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Beyond the Ice Wall Part VII

The Q & A

Further ground is broached in relation to Nos Confunden’s publications in this Q &A, but there’s much more still to go. Beyond which, the answers received, in many instances, beg further lines of inquiry all their own. The main takeaway is that, while this source appears invaluable in a slew of areas, in certain key ones Claudio Nocelli (and/or the Morrises – father William and daughter Helen) appears to be rather wide of the mark. 

Several of the points raised here are specifically clarifiers in relation to earlier, potentially conflicting answers. There is also, however, clarification of clarification arising, which rather ends up coming back round to the original ballpark in respect of ETs. This range of answers should elicit a further ETs post in due course, but for now, since they are, in a “beyond the beyond” sense, beyond the Ice Wall, it’s appropriate to include them here. The way answers do this sometimes makes me think Higher Self is intentionally winding the questioner (me) up, but I guess there wouldn’t be much to exercise the mind if everything was immediately laid out on a plate.

On a side note, one wonders if the Hollow Earth of The Godzilla/Kong movie franchise isn’t a soft prep for disclosure of lands beyond the Ice Wall. It’s certainly a visible – if simultaneously generic – blockbuster series positing lands and (human) civilisations beyond those immediately known to us, and despite (quite understandable) critical dismissal, is being lapped up by the public.



Q. Was there switching in the previous answer to the question “Are there other craters or Earths besides this one”?



The full question as recorded was “Are there other craters or Earths besides this one (attached or adjacent to the plane beyond the ice wall)? (attached or adjacent to the plane beyond the ice wall)?”, asked in September 2022. The answer “No” would appear to conflict with “Are there other craters or Earths besides this one?” asked in January, which received a “Yes”.

Both answers are correct, owing to the problem of including “or” in the question, which can lead to a confused response. So “yes”, there are other craters beside the Earth’s, but “no”, there aren’t other Earths.



Q. Do Draco, Spider Trogs, Zeta Reticulan Greys and Reptoids count as ET races?



It was inferred from previous answers that Draco, Spider Trogs, Zeta Reticulan Greys and Reptoids were ETs, at least in terms of the way Higher Self was providing confirmations. Given, for example, that Draco and Spider Trogs were confirmed as Anunnaki creations, this didn’t make a huge amount of sense, along with an understanding – possibly erroneous; see later answers – that only races that have moved up positively in terms of density (and are no longer based beyond the Ice Wall) are defined as ETs. The confirmation is welcome, therefore.



Q. Are Zeta Reticulans different to Zeta Reticulan Greys?



Zeta Reticulans are extinct. Zeta Reticulan Greys are Anunnaki creations occupying the Zeta Reticulan lands.

This is another clarifier, since answers previously confirmed there were no Zeta Reticulans living beyond the Ice Wall but that there are Zeta Reticulan Greys there.



Q. Is the previously given figure for the number of humans living beyond the Ice Wall correct?



Since the number provided is approximately 70,000 humans, something is significantly at variance, in terms of its relation to the William and Helen Morris accounts (“81,039,041 living throughout the Ancestor Lands”; humans are also to be found in the Ancient Lands of Anak and Shi-Ki Lands). 

Since I haven’t dug into that part of their information (humans living in the Ancestral Lands, beyond the Ice Wall), I won’t speculate on the specifics for now, except that Giant-Humans presumably are not defined as humans by Higher Self. As to the immediately arising question, in relation to earlier answers, of where the rescued children from DUMBs are – if they aren’t beyond the Ice Wall (since there are many, many more than 70,000) – see the final range of responses in this post, in relation to Great-Barrier Membrane questions.

It seems, of the 70,000, about half live beyond the first Ice Wall, and the remainder beyond the second Ice Wall (we have previous answers confirming humans living in the Mars lands, but whether they are still there needs to be addressed).



Q. Are those of Ra from Venus yet never incarnated in 3D physically?



This is another clarifier question, intended to check previous answers in relation to the Law of One material (“I am Ra”). Ra said he was in physical form on Venus, transitioning from 2 to 3 to 4D. Answers indicated this wasn’t the case, in as much as Ra had never been in 3D physically. The need to reconfirm is due to the next question.



Q. Are there those from the Lands of Venus who did incarnate physically, and are distinct from Ra?



Those from the Lands of Venus (beyond the Ice Wall) in physical form are a different species to those of Ra.



Q. Is William Morris’ account The Navigator Who Crossed the Ice Walls: Worlds Beyond the Antarctica only 10 percent accurate because (a) it has been partly fabricated Claudio Nocelli? (b) Morris chose to change certain things? (c) information he was given is inaccurate?


Yes, on all 3 counts.

