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Beyond the Ice Wall Part V

The Q & A

Any attempts to distil the realm beyond the Ice Wall is going to be hit and miss, short of a filmed travelogue starring Michael Palin, and Q & As so far have inevitably fallen prey to assumptions based on the morsels of verification yielded by “Yes” and “No” responses. I encountered the William Morris (father) and Helen Morris (daughter) accounts of their experiences in the lands beyond a couple of years back but admittedly didn’t pay them sufficient credit, in part because they’re quite elaborate (Helen’s especially, in terms of the range of places, peoples and events) but mostly because some of the detail didn’t fit with some of those aforementioned assumptions. Often, they’re the first things that need dashing, as I’m sure Clif High will tell you with regard to the onset of his self-coined HyperNovelty (Clif, of course, nurses his own set of assumptions – ones that are, in turn, ready and waiting to be HyperNovelised – such as the materiality of the Moon*).

The following, then, is largely intended as a taster, in terms of interrogating the Morrises’ material (prefacing this are some introductory questions in respect of points raised by earlier answers and other Earth-environs related theorising. There is also a not-entirely germane but Earth-related question relating to the “planet’s” future at the end). I hope to post a follow up in about 4 weeks, diving more deeply into the Morrises’ testimonies and addressing some of the apparent disparities thrown up between these accounts and various earlier Q & A answers (while answers sometimes prove to have been outright wrong, an apparent inaccuracy is more often down to an incomplete question or misconstruing the nature or scope of the answer). 

Both books, The Navigator Who Crossed the Ice Walls: Worlds Beyond the Antarctica (William) and Terra-Infinita, Extraterestrial Worlds and Their Civilisations: The Story told by the Woman Who Was Born in the Lands Behind the Ice Walls (Helen) may be found online (or bought from Amazon). They’re authored/curated by Nos Confunden/Claudio Nocelli, who has since released Hidden Lands Beyond the Antarctica: The Continuation of Morris’ Journey between Interconnected Planets, in which Helen follows up on her father’s journey. Nocelli has also made available a very big map and produced separate volumes on The Lands of Mars and Custodians. There are doubtless 176 more to come.

*Addendum 20/05/24: The Anunnaki space station Moon Clif has been getting is correct, it seems, but it still being populated by Anunnaki isn’t. At least some earlier answers concerning Earth/Moon relationships are only half the story (since the answers for the Moon and the Sun are relating to the artificial ones rather than the real ones), but it appears there’s more to the this than either/ors of space being out there (or nothing being out there) and Earth being round/flat and a planet or part of (or on the edge of) a realm. If that is correct, much of this is about perspective and two things being simultaneously true. Honey Golden and Ascension Glossary are invaluable resources in regard to the “out there”, but parsing the correlation may take some time (the Q & As have been heading in one direction, which isn’t “wrong” but was inherently missing out a significant part of it).



Q. Are there other craters or Earths besides this one?



There are four additional craters. Each crater is also enclosed by an Ice Wall and firmament. They are inhabited. 

This offers apparent conflict with the answer to the same earlier question (Q: Are there other craters or Earths besides this one? A: No). It may be that the question was previously phrased unclearly. Or it may be that switching occurred, and the wrong answer registered.



Q. Are these craters controlled by Dark Forces?



More specifically, they are not controlled by Draco. However, Draco were present in two of these craters.

One of the craters is inhabited by Greys. These are future human Greys, rather than Zeta Greys. They are not in the same time frame as us. They are in the future (how this makes sense in terms of a present-tense question, I am unsure). The future human Greys will relocate to this crater when the Earth becomes uninhabitable (see the end of this Q & A).



Q. Is there a vortex opening at our greater realm’s central core?



There are various hypotheses out there for the mechanics of our system under Flat Earth – or related model: Crater Earth would be a more term – theory. One of these was related by Phil Godlewski in a recent Rumble two-parter (here and here, the presentation materials provided in part by Ewaranon, to my understanding). In this account, there is a vortex opening situated at our realm’s greater core, functioning akin to a central clock dial, with everything else moving around it (the realm beyond, per this take, is only about five times larger than known Earth, I seem to recall). Various elements of this theory may be correct – further breaking down of it is required on my part – but it would appear this aspect, at least, is inaccurate. 

