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White Hats XII

The Q & A

Any day now… Any day now… There are no prospective dates or ballpark figures in this update. Rather, a few questions and answers relating to a smattering of figures in the Truther Movement, or to ideas they’ve proposed that have inspired further enquiry in pursuit of clarity. And, for good measure, there are also a few questions relating to the ultimate White Hat (if you want to call him that): Jesus.

It’s fairly evident that nothing is proceeding with the kind of alacrity certain prognosticators would like, such that you can see Phil Godlewski’s recurring frustration – ameliorated by occasional lives where he’s seeing the big event(s)/announcement as imminent again, such as his reveal of Bank of America collapsing (still pending) and most recently the accelerated return of Donald Trump to the White House (at last check, Phil was seeking substantiation) –  and (Tarot by) Janine’s mild frustration that readings are implying the extent of revelations of the extent of the grand deception (of humanity) will be strictly limited. At least, in the short term. Earlier Q & A answers have indicated certain key areas simply aren’t going to be part of the initial agenda when it comes to global corruption announcements – adrenochrome, cloning, for example – and if one was hoping for the more expansively paradigmatic reveals (the space lie, the Ice Wall, ETs, and so on), one will be left hanging for some years ahead. Or longer still. 

As I’ve speculated before, it’s difficult to see how even a sliver of an official endorsement that “They [Truthers] were right” (Elite child trafficking, chiefly) can’t lead to a much greater concomitant acceptance of the accompanying use/harvesting of adrenochrome, however unofficial it remains. As to where Hollywood stands in all of that (does Disney get pulled into the child trafficking side?), I suspect that, given how prudent White Hats have been so far in maintaining the rich & famous’ (and deceased) veil of illusion, that’s also going to remain largely smoke and mirrors for the foreseeable (because there, more than anywhere, it’s a loose thread that simply needs tugging for the whole thing to collapse). 

But White Hats have clearly changed their minds before, and since everything they’re doing at this stage (give or take Khazarian Mafia mopping up operations) is about managing the greater public’s mood of acceptance, they surely maintain the right to move things forward as well as back (at least, you’d hope so. In which vein, Phil G noted this of the moved-up schedule for Donald Trump’s return: that if so, it represents a rare case of delays being dispensed with).

Phil G has also suggested he didn’t see how the envisaged White Hat targets could be met if the announcement (be that MSM-confirmed election fraud, the EBS, the stock market crash etc etc) didn’t happen in 2023. Some have read one of his cryptic Telegram messages to suggest EBS is in the offing over the Christmas holiday period, but a recent live, prior to his receiving word of the return of Trump, seemed to indicate he had no real confidence in the whens of things. I guess, as ever, we shall see. Or not, as the case may be.



Q. Is Phil Godlewski the “real” Edward Snowden? 


Yes – Phil G is the real Edward Snowden.

Phil Godlewski remains ever controversial. Except to his fans, of course. I am given to wonder quite why someone worth $75m – by his estimate – feels the need to offer content exclusively to his locals (ie subscription only), but I guess it takes all sorts.

Phil has alluded to his being Ed Snowden on numerous occasions, without – to my knowledge, but I can’t claim a comprehensive familiarity with his output – ever stating as much explicitly.



Q. Was the public Edward Snowden a Black Hat/Deep State thing?



The public Edward Snowden was White Hat controlled. 

The reason I’ve always been doubtful over Snowden’s bona fides is that he didn’t actually expose anything anyone who’d been half awake wasn’t fully aware of anyway. As such, it seemed, at best, that the purpose of the whistleblower character was a reveal of method. 

It appears, however, that the reason Snowden didn’t reveal anything that wasn’t already “out there” was to position that information in the mass-public consciousness. As to why the MSM would touch it, presumably selecting The Guardian (at the time) was part of that (or simply that not every aspect of the mass media is equally joined up and connected). But more still, there’s the preceding point that none-of-it-was-revelatory (regardless of how incendiary various aspects of its promotion and reported political repercussions may have been).



Q. Does Phil Godlewski know ETs exist?  Is he tailoring his content to a “Christian” audience?


Yes, Phil knows ETs exist.

He is not tailoring his content to a Christian audience, but he is avoiding the ET subject because it would complicate matters/stray from the focus of his role.

To be fair to Phil, he’s made allowances that whatever purported ETs there may be could, in fact, be coming from beyond the Ice Wall. And, since everything does originally come from there, effectively, he’s correct in essence. His position, however, nevertheless excludes a significant element in terms of the bigger picture. You might argue “Why even bring up the Ice Wall?” but the space lie is a fairly fundamental part of the false paradigm. The Christian part of the question? I guess I’m just a bit cynical of anyone brandishing it, I’m afraid.



