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The Phantom Matrix

The Q & A

I was unfamiliar with the term until recently, when it came up during a house clearing (no, I don’t mean chucking stuff in a skip). “The Phantom Matrix” sounds like an inadvisable mashup of two of 1999’s most successful movies. In spite of that, it also rather effectively conveys the impression of a place one wouldn’t especially want to be. The primary source of information on the Phantom Matrix seems to the Ascension Glossary, which can make for rather dense reading. As such, I won’t pretend to have a grasp on many of the nuances of this “region” (or universe, or section thereof, if you want to apply that term), but it does, by and large, seems to be where we get our concept of Hell.



Q. How accurate is Ascension Glossary?


100 percent.

Which is a fairly ringing endorsement, since no other resources have received such (apparently) unqualified validation.

That being the case, it does suggest there are areas – multiple areas – of the Q & A that will require revisiting, either to grasp how apparently conflicting concepts aren’t actually conflicting (this may come down to a perception thing, when discussing the shape of the universe(s), or that of the Earth, or outer space), or apparently are (Atlantis), or where there seem be significant differences (given figures are an area where Higher Self information can be a bit skew whiff, I suspect some significant amendments will be necessary there).



Q. Is the Phantom Matrix “a virtual reality hologram with a finite energy source”?



Ascension Glossary defines the Phantom Matrix as “a replica of fallen earth timelines… used to blend with the organic earth body in order to consume the living light in the organic creator codes and living souls on this planet”. Also called “the AI timelines of the fallen earth, and this section of the Phantom Matrix blends in with the organic timelines which we are bifurcating away from, as it collapses during the Ascension Cycle”.

I’m unclear how one defines “collapsing” in this context; it could be taken to mean destructing, but in terms of Q & A answers, I’m more inclined to read it as being no longer able to affect Earth. But then, who knows, given the parameters of Ascension may be prevasively all-inclusive (see Honey C Golden’s videos for the “highest parallel” take on what is to transpire/is transpiring).

Per the glossary, the destruction of 5D Tara millions of years ago sucked it into a “reversal black hole” and resulted into the fragmentation of our solar system and 3D Earth (Tara is also used to describe future 5D Earth). This Earth exists “in a lower dimension of Phantom Matrix” created by the black hole. However, it seems this needs to be qualified by “degrees” of Phantom Matrix, since the same entry suggests that, if one fell into it (the fallen parallel Earth, see answer below) – that is, “the bottomless pit” – “on the basis of frequency affiliation one wouldn’t necessarily encounter sheer misery and torment”. So my interpretation of this is that the Phantom Matrix is a fallen region containing our solar system, but the fallen parallel Earth is an aspect of that fallen region.



Q. Is the Phantom Matrix “a fallen region of lower-dimensional spectrum originally from our Universal Time Matrix”?



I’d initially wondered, on hearing the term, if it was a non-physical realm, so asked if it was etheric. Which it is, but it’s also physical.



Q. Did it become a “slowly degenerating black-hole reality”?



See above for how this came to be (well, for an explanation, as far as that may or may not be easily assimilated). My immediate response was to wonder how a black hole (in the sense of officially designated science) squares with a reading of an Earth in a crater at the edge of an infinite realm. Interrogating this suggested conceptual… well multiples, for want of a better term, since we seem to be looking at a version of an “out there” universe as well as outer space being the realm beyond the realm beyond the Ice Wall(s).



Q. Does it contain “a fallen parallel Earth that the Bible refers to as the bottomless pit, Hades or Hell”?



The glossary notes (if one were unfortunate to fall into this parallel Earth), one would find that “There would be upper portions of this reality which initially might be indistinguishable from Earth as it is today, though one would soon realise the control and suppression was greater and from an ET government”.



Q. Is there more than one Phantom Matrix? (one for each creation cycle?)


Yes to both.

I was thinking of this with regard to the question of previous expressions of Source (that is, however old the Universe – or Universes – is, there will presumably have been previous creations as part of an infinite process of getting to known oneself) and also confirmation that it remains permanently and is not recycled in any new creation.



Q. Was Can You Stand The Truth? The Chronicle of Man’s Imprisonment drawing on the idea of the Phantom Matrix in its account of Lucifer using the forbidden waste matter/dead carcasses of previous unsuccessful material creation as building material for our Earth?


