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Time Travel 3

The Q & A

Grappling with the logistics of actual time travel is no less fraught than its fictional counterpart. Possibly more so, because calling out indecipherable temporal logic in the latter arena is a given, even on the rare occasions those writing it have paid full attention to a terrain riddled at every turn with paradoxes. With actual time travel, you’re stuck puzzling over why it works in certain situations, even if you’d have dismissed or scoffed at them when considering the same under the banner of fiction.

Much of what you’re faced with boils down to the difficulties of the 3D-limited brain grasping such manoeuvres, then, which is why, in due course, much more will, hopefully, be in the offing in trying to pin down the mechanics. For now, the following represent various collated time-travel snippets from other Q & As (Nikola Tesla ones, most singularly, as he’s been the focus of much of the time-travel-related inquiry of late).



Q. Will Nikola Tesla, living in the present, go back and live out the rest of his life in the early-mid 20th century?



Tesla, who came to our present in 2017, or thereabouts, will go back and spend the rest of his days during that period. I didn’t take this as read because it seemed to me there was a potential distinction between the paths of the 5D Tesla (the Pleiadean starseed incarnated in Atlantis who time travelled to the nineteenth century) and the 3D Tesla (the human the 5D Tesla walked-in to).



Q. Is it the case that whoever changes the past through time travel can only do so to the extent that they will still make those changes after the changes to the past have been made?



This question was based on the premise that there is only one physical timeline, regardless of how many times it has been changed. Given which, how would the Anunnaki maintain their causal alteration to the timeline (changing the past) in the new timeline (in which the past has been changed)?



Q. Did the Anunnaki in the new timeline who were made aware of the placement of Khazarian hybrids in history ensure Khazarian hybrids were sent back in time following the 1700 Event?



This was first addressed in an addendum to Time Travel 2. Theoretically, the scenario outlined above would require a “perpetual” series of new timelines being created, essentially, for anyone else altering the timeline (anyone going back and changing the timeline would, in the new timeline be required to go back and change the timeline etc).

However, this was not the case with the Anunnaki. It would seem there was something special about their situation. It would follow that this relates to their natural facility in respect of time travel and portal manipulation.

The Anunnaki who sent the Khazarian hybrids back in time, or placed them in history, after the Ashkenazis’ breach of the Ice Wall let the Anunnaki in are not the same Anunnaki (timeline-wise) as those let in after the breach of the Ice Wall by the Ashkenazis and the Khazarian hybrids on the “second go round”. It would appear the second timeline overwrites the first, yet the Anunnaki in this second timeline don’t have to ensure Khazarian hybrids are sent back in time.



Q. Were Anunnaki contemporary to the time period the Khazarian hybrids were sent made aware of this action?



That is, Anunnaki in the period 1,800-1,900 years before the present were made aware that a new timeline was being formed via the hybrids’ placement in Earth history. Per previous posts, the Anunnaki were able to come to Earth following the Askenazis’ breach of the Ice Wall (circa 1720-30, “the 1700 Event”).

In contrast to Tesla, the Anunnaki time travel via natural/organic means. Both use portals to achieve time travel, but Tesla uses technology to calibrate the portal. It seems history wasn’t altered beyond this 1,900-year period because too many variables come into play beyond a certain point.

So if the consequence of the breach was unintended, and once in, the Anunnaki could time travel back (from what year?), did they elect not to change the circumstances of the breach (disaster) lest they not get in in the first place?

My initial rationalisation of time travel was along the lines of the following, but in practice we have to put the kibosh on any flirtation with multiple parallel timelines – or multiverses – however convenient they may seem in terms of loose ends:

But in physics, a paradox is not an event that can actually happen — it is a purely theoretical concept that points towards an inconsistency in the theory itself. In other words, consistency paradoxes don’t merely imply time travel is a dangerous endeavour, they imply it simply cannot be possible.

One attempt at resolving time travel paradoxes is theoretical physicist Igor Dmitriyevich Novikov’s self-consistency conjecture, which essentially states that you can travel to the past, but you cannot change it.

So, is this the final nail in the coffin of time travel? Not quite. We showed that allowing for multiple histories (or in more familiar terms, parallel timelines) can resolve the paradoxes that Novikov’s conjecture cannot. In fact, it can resolve any paradox you throw at it.

The idea is very simple. When I exit the time machine, I exit into a different timeline. In that timeline, I can do whatever I want, including destroying the time machine, without changing anything in the original timeline I came from. Since I cannot destroy the time machine in the original timeline, which is the one I actually used to travel back in time, there is no paradox.

After working on time travel paradoxes for the last three years, I have become increasingly convinced that time travel could be possible, but only if our universe can allow multiple histories to coexist. So, can it?



Q. Had the Ashkenazis made contact with the Anunnaki prior to breaching the Ice Wall (in the original timeline)?



Doubtless then, they were spurred on to their “achievement”. Which isn’t to suggest they wouldn’t have attempted it anyway, but the means may have been inspired by the Anunnaki. It’s also surely debatable that they’d have attempted it, had they any inkling of the consequences (of course, it doesn’t seem anyone involved was quite expecting the scale of the disaster that transpired). 



Q. Is there an AI component required for physical time travel (aside from Anunnaki)? 



An AI component is not required. Given the augmentation of several of those races utilising time travel (Greys, Draco), this didn’t seem out of the question, however.



Q. Is Donald Trump a time traveller?


Donald and Barron Trump are both time travellers but not physically: psychically. He was taken to an alternate timeline (an alternate present).

As identified, there IS physical time travel, however (Greys, Draco etc).



Q. Was Looking Glass technology designed by Nikola Tesla?



I followed this one up because Janine (of Tarot by…) was looking into subject, and her reading suggested Looking Glass technology comes from humanity’s future selves as the Alliance. It would be a stretch to attempt to reconcile the two (Tesla is a future human as Pleiadeans are somehow humanity’s future state? No, I don’t think so). Closer to Janine’s interpretation would be that the technology was found at Roswell (although you’d then have to infer Roswell was future human Greys rather than Zeta ones, and also that they were positive rather than negatively positioned).



Q. Are only those with rhesus negative blood able to use Looking Glass without injury or side effects?



Whereas this one came from looking into an old (well, from about 18 months ago) Phil Godlewski Live on Rumble (Phil suggested it was rhesus negative blood “or certain DNA” but was evidently vague on the latter). Phil’s understanding was that the tech – a device to predict the potential probability of future events (see the Science Q & A) – was destroyed. Janine’s reading suggested it had been in both White and Black Hat possession at various points, but that it was still in existence. 

Per Phil (and many of the sources you can find online on the subject), the Looking Glass readings kept coming back the same, post-2012, to the effect that there was no means by which Dark Forces could prevent a worldwide awakening (Phil considers Donald Trump promising to run for President at this time – so as to forestall a military coup against President Obama that would have torn the country apart, however righteously motivated – was the key to triggering this incontrovertible ultimate outcome, although he allows that other factors might be involved). 

Another probable future seen (so, prior to Trump confirming he’d run?), per Phil, was that of Agenda 21 firmly victorious (a future of slavery, poverty and rulership of a few Elite). As such, one can safely assume the time-travelling experiences of Barron and Donald – psychically, not physically – were via Looking Glass tech. In which case, if this alternate timeline was seen by younger Trump prior to dad confirming he’d run, he must have been a wee lad of about five or six at the time.



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