plasma, and moves around the Sun, a different source of plasma. Corey Goode, notably, also refers to a “Torsion/Electric/Plasma Universe”).



Q. Is there one firmament for both ice walls?


There is a Firmament for both. 

So the/a firmament goes to both. One firmament stops at the first Ice Wall.

However, there may be some confusion in use of terms here, or in phrasing the question and understanding the answer (since it’s previously been established that the firmament is distinct from sky ice. Historically, there is likely to have been confusion of phrasing questions and thus perceiving answers, since I was conflating firmament and sky ice to some degree. It was established, however, that the sky ice moves but the firmament(s) does not).

The number of firmaments was first broached in the first Beyond the Ice Wall post, which confirmed there are/were 3 firmaments, although it’s unconfirmed whether the third (or uppermost) covers the Earth and the realm beyond the Ice Wall (if not, one would have to assume access is via a portal or subterranean passage). 

Beyond the Ice Wall Part III qualified this in terms of Earth by indicating that, while the Ice Wall and sky ice meet each other – I didn’t clarify which ice wall, as I wasn’t thinking in multiples at that time – the sky ice doesn’t count as firmament. Beyond the Ice Wall Part VI suggested that, while the planets and stars are part of the sky ice – that is, the representations of them we’ve been seeing are/were part of the dome put up to quarantine part of the Earth – the Sun and Moon (the ones that are plasma projections) are between firmaments (it’s entirely possible I misunderstood the mechanics of their location, however). If that’s the case, I’m unsure how this works, since as I understand it – per Honey – the projection Moon is a post-dome development and the projection sun – or the first projection sun – was put in place at the time of the dome.

Answers confirm that the 3 firmaments are not separate but are conjoined. One might have concluded the multiples here related to the dome and the ice walls, such that the dome coming down would “clear” one firmament and perhaps the artificial ice wall another, leaving the single firmament referenced by Honey (at least, she identifies just the one). That doesn’t appear to be the case, so quite what the mechanics are is unclear. Perhaps one is an overriding one, covering the Earth and the realm beyond. Certainly, when I queried the mountain peaks – the perimeter of the outermost circle – answers confirmed they weren’t ice walls, so any “containment” – from “space” – would be by way of the firmaments. 

On the subject of this third ring, I noted in the last Beyond the Ice Wall that I was unsure whether – per Nos Confunden’s text – it was intended to represent part of the Earth. This was mainly due to the language (or broken translation) used when describing the 3 bridges – Hades, Atargatis and Heimdallthat divide this circle as each one connects in turn with the absolute exterior and the encounter with the Other Worlds that surround the Known Lands”. The description might lead one to construe that the continents are “Other Worlds” (since the only places surrounding the known lands are continents and a further ice wall, and then more continents before the mountain peaks), when a more fitting explanation would be that they’re the worlds lying in the “absolute exterior”. 



Q. Is there a “gigantic invisible projector dome” at the core of each dome-world?



This comes from a recent Nos Confunden video – titled, conversely to even a plasma-space interpretation, “The Dome, the Lie of Outer Space” – in which he states each dome constitutes “a colossal structure that… encloses the entirety of the known world”. It bears referencing, per Beyond the Ice Wall Part VI, that Higher Self doesn’t seem too keen on identifying these structures simply as “domes”, perhaps because the word suggests something tangible and discernible. Instead, it validates the definition that these giant invisible projector domes represent invisible barriers, “a kind of membrane that divides a system”. How these domes/barriers compare to and contrast with the Earth’s status (previously identified as occupying a crater on the edge of the realm) is unclear. One might conclude the domes are of a piece with the Earth dome (that is, the one that, per Honey, has come down, composed of sky ice meeting an ice wall); Nos Confunden uses “dome” interchangeably in that regard. 

Indeed, he identifies Earth as having two domes; I would have presumed these were demarcated by each ice wall, but see the next paragraph (Honey has, to my recollection, only discussed one, although perhaps the Anunnaki-constructed first Ice Wall also connected to the sky ice of the outer dome). Outside the first dome, one can find “the famous lands of Asgard” and “the lands… known as ‘The Ancestral Republic’”. The second dome exists “between the ‘Mountain Walls’” (I take this to mean, “between the Mountain Walls on the perimeter of the Earth and the first dome”). 