Q. Does Phil G know JFK was a Black Hat?



JFK’s Hat status was asked in Q & As a while back (and asked again on this occasion). My understanding is that Black Hat doesn’t necessarily equate to Deep State (well, obviously, outside the political realm), but whether you could be Deep State without being a Black Hat…

Addendum 25/03/24: This one warrants significant amendment (pesky clones). See White Hats 14.



Q. Is an EMP planned to take down the grid, so as to rid humans of nanoparticles?



This is one I hadn’t heard mentioned outside of Phil G discussing it. I do wonder how all these various planned events are projected to dovetail with each other (stock market crash, Biden out, QFS, EBS etc, and that’s beside the various world-scene scenarios playing out), but I guess that’s part of the “fun”.



Q. Are Replicators real? Do they utilise plasma technology?


Yes, replicators are real. 

No, they don’t utilise plasma technology.

This isn’t one I’ve heard Phil G discuss (which isn’t to say he hasn’t).

The existence of replicators begs the question of the extent to which their use would be appropriate (ie, if everything is laid out on a plate for humanity, there’s no need to produce food, to undertake work that involves manufacturing goods, and thus the removal of a significant cramp on the onus for money etc, is that necessarily the best foot forward)? It would depend, I suspect, on the place we’re in at that time. Perhaps they’re unlikely to install one in every home, and perhaps there’ll be clear parameters/limitations on their use. Perhaps, for example, they’ll become the de facto source of, say, meat, without the whole killing-animals thing.



Q. Is the original Taylor Swift still alive? Is/was she born male/hermaphrodite?


The original Taylor Swift is dead. 

She was born a hermaphrodite.

Taylor Swift’s status (dead, Black Hat, Anton LaVey’s daughter) was confirmed in a previous Q & A, but I returned to it following to a Janine reading where she gathered Swift was alive and was born male. The male thing isn’t actually wrong, but neither is it wholly right. Past answers have given Janine an 80-percent accuracy rate.



Q. Is there a second moon? Have we been shown a fake moon (a projection)?



We have been shown a fake moon and are still being shown a fake moon. The fake moon is a projection.

I might have given this topic a miss, but the devotion with which Jean-Claude (Beyond Mystic) covers Clif High’s prognostications left me wondering if there wasn’t something to be pieced together here, even if the surface detail – its interpretation – left something to be desired.

So Clif’s been suggesting the Moon is hollow, artificial, and that it’s inhabited by aliens (or Selenites – coined from First Men in the Moon). Much of this is based on data that there’s going to be much discussion concerning the true nature of the Moon going forward. 

Janine’s reads on the subject are couched in her historic take that the Moon is metallic/artificial. Mostly, she’s concurred that the true nature of the Moon is to be revealed and that it has been utilised by Dark Forces. However, a more recent show boosting Moon questions – it’s every other frickin’ broadcast, for goodness’ sake, Jean-Claude. Get another topic! – her understanding was that these things weren’t going to become clear officially any time soon, and any revelations would be down to our own recognisees. 

Rather like Phil G, Janine sounded a little teed off (rare for her) at the kid-gloves approach White Hats are taking to pretty much everything, based on “what they think is safe for humanity” (later, on ETs generally, she suggested of the idea that a projected disclosure narrative had been brought forward to 2025 from 2030 that there was no choice, that they’d underestimated us, and more has got out there already than they thought was safe). Janine commented of tactics to control the developing narrative generally, “I feel like I’m done being herded. I don’t care who it is at this point”.

My immediate response to the Moon obsession was that Clif was being borne aloft on a load of hot air, and both were extrapolating incorrectly from the reveal of the Moon’s nature ie since it’s a plasma body between the firmaments, we’re inevitably going to have to be apprised that it isn’t a big bit of rock orbiting the Earth at some point. It doesn’t necessarily follow, however, that Clif’s data will involve that aspect, since it may simply be taking in one part of the Moon deception: that we’ve not been shown the actual Moon (or haven’t only been shown the actual Moon) for a while now, leaving the maximum juice of disassembling the false-paradigm NASA universe for a later date.

Addendum 20/05/24: My response re Clif’s air being hot was gaseous itself, it seems, since the Anunnaki space station Clif has been getting is correct, but it still being populated by Anunnaki isn’t. At least some earlier answers concerning Earth/Moon relationships are only half the story (since the answers for the Moon and the Sun are relating to the artificial ones rather than the real ones), but it appears there’s more to the this than either/ors of space being out there (or nothing being out there) and Earth being round/flat and a planet or part of (or on the edge of) a realm. If that is correct, much of this is about perspective and two things being simultaneously true. Honey Golden and Ascension Glossary are invaluable resources in regard to the “out there”, but parsing the correlation may take some time (the Q & As have been heading in one direction, which isn’t “wrong” but was inherently missing out a significant part of it).



