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White Hats XV

The Q & A

It seems the visible events the Truther community has been awaiting with baited breath, and at times rising despair, are finally on the verge of coming to pass. In the mix is a certain tempering of expectations, on the basis that it won’t necessarily be the smoothest of rides, once the edifice detonates. At the same time, an aspect of the prognostications also seems to be down to perspective, both of the glass half full/empty variety and where you’re positioned in terms of embracing the White Hats narrative (or perhaps too, one of personal gain).



Q. Was the April NESARA/GESARA announcement delayed?



This follows up a question from the last White Hats. There, I expressed scepticism that the answer could possibly be correct and commented that, if it was, the announcement would surely be inevitably delayed. I also noted I’d attempted to be as clear as I could in phrasing the question – frequently a hiding to nothing, as it’s always something you didn’t consider – such that this announcement would be clear and understood by the general public in that timeframe.

So it seems nothing was actually delayed or shifted, but rather that this constitutes a gradual rollout announcement. Which would mean you may understand announced aspects of it as confirmation, should you look at it through NESARA/GESARA-tinted spectacles, but it doesn’t mean the whole shebang will be evident (BRICS developments, for example, appear to be part of this process). Additionally, it won’t be called NESARA/GESAEA, even though anyone familiar with those terms will immediately understand that’s what it is. “Debt jubilee”, a term used by Ben Fulford, appears to be one phrase that will be used. QFS, however, will be referred to as QFS, when that gets announced.



Q. Is Phil Godlewski’s May 5 live accurate, in respect of the global economic crash?



Phil’s live focused on there being an imminent global economic crash (which Phil interpreted as taking place during the summer). This would involve significant job losses and bank failures. The EBS will be triggered during the period of collapse, “Biden” will be out, and Trump will become President (although, obviously, he actually still is) in a special election. There will also, at least for a time, be a consequential one-world currency.

Beyond Mystic picked up on this, along with Ben Fulford’s report the following day concerning the US being set to declare bankruptcy (Janine’s reading got that much of Fulford’s report represented events that had already taken place, as opposed to a meeting that only just decided these things). There’s also Clif High and his data points that have been predicting things kicking off during this period (Clif can be relied upon to put his own unique spin on the data, which can sometimes obscure the core nuggets).

So yes, it seems there will be job losses, and things will seem a bit crazy, but the “controlled demolition” phrase is perhaps most appropriate here. White Hats XIII had it that there won’t be a stock-market crash, and that’s confirmed as still being the case. Which is to say, the markets are on course for that precipice, but the intention is for them to be switched off, so stemming the panic and suicides that would likely ensue.



Q. Are the predictions of food shortages accurate?



I included in this question my understanding that White Hats wanted a smooth transition to new system, so eliminating protracted strife and disruption. At least, as much as possible, given the great unwashed aren’t going to be prepared emotionally/spiritually/conceptually, however many harbingers there are. So the qualifier is that while, yes, there will be food shortages, they should not be severe ones, as provisions have been made for this eventuality.



Q. Have the archons now gone (from Earth)? 



The last Dark Forces confirmed the archons’ (that is, fallen angels) influence on Earth was expected to end within three months. Quite probably, this was achieved through activation of CERN (see the forthcoming Dark Forces VI for more on the nature of their exit). 



Q. Has the antichrist influence now gone? 



That is, none other than George Soros. The influence didn’t relate to any power he still had – since he no longer had any personally – but those things he’d set in motion. In November last year, answers suggested his influence would extend for 4 more months, while in March it was slightly adjusted to the end of April.



Q. How much of world does the Khazarian Mafia now control? 


1 percent.

A fairly rosy picture there, then; at about this time last year, answers confirmed as accurate a Ben Fulford report stating the Khazarian Mafia still controlled about 11 percent of the world. Which could still be significantly impacting, what with such means as HAARP at their disposal (and the need to root out Deep Staters). This figure would go to underline the “all systems go” sense of events projected to take place over the summer.



Q. Was the recent aurora borealis display natural?



Which is to say, the phenomenon seen on 10 May (and ongoing in some places), put down to “geomagnetic storms” and the “solar maximum”, is natural, but it was/is, in this instance triggered by HAARP. Now in control of White Hats. 

The notion that it was probably a HAARP effect was not unreasonably reached by many (just glance at X for evidence), even though, historically, the measures HAARP has been used for have been far from beneficial and awe-inspiring ones. One might characterise this as similar to the April 8 solar eclipse (also engineered and also by White Hats). That is, its purpose being to inspire and/or instil energetic uplift.

For a contrasting take (that is, contrasting both to the above and also those who put it down to geomagnetic storms etc), Phil Godlewski claimed the reason is that the magnetic north is going to Russia. I’d previously looked at some of Phil’s Flat Earth assumptions (Beyond the Ice Wall VI), in respect of lands becoming uninhabitable here due to it getting colder and thus many people being required to live beyond the (first) Ice Wall. The answer came back as no – which I don’t take to mean that, necessarily, some of the population won’t move beyond the first or second Ice Walls at some point; I haven’t looked into it, although Honey C Golden thinks so, and it doesn’t sound unreasonable – so it isn’t too surprising his hot take was also confirmed as inaccurate. 

While Phil’s May 5 live was valuable, his subsequent ones come across as glorified infomercials for his affiliate’s energy patches (even his May 12 Q&A appears to be structured around “questions from the audience” pertaining to his Lifewave sales pitch interspersed with actual questions on the things everyone is actually interested in from his audience). For someone worth – by his estimates – $50-70m, Phil’s curiously hellbent on making more. Perhaps he fears for his relevance, once the new era takes hold.


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