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ETs and Other Ultradimensionals Part 2

The Q & A

You’ll become familiar with this introductory refrain if you’re trawling through this month’s Q & As, but much of the following can be found in other Q & As; this is consequently intended to serve more as a readily locatable reference than offering all-new content. Mostly, then, the purpose here is to clarify the status of ETs.  



Q. Are there other places in the Universe, besides Earth and the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



There are other places in the Universe. 

Earlier answers agreed with this, that there are other places in the Universe, created at the same time as the realm beyond the Ice Wall and that both are ageless.



Q. Are there other 3D-physical places in the Universe, other than beyond the Ice Wall?



Assuming the accuracy of the above answer, earlier discussions on this subject have fallen victim either to misinterpretation, lack of clarity (in posing questions) or errors (in the answers). It made more sense, given previous answers relating to ETs (largely higher density, so non-physical in our terms) that we are dealing with a greater Universe that doesn’t correspond to any traditional, Earth-based interpretations of the same. Similarly, answers suggested the Universe isn’t “just” whatever is found beyond the Ice Wall. 

However, I had difficulty reconciling earlier answers affirming the Earth (and therefore also the realm beyond the Ice Wall) as centre of the Universe if there were other physical places, ones created at the same time (not to mention the question of how such places would corelate in terms of physical space without physical outer space between them). Yet it seemed other answers – that there were ETs who were 3D, along with various references to humans visiting other places in the Universe – invited such a reading. 

As such, the most reasonable interpretation of these factors seems to be that neither “Universe” nor “ET” can count as entirely distinct in definition from the realm beyond the Ice Wall (even though answers have, on various occasions, distinguished races from the realm beyond the Ice Wall as non-ETs).

For the most part, ETs have come up as being of advanced density, and therefore not restricted to the physical as we perceive it (or even, necessarily, the physical as we don’t: inhabiting higher-D physical bodies). As noted, one of the major factors that led me away from the conclusion that other places in the Universe (that is, aside from the Earth and the realm beyond the Ice Wall) lacked a 3D physical aspect was the understanding there were/are 3D ETs. At very least, when referencing Draco and Zeta-Greys, for example, there was no indication there was anything erroneous about defining them as such. If, however, they are in 3D, they can’t be ETs in the sense that higher density, non-physical races are (and since they are working negative, 3D bodies are prerequisites. Quite besides which, Draco are soulless). 

This would mean any Draco activity would, logically, be restricted to the Earth or the realm beyond the Ice Wall. Previous answers indicated Draco did not “come” from the realm beyond the Ice Wall, and further that there were no Draco beyond the Ice Wall. In retrospect, one might interpret this as their not being indigenous – ie, they weren’t a natural race there, but they were constituted by Anunnaki there and came here through portals – and that any who were there came here en masse. My interpretation had been that they arrived here from elsewhere in the Universe. Given the time of their inception (somewhere around the 1870s), however, it would seem equally feasible that they created here by the Anunnaki (otherwise, one would need to extrapolate less obvious mechanisms, such as their somehow being created by Anunnaki within portals, or having some connection to the antimatter universe).

The only other scenario I can come up with that would see the Draco lent a pertinent ET definition might be activity in non-physical dimensions. We have seen that various of experiences Corey Goode reported as 3D (such as his Moon base astral meeting(s) were not so. Whether there’s a capacity for a soulless race to operate in such territory (astral warfare, if you will), may require further consideration.

We have a similar situation with the Black Goo and the Vril (understood to have been brought to the Earth by the Draco). Since both were engineered, it doesn’t mean that, in spite of their not having originated beyond the Ice Wall (they weren’t indigenous), they weren’t “formulated” there. Alternatively, if the elements from which they were engineered were put into place on Earth, they would neither be from beyond the Ice Wall nor from Earth.

Likewise, Zeta Greys would be/were/will be based somewhere beyond the Ice Wall. Since, similarly to the Draco, it seems there are no Zeta Greys beyond the Ice Wall. A ready solution to this would be that, like future-human Greys, Zetas are from the future (so while there aren’t any beyond the Ice Wall now, there will be. It’s also worth considering also that they may operate in some non-physical – tech? – capacity, per the Corey Goode experiences). It’s quite possible that time travel also enters into the proliferation of the Draco in various scenarios, future expanses of activity included, since they have been confirmed as using it.

Addendum 25/03/24: This requires a significant amendment regarding the whole ETs/ Ice Wall/ physical places perception. See Beyond the Ice Wall 7.