These domes are to be distinguished from the ice walls in Nos Confunden’s account; “The Walls surrounding the Earths were built by the Custodians in the past so that humans would not have the opportunity to reach the ‘inner Dome’ or ‘First Dome’”. Nos Confunden has it that the Anunnaki and Custodians – the latter are negative in Nos Confunden’s account, but positive per Q & A answers – created the ice walls, that is, all the ice walls, while the domes are something else entirely. This raises the consideration of whether pre-existing domes – per Nos Confunden – are something intrinsic to the firmament (or however many of the 3-ish firmaments are exclusive to each dome world) or we are talking about something else. If we take on board the Earth quarantine presented by Honey pertaining to the construction of the dome, were the worlds within the Great Dome also under a form of quarantine… making the Earth a quarantine within a quarantine? Against that might be the suggestion that there are other domes beyond the Great Barrier Membrane, unless these too were quarantined. I’ll consider this further under the next question. 

Certainly, per Nos Confunden suggesting the Earth as two domes, he confirms other worlds too “may have one or several domes that also enclose them with their different climates and civilizations”. One might consider, for example, the dome to function similarly to a planet in space, if we’re trying to bridge apparently divergent definitions. Thus, “This Dome-Membrane, is a wall invisible to our eyes (although some races can make it out) that divides two systems that are similar or may differ in their totality, but have connections in different parts”. Additionally, “all the circles or worlds that are known have some connection between the inner and outer system, except one” (this being the impenetrable Celestial Lands).

So the means of entering these lands are portals. This applies to the Earth: “There are least 3 passages that allow us to cross the First Dome and give way to the Earths that are on the other side, another 9 continents” (this may be talking about physical portals/passages or ones that transport someone, or both. The “Earths on the other side” appears to be a quirk of description on Nos Confunden’s part). In the case of each of the 178 worlds within “The Great Dome”, there are “passages or portals that go through the domes [which] always connect with another reality, another time and another totally different atmosphere, both going and returning” (he adds that this transfer can be a shock, and “when leaving a manipulated atmosphere like in the Known Lands, the shock is even stronger”).



Q. Do these domes also function as “a barrier-membrane between different planes of existence”?



These domes are a “kind of plasma membrane” and are “in the first instance like permeable membranes, although sometimes selective as in the Celestial Lands”. We’re told, for example, that time “as in many other Circle-Environments, or lands within different domes” is a variable, and that, most immediately for our purposes, “time passed slower in these lands [beyond the Ice Wall] compared to the Known Lands” (this would tally with Honey indicating longevity is much greater outside the dome). 

The dome “that encompasses and covers all known continents not only serves as a barrier membrane dividing lands or worlds but also separates different planes of existence”. Thus, “It is the representation of dividing layers of multiverses, and a totally different interior-exterior connection”. “Multiverse” is perhaps an overused term, but the impression this gives is that the domes may facilitate or mark separations of occupants’ densities (or dimensions). The degree to which that is necessary is unclear (since multiple densities can occupy the same “space”).

One’s general impression is that most of those within the Great Dome are (or were, if the universe as a whole is experiencing ascension) in 3D or 4D, while most of those who have crossed the Great Barrier Membrane are in 5D or higher (Beyond the Ice Wall Part IV suggested there were 79 races in 3D beyond the Ice Wall and 69 of these were negative – or polarised, might be a more fitting description). How different planes of existence are realised in those terms is open for speculation.

The emphasis on material perception would seem to be confirmed by discussion of the Celestial Lands; regardless of the Draco (3D) extending themselves beyond the Great Barrier, one gets the impression this isn’t necessarily a barrier in a 3D sense: that to access the secret, one must perhaps be pursuing a higher path (ie Service to Others rather than Service to Self). While Nos Confunden has later suggested the Custodians have crossed the Great Barrier, he initially indicated “the theory goes that no way out or in has ever been found and there is no information regarding what lies beyond”.

If we apply the language of “outer space” to this, it’s at least curious that Corey Goode also used the word “barrier”. In his case, this is the “Outer Barrier”. He also references an Earth barrier. If we’re seeking to draw a correlation between the Great Barrier Membrane and the Outer Barrier, it’s worth recognising at the outset that Corey gives the impression the Outer Barrier is a recent thing (most of his posts on this are circa 2015. Of course, “recent” may be a relative term). And also, that he refers to it repeatedly as relating to the “Sol System”; incorporating all the lands beyond the Ice Wall (but short of the Great Barrier Membrane) in that might be something of a stretch.