A corollary is Phil’s belief that the Earth will become uninhabitable due to colder temperatures, and the population will have to move to lands beyond the Ice Wall. It goes without saying that sifting through materials, theories and statements in the esoteric arena is frequently about gleaning the parts that stick and leaving those that don’t, since even the most reliable resources cannot be taken entirely as read. The nature of our realm, and the parameters and history of the lands beyond the Ice Wall are no exception in this regard, as inspection of the Morrises account(s) would appear to confirm.



Q. Is the Moon map showing a permanently recorded point in time?



This another suggestion found in Phil’s presentation. The theory runs that the map – that is, the image of the Earth and extending lands that can be traced on the Moon’s “surface” – is not a reflection, but rather represents a fixed point in time when the Moon was first formed. This is based on Lemuria being visible on the map, whereas, as we all know, in reality it is not because it has long since sunk.



Q. Is the Moon map showing Lemuria without the cloak?



The moon map is a reflection (of the present Earth). With Lemuria (and Atlantis) in 5D – or rather, the parts of Lemuria that aren’t Australia, New Zealand and Fiji – it is cloaked from the rest of the world; it still exists physically, but it carries a different vibration. If the Lemurians wished to reveal themselves to us, they could do so, although it would seem they’re concealing nothing from the Moon.



Q. Are the planets of our solar system seen in the sky ice represented as physical lands in the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



That question (and the next) might have been best phrased the other way round (physical lands represented in the planets of the sky ice), but it seems to have been understood. This is where we begin to broach the Morrises material. The idea that the planets are actually lands of a decidedly non-Copernican universe has been posited by others, but the degree of detail in their accounts, as far as I’m aware, sets them apart.

Previous questions and answers with regard to the planets have focussed on their representation in the skies (that is, that while they are not physical bodies in the vacuum of space, they are something). Thus, while the planets we see are part of the sky ice map, they also carry dimensional properties (per Edgar Cayce, these are as follows: Venus – 4; Jupiter – 5; Uranus – 7; Mercury – 7; Mars – 1; Saturn – 0). 

While this may also have a relationship to the lands bearing those names beyond the Ice Wall (for example, the Lands of Venus would, perhaps, be 4D physical), there is the prospect that they represent something else again in terms of dimensions of experience; there are Pleiadean lands beyond the Ice Wall, but Pleiadeans are no longer inhabiting those lands. Looking for a physical locale for them – the Pleiadeans – would be fruitless (except in the cases of starseeds), so it may be appropriate to consider the representations above us both in terms of a place (beyond the Ice Wall) and a “non-place” (dimensionally).

In this regard, a dual meaning lends itself to the previous confirmation that the other planets in the solar system exist dimensionally beyond their representation as part of the sky ice map; they may have a dimensional (in terms of non-physical existence) status, but they also have a dimensional (3D physical and related) existence as lands beyond the Ice Wall.

I will have to revisit a previous confirmation with regard to Ra (of the Law of One material fame) saying he was from Venus; the answer indicated Ra was from there but had never been in 3D physically (neither on the “planet” nor elsewhere). Ra suggested he transitioned from 2 to 3 to 4D, which would be easy to conceive of in the Lands of Venus.



Q. Are the stars/ star systems seen in the sky ice represented as physical lands in the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



The reasoning in this regard is set out in the planets answer above.



Q. Are the stars named after the lands that races migrated to (non-physically) as ETs?



I suspect the problem here is both an essential interrelationship (between lands and “stars”) and a problem with terms (the notion of those races formerly living in the lands beyond the Ice Wall “migrating” anywhere).



Q. Are ETs those races that have moved beyond 3D (or 4D) and are no longer bound by physical incarnations (so can go to non-physical places)?



Again, there is perhaps a lack of clarity in posing the question. The question was designed to discern if Higher Self makes a distinction between an ET race and a race living beyond the Ice Wall, but I suspect I’ll have to define terms more precisely to confirm.



Q. Is Terra-Infinita, Extra-terrestrial Worlds and their Civilisations: The Story Told by the Woman Born in Lands Behind the Ice Walls a genuine account?



