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Beyond the Ice Wall Part VI

The Q & A

This isn’t the more extensive look into Nos Confunden’s – via experiencers William and Helen Morris – detailing of the lands and peoples beyond the Ice Wall I intended as a follow up to Part V, so that will have to be Part VII. Indeed, the following questions are mostly unrelated to the information from those sources, aside from those relating barriers/domes. This is, like Antimatter III, a relatively brief post in the series, but there’ll be more to come.



Q. Were the other four craters created for similar purposes to the one for humans (to establish a separate, protected environment)?



Previous answers concerning these craters – not, as such, part of the lands beyond the Ice Wall, but separate environments – established that they are, like ours, enclosed by an Ice Wall and firmament. They are also inhabited.



Q. Were any of the craters used for divinely inspired creations?



Previous answers confirmed the craters aren’t controlled by Dark Forces, but Draco were present in two of them. In one of them, future human Greys live, but in a different time frame to us (they will relocate there when the Earth becomes uninhabitable). 

The obvious next question is who created them and why (Dark Forces may not control them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t engineer them; certainly, if none of them were designated for divinely inspired creations – humanity being one such creation – one might infer they weren’t implemented by positive forces. On the other hand, it might be that they simply weren’t intended for any occupation).



Q. Is one of these four craters where the Earth that was moved (was), per the Seth Material?



One of Seth’s many pearls of wisdom concerned the Earth, hitherto, having been “in a somewhat different position”. Answers indicated this was in the time frame of pre-Atlantean civilisations (so 50-40,000 years ago). The move was for the purposes of a maximum opportunity for spiritual development (of humanity).



Q. Are lands, continents or civilisations in the realm beyond the Ice Wall enclosed by separate domes? 



As the next answer suggests, this response may simply be down to specificity of terms. A dome suggests something physical, objectively material, and while the Nos Confuden books (this coming from Helen’s account in Terra-Infinita, Extra-terrestrial Worlds and their Civilisations: The Story Told by the Woman Born in Lands Behind the Ice Walls) typically refer to domes, they also qualify the description in a manner Higher Self does verify.

For reference, previous answers gave the accounts as 80 percent (Helen’s) and 10 percent (William’s The Navigator Who Crossed the Ice Walls: Worlds Beyond the Antarctica) accurate, a perhaps surprising disparity demanding further investigation.



Q. Are there invisible barriers, “a kind of membrane that divides a system”? 



Per Helen’s account, each circle or world (there are 178 such known) “is divided by one or several different Domes depending on what encompasses that circle, this dome is a kind of membrane that divides a system”. Further, “these circles we could roughly compare them to what we call a cell and its plasma membrane”.

The membrane “is a wall invisible to our eyes (although some races can make it out) that divides two systems that are similar or may differ in their totality, but have connections in different parts”. As such, “all the circles or worlds that are known have some connection between the inner and outer system, except one, which is considered the most important” (this being the mysterious and inaccessible Celestial Lands). 

The account goes on to advise that the “connections between inner and outer worlds are not simple to find” but various races “have managed to get out”, variously exploring or conquering other lands. Which suggests, without further qualification, that the majority of inhabitants are either oblivious to the “edges” of their worlds, or they’re accepting of the apparently insurmountable task of exiting the same. Portal connections to different lands also come into the equation. This line of speculation is followed up in the question after next.



Q. If so, are these invisible barriers natural?



The barriers are natural (meaning, as I understand it, they weren’t constructed either by the Anunnaki – one of the major aggressors identified by the Morrises – or the Custodians – the other major aggressor identified, albeit answers confirm this as an erroneous characterisation; the Custodians are a positive race).



Q. Are inhabitants aware of the boundaries?



The inhabitants are unaware of the boundaries.

Which brings to mind, in an inverse way, Atlantis & Lemuria and cloaking. I presume the caveat to this is: except for those inhabitants who are aware (ie, those who have exited and are exploring or conquering). In general, however, it would seem that those living in these worlds/circles are unaware of anything beyond, much as most of us aren’t aware of anything beyond our crater. Which does not, of course mean there aren’t those who speculate. 



