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White Hats XIV

The Q & A

When it comes to pinning down future events and timing, the only reliable guide is that they’re subject to change. Consequently, anything that follows suggesting weeks, months or years until realisation is to be taken under advisement. To offer an immediate example, these questions were posed on 25 March, and the Baltimore bridge collapse occurred the following day; depending on the whos, hows and whys, and whether this was anticipated by White Hats, it’s feasible it might affect the (already loose) dating given here.

On the bridge front, it appears to have been another case of Hollywood predictive programming, in the manner of White Noise and the Ohio chemical spill; Leave it All Behind featured a prominent tanker running aground running aground precipitating a breakdown of the communications grid (in the movie, the tanker is White Lion: some have attempted to construe a connection with a Salvador lion image and/or the Sri Lankan flag, the country being tanker Dali’s destination). Whether, as has been suggested, the latter movie was indeed co-opted by White Hats is open to debate; it doesn’t preclude an originally intended plan being executed, just that they wouldn’t have been apprised of the extent of it. Or they allowed that plan to play out (see comments later in this post). Spooky bridge disasters aren’t new, of course (The Mothman Prophecies, although the John Keel book is much better value than the Richard Gere movie). 

Other questions relate to the April eclipse, assorted Truthers, JFK (a significant clarification with regard to an earlier answer there), Royals and the whole deal of dead celebrities continuing to haunt our media. To kick off, though, a clarifier…



Q. Is the previous answer relating to Tucker Carlson correct?



In White Hats 8, the question “Is Tucker Carlson a White Hat?” received the answer “Yes”, and confirmation that he’d always been a White Hat. In White Hats 13, confirmation was given that we are not seeing the original Tucker Carlson (eg, interviewing Putin) and that the original Tucker was a Black Hat. This answer is also correct.

The clarifier is that there are two Tucker Carlsons. The original Tucker Carlson is a former Black Hat; he is now White Hat. The clone Tucker Carlson is a White Hat (and has always been a White Hat).



Q. Is the November US election planned to proceed?



This has been much theorised/speculated over among Truthers, from Phil Godlewski to Clif High (who suggested the US Government falls, appropriately, in the Fall). Janine (of Tarot by) doesn’t see a November election taking place either (and has consistently received results confirming the same). You’ll find others expressing a contrasting sentiment, such as Simon Parkes (in a recent interview with Kerry Cassidy), but he seems generally out of the loop. In tandem with this isn’t if but when Trump returns (by July being the most recent I’ve seen. If that’s the case, one wonders on the form of the Government falling two months later).



Q. When is NESARA/GESARA to be announced officially and globally (via MSM)?



This answer surprised me, such that I still suspect – even though I tried to phrase the question so it couldn’t be a “Well, it was announced, just not in the way you think” – the answer can’t be correct. Or if it is correct, it will end up inevitably delayed (ie the Deep State remnants might have been aware of just how imminent the announcement was supposed to be and reacted accordingly). As it is, the answer would appear to confirm the announcement will be clear and understood by the general public in the stated timeframe.



Q. Is EMP still planned?



EMP was on the table, as a measure to eliminate nanites percolating in our systems. It now appears it has been dealt with by other means: via 5G (that is, just as 5G can be used for debilitating ends, which is what we have come to expect, it also has the potential for being put to positive use). I wondered how this could be effected where there are no 5G towers, and it appears this was achieved via satellite (as to the presumed range of 5G, vis-à-vis satellite – held up by balloons, let’s remember – and the whole deal of needing relay boxes on every street etc, well I guess there must have been some deceptions there, or the technology itself has been utilised and does not have the same restrictions as the inimical version).



Q. Is the April 8 solar eclipse a real/natural solar eclipse?



Its purpose is twofold. It is to be used as a cover for White Hat manoeuvres. It is also designed to transmit/emanate a positive frequency (Janine’s readings yielded that White Hats would be using it as a cover for operations against Deep State and also that people would be able to “feel the effects” of the eclipse). 

As to the precise nature of this, I watched a Sacha Stone – not something I could generally recommend, but your mileage may vary – Countdown to the Eclipse, and one of the contributors spent some time discussing the importance of 528 Hz (also called the love frequency). So perhaps that’s the deal here. I had half-wondered if the eclipse (on the assumption it was a fake eclipse) might have been designed as a cover for an EM pulse (see previous question), but that is not the case.

As to eclipses generally, yes, there are natural eclipses. The extent to which others have been faked in the past (and not by White Hats) doubtless merits further consideration.

