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White Hats XIII

The Q & A

All things Truther seem to have been in a noticeable state of unrest over the past few months. Some of that may be down to the increasingly tenuous – to anyone expecting actual, tangible, and ideally sudden, defining confirmation of everything they have invested themselves in – assurance that White Hats are about to reveal their victory over Dark Forces any time now. You know, just as soon as they’ve sorted out the stragglers. Some of it seems to be the broad church that is Truther movement perversely intent on devouring itself, ouroboros-like, over its own internal differences in opinion, ethos, spiritual or religious belief and perceived paradigmatic limits. Which isn’t to exclude the potential for disinfo agents involving themselves in the equation.

One might view the second element as, at least in part, arising from the first: frustration and lashing out. Another angle is that of wielding (again, perceived) justice. Clif High gets a very evident buzz from kicking hornet’s nests, be they those he regards as grifters and conmen or those he ranks as Elohim-cult worshippers (mostly in the axis of Born Again-Truthers). The Phil Godlewski saga is the most publicly eruptive sequence, with Nick Alvear his self-appointed angel of death (with regard to Phil, answers have consistently confirmed him as a White Hat, but that in no way needs speak to any “endorsement” with regard to his perceived conduct personally or professionally. Aside from which, Phil’s presentational style, expanding five minutes of content into more than ninety of puffery, has in itself rendered him increasingly redundant of late). My response to much of this has been irritation; it’s distracting and mostly beside the point. Which is, surely, getting to the nub of whatever is or is not going on at this moment.

In that regard, the degree to which White Hat strategy has evidently changed, from hard ball to a soft touch, shepherding trickle, in a manner intended to bring “normies” to a basic realisation while simultaneously dealing with those lingering – ever lingering – Dark Forces pockets, does rather lead one to throw up one’s hands in despair. The attitude is, one senses, one of “We’ve got it” (or the vast majority of it) and therefore a shift of the initially intended gears towards a neutered version of the visible embodiment of that state – because there is now the time and the guarantee of success – in a manner that causes the least disruption, distortion or despair to the greatest number of people. A utilitarian challenge, essentially, but from an ostensibly spiritual perspective. Which isn’t to diminish the threat from those aforementioned Deep State pockets, but to posit that, even if they were all scattered to the four winds tomorrow, the external process probably wouldn’t accelerate to any discernible degree.

My own state of anticipation could best be described as spent at this point, such that I’m more inclined to read the least optimistic timeline as the most likely. There’s an underlying sense of resignation, whereby any significant paradigm shift for the unawakened populace has been deemed unattainable, so it has been decided that nannying the new reality in, ever-so gently, is the only responsible behaviour. That might sound harsh, but if answers are anything to go by – and it is, after all, in the nature of these Q & As – an opportunity for starker clarity has given way to muddying waters and obfuscation for the sake of that all important greater good. 

A number of the questions that follow are reactive in nature, intended to clarify positions or takes others have given on a subject (and in turn reflective of previous answers that may have been at variance). As I’ve noted in past Q & As, there are occasions where answers have simply been incorrect, but there appear to be more occasions where an answer that has appeared incorrect, or anomalous when compared to a related answer, is actually pointing to further nuance or an aspect that requires clarification; without a clear overview of a subject – something few have in many esoteric areas, whatever their undoubted piercing insights – one is often required to begin from a place of misconceptions.



Q. Is Vladimir Putin a hybrid?


Vladimir Putin is not a hybrid. There are, however, several Putins.

This was inspired by a Janine Morigeau (of Tarot by Janine) comment, in respect of previous readings on everyone’s favourite Russian President. Her perception is that he (or a Putin) is an ET hybrid. She has a similar read on Donald Trump. Of whom, previous answers have suggested there was an ET hybrid Trump, but he is no longer alive.

With regard to Vladimir, previous answers suggest Putin (the original) is alive – which is perhaps a surprise, since he’s an obvious candidate not to be – and has both a clone and a double. Further – and this goes back to the Phil Godlewski comments above, although mentioning him in the same sentence would only inflate his ego further – Putin is a White Hat, but he is not a nice guy. Donald Marshall commented that, of everyone attending the cloning centres, Putin was the worst bar Queen Elizabeth II.



