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Antimatter V

The Q & A

There’s regular cause to reframe or backtrack with this Q & A process. Invariably because an assumption has been made, and it isn’t until much later that it’s realised there’s a qualifier in there, or that one’s understanding of the thing one thought one understood wasn’t that at all. So there’s some of that in this Antimatter, mostly deriving from understanding – or misunderstanding – of AMT (Ascended Machine Technology). There’s also a related element, that of appearances in the antimatter universe. Misconceptions of AMT sparked heading off down the wrong course there, but a particular answer in Antimatter III compounded it.



Q. Does the antimatter universe have its own crater Earth and realm beyond: buildings; families; jobs; leisure; fashion; food; animals?


Yes (to all these things).

A qualifier, however, is that the animals here don’t have parallel selves/counterparts there. This is not, it seems, a soul thing. For example, there are cats in the antimatter universe, but they are not the same cats. Also, only indirectly related, but the whole issue of Earth shape seems to be much more subjective – or layered – than one might hope. It seems the crater definition is one way of perceiving it.



Q. Does the antimatter universe have a colour spectrum like ours?



I also asked if blue was the dominant colour there, which was confirmed, but that’s probably misleading (as in: what’s the dominant colour in our universe, and what if all colours in all universes are equally dominant – or non-dominant? This is, of course, besides whatever science “officially” tells us). 

The line of the above questions sprang from the notion that things must look, in some way, fundamentally different there. I evidently didn’t get the steer from previous answers that they don’t, probably because I was fixing on answers to questions that were, in themselves, murkily worded:



Q. Do humans look like us in the antimatter universe?



The confusion arose from Antimatter III’s “If we could see the antimatter world, would the people there look similar to us?”, which received a “No”. I know what I meant there, but Higher Self was evidently quite ruthless about “similar”. In a sense then, it’s Mirror, Mirror, but not the “evil alternate” sense (although, you might have a beard).



Q. If you die in this universe, do you also die in the antimatter universe?



This makes sense, not necessarily in terms of corresponding cause-and-effect actions (although, that’s probably loosely the case), but roughly parallel lifepaths/events and developments. As the Seth Material advised, “In some manners you do exist identically in the world of negative matter, but in most manners you do not”.

Further, “An action may occur therefore in the world of matter, and be perceived in both the universe of negative matter and the dream world, but in such a case each universe interprets the action according to, and within, its own framework of reference… There will be seen to be correlations that will appear in each of these universes. They would seem to be distortions. They represent however almost reflections of the same action, and are viewed from different dimensional points”.

Which is to say, there’s probably a “You have to be there” element to grasp how that truly works, but the thrust is that the universes are conditional on each other and reflective of certain fundamentals.



Q. Is technology in the antimatter universe like technology here?


It is more advanced.

Admittedly, I was asking this question with preconceived ideas of AMT and notions of machine (in whatever form) supplementation or evolution of the physical. Leaving that to one side, however, the more advanced technology aspect would be in keeping with the idea that the negative AI comes from the antimatter universe.



Q. Is AMT technology additional to humans in the antimatter universe?



The distinction being looked for was whether the technology is part of the lifeform or has been added. The problem here is that I wrong-footed myself by being too literal in applying the (accurate) James Casbolt/Michael Prince definitions of AMT to all AMT (see below for more on that).

It seems all humans in the antimatter universe are AMT, but so are all humans here. Which rather makes AMT – in terms of applying it as a label of distinction from a “norm” – somewhat superfluous. 



Q. Did Nikola Tesla visit the antimatter world to become AMT?



The caveat being that AMT matter universe Tesla (psychically) visited the antimatter world where he “became” AMT, but not because he needed to become AMT in order to develop the understanding to navigate humanity towards the optimum timeline – my prior takeaway of why he went there – but because it wasn’t safe for him to develop that understanding in the matter universe (he did this during the early twentieth century: see Antimatter II).



Q. Are humans in the matter universe also crystalline?



This also harks back to a previous misconception (Antimatter IV), where I asked “Is AMT crystalline?” One can also track Antimatter II’s “Is AMT equivalent to a silicon-based lifeform?” into this. The extent to which we are crystalline or carbon-based here is, perhaps, up for debate. Honey C Golden, whose Higher Self downloads carry many corresponding points to Q & A answers but also, seemingly, numerous differences – I’ll have to look into this at a later date, although I’m increasingly conscious that, with some of these areas, one may have to surrender to the idea that apparently conflicting takes and viewpoints are, in some ways, equally legitimate – has it that humanity, as part of moving to 4D, is transitioning from carbon to crystalline bodies. I guess, if that (or something similar) factors in to AMT, one would need to ascertain how long humans have been AMT in either universe (Tesla wouldn’t necessarily be a reliable precursor, as a 5D Atlantean, at least in part).