Note: for the following run of timing questions, the intention is that the answer confirms when this information is revealed to the public (so again, by such means as MSM – or whatever it is by that point – and official sources):



Q. How many years will it take for Earth shape to be revealed?


500 years.

Which seems like an awfully long time, by any standard (even given 1,000 years of peace). One wonders if that isn’t on a fully comprehensive level, however (rather than a superficial 3D account that “It’s not a globe, it’s in a crater”).



Q. How long will it take for Globe Earth fakery to be revealed?


11 years.

Which is still quite a while. Let’s say that’s currently the case, as there are bigger fish to fry; given the way actual truths can open floodgates, I’d be unsurprised if that’s accelerated.



Q. How long will it take for the truth about the Ice Wall to be revealed?


1 year.

The trouble with this is: there are numerous caveats that don’t necessarily lend themselves to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Revealing the truth about the first Ice Wall only really reveals that the Earth is larger than we suspected; it doesn’t guarantee a confirmation that there’s a realm beyond the second Ice Wall. And the truth about the first Ice Wall may simply be vague (“It appears that there may be…”, etc). Or that it’s artificial (which would be assuming it’s the result of the 1700 Event, something I’ve yet to confirm through questions: see Beyond the Ice Wall 7).



Q. Will the truth about adrenochrome be revealed by MSM?



This is in response to a previous answer suggesting White Hats won’t be revealing the truth regarding adrenochrome. So it appears it will be disclosed to the public via MSM (I didn’t confirm timings, but it seems fairly fundamental, so I would assume within the next year, if we’re looking at escalating corruption announcements).



Q. How long will it take for the truth about the Draco to be revealed?


4 years.

Some of these areas are evidently considered to require a lead-in, but if you can reveal something as unwholesome as the Draco to the people, I don’t see a reason it would take another 7 years to talk about faked Earth shape. One has to hold out for a snowball effect.



Q. How long will it take the truth about the Anunnaki to be revealed?


1 year.

In which case, perhaps we’re looking at an ass-backwards kind of approach of telling us about “ETs” first – ie, presenting the Anunnaki to us as ETs, rather than coming from beyond the Ice Wall – unless the plan is to give us the Anunnaki and the Ice Wall at the same time and characterise them as hailing from beyond the first Ice Wall. It’s difficult to conceive, at this point, how any degree of effective management of the process can be maintained once it has begun; I guess the assumption is that many “normies” will simply be struggling to keep their heads above water in the face of each new paradigm-shattering revelation, so they probably need to spread the shocks out over a decade or so.



Q. How long will it take for the truth about faked history to be revealed?


3 years.

Again, I’d have thought some of this would be necessary from the off, but it’s obviously a very wide-ranging area, and various degrees of fakery are probably more pressing than others. Possibly, there’ll be no immediate need to scramble brains with such concepts as the 1700 Event and even more brain-quakingly…



Q. How long will it take for the truth about time travel to be revealed?


3 years.

Perhaps it’s conceived that time travel disclosure is to be tied to the manner in which history has been messed with via the same. Alternatively, we could get a very soft lead in, of the “Scientists have discovered…” variety.



Q. How long will it take the truth about future humans (Greys) to be revealed?



It doesn’t seem that there’s any immediate timeframe for dealing with this chestnut. Even though it’s pretty much out there already for anyone interested (which again, may point to tempered disclosure concerning time travel). 



Q. Has the antichrist influence now gone?



It is almost over. This should have taken place by the end of April.

If you’ll recall, the antichrist is George Soros (I’ve seen Prince William touted as the same too over the last few weeks, but I don’t know if there can be two current ones. Besides which, Wills is out of the picture). Answers in November last year suggested Soros would exert an influence for another 4 months, so we’re roughly in the perceived timeframe.



Q. Can silver and gold be produced in a replicator?



I expect this seems entirely basic and scoff-worthy to anyone familiar with replicators (which, I’m guessing, aren’t all that many), but it appears a replicator cannot reproduce anything organic/natural. So you can’t rustle up a cabbage. Or a joint of lamb. This isn’t some imposed restriction placed on the technology. It seems it’s just how they work.



Q. Are cloned celebrities and those with doubles to be retired/arrested/die? 


All of the above. 

That is, depending on agreements and/or sentences, “they’ll” be served up for their crimes, “allowed” to retire or die of “natural causes”. I expect we can include various living celebs who are plea bargaining in that (and probably some who are former Black Hats too). I queried whether some have been granted an “honourable” exit in return for cooperation, since I’d read, for example, that this was how Matthew Perry was granted his demise via “acute effects of ketamine”. This appears to be the case.