Helen Morris’ account is 80 percent accurate.



Q. Is The Navigator Who Crossed the Ice Walls: Worlds Beyond the Antarctica a genuine account?



William Morris’ account is 10 percent accurate.

This disparity – between father and daughter’s information – doesn’t appear, on the face of it, to make much sense, and there should be further inquiry into the whys of this in the next Q & A.

The potential difference that stands out is one of subject matter. Much of Helen’s account is given over to detailing the lands beyond the Ice Wall and much less, relatively, to her father’s journey, the Ancestral Republic of humans and the account of Earth history, including the Great War of Tartary (complete with resets). Some of the latter offers an apparent divergence from previous Q & A answers, notably with regard to lore concerning resets (answers have indicated the 1700 Event was not a reset, but rather a population reduction as a side effect). 



Q. Are there 178 worlds under a “superdome”?



This number is not, it seems, at variance with previous answers confirming 19 continents beyond the Ice Wall (in a realm 160 times larger than the Earth, which is itself 5 times larger than we have been told. Notably, that “5 times larger” corresponds to the Ewaranon model represented in the Moon’s reflection, which, to my understanding, is specific to the Earth; the realm beyond the Ice Wall has its own Moon). Those 178 “worlds” can be found as part of this realm of 19 continents (I suspect a continent is defined on a similar basis to Earth’s, so the numerous islands represented on the Nos Confunden map most likely need not apply).

Per William’s account: Each of these worlds is, in turn, divided by one or more domes, “a kind of membrane that divides a system” that serves as a “wall invisible to our eyes”. These dome barriers function as natural barriers, whereas ice walls are unnatural, imposed structures (while dome barriers have not been raised hitherto in the Q & As, answers have identified the Ice Wall – our ice wall – as a natural barrier).



Q. Are the Custodians real? 



The Custodians are identified by the Morrises as the primary antagonistic race found in the realm beyond the Ice Wall – more so even than the Anunnaki – with Helen referring to them as “the parasitic race” who have been here “since almost the beginning of humanity”. They’re known for creating great walls of ice around the lands they colonise, and “receive pleasure from human fear or sadness, all that ‘negative” energy can be “absorbed’ by them”.



Q. Are the Custodians different from the Anunnaki?



Since another primary antagonist – beyond the Anunnaki, the Draco and the AI/Satan – had not been intimated at in earlier Q & As, I wondered if perhaps there was a confusion of terms.



Q. Are the Custodians a negative race?



The Custodians are a positive race. They are only a positive race (this would contrast with the Anunnaki, who can be found working both positive and negative).

It seems the Custodians are the main/predominant positive race in power beyond the Ice Wall, a race indicated but unnamed by previous answers; it was confirmed that humans are unfamiliar with their name (which may suggest the Custodians don’t go by that name, or one approximating that name). 

This obverse polarity is very curious, since the Morris accounts are unstinting in their emphasis of the anathema that are the Custodians. This would suggest they have either been grossly misinformed (as far as I can tell, they haven’t encountered any first hand) or they have/had some reason for misrepresenting them.



Q. Are the Lands of Venus part of the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



I referenced the Lands of Venus above, in respect of Ra and the Law of One. Helen tells that the Venusians survived all colonisation (by the Custodians) and based their technology “purely and exclusively for spiritual development and benefit on their path of ascending or transcending internally”.



Q. Are the Lands of Draco part the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



Further answers confirm the Draco were wiped out from the realm beyond the Ice Wall 200 years ago. They originate in the future and were taken back in time to these lands.

This tallies with an earlier answer that there are no Draco in the realm beyond the Ice Wall and serves to clarify – well, as much as time travel logistics can – where they come from “in the first place”.

Per Helen’s account: the Draco are also known as Etamines, are technologically advanced and psychically developed. They had a treaty with the Custodians (after first being attacked by them and having their atmosphere and air infected). Their lands have been visited both by Anunnaki and Orion Greys.

The following three questions arise from the Draco question and are not directly related to the Morris accounts.



Q. Does the Black Goo, prior to being modified, come from beyond the Ice Wall? 



The Black Goo was (will be) developed in the future and brought back in time.



