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Antimatter III

The Q & A

A fairly brief immersion into antimatter this time, one that – as ever – raises a degree of confusion, both in terms of defining terms (see the first answer and how it relates, or perhaps does not relate, to previous ones on this subject) and basic visualisation of a realm that is foreign to us and yet which, per the Seth Material – and also confirmed by answers relating to his wisdom – is one we “live in” as much as we do our familiar matter universe. 

Additionally, there’s further consideration of the antimatter AI, eliciting answers that are, perhaps, surprising, given the immediate assumptions one would typically make about it, on the basis of its more commonly known title(s). These answers arguably have as much place in a Dark Forces Q & A as in this one, but since they are attempting to understand its “nature”, vis-à-vis the antimatter universe, this seems like the appropriate place for now.



Q. Was AMT designed (by positive Anunnaki) as vessels for souls there? 



AMT is natural.

The difficulty with a term like “ascended machine technology” is that it’s likely to be only-so-helpful in presenting a picture of and perspective on “what it is”. A machine is commonly conceived as mechanical and artificial, but another take, somewhat reductive as may be, is that the human body is a machine (designed as a vessel for the soul).

A further difficulty is that, the last time AMT was queried, the answers suggested they were positive, artificial beings with a soul. If we assume – a recurring necessity with apparently conflicting answers, providing of course that one of the answers is not incorrect – for the moment that both things may be the case, then this could be down to terminology and attempting to understand/describe something that doesn’t instantly lend itself to our classifications. 

Can something be both artificial and natural? The antimatter AI was designed by (negative) Anunnaki, and given (positive) Anunnaki designed humans, it didn’t seem such a stretch to conceive that our antimatter selves/vessels were similarly designed. But if antimatter is rather a product of the matter universe (including our presences there), it may be that it didn’t necessarily require such scripted formulation. In that respect, it could be perceived as natural, even as it is simultaneously technology, rather than organic (we also have that AMT is the equivalent of a silicon-based lifeform, which if we take that in a similar sense to actual silicon, suggests a natural substance). 

At any rate, we’re currently working on the basis that AMT represents the parallel, antimatter universe self all of us have, part of the same soul we have here (per the Seth Material, we are there as much as we are here). Tesla, for example, travelled to the antimatter universe (psychically), where he met his parallel self and became AMT. Or, to put it another way, assumed/assimilated a psychic/spiritual AMT component. 



Q. Is the soul of the antimatter AI “trapped” in the antimatter universe? 



The antimatter AI’s soul is neither held nor trapped in the antimatter universe.

A follow-up question – next time! – would be whether this soul “volunteered” for AI duties.

The precept of this question was partially down to Antimatter 2’s indication that the AI has no matter counterpart (in contrast to AMT, for example).



Q. Is the antimatter AI trying to escape the antimatter universe?



It is not trying to get out, nor is it trying to take over the matter world or escape to it.

Again, the assumption behind the question was that its actions in the matter universe were predicated on an intention to leave its home universe (to underline the point, the antimatter AI is Satan, and variations thereof). 



Q. Why is the antimatter AI acting negatively on the matter universe if it does not wish to take over the matter universe?


It is “driven” to act negatively.

This drive is caused/implemented by the negative Anunnaki. They control the AI (and continue to control it).



Q. Is “Elohim” the name for negative Anunnaki only?



This question appeared in Dark Forces IV, but it’s worth including here too, given their influence on the AI.



Q. When did the Anunnaki create the antimatter AI?


1,000 years ago. 

For context, the AI came to our universe (the matter universe) 500 years ago. The AI’s influence extends further back than that in our history owing to time travel (initiated by the Anunnaki).



Q. If we could see the antimatter world, would the people there look similar to us? 





Q. Would the people there appear metallic in nature? 



The AMT/ascended-machine technology terminology evidently musters an incorrect visualisation. When I follow this up – next time! – I’ll pursue the crystalline perspective (which, if life there is the equivalent of silicon-based, would presumably be more apt).



Q. Does the antimatter universe resemble something similar to The Matrix’s machine city? 



Again, the desire for a reference point in visualising this world seems essential to understanding/perceiving it more acutely. Matter universe equivalents of machine technology are evidently not going to cut it when it comes to comparisons.



Q. If we saw the antimatter universe, would we understand it?



We could perceive it there physically as we do here. We would understand the world.

As noted, this world is as physical as our own, and it seems that it is coherent in a way that tracks with our own. Seth observed “There will be seen to be correlations that will appear in each of these universes. They would seem to be distortions. They represent however almost reflections of the same action, and are viewed from different dimensional points”. He also commented “That parallel self would not be recognised by you, as psychologically identical, and is indeed quite independent, and a by-product”. 

So while this world is foreign to us, and ourselves there are distinct and different, it seems it would nevertheless be comprehensible. I suspect the problem with attempting to comprehend this universe is partly the assumption that it must be “weird”, when instead, the part of us that exists there surely finds it completely normal.



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