So Nocelli, for reasons that are unclear, appears to have furnished some of the information in the account himself. Morris also changed certain details, it seems. Additionally, there is information that was related to Morris that was inaccurate. 

With regard to the latter, an obvious example might be in respect of the Custodians, who are Dark Forces in the Morris accounts, in tandem with the Anunnaki, but are, according to Q & A answers, actually positive. As far as I could tell from the accounts, though, everything relating to the Custodians is second-hand information; the Morrises have no direct experience of them. This would fall with the arena of answers confirming that some of the account is misinformation (ie it isn’t knowingly presented inaccurately). A follow up will be to identify the degree to which each of the various options apply.



Q. How old is the Custodian race? 


20,000 years old.

This is a curious one. I’d have expected older, particularly given the next answer (on the basis of humanity being predominately 3D and having been around longer). It will require a follow up, but my initial assumption is that a race doesn’t necessarily incarnate in a developmental range we might expect (ie, moving from 2D to 3D to 4D etc). Perhaps the Custodians started off higher up the density scale.



Q. What density are the Custodians? 





Q. Do the Custodians still incarnate physically?



The Custodians still incarnate physically. They can present themselves in 3D if they wish (by choice).



Q. Does the Earth have two ice walls?



Another line of inquiry deriving from Nos Confunden. This is the big one of this Q & A, in many respects. It certainly isn’t something I was expecting, since it seemed to me that, if that was the case, the 70,000-humans-beyond-the-Ice-Wall figure had to be wrong.

Previous answers have given the Ice Wall as a natural barrier separating us from the realm beyond. If we read all those answers (The Earth – Part III) as relating to the second Ice Wall, we are still left with the first, and the question arising would be: is it (the first) also a natural barrier?

On a straightforward level, one would have to ask what purpose there would be in having two (natural) ice walls. What would it achieve that having one wouldn’t? Then there’s Morris’ account that the Custodians commonly “create great walls of ice around the colonised lands”. Even allowing that they’ve partially got the wrong culprits (Anunnaki are also identified as doing this), there’s a suggestion here of “imposed, artificial” ice walls being created. When humans living in the Ancestral Lands present their account, they state that, while they are the Morrises’ ancestors, “the lands were different before the ‘Walls of Ice’”. Additionally, “with the implementation of the ice walls the human possibility of even reaching the first Dome was almost impossible”.

One might construe from this that it was the 1700 Event – originally initiated by the Ashkenazis breaching the Ice Wall and the firmament, but then repeated “second time round” via time travel under the aegis of the Anunnaki engineered Khazarians – that “caused” the first Ice Wall (that is, “our” Ice Wall), since the resulting flood and devastation were accidental, a side effect. Alternatively, the 1700 Event occurred, and the Anunnaki implemented the Ice Wall in its aftermath (an additional alternative, of 2 artificial ice walls, is broached later in this post).



Q. How much of the 5-times-larger-than-has-been-revealed-to-us Earth relates to the Earth beyond the first Ice Wall? 


The area beyond the first Ice Wall is 4 times larger than the Earth we know.

Plenty of opportunity for real estate there, then.

It’s unclear if the continents beyond the second Ice Wall but within the wall/mountain range preceding the “Other Worlds” count as part of Earth; it doesn’t appear that this is an enclosed environment in the manner of the second Ice Wall, so the question would be if it ever was (a key question would be: where is the firmament(s) in relation to the Ice Wall(s)?). From the Morrises’ accounts I’ve read, there don’t seem to be humans (at least in any numbers) living beyond the second Ice Wall, and one wonders why this would be, if those lands are considered to be part of the Earth.



Q. Did only the Earth within the first Ice Wall experience the 1700 Event? 



Looking back, the phrasing of this question is suspect (and I’m uncertain I phrased it exactly as set out above). If both ice walls have always been there (as long as the Earth’s been here), it’s fine as is, but if the first Ice Wall – the closest one to us – comes into being then or after, there are causative factors to consider. Did those between the first and second walls experience the effects of the event in the same way as the known Earth? There’s an additional reason to consider the first Ice Wall is artificially imposed, as we shall see.



Q. Did beyond the (first) Ice Wall have resets? 



The periodic reset theory is common among those presenting mudflood as a key factor in stolen history, and the Nos Confunden material also maintains that Earth has undergone periodic resets (at the behest of Anunnaki/Custodians). Answers indicate that there have been no resets, however, and that even the event we might regard as a reset – the 1700 Event – did not occur with that objective in mind. This answer seems to confirm that resets aren’t part of any plan or strategy involving the manipulation of the Earth (well, give or take anything that may have been devised by the WEF). 



Q. What density are the humans beyond the first Ice Wall? 


They are in 5D. In 3D bodies. 

