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The Universe II

The Q & A

It’s been some time since the last Q & A, mostly due to little opportunity to pursue such matters. Consequently, while this month’s revisiting an array of subjects will provide (hopefully) a spate of clarifications and reframing of prior assumptions – as ever, the specificity of a question’s wording can shine a light or send one on a wild goose chase, and the usual way of discovering the latter is some way down the line – further inquiry will also be necessary in due course, to confirm whether certain arising speculations and conclusions are correct.

While these should all be posted within a few days of each other, the first is a follow up to The Universe, because it’s a big one. Not the Universe, per se, but a key factor in its “composition”, if you will. This has largely proved necessary due to those aforementioned prior assumptions, as will become clear. Albeit, this doesn’t preclude previous answers being erroneous (or alternatively, present ones; by and large, however, this refined understanding makes more sense of certain other, previously established factors). Anything more would be getting into the meat of the it, so onward with the inquiry…

Addendum 20/05/24: It would seem some of the Universe answers here represent only part of the story – some may also be flat-out wrong, and thus require revisiting – and I’d suggest Honey Golden or the Ascension Glossary as useful resources. It would appear we’re dealing, in part, with perspectives and simultaneous truths: besides the projections of the Sun and Moon and the planets as part of the sky ice, there’s an actual sun and bodies “out there”, the Moon is a space station and space is plasma, but at the same time, we’re in a crater at the edge of an infinite realm at the centre of the universe…



Q. Are there other places in the Universe, besides Earth and the realm beyond the Ice Wall?


Yes. There are other places in the Universe. 

Previous answers agreed with this: that there are other places in the Universe, created at the same time as the realm beyond the Ice Wall and that both are ageless.



Q. Are there other 3D-physical places in the Universe, other than beyond the Ice Wall?



Assuming the above is correct, this is where either misconstruction, lack of clarity (in posing questions) or errors (in the answers) have previously occurred. It frankly made more sense, given previous answers relating to the planets (non-physical), space (non-existent), sun and moon (plasma, between the firmaments), and ETs (largely of higher-density, so non-physical in our terms), that we are dealing with a greater Universe that doesn’t correspond to any traditional interpretations of the same. 

Similarly, though, that Universe isn’t “just” whatever is found beyond the Ice Wall. I had difficulty reconciling earlier answers that the Earth – and therefore also the realm beyond the Ice Wall – is centre of the Universe if there were other physical places elsewhere created at the same time (not to mention the question of how such places would corelate in terms of physical space, without physical outer space between them). Yet it seemed other answers – that there were ETs who were 3D, and various references to humans visiting other places in the Universe – invited such a reading. As I’ll discuss further in ETs Part 2, the most conducive interpretation of those factors is that the terms “Universe” and “ET” cannot be conferred as entirely distinct from the realm beyond the Ice Wall (even though answers have, on various occasions, distinguished races from the realm beyond the Ice Wall as non-ETs).



Q. Are there other D-physical places elsewhere in the Universe, other than beyond the Ice Wall?



The conclusion from the above would logically be that, while densities beyond the third are not, as a matter of course, visible or interactive with those lower, they are also necessarily inseparable from each other, in terms of the essential building blocks of physical existences.

Extrapolating, therefore, a Pleiadean or Arcturan or Andromedan only truly becomes “ET” after they have left physical incarnation behind. Thus, where there are, say 5D or 6D-physical ETs, they would be accounted for as starseeds of one description or other (most likely incarnated on Earth, as humans).

A past Q & A question received confirmation that there are other flat planes elsewhere in the Universe (as per beyond the Ice Wall), and while this could simply be an inaccurate answer, it could, more probably, reflect the nebulous nature of the question (define “plane”). It would appear the essential 3D-ness (or 1D and 2D-ness, to break it down further)  of the Universe (this universe) is its defining characteristic, in terms of experience and expression of Source, even though there are non-physical 5D+ realms elsewhere in it (that nebulous part again, but most positive ET races are not “located” beyond the Ice Wall, so they ARE “somewhere”, even if that somewhere isn’t a place as we would encounter it). The physical is the seed for any other mode of existence, be that ET, antimatter or probable reality.

