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Dark Forces V

The Q & A

A fairly brief Dark Forces this time, mostly following up on some points and (as is frequently the case) apparent contradictions raised by earlier answers. Subjects include angels, the antichrist (Sam Neill being the more palatable version) and archons. There are also a couple of questions/answers included here that were previously featured in White Hats XIV and Beyond the Ice Wall Part VII.



Q. Do some angels have souls while some angels are soulless?



Some angels become soulless through negativity. 

This arose due to an earlier answer indicating angels were not souled but also – slightly surprising in retrospect, perhaps, since it was within the same sequence – that they are etheric beings with a higher, refined purpose. A more recent answer held that angels do indeed have souls.

The follow up this invites is one of divining (so to speak) what becomes of these negative angels’ souls. One would presume – since they are, on the basis of the answers, still called angels – these soulless angels are acting positively, but as “empty vessels”. The simplest answer might be found under the archons questions in this post. An alternative might be that the “souls” volunteered to exit the angels’ etheric bodies, recognising their erroneous ways. 



Q. Did Dark Forces control fall from 14 percent following the 1700 Event to 10 percent by 1750?



I initially assumed there’d been some rounding up (or down) in the figures, since numbers’ accuracy can be variable, but it appears this was the case. Answers had separately given those figures (in November last year and in February this), which seem at odds with expectations, on the face of it. It would appear, however, that the disarray following the 1700 Event (“mudflood”) was such that Dark Forces actually lost some of their already significantly diminished grip on the Earth (which was 100 percent under their control prior to the event).



Q. Do the figures for Dark Forces control of Earth relate only to known Earth?



That is, Earth within (the first) Ice Wall and excluding the “cloaked” Atlantis and Lemuria. This follows, per figures, since they give only 5 percent of Earth free from Dark Forces control, while 10 percent of the population live in Atlantis and Lemuria. The ensuing question would be locating the oasis (or oases) in the known Earth that resisted such an influence. Or, for whatever reason, remained untouched by it. Figures can be found in Dark Forces IV.



Q. Has the antichrist influence now gone?



The antichrist’s – George Soros, per answers – influence is almost over, however. Answers in late November suggested the antichrist would continue to exert an influence – that is, by association, rather than directly and personally – for another 4 months. This appears to have been protracted slightly, with the influence now due to be spent by the end of April. One wonders whether this dovetails with the departure of the archons (below).



Q. Was the earlier answer to “Are the Dark Forces related to what we call archons (astral entities)?” incorrect?



This answer, to a question asked early in 2022, was down to switching (answers registering the reverse confirmatory response). Answers confirmed this year that archons worked with Dark Forces; I speculated the difference might be that, while archons work with Dark Forces, they are not Dark Forces as such. This is not the case; archons are Dark Forces.



Q. Are archons still on Earth?



Archons are still present on Earth. They still have an influence, but this is ending. This is expected to occur within the next 3 months.

I’m given to wonder if the announcement of CERN’s reactivation is related to this. Per Janine, CERN won’t be doing anything on the April 8 eclipse; it’s simply a White Hat strategy to draw attention to the fact of it (Black Hats no longer have control of CERN). However, it seems White Hats are intending to activate the Hadron Collider sometime after. I doubt you’d need CERN to send physical bad guys packing, but how about etheric ones?



Q. Are archons an aspect of humanity itself?



That idea is one of many theorised concerning archons (see Dark Forces IV). Such an idea would ally them more with thought forms (whose ranks include demons).



Q. Are archons fallen angels?



It was previously confirmed that Archons aren’t natural beings, from which I would interpret they are not intended beings; their state is a consequence of falling from/rejecting the angelic state. Whether this means the entire etheric angel ends up as an etheric archon, or the soul of that angel alone falls (leaving the soulless angel, see above), is to be considered at a later date.

A further line of inquiry that suggests itself is the interrelation – if any – of archons and the antimatter AI. Answers have confirmed the antimatter AI is, or is identified as, Satan and his various variants (Lucifer, Baphomet etc). Does this mean that their (or some of their) attribution as fallen angels is misdirection? Or is there, say, a fallen angel Lucifer and an AI Lucifer?