These are the 70,000 humans mentioned earlier, living both beyond first and second ice walls. Of note in this is that they’re all in 5D (compare this to previous answers suggesting all humans who aren’t starseeds or among those undergoing the ascension process – the 144,000 – are NPCs, in 3D). Whether this suggests most, or a portion thereof are starseeds, or the higher density is a consequence of developing in an environment free from Dark Forces control (in the manner of Atlantis and Lemuria) is for further inquiry.



Q. Are those who have passed over beyond the first Ice Wall?



I’ve phrased this as a question, but the information actually “came through”; it wasn’t anything I’d been pursuing, and as I recall, it was actually in relation to a discussion of those who had died following the jab (ie this being where they have gone).

This threw me somewhat, so I didn’t really have a chance to articulate related questions. Such as why the dead – no longer physically incarnated – require a physical place to situate themselves. Is this a stage in the death “journey” (do they first “go” here and then elsewhere during the between-lives process, rather like Purgatory, also an island per Dante. Albeit, “purgatory” may carry the wrong connotations. A pseudo-heaven state, whereby at some point realisation that heaven is not permanent. Or bardo – although that may not cover the range of experiences between death and rebirth)? Certainly, the island of the dead has various reference points in classical myth (Elysian Fields, where “the pious spend their afterlife” in the “ancient” Greek tradition. Less aspirationally, one might end up in the Asphodel Meadows, if you’ve been one of the majority of proles. Or ordinary, unexceptional souls).

The density of this environment also begs further inquiry (6D was suggested, which I wouldn’t have thought – if it applies to those who “at that point” in their journey are NPCs – would be talking about the souls themselves). As to its location, well, I’d be tempted to plump for Death Land, but that’s beyond the second Ice Wall (and, per accounts, is called that because it’s infertile). Asgard is the dwelling place of the gods, so lofty seeming, but it doesn’t sound quite right. Scorpio is associated with the Death card in tarot, which might make it a more likely contender. I shall endeavour to determine which land this is for Beyond the Ice Wall Part VIII. 



Q. Is the previously established Earth population correct?



The human population of Earth (5.5 billion, in contrast to the official, inflated stats) is per previous answers, as are the populations of Atlantis and Lemuria (10 percent of the Earth’s population, so a shade more than 500 million between them; Atlantis and Lemuria incorrectly referenced this as less than 500 million).

This goes to confirm that there aren’t any unaccounted-for humans (besides those neither here nor beyond the first Ice Wall and the second Ice Wall). What it doesn’t determine is whether – or the extent to which – other civilisations or human populations were impacted historically (ie by the 1700 Event). 



Q. Is the previous answer confirming there are no additional continents we don’t know about besides Atlantis and Lemuria wrong?



It looks as if this was down to the familiar bugbear of an inappropriately phrased question. It covered lands, continents and civilisations, so it may well have included an “or” in the wording. More specifically, while there are continents beyond the first Ice Wall, there are not lands (I know, I wouldn’t have gleaned a salient difference). I didn’t clarify the civilisations point but will consider that next time (given the number – next question – it would be rather odd if there weren’t/hadn’t been).



Q. Are there 9 continents beyond the first Ice Wall?



These are: Lemuria; Laurentia; Asgard; Aquarius; Hyksos; Scorpio; the Ancient Lands of Anak; the Ancestral Lands (the focus of the Morrises’ accounts of human activity beyond the Ice Wall); Shi-Ki Lands (also called Anakim – the Anakim are the “Giants of the South”).

The presence of Lemuria on both sides of the first Ice Wall – that is, per previous answers, Lemuria can be found on our side too, in the Pacific, covering Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the span in between – lends itself to the idea that the first Ice Wall unnaturally interposed itself, something that will be followed up next time. 



Q. Can the Ice Wall beyond this (the second) only be crossed through a passage called the Membrane Portal/Portal of the Membrane?



Obviously, the presence of this physical passage raises the question of why Dark Forces didn’t just utilise it to gain control of the Earth long before they did…



Q. Are the 11 further continents beyond the Membrane Portal?



These continents are: Atos; Argos; Avalon; Death Land/The Inner Door; Shasta; Atlantis; Talos; Giges; Anax; Mermaid Lands; Island of Death. 

Atlantis cropping up here is curious, since answers confirm it’s a separate/different Atlantis. There’s surely a connection there (it can’t be arbitrary); perhaps it’s a Pleiadean thing.