Yes, although the Phantom Matrix does relate but not an unsuccessful material creation.

The book by Angeliki Anagnostou Kalogen draws significantly on gnostic doctrine for its rendition of a corrupted, demiurgic creation (Earth). I was particularly struck by the similarity between the dead waste of the Phantom Matrix and the forbidden waste matter of her book (hers is a desperately gloomy vision, but you can’t fault her for dedication and research). The Glossary refers to a closed system leading to infected areas in the Universal Time Matrix. These dead spaces (or the Phantom Matrix) “contain virtual environments that must feed on someone or something in order to exist. They contain massive debris and waste, energetically similar to piles of infectious dead waste and pollution that is piled in a corner”.

The degree to which gnostic texts were genuine – that is, misunderstood representations of the Phantom Matrix via a very disillusioned account of creation – or planted to sow the seeds of the same (as a precursor to The Matrix movie, in terms of an inescapably hopeless, fake creation) is worth considering.



Q. Is the Phantom Matrix a consequence of the matter universe?



That is, in the way the antimatter universe is, and per the information relating to the Seth Material (see posts on the Seth Material and Antimatter for more on both).



Q. Is the Phantom Matrix the “before-image universe” referred to in the Seth Material?



The “after-image” universe is the antimatter (or antiparticle) universe (see Antimatter posts), while the before-image universe is the matter universe’s early, somewhat weaker form”; it’s “formed as energy is nearly approximate to your own; and energy not yet within a strong position to materialise into matter does, nevertheless, manage an early, somewhat weaker form”.



Q. Is the Phantom Matrix a purely negative place?



However, it is more negative than positive.



Q. Do the main groups of “Negative Aliens, the Anunnaki, Draconians and Necromitons source out of the Phantom Matrix spaces in the parallel systems”?



Although, it seems the sourcing is from the antimatter universe (still Phantom Matrix “spaces” as I understand it), rather than the parallel fallen Earth. Necromitons are a “beetle hominid, Men in Black from Nibiruian lines”.

With regard to the Draco (this from Antimatter V), they are from the “antiparticle” Wesedrak system; they’re from both the antimatter universe and the future (created there by the Anunnaki in the future). This isn’t, as one might conclude, at odds with previous confirmation that those in the antimatter universe cannot exist in ours, because the Anunnaki found a way to get through to the matter universe via the development of the Draco, who don’t have souls (that is, they don’t have parallel selves in each universe that would prevent one from crossing to the other so both are present physically in one of the universes).



Q. Has the antimatter AI been sent to the Phantom Matrix?



The idea is thus that it will be consigned to the Phantom Matrix for 1,000 years. The salient point is that it would appear the Phantom Matrix cannot be accessed directly via the matter universe. A “relay” through the antimatter universe is required (that is from our matter universe to the after-image universe to the before-image universe). The “1,000 years” period has been disputed (Honey Golden has it that this is it, unity is here as part of ascension and polarity is dissolved/ing, and thus there’s no actual time limit), but I’ll have to look into that differing position on another occasion.



Q. Did the AI’s Anunnaki soul go to the Phantom Matrix with it?



Souls don’t go to the Phantom Matrix. When the AI returns to the antimatter universe (in 1,000 years), it will reconnect with the Anunnaki soul.

It would seem the archons have also been sent to the Phantom Matrix, but – to be revisited when I’ve inquired further on the subject – I’m presuming these are the “minion” robotic archons rather than the fallen angel archons (who, as I understand it, have souls; Honey has it that some of these have resumed angelic status or returned to Source). If that’s correct, the AI, archons and Draco have now been expelled (or are being expelled – certainly, expelled from Earth) from the matter universe and, via the antimatter universe, are being/have been dumped in the Phantom Matrix for 1,000 years. 

Since the Glossary refers to the possibility of someone falling into the Phantom Matrix – while I didn’t specify, I’m assuming the answer relates to the fallen Earth part of it, for obvious reasons – one would conclude, if both Glossary and answer are correct, that (souls) could fall into it previously, but now (or currently) they cannot. Obviously, I reserve the right to confess, in later posts, that I managed to get that wrong too.



Q. How long has the Phantom Matrix existed?


It has existed for as long as the current creation cycle of the matter universe.

I won’t include the Q & A answer date provided, because it’s probably, at best, underestimating things.


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