Q. Were the Vril developed in the future?



Much like the Black Goo, the Vril don’t come from beyond the Ice Wall but were brought back in time.



Q. Is the war in the Orion sector a future war? 



This is the war referenced by Captain Mark Richards (the one involving Draco, Reptoids, Spider Trogs and Greys against Mantids, Pleiadeans and humans). Corey Goode has also alluded to conflict with the Orion Group (just don’t mention either Corey or Mark to Clif High). While his “30 and Back” takes in time travel, of a sort, it is not a subject he explicitly addresses.

Humans time travel(led) to fight in that war. As such, Amazon/Paramount’s The Tomorrow War (2021), in which conscripts from 2022 are sent to fight alien invaders in 2048, may be seen to represent soft disclosure.



Q. Are the Lands of Mars part of the realm beyond the Ice Wall?





Q. Were they wiped out by the Anunnaki?



Per Helen’s account: It seems, such were “their convictions based on their morals and ethics”, they preferred “to die and extinguish their race in battle rather than beg for freedoms in quotas under conditions that colonization would impose”.

It’s unclear if we’re asked to consider two groups/races of Martians here, as previous answers have it the Martians were in 2D and needed to come to Earth as the first souls incarnating as humans, this being their first time in 3D (this questioning derives from information in the Ra Material). Those of Mars incarnating as the first humans was reconfirmed for this Q & A.



Q. Is there a community of humans in the Lands of Mars? 



Per Helen’s account: The Lands of Mars are now “simply experimental lands where several races coexist and generate wars between them”, with the lands ruled by both Anunnaki and Custodians. The humans “earned their passage only by their hard work in betraying their own race in their homelands”.

Corey Goode obviously provided accounts of Mars colonies, but it’s unclear whether these relate to the Lands of Mars beyond the Ice Wall and/or the time period in which they exist.



Q. Was Admiral Byrd one of them?



This being Rear Admiral Byrd, of Operation Highjump fame/legend.

Helen also has it that there are Grey and Draco colonies in the Lands of Mars, and that, with many other races having been moved there, the lands “are considered as in a large zoo”, enabling “exhaustive monitoring and analysis of races”. Additionally, “time, as in many other Circle-Environments, or lands within different domes, is different” there; for humans, it is “a one-way ticket to a long life of almost 500 years”.



Q. Are the Lands of Neptune part of the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



Per Helen’s account: The Anunnaki colonised a race of a dark blue colour who “had opened a long spiritual and developmental path focused on real personal and spiritual improvement, to cross the Great Dome after transcending matter”. The Anunnaki remain their enemies but eventually reached an agreement to withdraw from the Lands of Neptune. Also noted are a dark atmosphere surrounding their circle environment, aridity, sandstorms and limited vegetation (such that major cities are found in their most fertile areas, and large portions of the lands are uninhabited). 



Q. Are the Lands of Uranus part of the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



Per Helen’s account: The Custodians plundered the Uranians’ lands for minerals. The Uranians, vegetarian giants (4-5 metres tall) with very long arms, pinkish of skin and hyper developed eyesight (their eyes either completely dark or completely white), are naturally long-lived but neither technologically nor spiritually advanced; their life span has been shortened due to genetic modification.



Q. Are the Lands of Jupiter part of the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



Per Helen’s account: Anunnaki invasion left this race in “almost constant internal warfare”; rulership of the lands is centred on the Land of Zeus. The race, who are hostile to most other races and have experienced conflicts with the Custodians, are 1.4-1.5 metres tall with “particular eyes and a big head”. Human contact is suggested to have occurred “three ‘resets’ or reboots ago”.



Q. Are the Lands of Pegasus part of the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



Per Helen’s account: This race, the Lantians, sound slightly extravagant in aspect, having used technology to develop great metallic wings to traverse their skies. They are also characterised by long white hair and non-hostility. An uncertain current status is suggested – it has been speculated they no longer exist, or that they may but may be confused with those of the Lands of Angels – and it’s unclear if this is connected to a Custodian agreement “that ended up harming them extensively”.



Q. Are the Lands of Saturn part of the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



Per Helen’s account: Said to be psychically and technologically developed and both very strong and very tall (up to 14 metres), these bluish beings have never been conquered; they expressly refused to help the Anunnaki penetrate the Celestial Lands. Again, human contact has been suggested “during different resets”.