Again, referencing an earlier answer, seeking the correlation between Earth/the realm beyond the Ice Wall and other “places”, it seems everywhere else is “peripheral”. Which makes sense, if all life in the Universe of human or higher intelligence originates from the realm beyond the Ice Wall.



Past Questions


The following represent a selection of answers in respect of universal themes, some of which have appeared in previous Q & As under other topics, with additional commentary where appropriate.



Q. Are the planets of the solar system actually astral “bodies”? Or are they part of sky ice map?


The “planets” are part of the sky ice.



Q. Are the planets’ dimensional properties (identified below) correct?



Their dimensional properties, as set out by Edgar Cayce, are as follows: Venus – 4; Jupiter – 5; Uranus – 7; Mercury – 7; Mars – 1; Saturn – 0.

The Ra Material, for example, recounts that Ra sojourned on Venus. While Ra (“I am Ra”) suggested “he” was in physical form on Venus, transitioning from 2- to 3- to 4D, this was actually a non-physical “sphere” of development. Likewise, the first souls to incarnate on Earth – again, per Ra – came from Mars, and Mars was also a non-physical experience for those souls.



Q. Are the Sun and the Moon plasma projections?



This was previously addressed in The Earth – Part II.



Q. Do the other planets in the solar system exist dimensionally beyond their representation as part of the sky ice map?



That is, they are not physical bodies in the 3D sense – or in any other D-physical sense – but rather, they represent centres with energetic properties a soul may choose to encounter on its journey.



Q. Does the sky ice map represent their dimensional coordinates (as opposed to their existing in 3D space)?



The sky ice map represents the planets’ dimensional “place” (the planets “in” the sky ice map are not the place itself, but then, the “place” does not exist in physical terms).

The sky ice map being the formation we see above us when we look at “the stars” at night.



Q. Does the firmament move (re star alignments)?



The firmament does not move. The sky ice moves.

As such, it would seem the firmament is that within, or without, the sky ice (depending on where you are in relation to the sky ice).



Q. Are the “planets and stars” between the firmaments?



The Sun and the Moon are between firmaments. The planets and stars (or their representations) are “in” the sky ice.



Q. Are Corey Goode’s reports of meetings with Inner Earth groups accurate?



There are seven Inner Earth groups. Meetings with them take place physically. As reported by Corey Goode, they have breakaway civilisations. Corey’s account includes breakaway Mayans and the Anshar (white-haired Nordic types). Reference to Inner Earth groups can be found in other material, such as the Law of One. While Corey identifies the breakaway civilisations as located on other planets in the Universe, this cannot be the case, given the earlier answers. If these breakaway civilisations still have some form of physical capacity, therefore, they must be situated beyond the Ice Wall.



Q. Is time travel being used in the Universe generally in attempts to gain the advantage? 



We have, on the one hand, Nikola Tesla inventing time-travel technology. Clearly, though, certain race(s) have the natural means to navigate time through portal jumping, such as the Anunnaki. Whether such time travel simply – well, as simply as these things can be – relates to activity beyond the Ice Wall, at least as much as the time travel is occurring physically (in whatever density), is unclear, but it could feasibly also relate to time travel in the antimatter universe.



Q. Is the Earth’s status mirroring that of the Universe generally, in terms of positive vs negative forces’ defeat and timelines?



There have been intimations of this in the likes of Corey Goode’s material. Earth’s “fate” reflects the situation in the broader Universe. Or, if you like, the situation beyond the Ice Wall (as it relates to the physical Universe). 



Q. Are portals real?



Portals are real. They can be passed through physically. They can be stumbled through.

Bigfoots did not stumble through them, however (the Anunnaki brought them here). Portals thus represent the principle means of travel from Earth to the realm beyond the Ice Wall. They are also used to facilitate time travel.



Q. Does the 1,000 years of peace (on Earth) reflect the Universe generally?



Whether this is also true of the antimatter universe is unclear.



Q. When did the AI enter our universe?


500 years ago.

The precept here is that the AI (that is, Satan, among its various personalities) entered our Universe from the antimatter universe. When the 1,000 years of peace are up, it will once again return to our Universe “for a season” (per The Book of Revelation). 


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