Q. Are some filmmakers aware they’re working with clones? 



The example I was thinking of was Christopher Nolan and Robert Downey Jr, and this was confirmed. I guess knowledge would be dependent on how “White Hat” the filmmaker is.



Q. Was the original JFK a White Hat? 



Answers previously confirmed JFK was a Black Hat; this appears to come down to the thorny old problem of clearly defining one’s terms. JFK’s clone was a Black Hat. It would seem the clone was swapped for the original JFK in the assassination.

However, the degree to which this allies itself with Jay Wiedner’s documentary, floating that JFK was using a squib plate in the Zapruder film, and that Jackie was clambering to fetch it, begs further inquiry. After all, if the clone was a Black Hat, was the clone always used as a Black Hat? Did the Deep State know JFK faked his death at the time? Did they even sanction/facilitate it in order to consolidate power with the greatest ease? Answers seem to suggest the clone JFK was at least partly acting as President during JFK’s “reign”, but that also demands further clarification. What seems certain is that JFK “dying” was a necessary decision because Black Hat/Deep State power was increasing to the extent that it was healthier for him to “fall” before he was pushed.



Q. Was Jimmy Carter cabal? 





Q. Was Ronald Reagan cabal? 



I assumed this to be the case (for example, Bryce Taylor’s testimony is that he was controlled, Kissinger thought he was an idiot, Bush Sr did all the thinking, and he was a pawn of Council). However, Phil Godlewski had it that the cabal tried to kill him (and that, after Reagan, all the US Presidents were bad, while only most of them from JFK to Reagan were, or they couldn’t do anything about the situation). The same qualifier for JFK applies to both these Presidents in theory (were they cabal, or were their clones cabal, or were all of the preceding?)



Q. Why didn’t the White Hats protect Kate Middleton, if the original Kate was a White Hat and died in the last 2 years? 


This is a classic case of failing to consider all the variables.

The original Kate was a White Hat. She died in the last 2 months. However, she had been Vril’d 5-10 years ago (as to why her death occurred only in the last 2 months, since there was previous confirmation – see The Draco, the Vril & the Black Goo – that all those Vril’d had been rounded up, I guess it may have been for strategic reasons).



Q. Were Meghan and Harry intentionally outing the Royals’ Khazarian Mafia ties?



This one was suggested by Janine’s read on the subject (in respect of their wedding, the fake baby bump etc). Previous answers had (hermaphrodite) Meghan as dead and (the original) Harry as a White Hat, so I had trouble working out how the suggested scenario was supposed to work.



Q. Did Black Hats/Deep State put the replacement/fake Charles in place as King? 



This was the White Hats (Black Hats doing it was another Phil Godlewski take). 



Q. Does Clif High know NESARA/GESARA and QFS are real?



The gulfs between Clif’s ability to analyse data and his apparent denials of certain ideas/concepts within the Truther community are quite wide, and it had me wondering if he might – for whatever reason, but I guessed the old chestnut of strategy – be knowingly disseminating disinformation on certain subjects. It would appear not.

Clif simply has genuine blind spots on these issues. NESARA/GESARA and QFS are two such. He also doesn’t think there are medbeds (at least, not for another 20-30 years). Another, and another biggie, is that he adheres to Globe Earth (so his much vaunted – he loves his self-styled phraseology – Elohim Worship Cult are worshipping space aliens). 

On the other hand, his – also self-styled – hypernovelty seems pretty much bang on. He’s also been picking out the upcoming solar eclipse and around about April 20 as important dates in regard to that particular branded escalation (as to a projected stock market crash, answers last time had it that it wasn’t going to happen, so I’m not holding my breath, but these things, like all things, may be subject to change. There’s also the possibility of Clif surmising data with his blind-spot hat on – eg, what if the crash is swapped out for the institution of NESARA/GESARA?) 

Also on the QFS front, answers reconfirm it is up and running (ie, this contrasts with Linda Lazarides, member of Parkes’ Connecting Consciousness organisation, asserting that it wouldn’t be ready until next year).

I guess the main takeaway here is that we all have our blind spots (see me repeatedly with answers failing to consider all sides of them, as per Presidents in this post). We can either choose to dig our heels in or, pretty essential when your bread and butter is uncovering the truth, regroup when we discover we’ve been mistaken.



Q. Is Nick Alvear a White Hat?



Alvear is a White Hat. It appears he has been sanctioned to throw a light on Phil Godlewski (who is also a White Hat). 