Q. Are there other D-physical places elsewhere in the Universe, other than beyond the Ice Wall?



One might reason, given the above, that while densities beyond the third are not, as a matter of course, visible or interactive with those lower, they are also necessarily inseparable from each other in terms of the essential building blocks of physical existences.

Extrapolating, therefore, a Pleiadean or Arcturan or Andromedan only truly becomes “ET” after they have left physical incarnation behind. Thus, where there are, say 5D or 6D-physical ETs, the interpretation would be that these are starseeds of one description or other (most likely incarnated on Earth, as humans).

A past Q & A question received confirmation that there are other flat planes elsewhere in the Universe (as per beyond the Ice Wall); while this could simply be an inaccurate answer, it more probably reflects the nebulous nature of the question (first define “plane”). It would appear that the essential 3D-ness (or 1D and 2D-ness, to break it down further) of the Universe is its defining characteristic, in terms of experience and expression of Source, and other states flow, grow or develop from that (in terms of “progress” of form and experience). 

Which is why there are non-physical 5D+ realms elsewhere in the Universe (that nebulous part again, but most positive ET races are not “located” beyond the Ice Wall, so they ARE “somewhere”, even if that where isn’t a place as we would encounter it). Again, referencing an earlier answer, seeking the relationship between Earth/the realm beyond the Ice Wall and other “places”, it seems everywhere else is “peripheral”. Which makes sense, if all life in the Universe of human or higher intelligence originates from the realm beyond the Ice Wall.

Addendum 25/03/24: This requires a significant amendment regarding the whole ETs/ Ice Wall/ physical places perception. See Beyond the Ice Wall 7.



Q. What density are Raptors?



It’s been previously established that raptors were Anunnaki-engineered, but in contrast to the also-reptilian, also-Anunnaki-engineered Draco, they possess souls. The reptilian form has been indicated as inherently negative; as such, any soul incarnated in one will encounter significant difficulties in working positive.



Q. What density are Mantids?



If I were to hazard a guess, it would be that they were Anunnaki engineered. There are both positive and negative Mantids.



Q. What density are Orion Nordics?



Orion Nordics are a positive ET race. These would, presumably be the same Orion ETs as the Tall Whites.

How non-physical Orion ETs relate to the, presumably, 3D physical war in the Orion sector – the one referenced by Captain Mark Richards involving Draco, Reptoids, Spider Trogs and Greys against Mantids, Pleiadeans and humans – is unclear. If it’s 3D physical, it must be occurring/have occurred/will occur (I include the latter because of the potential ramifications of Grey involvement, but also because much of the circumstantial logistics seem to be pointing that way) in the realm beyond the Ice Wall.



Q. What density are Aldebarans?


Third and fourth.

4D coming up is curious, as it hasn’t until now in answers (although, it’s frequently referenced in the Ra Material, channelled during the early 1980s, and in respect of the density of negative Orion group entities). 



Q. Do Aldebarans live in the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



Notable in respect of the Aldebarans is that a previous question asked if they were a negative ET race, eliciting an affirmative response. So, for the purposes of races living beyond the Ice Wall, there’s precedent for them being identified as ETs, even if, at other times, answers have offered a distinction between the two (Mark Richards suggested the Aldebarans were visiting the Earth and helping the Nazis, neither of which, it seems, was the case). 

Alternatively, since they’re both third and fourth density, it could be the latter enables tentative ET status while the rest of their number are local (in which case, it would require those in 4D to be working positive).



Q. What density are Canonians?



Mark Richards identified the Canonians as a dog-like race from Sirius, allies of humans.



Q. What density are Cat People?



The Cat People were previously identified as living beyond the Ice Wall, and the inspiration for the Na’vi in Avatar.



Q. What density are Andromedans?


Seventh to twelfth.

That the lowest Andromedans are seventh suggests they’ve long since dispensed with incarnating physically (except, presumably, as starseeds).



Q. Are races in 5D not involved physically in the war with the Draco?



Those ET races are aiding those in 3D.



Q. Does a physically incarnated 5D Atlantean or Pleiadean have to adjust their perception/ energy to be aware of 3D environment and people?



If this is accurate, it would represent a distinction from those starseeds incarnated as humans (who, it seems, count as 5D etc, but were born in 3D human bodies).



Q. Pre-Draco and Greys, were the any 3D ET visitors to Earth? (Did portal travel only allow through non-physical, or higher D entities or higher vibration ones?)



Again, we’re looking at ET definitions for those in 3D here, but the inference would be that such engagement is a post-1700 Event thing (excepting where time travel has taken place).