Q. Do the Aldebarans resemble the Minotaur?



Per Helen’s account: The Aldebarans, also known as Taurinos or Taurines, are a race who “were able to end the Custodian rule a very long time ago” and who have more recently shown themselves as benevolent. They have undergone genetic modification; they are horned and reach up to 4.5 metres in height. They were formerly warlike and have left the land of Aldebaran A uninhabited as a memorial to the violence that took place there (albeit also, paradoxically they were “dedicated from the beginning to… spiritual development”). 

Captain Mark Richards had quite a bit to say about the Aldebarans (Kerry Cassidy’s interviews with him can be found at the Project Camelot site, providing you’re able to access it). He suggested they were a fascist, Nordic-looking race who destroyed their home planet. They worked with the Nazis – after two of their craft crashed in Germany in 1938 and 1939 – and were given parts of Africa.

Previous answers gave Richard’s testimony generally as about 40-percent accurate. In respect of the Aldebarans, they are confirmed as a 3D- and 4D-negative race living in the realm beyond the Ice Wall (which isn’t to deny the possibility that there may also be those who are working positive). They have not visited Earth and were not helping the Nazis.



Q. Are the Lands of Orion part of the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



An aspect of the Orion scenario has been mentioned above. ET lore commonly – it’s probably one of the few things it can agree upon across its many and varied channels and sources of disclosure – identifies the Greys as hailing from Orion, and Helen, albeit with the twist of a disparate location, is no exception. 

Per Helen’s account: They are known for their stature (only 1.3-1.4 metres) and scientific advance, for robotic behaviour and reliance on cloning to exist, and for experimenting with other races. They have “great psychic… development”, great knowledge, lack of empathy and general hostility towards humans (their Earth visitations extend back through previous resets, and they suffered regular decimation of their craft during the period of Great Tartary, having controlled the Known Lands/Earth for a time). While they colonised other lands, they didn’t become a dominating force and were colonised themselves by the Custodians. The Orion Greys were nearly “totally exterminated” in the past.



Q. Are the Lands of Orion inhabited by the Greys?



They were inhabited by Greys. These are not Zeta Greys.

As indicated by the responses on the Draco and the Orion Group, wheres and whens can be a little convoluted with certain negative races, so further clarification of the Orion Greys’ locus may be appropriate (answers confirm that Zeta Greys are not from the future). The Morrises’ material – that I have explored so far – doesn’t seem to deal with the effects of time travel as such, although Hidden Lands Beyond Antarctica comments “The passages or portals that go through the domes always connect with another reality, another time and another totally different atmosphere”.



Q. Do the Zeta Greys live in the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



Per Helen’s account:  The Orion Greys are “brothers of the beings of Zeta Reticuli, since their races intermingled and today they coexist together”. They were colonised by Anunnaki.

This confirmation seems to conflict with an earlier Q & A answer suggesting there were no Zeta Reticulans beyond the Ice Wall. Barring that answer being incorrect – which is always possible – it may be that answers were distinguishing Zeta Reticulans from Zeta Greys (in the manner that humans are distinct from future-human Greys). I shall attempt to clarify this.



Q. Are the Lands of the Pleiades part of the realm beyond the Ice Wall? 



This land is no longer inhabited by Pleiadeans (which is consistent with earlier answers suggesting Pleiadeans are now an ET race and no longer live in the realm beyond the Ice Wall).

Per Helen’s account: The Pleiadeans (or Pleiadians) are still very much present in this realm, their ancestors rumoured to have “survived the battle of Asgard against the Custodians, and then escaped to those lands in the Pleiades”. In common with standard lore, they are (very) tall and Norse-looking and benevolent towards humans. However, they “made a peace pact with the Anunnaki during an early age of their development”, although their lands suffer “natural disasters” due to manipulation of their environment by the Anunnaki; the suggestion being, this was motivated to force them to leave and “seek refuge in the Known Lands” (however, they do not wish to coexist with humans and are not considered allies because they didn’t aid humans in the Great War. And yet, “lately there are more Pleiadians entering the Known Lands”). 