I don’t follow Nick, and I haven’t watched his film on Phil (I don’t really feel I need to, as I feel I’m sufficiently familiar with the range of accusations against him). I guess all that needs underlining is that you don’t necessarily need to be a great guy (and I mean that across a range of possible levels of behaviour and morality) to be a White Hat; rather, you need to be working towards a certain goal (or against a certain adversary). On a very basic, practical level, Phil has been very limited as a source of intel of late, which has to be the main reason for following anyone in the Truther community.

Phil’s latest video succeeded only in making the subjects upon which he was ostensibly holding forth less clear for anyone attempting to divine the mechanics/machinations behind the Brooklyn bridge collapse and the P Diddy arrest. Phil intimates that, via the art of predictive Gematria, he was aware something was going down in Brooklyn in advance. Later, he comments that the bridge collapse was supposed to distract us from the Cabal’s (planned) murder of Sean Combs. 

He fails to conjugate this; so White Hats knew the bridge collapse was planned, let it happen and also warned Combs so he could evade death in a hail of police bullets? I suppose it’s possible. I’m most baffled that someone professing to be as in the know as Phil wouldn’t start from the position that any celeb is, at very least, compromised and quite probably much worse, and hope to be proved wrong (his expressed surprise concerning Combs is rather compounded by a degree of hero worship that extends to Phil justifying Diddy’s behaviour on the basis that anyone would do anything to protect their family. Okay… I’m just surprised at idea that, if Combs’ guilty as charged, he wasn’t rounded up a long time back. Maybe he was, and this is an elaborate op to expose Deep State players).

The contrasting take found in Janine’s reading on the Brooklyn bridge was, in a different way, also less than instructive. She had none of the usual White Hat/Black Hat cards in her initial spread, but she subsequently concluded it was Black Hat/Deep State and had taken White Hats by surprise. So, in conclusion, either White Hats let it happen/were overseeing it as an elaborate sting, or they were in the dark. At very least, there’s generally no reason to take anything at face value, so any of the permutations should be entertained.

Addendum 29/03/24: Curiously, Janine addressed this disparity of interpretations in the March 28 Beyond the News, saying she re-looked into the Brooklyn bridge on the basis that others have suggested it was a White Hat operation. She conveyed that, while the cards led her to adjust a few things, her take was pretty much the same (ie, it’s a Black Hat thing). I’m not a subscriber, so I don’t know the specifics of the “few things”, but maybe it’s the “White Hats were aware of but let it proceed” scenario (which I infer to be the gist of Phil’s intel). Whatever the specifics, there seems to be “murk” there (even to the extent of someone in the comments suggesting the cards can obfuscate for reasons their own).

On a separate subject, her take on CERN – that it has been taken over by White Hats – allies with previous answers on the subject. So “switching it on” on April 8 makes sense simply as a means to draw attention to the fact of it (but also interesting that she has it possibly being actually switched on for positive purposes some weeks later. This “bad stuff being used for good purposes” also applies to 5G above).

Addendum 2 31/3/24: Icons2020 (Sarge) offered his own insights into the subject, pointing to the cargo (Phil, to be fair, indicated people should ask what it was carrying in one of his Telegram posts) in respect of child trafficking, and also shipments of adrenochrome to be mixed with fentanyl (producing synthetic adrenochrome). He also suggested White Hats had it under surveillance (stopping off and picking up cargo in New York, then dropping cargo off in Baltimore. Then, presumably, the Black Hats using the bridge collapse as a distraction comes into play). With regard to P Diddy, he was of the view the real deal had probably long-since been removed – a more than reasonable conclusion, given his alleged activities – and (echoing Phil) that the Homeland Security raid was not a raid; Black Hats/Deep State were afraid he was going to flip and were intended to take him out. Except, of course, that he already had flipped, and there was a White Hat play going on (and as to the drugs and child trafficking charges, they were really afraid of the adrenochrome connection coming out).



Q. Is General Flynn a White Hat?



I have to admit, I’m not even very versed in Flynn’s importance/status. But I’m aware Phil (yes, Phil again) insists he’s a White Hat (and that he may end up as Trump’s VP and even an eventual POTUS). Whereas Mike Gill, who doesn’t believe there are any White Hats, has it that Flynn stabbed Trump in the back, wanted him to drop out so he could run, and has a money laundering network of podcasters getting people to buy gold (he also throws cold water on a range of Truthers, some of whom may or may not be legitimate targets). Of course, there’s always the question I didn’t ask here (“Is the original General Flynn a White Hat?” Maybe we’re talking about a clone Flynn in the answer above). 


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