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The Law of One 2

The Q & A

I’m unsure when I’ll embark on a further tranche of dedicated Law of One-related questions, but there follow a few that arose in respect of other subjects – most notably ETs – that seemed suitable for collating.

If you recall, the Law of One channellings (“I am Ra”) were confirmed as 85-90 percent accurate in previous answers. A significant factor with incorrect information – although simple distortion from source through channel is also salient – appeared to be areas that could negatively impact the free will of those involved. Most consistently, this seemed to relate to the false paradigm Carla Rueckert (the channel), Don Elkins (the questioner) and James McCarty (largely recording the material) lived under, the same one we all have. 

One might take issue with Ra in this, pointing to all the other consciousness-expanding concepts that weren’t considered infringements – not least Ra relaying to all three that they were starseeds – but there are (or were) evidently certain bedrock concepts that could pique unease and distress. You only have to look at Don’s disbelieving response to the idea that the US government had its own UFO programme, to the extent that he was ready to question the very legitimacy of the contact, to recognise that everyone has their own distinctive boundaries (likewise with the – even more reliable, at 90-95 percent – Seth Material and Jane Roberts’ resistance to certain matters she was unconvinced over; Seth at times could be found identifying her “prejudices” had caused distortion in the material received). 

So with Ra, you can more than likely take it that ETs and planetary sojourns have some basis in fact, albeit not quite in the literal way Ra imparts them. Ra’s own development on Venus, for example. Various races or creatures suggested to have undergone incarnatory experiences on particular planetary bodies were, it turns, out, undergoing those experiences in the realm beyond the Ice Wall. 

It’s only relatively recently that Flat Earth has gained traction, transitioning from a somewhat endearing crank niche to one that is viewed, not least in conspiracy circles possessive of whichever particular strand(s) it may be of “legitimacy”, as dangerous, obfuscating and opposed to all that is good, decent and scientifically upstanding (add “CIA-fuelled” to the list for the conspiracy theory take). Which isn’t to suggest, had either source utilised a channel who entertained such notions, that pertinent information wouldn’t have been included, but one wonders also if there isn’t a “time and place” for certain exposure. That, for example, the very deliberate, methodical approaches taken by both channelling groups, and the concomitant resistance to more “titillating” arcane matter, gave them a reputability (in the New Age or alternative sphere) they might not otherwise have garnered, even given they are, still, relatively obscure. 

Besides which, it’s evident that Ra (“I am Ra”) wasn’t mad keen on exploring such avenues as UFOs. Ra, of course, without the “benefit” of having a 3D stage in his/their journey, was well within his rights to “reiterate that this type of information is very shallow and of no particular consequence”. Because, from his perspective, it had no value in broadening the spiritual paths of the trio and, by extension, the audience they’d tap. I’d disagree entirely, but I’m doing so from the vantage of 40 years later, when the catalogue of obfuscations and deceits engineered by Dark Forces is nearing its end. To be exposed to them in their “full bloom” might simply have suggested a hopeless and overwhelming situation, had the detail even been readily assimilated. 

Ra may have – and Seth too, who even more conspicuously rejects elite control – adopted an “ignorance is bliss” with regard to some of the least salubrious aspects of Earth existence, and the endurance of the Law of One Material – even, to reiterate, given its relatively limited audience – is surely testament to such an approach, and that it always keeps the essential spiritual path in line of sight (well, okay, perhaps not so much those later tarot analyses).



Q. Are Big Foots those from Maldek (working through karma in 2D form)? 



The Ra Material tells it that the inhabitants of Maldek destroyed their own world. The effect of this was collectively so deleterious that they chose to work through their karma in 2D form, in the limited capacity of Big Foots (or Sasquatch, or – I assume – Yeti). 

Per Ra, Maldek was a physical planet in our solar system approximately 500,000 years ago, and “These entities, destroying their planetary sphere, thus were forced to find room for themselves upon this third density… to decrease their mind/body/spirit distortions with respect to the Law of One”. Theirs was a civilisation “somewhat similar to that of the societal complex known to you as Atlantis in that it gained much technological information and used it without care for the preservation of their sphere following to a majority extent… service to self”. The result was apocalypse: “The devastation that wracked their biosphere and caused its disintegration resulted from what you call war”.

It proved necessary for an intervention (by the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator), so as to “untie the knot of fear… The entities were then able to recall that they were conscious”. Subsequently, “the group decision was to place upon itself a type of what you may call karma alleviation. For this purpose, they came into incarnation” as Bigfoots “until the distortions of destruction are replaced by distortions towards the desire for a less distorted vision of service to others”. 

Ra further imparts that “Most of those beings so succeeding have incarnated elsewhere in the creation for the succeeding cycle in third density. There remain a few who have not yet alleviated through the mind/body/spirit coordination of distortions the previous action taken by them. Therefore, they remain. These are one type of Bigfoot”.

The remaining few would go to account for the relative rarity of the creatures. As for the “one type of Bigfoot”, Ra refers to three types: the Maldekians; those “engineered physical vehicles” able to withstand radiation in the event of nuclear war; and a thought-form. Ra’s references to the destruction of Atlantis are another example of preserving a paradigm, in this case a mythological one (telling the trio Atlantis still exists, but its inhabitants are now in 5D or above, would likely have been as confusing and distracting as Flat Earth or parsing how it’s actually Crater Earth).