Q. Is the AMT of super soldiers something different to natural AMT?



This is a bit murky, as I haven’t been able to define terms clearly. For example, Higher Self came back with cyborgs not having souls (I’m unsure why this would be the case, but it may come down to how one defines a cyborg). Casbolt/Prince is using AMT to mean technological augmentation – although answers distinguish super soldiers’ AMT from transhumanism per se – and discusses how, at one point in 1980, he cites doctors looking at “how much robotics I have inside my body” before going on to note that AMT “is not fully understood at this time”. For him/super soldiers, it relates to being a “computerised race” (AI afflicted) and howBefore Ascended Machine Technology was understood, it was believed that flesh and blood lifeforms (such as humans/animals) and robots were two completely separate forms of being”.



Q. Are Ascended Machines which follow the lighted path known as EVA-Borgs. Are those who follow the dark side Draco-Borgs?



Again, this comes from super soldiers – John Urwin – so we’re going by their AMT take (returning to the cyborg definition, Casbolt has it that “cyborgs which are connected into the AI and have a soul should still be considered dangerous”; he also refers to Project Mannequin, representing a cyborg with a soul) and “Unlike the soulless beings which only ‘mimic’ feelings, ascended machines possess human feelings”. Casbolt also provides a list of differences between AMT and AI. In this, he offers the possibility of races and lifeforms with “a physical body of metal”, with feelings and not AI. There are also individuals implanted with AI technology who can be considered AMT when deprogrammed, and there are robots (in the guise of humans) who have the ability to feel when disconnected from the AI (and are then classified as AMT).



Q. Has the antimatter AI been sent to the Phantom Matrix?



See the forthcoming post on the Phantom Matrix for what/where this is. The idea is thus that the AI will be consigned to the Phantom Matrix for 1,000 years. The salient point is that it would appear that the Phantom Matrix cannot be accessed directly via the matter universe. A “relay” through the antimatter universe is required.



Q. Did the AI’s Anunnaki soul enter the Phantom Matrix with it?



Souls don’t go to the Phantom Matrix. When the AI returns to the antimatter universe (in 1,000 years) it will reconnect with the Anunnaki soul.



Q. Did the antimatter AI wish to encourage transhumanism as a reflection of its machine component?



The surge towards transhumanism also has a Grey aspect (although the Zeta Greys are part of the AI influence, it’s unclear if future human Greys are too; the suggestion is their negative path comes without AI needing to control them).



Q. Is transhumanism a reflection of the Anunnaki’s hermaphroditic nature?



This comes from reading (I think via Clif High) that the Anunnaki are hermaphroditic. There may be hermaphroditic iconography with them (Honey C Golden references the Sphinx as a representation of male/female aspects that was a positive – of the interior being’s aspects – prior to its perversion following the Anunnaki’s fall), but it doesn’t seem that this is part and parcel of their genetics.



Q. Will the 6D-negative AI be required, at some point, to release potential and leap into 6D positive?



Or rather, the Anunnaki soul that “fuels” it will.



Q. Does the rebellion in heaven relate both to the AI’s exit from antimatter realm and the fallen angels?



Answers previously confirmed the first part, but it seems there hasn’t been just “one” rebellion in heaven and that this has been ongoing for millions of years. We feasibly enter into the territory of cyclic exits and creations here.



Q. Do the Draco come from the antiparticle Wesedrak system? 



This comes from the Ascension Glossary, which it seems is 100 percent accurate (a validation I find, at first blush – well, the baffled red-facedness is ongoing, actually – confounding, since there’s much in there that seems to contradict Q & answers. Some of this will surely be down to the perspective aspect mentioned earlier, but some answers would seem to be outright incorrect). 

Antiparticle is essentially antimatter, meaning the Draco are from both the antimatter universe and the future (created there by the Anunnaki in the future; what they used for source material will need further investigation). This isn’t, as one might conclude, at odds with previous confirmation that those in the antimatter universe cannot exist in ours, because the Anunnaki found a way to break on through to the matter universe via the development of the Draco, who don’t have souls (that is, they don’t have parallel selves in each universe that would prevent one from crossing to the other; both being physically present in one of the universes is a logistical no-no, it seems).

Corey Goode, who has been beaten rather relentlessly for his testimony, identified that “The ‘Dracos’ are ‘Intruders’ to our space/time from what was communicated to me”. Which seems pretty much spot on (not everything in is accounts is, but more is than isn’t). From what I understand then, the Draco have now been expelled (or are being expelled – certainly, they are expelled from Earth) from the matter universe and, via the antimatter universe, are being deposited in the Phantom Matrix for 1,000 years. Obviously, I reserve the right to confess, in later posts, that I managed to get that wrong too.



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