Q. Can these boundaries be passed through via portals?



Much as the Earth can be left via portals, these worlds/circles may be exited.



Q. Have nuclear weapons been used/developed in any lands beyond the Ice Wall?



Earth is only place nuclear weapons were developed.

This is curious and raises further questions. Mostly with regard to how it could be that only humanity came up with that particular “inspiration”, given the roll of centuries (and millennia) and races beyond the Ice Wall. Perhaps it is less that no one came up with them – it’s been said the inspirational spark for splitting the atom derived from Dark Forces, which would fit – than there were mechanisms of whatever order preventing their manifestation.



Q. Will the Earth population (or some thereof) have to move to the lands beyond the Ice Wall to live because lands here will become uninhabitable?



Phil Godlewski’s insights into subjects beyond his immediately relevant territory of White Hat activities are somewhat variable and generally propped up by playing someone else’s video while throwing in less than scintillating observations as an “educator” of his “ignorant” audience. I would presume, not so differently to the extent to which he’s in the know about his primary role, he has bits and pieces of bona fide data – ie, Flat Earth is a favourite, even if the term is inaccurate – and then goes to generally available resources for the rest. For example, he commonly scoffs at anyone talking about ETs, based on refutation of the NASA-model universe. This isn’t incorrect per se, except that ETs don’t need a NASA-model universe to exist (see below). On the other hand, it appears he does acknowledge Greys (as future-humans). At any rate, with regard to his home in Maui, purchased because he’s expecting an encroaching cold spell some time in the next 15 years, it looks like he wasn’t so much sold a lemon property-wise as in terms of the particular line in Flat Earth wisdom he plumped for.



Q. Is there a Black Sun beneath the Earth? 



This comes from a take referenced on the Libra Rising website. The question of what, precisely, the Black Sun is is less clear (see below). It seems it earns this name because “anyone in its vicinity acquires a black pigmentation to the skin” (yet the Black Sun is actually reddish/pinkish). Which would assume one can physically access it (it seems Mason Algiers Reynolds in The Hollow Earth and Olaf Janssen in The Smoky God speak of it).




Q. Is a giant electromagnetic computer projecting the Sun, Moon, and heavenly bodies via the polar opening onto the dome enclosing us? 



This is how Libra Rising goes on to define the Black Sun (including that it is “the source of our toroidal cybernetic electromagnetic field regulating life on Earth”). Whether that simply means the Black Sun is no such a computer or that it is no such a computer and nor does it project the Sun etc, requires clarification. Earlier answers have indicated the “planets” and “stars” are part of the sky ice (they’re “in” the sky ice) and that, while the Sun and the Moon are plasma projections – which would imply they are projected from somewhere – they’re between firmaments.



Q. Are ET races those where some or all of the race have left the realm beyond the Ice Wall for experiences elsewhere in the Universe?



That is, Higher Self distinguishes between ETs and races beyond the Ice Wall when providing answers. ETs are races, such as the Pleiadeans, who have “moved on” and are no longer incarnating in the lands beyond the Ice Wall.

This seemed to be the only plausible explanation for the term’s use, as it would otherwise be entirely misleading (one might argue it’s misleading anyway, in as much as it lends itself, through decades of such associations, to physical life on other physical worlds in a physical, heliocentric universe model of spherical planetary bodies, immense suns undergoing nuclear fusion and satellite moons, but it is nevertheless, in this context, consistent). 

This will, however, require further clarification, in respect of certain physical races I took to be “ETs” based on previous answers, such as Draco, Zeta Reticulan Greys and Aldebarans. For example, two negative ET races have been identified as living beyond the Ice Wall. In theory, they shouldn’t be ETs, because if they’re negative, they’ll be incarnating physically. Again, per previous answers. It may be that some of them (Aldebarans, for example) are ETs because some of them are positive – and no longer incarnating beyond the Ice Wall – and some are negative – and so are. Which still doesn’t explain Draco.



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