Q. Is/was Maldek a place elsewhere in the Universe? 



Maldek is neither another place in the Universe nor a former Earth. Maldek is a continent beyond the Ice Wall (one might fault the definitions of Universe here, and I’ve found some of the distinctions preserved by answers a little confusing and at times distracting, but I assume, in this instance, it was to distinguish between a 3D place – which could only be here or beyond the Ice Wall – and a non-physical “place”, which could be elsewhere in the Universe).

The Ra Material informs us of Bigfoots that “They dwell within your deeper underground passageways” and also that those designed to withstand nuclear war “dwell in uninhabited deep forest”. It seems they were expressly brought here by the Anunnaki, via portals (rather than simply stumbling through them with a regularity not seen with other beyond-the-Ice-Wall lifeforms).



Q. Were those from Maldek formerly in a different form?



The Ra Material presents the “Maldekians” as incarnating on Earth “in what were not acceptable human forms” (the Bigfoots), for the purposes of the aforementioned karma alleviation. However, it actually seems that, karma-wise, the Maldek people went from 3D to 2D. Meaning, if I understand this correctly, they were previously Bigfoots in 3D, and the working out of karma has taken the form of consciousness/awareness rather than a change in the physical vessel.



Q. Did Ra start out somewhere else, if Venus has never been 3D? Did Ra experience 3D somewhere else?



Ra was never 3D physical (albeit, starseeds of Ra have incarnated as, for example, humans).

Ra told that he was in physical form on Venus, transitioning from 2 to 3 to 4D, and that Venus is now a 5/6D planet. Ra was on Venus 2.6 billion years ago (and the end of Ra’s 3D sojourn there coincided with the beginning of 2D on Earth).

So we have Ra presenting vast timeframes in respect of the history of the Universe, ones that are congruent with “accepted” evolutionary theory, since that’s the paradigm the trio were working under. The Q & A gives Venus as both part of the firmament and holding distinctive dimensional qualities. As such, one might visit its “planetary sphere” – if you want to call it that – if one were of amenable dimensional aspect or density, but one wouldn’t be there physically, in 3D (or any other D-physical). 



Q. If the first souls on Earth were from Mars, at what stage were they (in terms of density)?


For those of Mars, Earth was the first time they were in 3D.

Evidently, then, there was some need for an environment such as Earth’s at that time (see also the next question), so as to “nurture” younger souls in a conducive manner.

In Ra’s account, the first 3D beings on Earth arrived (as souls) from Mars 75,000 years ago (Earth is approximately 50,000 years old, so were Ra’s timeframe accurate, they’d have been hanging about, drumming their lack of fingers for about 25,000 years). Ra put their departure down to untoward surface conditions causing their physical demise (owing to “bellicose actions” that yielded “atmospheric” difficulties).



Q. Were Lemurians from a 2D planet in the Deneb galaxy (whose inhabitants had difficulty achieving 3D)?



Those souls incarnating as Lemurians were from a land beyond the Ice Wall. They did have difficulty achieving 3D, however, and Earth offered appropriate conditions for actualisation.

The Ra Material refers to these pre-Lemurians as having, on their second-density planet, experienced “some difficulty, due to the age of its sun, in achieving third-density life conditions. This planet was from the galaxy Deneb” (Ra also identifies “those of Deneb who had chosen to incarnate as a body in what you would call China”).



Q. What percentage of starseeds of Ra are in 6D? Are in 5D? Are in Lemuria (50 percent)? Are in Atlantis? Are on known Earth (20 percent)?


All starseeds of Ra are in 6D.

This question was asked in the first Law of One Q & A, but clarification seemed appropriate. It seems the 20-50 percent figure for Ra starseeds can be broken down to 20 percent of Ra starseeds incarnating on the known Earth and 50 percent of Ra starseeds incarnating in Lemuria (it seems 50 percent of Lemurian starseeds are also Ra starseeds, which wouldn’t necessarily follow).

Breaking the figures down (which themselves are prone to being imprecise) for starseeds can get a little confusing (see the Starseeds Q & As), but it would appear those of Ra are in the 2-3 percent of non-Pleiadean starseeds incarnated on the known Earth; when asked if they were 20 percent of the 2-3 percent, this came back as no, which may point to a flaw in formulating the question, since it can prove problematic getting the sums to work on that level. We’d also need to work out where the other 30 percent are.

Ra is, understandably, big on Ra starseeds, or wanderers as Ra calls them, and identified that “a significant portion of sixth-density Wanderers are those of our social memory complex” (he added, of the trio he was engaging with, “Two are a sixth-density origin, one a fifth-density harvestable to sixth”. In which case, perhaps back in the 1980s there were some 5D Ra starseeds, but no longer).



Q. What percentage of starseeds of Ra are in in Atlantis? 



One gets the impression Atlantis has traditionally been a preserve of Pleiadeans, and this would seem to confirm that.



Q. What percentage of starseeds on Earth are those of Ra overall?


15 percent.

Again, if you break the figures down (referring to earlier Starseed answers), these figures may not add up entirely satisfactorily, so probably best to take them in a loose and ballpark sense.



Q. What percentage of starseeds are consciously aware they are starseeds?


Less than 10 percent.

This is non-Ra-specific, but since it’s unlikely there’ll be another starseeds Q & A for a while, it seems like an appropriate inclusion.

The answer makes sense, not least because the Ra channellers needed to be told, and because it’s unlikely that, unless you’re a channeller yourself (with regard to receiving such information ie having such antennae attuned) or know one, you’ll be apprised (I posed the question with a view to those starseeds either being consciously aware or having been told as much). 



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