Q. Is the Land of the Clones part of the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



Per Helen’s account: This is “a totally experimental ‘First Mars Earth’”, which appears to mean it was a repository for experimentation and a human colony/general zoo of races before Mars assumed that function. The Anunnaki initially entered the lands, transporting some of the then-dominant races for experimentation of various orders that led to its near destruction. It was then “used as cloning lands, to save lives of important leaders of the different races”. An escape by clones – who were “robotic and lacked any feeling or empathy” – required remedying so they wouldn’t disrupt their respective worlds. The land is now abandoned.



Q. Do the Reptilians live in the Island near their Lacerta Lands?



It’s unclear if they correspond to any reptile races identified by other sources.

Per Helen’s account: They are advanced reptiles, hostile to humans and often mistaken for Anunnaki (with whom they have warred in the past). While they occupy the Lacerta Lands, they prefer to live in “The Island” near that world. “In” might be better phrased as “under” since “they have a large subway city” there.



Q. Are the Celestial Lands part of the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



This is perhaps the most intriguing of the cited lands. 

Per William’s account: The parasites (Custodians) were unable to enter these lands, despite their most extensive efforts, and “no one could enter, or at least no one could enter and get out of there alive”. This was down to the dome’s membrane; these are, per Hidden Lands Beyond Antarctica, “sometimes selective”.  They and the Anunnaki pursued this goal on the basis that the lands held a secret that would allow them to penetrate the Great Dome and so access whatever lies beyond it. See also the next answer.



Q. Do they (the Celestial Lands) keep humans’ secret, the ones they carry, the Source of Life?



Per William’s account: The Custodians eventually arrived at the conclusion that these lands supported no physical bodies but rather a conscious energy which they called “The Source” or “The Source of Life”. In turn – this is given as a theory, and one rather wonders at the assumption any action taken was to “safeguard its environment” if all attempts to access the same had been to no avail – this energy “split taking the body of the ‘Five Masters’ who gave life to the Human Being, occupying lands around your home or homelands”. “Five Masters” does seem somewhat suggestive of Edgar Cayce’s account of Adam, who “appeared five in one” (he appeared in five places on Earth at once: “the five senses, the five reasons, the five spheres, the five developments, the five nations”).

The Custodians “tried to send humans to the Celestial Lands as a test”, something they’d previously tried with other races, “and although the human bodies burned as soon as they entered these lands, they noticed how this energy that lived inside them, always went directly to the Celestial Lands, no matter where this body met death”. Eventually, they gave this a rest as “they began to believe that this energy or soul that came out of the human bodies and returned to the Celestial Lands were not the same energy or that failing that, if it was the same, they had no way to manipulate it”. 

Somewhat confusingly, this Source is “one that only we humans carry”. It’s reiterated In Hidden Lands Beyond Antarctica, that “The Celestial Lands are also within you as the Source and the potential for your infinite spiritual growth that no other race possesses here within this Great Dome”. Except that, elsewhere, we’ve been told the Source is “the most important thing and which keeps alive all the other beings in these circles”. Surely then, all natural races are the same as humans, who “have ‘The Source’ or ‘Life Energy’ (also called ‘soul’)”. Assuming that’s the case, the idea that, due to their being in possession of this Source, “the human destiny is to confront the Custodians” would surely be no truer than for any other race.

The Custodians’ designs throw up further questions, if negative races (if we eliminate the Custodians, per answers, this would be the negative Anunnaki) have given up attempting to access these lands, realising they’re either non-physical or non-physically supportive, would they not also have come to a similar conclusion on the futility of penetrating the Great Dome? Perhaps there’s an essential blinkeredness with negatively orientated races, prevented as they are from progressing through densities in a non-physical state.



Q. Is there an opening in the Ice Wall, whereby one is “able to enter the polar zone and cross those walls”?



My understanding from this is that, while there are portals, there is also a physical opening allowing access. 