Q. How many positive ET races are there beyond the Ice Wall?



When this was last asked, positive races included those from Lyra, Arcturus, Andromeda and Vega. Currently, there are only those from Arcturus and Andromeda.

Asked how many positive ET races were there beyond the Ice Wall, it became clear that the answer was all of them, since all ET races originated beyond the Ice Wall.



Q. What percentage of starseeds of Ra are in in Atlantis? 



Ra representing, more familiarly in recent years, Corey Goode’s Blue Avians (originally on Venus and never in physical form).



Q. What percentage of starseeds on Earth are those of Ra overall?


15 percent.

(A previous 20 percent figure given in respect of these starseeds relates to those incarnated in the known Earth.)



Q. Are 50 percent of Lemurian starseeds Ra starseeds?



This contrasts to Atlantis, where there are no Ra starseeds.



Q. Will any density that is physical will have corresponding bodies of that density?



If working positive, the density will be reflected in the physical body.

If working negative, the density will be third, however high (so Anunnaki working 6D negative are 3D physical).



Q. Which ET races contributed to human DNA?



Only Positive Anunnaki did (6D positive, 6D bodies).

While ETs were divinely inspired in respect of inculcating humans, the positive Anunnaki who created them were not divinely inspired.



Q. Does the 1,000 years of peace (on Earth) reflect the Universe generally?



This derives from The Book of Revelations, much of it proving pertinent to events unfolding in the Universe right now.



Q. Did the Draco have ultimate control of US and USSR? 



The Draco did not have ultimate control of US and USSR. The problem with this would be assuming the obverse. Evidently, both have been hot beds of negative influences, be it Deep State or the communist scourge. One might also confer the wrong connotation here (did AI have ultimate control? Was it Draco/AI remit to influence rather than control per se? That is, pushing pieces in the right (wrong) direction, rather than simply puppeteering them).

This was previously considered in White Hats X, with regard to the nuclear threat/Cold War. The Draco undoubtedly controlled a portion of the Earth, presumably the portion the Anunnaki relinquished (albeit, the Anunnaki maintained influence over Israel). The degree to which Draco=AI control is undetermined. 

As I suggested in that Q & A, the inference is that the level of control was neither as direct nor unqualified as one might assume when entertaining the prospect of a globe-spanning Elite simply calling the shots. That is, there were the factions thereof, ones not necessarily on the same or even similar pages, aside from keeping largely schtum about their presence and oversight – Ben Fulford has always been keen on documenting such groups, sometimes seemingly contradictorily – and then there are those off-world forces, who may have – or had – an influence or purview over nations (and again, there are those among them who may be at philosophical loggerheads). 

In the Cold War’s instance, it would seem the threat was “controlled” at the highest level, so I’d infer, if that understanding was accurate, either the Draco weren’t the ones having that say (which would leave the AI) or they only intervened when there was a danger of envisaged plans going awry (an apocalyptic conflagration would not, most likely, be in their best interests, particularly given how control lapsed after the 1700 Event).



Q. Did Reptoids, Draco and Greys exert influence over China, North Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, CERN, Iran, Central and South America, the Vatican and Putin/Russia?



Mark Richards identified Reptoid/Draco/Grey influence over those identified nations/institutions/tech at various points. I’ve intentionally used “influence” rather than “control”, due to the nuances, per the above, in terms of more direct “control”.



Q. Did the Nordics exert influence over Britain?


The Nordics are confirmed as a positive ET race. Reptoid/Draco/Greys do not appear to have exerted an influence over Britain (or at least, not on a “guiding” level).



Q. Did the Raptors, Mantids, Pleiadeans and Canonians exert influence over the USA?


Yes to the above, bar the Raptors. The Raptors appeared to be Mark Richards’ preferred disinfo embellishment (as far as sketching them in as being a now benevolent ally).

As suggested, the manner in which such scenarios expressed themselves in practice calls for further inquiry. We know the Draco controlled the cloning centres and that attendance wasn’t limited to those countries over which they exerted controlling influence, while there’s also the extensive influence of the Khazarian Mafia (within, for example, the US and UK). It isn’t as if positive ETs having input ensured the USA and Britain were shining beacons of white light – far from it – but it may have meant the tide was kept from outright turning against them. It’s also worth noting that White Hat is a relative term; one essentially appears to qualify by standing in opposition to Dark Forces (of whatever manifestation). As such, figures who are not, by a reasonable yardstick, terribly nice – Hitler, Putin – qualify for White Hat status.


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