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Dark Forces III: Additional Inquiry into the Anunnaki and Draco

The Q & A

Not very conjugated in terms of titles, this series of Q & As. It follows The Draco, the Vril & the Black Goo and The Draco II: Donald Marshall, Droning, Chipheads & Cloning Centres. But the first look at Anunnaki can be found in Beyond the Ice Wall: The Races. So sorry about that. 

This one is largely a compilation of questions found elsewhere but pertaining to these Dark Forces mainstays. There are a few new ones in the mix, however, and a follow-up will clarify some of the conjecture laid out here.



Q. Were the Draco engineered by the Anunnaki from an existing creature/race?



This occurred less than 150 years ago. The intention in asking was to divine any distinction between the approach whereby (positive) Anunnaki engineered humans and (negative) Anunnaki engineered Draco. My assumption has been that the latter took a reptile and “beefed it up”, whereas the development of humans was a much more delicate, refined and extended process (we have established the Anunnaki used their own DNA in creating humanity, and it seems their race was the only one contributing DNA).

The timeframe for the Draco coming into existence is curious, to say the least. I’d imagined there was more history to it. It means they wasted no time – or the AI, infusing them with nanotech, wasted no time – in wresting control from their Anunnaki “overlords”, once they had been developed (previous answers confirmed the Draco supplanted the Anunnaki in the 1860s-1870s, albeit thy continued in an uneasy alliance). 

Of course, there may be temporal shenanigans involved here, since we know the Draco were “first” on Earth about 190 years before the 1700 Event – via time travel. Either something went very wrong for the Anunnaki very quickly with regard to their new creations (that suffusion with AI nanotech, presumably), which would suggest the Anunnaki “hatched” them in sufficient numbers off the bat that the Draco had no trouble assuming dominance, or they utilised time travel to gain control prior to the anniversary of their “birth”.



Q. Did the Anunnaki engineer the Vril?



Again, given their predilection for reptilian forms (Draco, Raptors etc), it would make sense if the Anunnaki were starting off with your common or garden reptile and going from there. Albeit, by all accounts, the Vril have particularly repugnant and inimical “qualities”.



Q. Did the Draco rebel when they were taken over by AI?



As alluded two answers back. Of course, the irony here is that the Anunnaki themselves worship the AI (in one of its forms). And indeed, are responsible for its inception (in one of their forms: see Antimatter II for more on this).



Q. Were earlier races ie Anunnaki and Pleiadeans also engineered? By other races in turn? By God? Were they souls experimenting with matter?


Earlier races – which pretty much runs the gamut, as far as I’m aware and excluding nefarious negative productivity of the manner identified above – such as those mentioned, were not engineered by others in turn. 

Rather, they gained physical aspect as souls experimenting with matter (this sounds much as the Cayce material suggests of souls’ initial interaction with the Earth. Indeed, it may be there was some distortion of channelling here, transposing elements of other races’ experience with that of early humanity (that said, it would appear other parts of the Cayce readings, such as references to humans, or the forms that would become humans, being initially hermaphroditic – not separated into male and female – are accurate, but represent part of the Anunnaki experimentation that led to humanity. It should be noted in this regard that the Anunnaki (Elohim) are commonly identified as hermaphrodites. In DNA and template terms, therefore, this would scan. Anything, however, relating to negative Anunnaki influence in that regard – “returning” to the form or venerating the same – is clearly a corruption of the divine inspiration that yielded humanity).



Q. How many races have the Anunnaki designed in the way they have designed humans?


9 (positively).

That is, positive Anunnaki have devised 8 races prior to humans. Whether these were situated beyond the Ice Wall or had their own time, as humans do, via placement in an Earth-type environment, is unclear. 



Q. How many races have the Anunnaki augmented or engineered the way they have Draco or Trogs?


66 (negatively).

Just off the bat, we have Draco, Trogs, Vril, Raptors and (presumably) Reptoids. I’d hazard Khazarians (human-Anunnaki hybrids) also count as one of these.