Q. Are we seeing the original Tucker Carlson?



The Tucker we’re seeing is a clone. The original was a Black Hat.

Again, this goes back to a Janine reading. She suggested he was different and younger and that we wouldn’t see the original again.

On the Tucker train, previous answers have given Tucker as a White Hat and always was, which is evidently at odds, on the face of it. Either one is erroneous, or the question omitted “Is the original…” (Tucker a White Hat) the first time it was asked. Because the clone Tucker could have always been a White Hat, and a misconception would arise without the qualifying phrase.



Q. Is Clif High’s data that North America’s government won’t publicly fall until autumn correct?



Which is interesting, given the “any moment now” that seems to have been on stir-and-repeat since forever. The chicken-and-egg here would be: what could happen significantly before that, in positive terms (see later questions and answers here), since one would expect anything of that ilk to take the “Biden” White House down in its wake (or, conversely and perversely, prop it up, if perceived positively)? Whether the above figures into an actual election – whether Trump is back in office first, as has been extensively mooted/expected – remains to be seen, but given the general flow is towards limiting sudden or confounding impacts, business as usual style, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Clif has been quite scattershot with his targets of late, taking in anyone he considers a grifter (Phil, Gene Decode, Charlie Ward, his regular fave Corey Goode). Besides objecting to Flat Earthers, he’s labelled NESARA/GESARA and QFS as bogus/bullshit, considers the very idea of medbeds an affront, that there’s no evidence for clones and portals are ludicrous. 

Which is all fine; he’s entitled to his opinion and expresses it accordingly. But most would consider his one-man army against the “Elohim Cult” to be just as fanciful, even more so his investment in aliens and battles on the Moon (I did ask, giving him the benefit of the doubt in interpreting data, if he might be seeing a reflection of events beyond the Ice Wall therein/on, but it appears not). Given how much of his data does seem accurate (if not necessarily his interpretation thereof), one wonders why some of these subjects don’t figure on his radar. He’s also been affronted that Real Police Chief (an X account, now defunct, masquerading as the real Real Police Chief) suggested he was a clone. But then, at least one commenter on his substack seems convinced he’s an AI. 



Q. Is the original Michael Jackson still alive?



The original Michael Jackson is still alive. He’s with the White Hats.

A clone Michael Jackson was Vril’d and is dead.

Again, this one suggested itself for clarification based on Janine readings. I’ll hold my hand up to having taken previous answers regarding Jackson at face value. To wit, it was confirmed (and reconfirmed above, but with the clone caveat) that, as per Donald Marshall’s testimony, Jackson was droned (Vril’d) and then body-snatched another person via a consciousness chip.



Q. Was Kate Middleton rounded up a long time ago?



The Kate who has been rounded up is dead and was born male.

The Kate who was a White Hat and was born female is dead and died in the last two years.

One was born male and one was born female. Both are dead.

This one is particularly perplexing and is indicative of how involved digging into the truths of any given celeb (or royal) may turn out to be. This was another Janine-inspired revisit, since, in contrast to her readings, Kate was previously confirmed as alive and born female. Nevertheless, one wonders over the scenario, if the above is correct and she only died recently. How is it White Hats weren’t able to prevent this? 



Q. Have White Hats decided not to make a grand announcement?



An announcement seems likely in the next 3 months.

Again, I’ll believe it when I see it. Of course, it’s in the nature of answers that, unless you’re specific on the nature of the announcement, almost anything could qualify. It does seem to me we’ve shifted into a much more nebulous, drawn-out plan. Certainly, nothing that would constitute “grand”, if the current US Government remains in place.



Q. Is the EBS still planned?



Before Autumn.

Again, we’ll see. I’ve seen it suggested the EBS might be off the agenda. Given the next answer, I’m not holding my breath for it. 



Q. Is a stock market crash likely in March? 



It now appears this will not be happening. Instead, it looks as if the stock market will be switched off, most likely in the next 8 weeks (timings never seem to scan, are always “delayed”, and frankly, I can’t see how the suggested frame for the US Government going down and the EBS play into each other in any kind of coherent way). 