Still, the notion of a quarantine is resonant in his description. We’re toldThey set up what they call the outer barrier and it was not only to prevent the Draco Alliance from escaping, but there are a whole lot of other non-terrestrials that have been here for many, many tens of thousands of years participating in what they call the Grand Experiment”. Corey references the Draco having blanched at being detained and attempting “to negotiate their safe passage” beyond the Outer Barrier. On another occasion, we’re told “the Earth’s barrier was going to be relaxed, and… these groups would be allowed to return back to their support teams who were here in the Sol System, trapped inside the outer barrier” (suggesting two distinct systems of detention).

With regard to the ascension process generally (and the solar event, that will “change… the vibratory energy of our solar system in a way that these beings will not be able to be here anymore”), Corey mentionsThe Draco are stuck here behind the barrier. They will remain here and are suffering from the energetic waves that are occurring as well as being starved of ‘loosh’ from the awakening population”. And while the following again reiterates a recently raised barrier, the implication of higher-density beings coming from beyond the Outer Barrier (or Great Barrier Membrane) is found in his commentThere are so many groups after the Outer Barrier went up we didn’t even know were here, all of a sudden we started finding out that there were very high density beings that were here that didn’t want to have anything to do with any type of intelligent beings here, or what we think are intelligent, they’re just here to study our oceans, the flora and fauna, study the jungles, they were interested in the rich genetic bouquet that is on this planet”.

With regard to the Celestial Lands, we’re told (Custodians and Anunnaki), in their desire to escape the Great Dome, believed the secret lay in the Celestial Lands, but in attempting to access it, “beings that passed through the first Dome died, pulverized almost instantly”. They concluded “that within did not exist physical bodies but a conscious energy which they called ‘The Source’ or ‘The Source of Life’”.

As noted, the domes are distinguished from ice walls in respect of intent. Their source is stressed as unclear, however: “Although the domes are natural and have been found since the beginning of time, it is not ruled out that they were some creation prior to the beginning of the first colonisers”. This is later qualified by suggesting “they were manipulated, at least certainly in our lands of origin, to act as a great projector of the sky that we know”. The manipulation part is certainly how Honey explains the fake Moon (“projected on the dome”), but given the initial local sun tech that was part of the dome quarantine (a makeshift affair by the sound of it), one is left to speculate on the stars (if, as answers have previously indicated, the stars are “in” the sky ice – The Universe II – and the sky ice, as part of the dome, was put in place for the purposes of protection, then they weren’t there for the purposes of malign manipulation).

If there is/was a level of quarantine beyond the Earth dome, one would assume it is signified by the Great Dome itself – sectioning off part of the “universe” – rather than individual domes within it.



Q. Is each dome “designed to simulate a sky and an inaccessible outer space”?



Of course, Nos Confunden precedes this statement (at least in translation) by informing us the dome that “encapsulates our reality” is “visible but intangible”, having insisted that the dome is invisible in every other instance. The Nos Confunden position, as alluded under the previous answer, is that domes were manipulated from their original remit to project a fake sky. In Earth’s case, it would appear there’s certainly moon manipulation but the idea of simulating an inaccessible outer space may be a consequence of the ideas the Anunnaki have projected onto the sky ice visuals. 



Q. Were humans living beyond the “first” Ice Wall wiped out by 1700 Event?



They weren’t wiped out by it. The logistics of only the area within the first Ice Wall (so not within the entire dome) being affected by the 1700 Event would suggest – I haven’t confirmed this – that the Ice Wall acted as shield, to some degree, unless the effects were somehow intentionally localised. 

It bears noting that I hadn’t factored in Honey’s account at the time of asking, whereby the lands beyond were already being used by the Anunnaki and the elites. If that’s assumed (being the reason for the corral they created within the dome), one might conclude, if one assumes the time-travel version of mudflood given by answers previously – the Ashkenazis initially caused the mudflood, and subsequently, it was caused by Ashkenazis and Khazarian hybrids – there would have been advanced knowledge of the effects, so anyone they wished to preserve would have remained on the other side of the wall when it “came around again”. 

The questions arising here, however, are somewhat wrought, if previous answers are followed. Or at least, the assumptions they triggered. The 1700 Event didn’t let the Anunnaki in, but rather more Anunnaki in (the ones who then produced the Khazarians)? If we run with that, did they enter from immediately outside the dome (the lands beyond the second Ice Wall)? And if they did, what befell the population there? 

