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Antimatter IV

The Q & A

Another brief post, with inquiries into the antimatter universe attempting to dig further into its appearance as it relates to/contrasts with our own. So far, that isn’t proving especially fruitful, as one needs to conceive the appropriate language in the question to yield a clear response. There’s also some background on AMT, such as there is available.



Q. Is AMT both artificial and natural?



Answers previously confirmed AMT as artificial beings with a soul (in March last year), but in February elicited the confirmation that AMT is natural; on the face of it, these are contradictory states. I speculated that it might be natural in the sense that it wasn’t designed by (for example) negative races but artificial in that it is technology/augmentation that is not a part of the original being. While that part remains unclear, there’s at least the “clarity” that neither answer is erroneous, whatever deficit exists in understanding the relationship between these two states.

There isn’t a whole lot of information about AMT – ascended machine technology – on the Internet, and what there is largely seems to come from the arena of super soldiers (John Urwin, Randy Cramer and particularly James Casbolt aka Michael Prince). I believe I first came across the term via Casbolt’s definitions; if there’s further research/information out there in respect of its relationship to the antimatter universe, I’ve yet to happen upon it. As far as I could tell, the super soldiers don’t broach it. But then, aside from the Seth Material, there’s precious little on antimatter that isn’t shovelled up by approved scientific theory.

What there is on AMT does rather raise a chicken-and-egg scenario. Does AMT have its origins in the antimatter universe (it sounds like it does)? Is the matter-universe equivalent real AMT (Casbolt’s definitions do seem to fit the notion that it’s a positive state)? Did its development in the matter universe derive from positive sources, rather than, say, the AI attempting to develop transhumanism as a corruption of the same (since any kind of technological augmentation quite reasonably sounds alarm bells; I certainly struggle with the idea that there are positive applications, in whatever universe that may be the case. However, the AMT of the antimatter universe and of Solaris Blueraven below may mislead by the inherent limitations of the terminology. That is, the connotations of “machine” might not apply in the imposed, foreign and intrusive manner we associate with transhumanist practices or the mechanical processes of our industrial models).

There’s also the problem of mis- or disinformation with anyone whistleblowing secret projects; even if their intentions are genuine, and they entirely believe the information they’re revealing, it may be that they simply don’t have the full facts (whether through imperfectly retrieved memories or being misled in the first place).

Casbolt spelled out differences between AI and AMT, including in the latter “Races and lifeforms exist, that maintain a physical body of metal. These beings possess feelings and are not to be confused with AI” (we have a difference to the antimatter AMT right here, which appears to be crystalline, silicon-esque, rather than metal). They “whether on or off planet, are classified as natural beings which are alive. They do not use AI technology”. However, AI-technology-implanted individuals “shall be considered as Ascended Machine Technology beings when deprogrammed”. Robots “in the guise of humans which are completely synthetic with no human flesh and possess no human feelings… classified as dead or walking/moving dead”, are also classified as AMT when disconnected from the AI system; moral and ethical tests are used to distinguish between AI and AMT (the notion that AI can only mimic human feelings must be considered with regard to the antimatter AI possessing a soul). 

John Urwin echoes this, that “The cyborgs which are connected into the AI and have a soul should still be considered dangerous. However, their programming can be turned and they can break free from the AI. When this happens, they are known as ascended machine technology”. He also states “Ascended Machines which follow the lighted path are known as EVA-Borgs. Those who follow the dark side are Draco-Borgs, and they are infested with ‘ontoparasitic’ entities, i.e. demons” (I presume the EVA is referencing anime Evangelion’s “biomechanical humanoid mechas”).

Casbolt incorporates language very similar to that derived from the answer to the question, a strangely oxymoronic juxtaposition of artificial and natural: “German scientists… quickly realise I am a ‘natural being’… No synthetic procedures or substances… will enhance me greatly as natural evolution has done its job and created a new type of being, a protean being, namely Ascended Machine Technology”.