Per Dave XRP, in an interview with Patriot Underground, this is because of concerns over the panic that would ensue, including envisaged mass suicides (this is all very civic-minded of White Hats, but surely a converse is, say, the progressive vaccine damage taking place while the clock ticks ever onwards). As his name suggests, Dave is very into crypto salvation. So, while he’s like Bo Polny – in as much as he plants his flag in the ever-shifting sands of convoluted timings based on Biblically derived calculations (each new date really is the right one this time) – he diverges from him in that he considers gold – and metals generally – will be of negligible value once NESARA/GESARA hits, and we’re in the land of QFS. Which is, obviously, where XRP comes in. All hail XRP!

Then there’s Linda Lazarides, a member of the Connecting Consciousness organisation headed by Simon Parkes; I don’t follow Parkes, but it sounds as if he may have moderated his pitch somewhat since I last did, back around early Coof. She’s in line with Dave, in as much as she believes there’ll be no crash/black-swan event. She also has it that Trump won’t be back before the election, that QFS won’t be ready until next year (in contrast to anyone saying it’s up and running in the background, and any time now), so no RV until then. Further, she has mooted a fake WWIII and a similar Plandemic II for 2024, but we’ll see if either of those flies. Oh, and she isn’t as gloomy as Dave on metals – Dave isn’t gloomy, though: he has XRP! – but still only that silver might rise slowly and gradually. Most amusing, and presumably because doing it would be a height of absurdity no one could ignore, is the notion that the Democrats will steal the election again.

Debate on NESARA/GESARA and QFS does tend to throw up the doubts many have over the panacea the concept(s) would appear to offer.  Graham Hodson conjugated some of these much more clearly than Dave here (such as: to receive those bountiful NESARA payments, everyone would need to remain in work and stick with their job… because, obviously, you don’t want complete societal breakdown while everyone goes to the beach). Even then, though, we’re talking about the sheer paradigm shift of the thing, and whether White Hats, the longer everything takes, might be growing less comfortable as they contemplate the required leap. Why not just have some marginal shifts instead? At least that’s something. Right?

Phil’s latest actually betrayed a degree of coherence around the ninety-minute mark. I had to look up Mike Gill, who it seems has reached the conclusion that there are no White Hats, nor Black Hats either, for that matter, and while he’s big on Trump is firmly in the General Flynn is a villain camp (I’ve no thoughts on the latter matter). Such a conclusion, minus his railing against endemic corruption, sounds closer to the fringes of mainstream takes on – yes, I’m using that word again – paradigms. While Gill has his own particular and unique cause, it’s easy to see why many of the disillusioned would begin to congregate around his deflate take.



Q. Can we eventually expect the truth to be revealed regarding cloned or doubled celebrities? 



There is no White Hat plan ever to reveal this (which doesn’t mean it won’t be, just that it isn’t something they’re looking to admit). Again, this goes to avoiding rocking anyone’s foundations, be it regarding adrenochrome or the nature of the Universe. If nothing else, it means the conspiracy theory community has a healthy future ahead of it, because there’ll be no built-in obsolescence when the (morsels of) truth comes out. It looks to be a very diluted version. I guess one can project what it will be like in ten, twenty, thirty years, but right now, it looks as if the intention is to avoid throwing the majority of everyone for a loop. 

One can assuredly assume there are celebs earmarked for public vilification and retribution. But the extent to which they’re ones with facsimiles marching about is surely more debatable than, say Hillary(s) (are the rest of the cast of Friends going to “succumb” the way Mathew Perry did? Ellen? Are the repercussions of Epstein Island going anywhere? Is Hollywood to be allowed to continue as an entity?) Presumably, scandals and revelations of information already largely out there in the conspiracy community will have to be engineered, post-the-fact, for the MSM in a diluted, palatable fashion. But what then happens when the MSM itself publicly crumbles, since the resort should, logically, be to consider sources previously rejected?

With regard to all the clones in service, my understanding is that they need weekly maintenance (I presume of a programming nature etc). I guess they don’t need to be locked away in the garage at night, but there’s still significant upkeep required there.



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