Q. Are they (the 11 continents) divided by 3 bridges connecting with the Other Worlds that surround the Known Lands? 



Again, the presentation of this suggests they (the area including the 11 continents) are part of the Earth, but the question then arising would be: if the Ice Wall (and as a working term, let’s call it the second Ice Wall, beyond the one closest to us) is a natural barrier, how does the area with 11 continents relate to it? It looks to me (if we’re to go by the Nos Confunden map) that the area comprising both groups of continents (9 and 11) is significantly larger than 4 times the size of Earth. Are the mountains/walls the edges of the crater in which the Earth sits? Conversely, if they constitute, for example, the original Ice Wall that was breached, one has to then account for two ice walls presumably appearing subsequently “in its place”. 

There are also, confusingly, several maps/configurations of continents. I’ve been referencing the most recent, but you can also find one with Amen and Lemuria beyond the second Ice Wall (referred to there as the Mountain Ring) and the likes of Geminia, Pitatia and Libris beyond the first Ice Wall. The William Morris account (The Navigator Who Crossed the Ice Walls: Worlds Beyond the Antarctica) I read also seems to correspond to this earlier map (it may since have been amended…)



Q. Did the Custodians manage to cross the Great Barrier-Membrane and discover other Domes surrounding it, also with other Civilisations? 



This is another area where Nos Confunden seems to offer conflicting accounts, since the Helen Morris account (Terra-Infinita, Extraterestrial Worlds and Their Civilisations: The Story told by the Woman Who Was Born in the Lands Behind the Ice Walls) suggests they (Custodians and/or Anunnaki) couldn’t cross the Great Dome (unless the intention is to distinguish between the Dome – up – and membrane – along). 



Q. Is this where the children rescued from DUMBs have been taken?



Back in White Hats 2, answers confirmed the reports of 20 million children rescued from the DUMBS as accurate and that they had been taken off world for treatment. “Off world” isn’t somewhere in outer space, but rather an equivalent “world” (or worlds) beyond the Great Barrier-Membrane, in domes located there. 



Q. Is this where ETs are located?



This one led me on something of a run-around. In The Universe and The Universe 2, answers indicated there were portals to other places/realms in the Universe and that there were other “flat planes” (as beyond the Ice Wall) elsewhere in the Universe – that is, besides Earth and the realm beyond the Ice Wall – but that there were no other 3D-physical (or D-physical) places in the Universe, other than beyond the Ice Wall. If one accepts there are nevertheless ETs, then one would construe that they are, therefore, non-physical.

However, this goes without considering that there’s an immediate “great dome” beyond the Ice Wall(s) and there are then further domes beyond that. So (while the language isn’t especially satisfying), there are further flat planes elsewhere in the Universe – ie there is more of the realm beyond than the immediate realm beyond – and there are also no other 3D physical places in the Universe beyond the Ice Wall (because the “realm” beyond the immediate realm beyond the Ice Wall is still “beyond the Ice Wall”). 

In Beyond the Ice Wall Part V, “Are ETs those races that have moved beyond 3D (or 4D) and are no longer bound by physical incarnations (so can go to non-physical places)?” received a “No” in response, which could be down to a number of the different elements involved. One certainly has the impression that ET races – per Beyond the Ice Wall Part VI, “those where some or all of the race have left the realm beyond the Ice Wall for experiences elsewhere in the Universe”, which we can now establish relates to domes beyond the Great Barrier-Membrane – are largely characterised by higher-density development (almost as if they “graduated” from the immediate dome). Consequently, many are not physically incarnating as a matter of course (there’s also that those races charting a positive development are not bound by 3D incarnation). But there’s additionally the factor that answers have given 2 negative ET races beyond the Ice Wall, which would presumably mean those races come from beyond the Great-Barrier Membrane.



Q. Does the 160-times-larger-than-Earth realm beyond include the totality, beyond the Great-Barrier Membrane? 



To provide perspective, the area within the Great-Barrier Membrane is 90 times larger than Earth.



Q. Do those domes beyond the Great-Barrier Membrane exist in a 3D-physical realm? 



That is – the question is paraphrasing the one posed – whether or not ETs are 3D physical (they might be 5D or 6D or whatever D), the underlying environment is 3D physical. So, in much the same way as Atlantis or Lemuria are based on 3D-physical land, but their populations are 5D and beyond (in a 5D or higher physical environment). This would need to be the case – excluding the possibility of 3D-physical ETs and doubtless humans being there already in some capacity – if DUMBs children are being treated there. 

For the sake of completeness, when asking around the “wheres” of ETs, there was an indication of an “overlaid” location, upon our own. I suspect the explanation for this is a nebulous and involved metaphysical one, probably not begging for any immediate follow up.



Q. Have the Draco been to domes beyond the Great-Barrier Membrane?



Which rather indicates those advanced civilisations haven’t been free from the machinations of negative races. One might construe that, if the Draco have been there, Anunnaki went there first (it may be there are positive Anunnaki who moved beyond the Great-Barrier Membrane anyway). 



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