Q. Does the realm beyond the Ice Wall have a moon?



I’d previously surmised this was the case – I asked if the same sun and moon as Earth’s were seen beyond the Ice Wall, to which the answer was no – but I wanted to make it explicit for the purposes of the fake moon hypothesis (ie it’s one thing to suggest there’s a nefarious second fake Moon in effect, which I don’t think Clif or Janine have posited, but off beam to claim an object that’s a natural part of the order of the firmaments has been instituted by bad ’uns).



Q. How accurate is Clif High’s data search methodology in identifying future events?


87 percent.

I suspected it would be quite high. I simply had my doubts about the conclusions Clif sometimes reaches from that data.



Q. How accurate is Clif High’s analysis of this data?


69 percent.

Which is still pretty high, and certainly much higher than some of his naysayers would credit him. This is covering a span of decades, of course. For my part, I’ve found his recent Moon fixation somewhat exasperating, not least in its cross-pollination of Jean-Claude’s content (I should emphasise I’m only talking about the content freely available on Rumble).



Q. Is Clif misinterpreting Moon data? 



As noted, this includes that there are beings in the Moon, who speak Etruscan, mystifyingly, and that we’ll soon be at war with these Selenites.



Q. Is Shungite natural to Earth? (From elsewhere in the Universe/beyond the Ice Wall?)



Shungite is natural to Earth.

Clif’s big on the old shungite and loving his space stuff, so he naturally angles towards the meteorite explanation for its origins. Turns out it’s not.



Q. Is the antichrist an actual individual(s)? Past? Present? Future?



The antichrist is real/an actual individual. There have been 7 previous antichrists.

While biblical relevance to events has come up in Q & As, I’ve tended to avoid getting bogged down in many of the overt prognosticators as they tend to stray a little too much in an evangelical direction for my tastes. And also because answers have established that a fair chunk of The Bible has been Dark Forces-manipulated.

This particular line of inquiry resulted from being sent links to some of Bo Polny’s predictions. I have to admit that, regardless of his accuracy in general – with regard to applying, in particular, The Book of Revelations to all that is unfolding presently – I just couldn’t get on with the more apostolic tone he exudes (he may not help himself by repeatedly throwing out dates specifying when this or that is going to happen. It’s the centuries-spanning stumbling block of the Christian who’s been eager to see the Lord’s imminent return). Certainly, Bo’s calculations for the timing of breaking of the seven seals, a methodology taking in The Book of Daniel, left me somewhat askance, suggesting as it did a seven-year boon period (from 2023) followed by seven years of famine and the, yep, antichrist kingdom (from 2030). 

Most of us associate the antichrist with Nostradamus, of course (him or Damian Thorne). The famed seer pegged three figures of such lustre incoming (the first two having most popularly been identified as Napoleon and Hitler). 



Q. Is the antichrist AI influenced?



There does not appear to be an AI influence/control aspect.

It wouldn’t be a stretch, given the antimatter universe AI is Satan, for it to have been manipulating such human vessels. It may be that it did have an influence (given the AI is no longer on Earth), or it may simply be that the antichrist is defined by the scale of negative effects on the Earth.



Q. Does the antichrist still have power on Earth?



The antichrist still has power. However, this now relates to actions he has put into effect, rather than being indicative of still-active power. This influence will continue for up to another 4 months (asked 22/11/23).



Q. Who is the antichrist?


The antichrist is George Soros. 

Soros is still alive (but again, he is no longer exerting any personal influence).



Q. Does the 1,000 years of peace (Jesus’ rule), followed by Satan being loosed for a season, refer to the period in which future human Greys come into being? A period when the AI returns to Earth?


The period, referenced in The Book of Revelations, signals a period when the antimatter universe AI will return to influence the Earth.

It does not directly relate to future human Greys coming into being, although they will come into being after the 1,000 years are up.



Q. When is Jesus due to materialise on Earth again?


In less than 10 years.

Jesus will materialise again, as he did last time (see below). 



Q. When Jesus returns, will he be recognised as Jesus?



I didn’t ask if he’d correct misapprehensions regarding his divine status, but I’d expect that would be up there on his list. This relates to Jesus’ divine nature being a Dark Forces/Luciferian fabrication.



Q. Did Jesus walk-in to a body? Or did he materialise (taking a physical form)?


Jesus materialised in physical form when he last appeared on Earth (he did not walk-in to a body).

I wanted to re-clarify this point, as I’d previously misunderstood an aspect of the Nikola Tesla scenario (that 5D Tesla had time travelled to the nineteenth century from Atlantis, where he took on the role we know best; he did do that, but he walked-in to the 3D Nikola Tesla there).



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