Of course, much of what we have on both archons and fallen angels is intended to mislead or obfuscate. Some have drawn parallels between Gnosticism’s archons and Biblical fallen angels, although the usual mechanism seems to be to correct such erroneous thinking (the latter not really figuring in Gnostic texts). Wiki actually does identify a parallel (between Gnostic text On the Origin of the World where “the archons impregnate the Biblical Eve” and the Sons of God of Genesis and the Book of Enoch, and “Further, they both teach idolatry, sacrifices and bloodshed to enslave the Gnostics and trapping them in ignorance”). Whether we can transpose commonly applied archon names or ones designated to fallen angels from various religions to actual archons is another area to be looked at another time (along with the question of their numbers).



Q. Are archons not required to incarnate physically, as souls on a negative path?



Per souled beings considered elsewhere – with the exception of the antimatter AI – the stipulation on following the negative path up through densities (that is, per Law of One, Service to Self), that they can do this (up to a point, of the mid-sixth density), but they are required to incarnate in 3D physical bodies. It seems this is not the case for archons; I would assume part of this relates to their original state as etheric beings. That there are different rules and limitations. Again, in respect of fallen angel lore, whether this excluded them, pre-fall, from materialisation (and activities recorded in Genesis, of the Sons of God and Nephilim variety) invites further inquiry.

The following are from recent posts (White Hats XIV and Beyond the Ice Wall Part VII) that touch on Dark Forces machinations:



Q. Have the Draco been to domes beyond the Great-Barrier Membrane?



This question, from the recent Beyond the Ice Wall Part VII post, relates to the region beyond the immediate realm beyond the Ice Wall. This “beyond the beyond” realm is what we know as ETs are found in (various) domes. If one might have hoped the generally advanced status of ET civilisations would have engendered freedom from negative races, this answer suggests otherwise (the Draco not being ETs, but rather reptilians engineered by negative Anunnaki). One might construe that, if the Draco have been there, Anunnaki went there first (it may be there are positive Anunnaki who moved beyond the Great-Barrier Membrane anyway). 



Q. Was the original JFK a White Hat? 



Answers previously confirmed JFK was a Black Hat; this comes down to the thorny old problem of clearly defining one’s terms. JFK’s clone was a Black Hat. It would seem the clone was swapped for the original JFK in the assassination.

However, the degree to which this allies itself with Jay Weidner’s documentary, floating that JFK was using a squib plate in the Zapruder film, and that Jackie was clambering to fetch it, begs further inquiry. After all, if the clone was a Black Hat, was the clone always used as a Black Hat? Did the Deep State know JFK faked his death at the time? Did they even sanction/facilitate it in order to consolidate power with the greatest ease? Answers seem to suggest the clone JFK was at least partly acting as President during JFK’s “reign”, but that also demands further clarification. What seems certain is that JFK “dying” was a necessary decision because Black Hat/Deep State power was increasing to the extent that it was healthier for him to “fall” before he was pushed.



Q. Was Jimmy Carter cabal? 





Q. Was Ronald Reagan cabal? 



I assumed this to be the case (for example, Bryce Taylor’s testimony is that he was controlled, Kissinger thought he was an idiot, Bush Sr did all the thinking, and he was a pawn of Council). However, I also saw it suggested that the cabal tried to kill him. The same qualifier for JFK applies to both these Presidents in theory, which merits a clarifier in due course (were they cabal, or were their clones cabal, or were all of the preceding?)



Q. Why didn’t the White Hats protect Kate Middleton, if the original Kate was a White Hat and died in the last 2 years? 


This is an example, like that of JFK, of failing to consider all the variables. The original Kate was a White Hat. She died in the last 2 months. However, she had been Vril’d 5-10 years ago (as to why her death occurred only in the last 2 months, since there was previous confirmation – see The Draco, the Vril & the Black Goo – that all those Vril’d had been rounded up, I guess it may have been for strategic reasons).



Q. Were Meghan and Harry intentionally outing the Royals’ Khazarian Mafia ties?



This one was suggested by Janine’s read on the subject (in respect of their wedding, the fake baby bump etc). Previous answers had (hermaphrodite) Meghan as dead and (the original) Harry as a White Hat, so I was unsure how the suggested scenario was supposed to work.



Q. Did Black Hats/Deep State put the replacement/fake Charles in place as King? 



This was the White Hats. 



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