Honey’s version is easier to assimilate in this regard; the 1700 Event took place in 1796 (rather than between 1720-30; Nos Confunden gives the date as 1728) and was engineered by the Greys, who broke in and essentially took over from the Anunnaki and reptilians, mind controlling the latter and the elites. While the Greys have always been a Dark Forces factor, they hadn’t come up as the controlling one. Perhaps that was through omission (I haven’t broached the possibility of their involvement with the 1700 Event). Perhaps, given AI’s influence, it’s a little moot who was calling the shots and when, to some degree (Draco controlled by AI or Greys controlled by AI), although answers have always suggested the AI-controlled Draco took control of the Earth from the Anunnaki. Possibly the additional layer was the AI-controlled Greys took control of the AI-controlled Draco who took control of the Earth from the Anunnaki. Albeit, Ascension Glossary also doesn’t seem to have the Greys as having actually all-out run the Earth either. It could be we’re looking at different timelines, to some degree. 



Q. How many humans are living in the realm beyond the realm beyond the Ice Wall?


100,000 humans are living physically in the physical lands there. 

This is exceedingly caveated, however. Answers were taking in an entire range of possibilities: that there are infinite domes and infinite humans “out there”. I restricted this to “physically” in arriving at the answer provided, but it leads one to ponder the speculative parameters of the realm beyond the Great Barrier Membrane (that it includes not only different densities and non-physical lands, but also probable realities and parallels?)

Answers did confirm “outer space” is the realm beyond the Great Barrier Membrane, reached via portals (which again, would go to idea of the perspective from which one is viewing the Universe; since answers confirm black holes exist, something that’s difficult to picture as part of the realm beyond the Ice Wall, we must surely be prepared to accept multiple vantage points, densities, dimensions and planes of existence if we’re going to accept both concepts. Of course, black holes as described by Ascension Glossary don’t necessarily need to be “in” space as advertised by NASA). 

The starting point for the population inquiry was previous answers indicating there are 70,000 5D humans living beyond the Ice Wall, which includes the immediate realm (half beyond the first Ice Wall and half beyond the second). I haven’t dug in to whether Higher Self distinguishes Tartarians from humans (or Tartarians from Giants, or humans from Giant-Humans); it may be that it does and there are significant additional numbers to be accounted for (if this is so, one wonders further about the Anunnaki approach to those living beyond the second Ice Wall, in the context of the previous answer). Nos Confunden has “81,039,041 living throughout the Ancestor Lands”. Honey has 2.5 billion Tartarians – pretty much integrated with the humans there, although some are significantly taller – living outside with abundant tech – flying cars – to share with us in due course (they’ve also moved to 5D); they’ve been living the 1,000 years of peace already (so no room for antagonistic Anunnaki encroaching upon them there).



Q. Are humans in the realm beyond the Great Barrier Membrane looking after the DUMBs children?



It seems these children are back on Earth now.

Answers previously confirmed as accurate (White Hats II) reports of 20 million children rescued from the DUMBS who had been taken off world for treatment. Beyond the Ice Wall Part VII then indicated this was beyond the Great Barrier Membrane, in domes located there. 



Q. Are there ETs beyond the Great Barrier Membrane who are appearing in 3D? 



It seems there are Pleiadeans who are incarnating in 3D bodies in the Pleiades (where the children had been taken for treatment). 



Q. Is the information being given out through Nos Confunden at the instruction of White Hats?



Which doesn’t mean, of course, that it’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. I haven’t queried more recent Nos Confunden publications, but while Helen Morris’ Terra-Infinita, Extra-terrestrial Worlds and their Civilisations: The Story Told by the Woman Born in Lands Behind the Ice Walls is confirmed as 80 percent accurate, William Morris’s account in The Navigator Who Crossed the Ice Walls: Worlds Beyond the Antarctica is given as only 10 percent accurate – see Beyond the Ice Wall Part V – and the reasons for the latter are a mixture of fabrication by Claudio Nocelli/Nos Confunden, Morris changing things and information Morris was given being inaccurate (Beyond the Ice Wall Part VII).

As I noted in The Earth – Part IV, it may be the conversation on the shape of the Earth is only just beginning, rather than closing in on a resolution. That is, if it really is going to take 500 years for its shape to be revealed. Much of the information coming through, be it from Honey or Tarot by Izabela, confirms the round(ish) Earth in space, even if not quite as NASA ordains. On the other hand, one might reasonably ask, with a universe on a course towards unity consciousness and 5D, why something that may be conceptually resistant to a 3D-defined mind wouldn’t be readily assimilated by an ascended one, such that hundreds of years seems unnecessarily truncated.


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