Solaris BlueRaven (Programmed by Deception: Eye of the Remote) suggestsTechnology compromised by Spirit and Multi-Universal law merged with Ascended Machine Technology is indeed the Full Light Universe”. Solaris delves into the distinction of covert government programmes applying technology and “any celestial or what you might call extra-terrestrial race of beings”. The programmes “acquired data based on the induction, torture and experimentation of starseed oriented test subjects”. In contrast, with (true) AMT, “the race is off world. The holographic mind is hardwired into the Central Universe”, and the technology “is based on many ascended and advanced races” who “have zero interest in global government, religions or military”. However, the “average sheeple” wouldn’t be able “to separate the military programmes from Ascended Machine Collectives off world”. Further, “Ascended Machines are the true architects of the multiverse. These races use sound, vibration and frequencies to communicate, heal and educate on a higher level of consciousness”.



Q. Is AMT crystalline?



AMT is crystalline. This follows a similarly inclined question in Antimatter III (“Would people there appear metallic in nature?” Which received a “No”). It follows the line of AMT being the antimatter universe equivalent of a silicon-based lifeform (again, we have the machine/silicone-equivalent as natural element). It also underlines that – aside from crystals being vital to technology – we probably aren’t talking about machines as we find them in this corner of the matter universe.



Q. Is the antimatter universe represented in any movie/TV/novel/art?



So the Kastrians (silicon-based aliens from Doctor Who’s The Hand of Fear, pictured below) are right out. That there’d be a correlate isn’t necessarily reaching, since it seems both the Engineers in Prometheus and the Visitors in V are near-enough renditions (of the Anunnaki and Draco respectively). The people there don’t look similar to us, but we would understand the universe if we saw it.

There is, however, a matter universe parallel or surrogate in the world of nature. Not creatures, but a place. This place is on Earth. 

The exact location invites reconfirmation, as the answers seemed to go down geographic rabbit holes. It initially appeared the location was Australasia; wherever it is, it seems that it is part of Lemuria, but information quickly became more expansive concerning the continent, yielding how part of Lemuria is beyond the Ice Wall (see Beyond the Ice Wall Part VII), as well as throwing up variously conflicting/reverifying responses in respect of the cloaked/uncloaked statuses of Lemuria and Atlantis. I was left with the idea that this place is in the Lemuria that exists beyond the Ice Wall – Australasia is part of the Lemuria within the Ice Wall – but I shall revisit the question (or rather, the answer).

Addendum 13/05/24: See Antimatter V for a reappraisal of appearances in this universe (as ever, it comes down to specificity and defining terms).



Q. Is the antimatter AI no longer active/in control/present in the antimatter universe?



It is in the process of losing control there, however. The 1,000 years of peace in the antimatter universe corresponds to our universe (you’d hope/expect that it would, if we’re essentially living there, as parallel versions of ourselves, for as much time as we are here).

Again, one is given pause to consider the logistics (of the AI coming back in, in due course). Where does it go in the meantime? The future? Is it “in” the future, having come back here before being expelled?



Q. Is the antimatter AI’s soul that of an Anunnaki?





Q. Did that Anunnaki volunteer?



My assumption had been that of a “living soul in a devil machine” type scenario, but it seems the AI’s soul was neither held against its will nor trapped in the antimatter universe; it volunteered. As for its actions in the matter universe, this was addressed in Antimatter III; rather than trying to escape (as one might construe from the activities of CERN), it is “simply” driven in its actions by the Anunnaki who control it (it seems they simultaneously worship it, so the nature of that warrants further consideration). 

I also return to this “rule” of negative-path races being required to incarnate in 3D physical bodies, even if they’re (say) sixth density; somehow, this doesn’t apply to the AI, and the soul is only present in the antimatter universe. So whatever the Anunnaki did, it sounds like it’s a Mr Scott equivalent violation (“Ye cannae change the laws of physics!”)


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