This requires further clarification, since answers suggested Dark Forces were unable to enter prior to the 1700 Event (which would imply any natural physical avenue is not readily discernible, albeit William Morris suggests, on the other side, “the ice walls were still visible but were being lost in the distance”). William’s account indicates a physical passage that “opened up behind between the giant frozen walls” when they approached an enormous Mount for the second time. The Mount emanated a “strange heat” and “seemed to generate a different climate”. Morris also references a summer portal – I take this to mean a physical passage rather than a “transportive” gateway – created with Anakim technology. But again, one assumes, if the Giants had such technology, Anunnaki would also have the same means (on the other hand, we know portals generally have been available, and it would seem Dark Forces were not, hitherto, able to reach Earth through them).



Q. Did the Giant race (Anakim) join the human race? 



Per Helen’s account: The Giants joined with humans to free humanity – from the Custodians – prior to the previous reset (so some elements of this would appear to conflict with the idea of the 1700 Event, and it having been other than a reset).



Q. Was the Great Tartary the “perfect union of giants and humans”?



That would be Tartaria, “erased from maps and history”, which has flourished in the “mudflood” theorising of the alternative field over the past half-dozen years.

Per Helen’s account: The Great Tartary took hold during a period when the Custodians were off fighting the Anunnaki, leaving Orion Greys holding the reins. There is a comment to the effect (regarding human understanding of the realm beyond and Custodian plans) that “All this knowledge that we acquired with time and the help of the giants, was largely drawn from the information the Custodians had prior to the Great War”. The degree to which knowledge generally relies on Custodian knowledge (ie is not first hand) may deserve consideration. She also comments that, at the time of Great Tartary rising, “The walls did not exist back then, the continents were different…

William Morris offers more detail on how the Giants took advantage of conflict between the Custodians and Anunnaki to enter the Known Lands (he also speaks of the ice walls as if they were there prior to the Anakim arrival: “The Walls surrounding the Earths were built by the Custodians in the past so that humans would not have the opportunity to reach the ‘inner Dome’ or ‘First Dome’”). During the “boom years” of Great Tartary, with its free energy technology, “the control of the Lands was almost total”.



Q. Was there a Great War of the Last Reset (250 years ago)?



Again, this may require further consideration (in terms of whether there was a war with Dark Forces involving Giants, but not involving a reset(s), or when it occurred, if there was one). Previous answers have indicated that, while Dark Forces tried to “hijack” the Earth prior to the 1700 Event, they failed due to the Earth’s natural defences (namely, the Ice Wall).

Per Helen’s account: An inferior race (the Orion Greys, presumably) were in control, and the “advance of Great Tartary was not done overnight, but neither was it long in terms of time…” The account isn’t especially clear in its language – possibly a function of the patchy translation tool that seems to have been used, possibly due to leaping back and forth in terms of describing events – such that the Great War seems, at points, to be about the takeover by the Giants and at others their routing by the Custodians.

The Great War started so fast that there was not even time to understand what was happening, the Custodians attacked the big cities, as they always do…” The Giants had been teaching humans their technology, “a difficult process but they were achieving really great things, just the Great War came by surprise”. This was followed by “the great flood and different attacks, there came a time when we knew that all was lost”. This war “was the cruellest that has happened here” and “brought with it a great retaliation in a reset and a different beginning”. The great flood “as it is known here, the mud flood, in reality this happened in different forms but it dragged everything in its path, it was something of colossal dimensions”. Per William, “The giants had to escape from the lands since defeat was inevitable, and their death was certain”. Some humans followed them, through the North and South passages.

The accounts have it that this reset was thus of a different order to the standard reset of the previous era, in which “your babies of seven months or less than that will be left alive (not all, they will decide depending on many factors), those above that age will be killed or die in catastrophes of different kinds”.



Q. Does the Earth have a fixed tenure? Does it continue after the Greys?


Yes (on both counts).

The Earth will exist for another 450,000 years (previous answers indicated that it has been here for 50,000 years so far*). Future-human Greys will inhabit the Earth for 100,000 years (previous answers suggested future-humans will begin the developmental process that will result in Greys 1,000 years from now). After this, the Earth will become inhabitable, and the Greys will transfer to the aforementioned crater.

*Addendum 20/05/24: The Earth age answers, for whatever reason – imprecise wording, failing to test far back enough, or simply incorrect answers – were out of whack here. It seems the figure should be in the range of (less than) a million years.



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