I don’t know if the Black Goo counts as a “race” (probably not). Indeed, it may be that a parasitical form like the Vril doesn’t either (albeit, Vril are one of various Anunnaki Chupacabras). And whether they’re also responsible for the menagerie of engineered grotesques Donald Marshall witnessed (more than likely), and whether they also count, or were relative one-offs, is uncertain (these include the 4.5ft Veknar (fleas), 8ft reptilian birds (Kemet and Amon Ra), isopods and scarab beetles). Quite possibly, rodentia giganticus – the name reeks of an adapted species – was also engineered, although they’re confirmed as coming from beyond the Ice Wall.



Q. Were ETs divinely inspired in respect of the creation of humanity, while the Anunnaki undertook the science?



This was to make explicit the previous understanding of the “arrangement”. While the Anunnaki contributed DNA (and ETs did not – well, given they would have no longer been 3D, being ETs, I guess this is retrospectively self-evident), their involvement in humanity’s creation was not divinely inspired. That inspiration came via the ET races.



Q. Is the Khazarian Mafia’s contact with Anunnaki or Draco via AI nanotech?



Their contact is not via nanotech. It’s via telepathy.

I’d previously recorded that this contact was through technological rather than psychic means, which led me to wonder if the means was nanotech-related. On the face of it, I must have taken that down erroneously – it has been known (unless there’s (a) a degree of augmentation involved in facilitating this telepathic communication and (b) Higher Self makes a distinction between psychic and telepathic).



Q. How much of the Earth was under Dark Forces control prior to the 1700 Event?


100 percent.

This was to reiterate previous understanding of the level of control in anticipation of the next question.



Q. How much of the Earth was under Dark Forces control following the 1700 Event?


14 percent.

This came as a surprise. You can find an account of the 1700 Event under a separate Q & A. The interesting part of the above is that we have two “go-rounds” of the 1700 Event (in the most germane sense): the first finds the Ashkenazis breaching the Ice Wall and firmament and allowing the Anunnaki in; the second finds the same scenario occurring after the Anunnaki placed human-Anunnaki hybrids back in time (approximately 1,800-1,900 years ago). This would suggest the decimation of their control structure was an incontrovertible given, due to apocalyptic scale of the event; its preservation is absolutely necessary (or they can’t get in, if we get into temporal logistics), so one would construe their planning for its aftermath was in respect of how the Earth and its “narrative” would subsequently be rebuilt (and reshaped).

There are other questions I need to tackle in this regard, but the difficulty comes in quantifying the whos, wheres and whens of control (see some of the Mark Richards info-related questions further on).



Q. Have positive blood types been edited in some way? 


Yes, positive blood types have been edited.

This came from a suggestion made by Phil Godlewski when discussing Looking Glass technology and its application (that those with positive blood types would suffer deleterious consequences from attempts to use the tech).

Of course, this is an example of a question requiring refinement of terms. One might suggest all blood types have been “edited” at some point. The implication is of negative influence, that the positive blood type has been “handicapped” in some way (Phil professes Rh-negative blood, so he was able to complete the tasks allocated him in respect of the tech – not using it, but modifying it, it seems).



Q. Should there be no positive antigens in blood?


Yes, there should be no positive antigens in blood.

This also derives from a Phil Godlewski assertion. However, it seems this does not mean there’s a negative influence or aspect to having a positive blood type (evidently, this invites further consideration. Either the apparent contradiction is down to a lack of understanding of the intricacies of blood types and their relationships on my part, or it’s more a case of “There’s nothing inherently ‘bad’ about it, but it just isn’t the optimum state of affairs”).



Q. Is Rh-negative blood indicative of ET descent? Is it indicative of Anunnaki hybrids? 


Rh-negative blood is not indicative of ET descent. It is indicative of Anunnaki hybrids.

Again, the ET question fails to pay attention to the vagaries of density (ie, by the time ETs are ETs, they’re effectively excluding themselves from contributing to 3D humans’ constituent parts).

One should necessarily be cautious in extrapolating anything in terms of disposition from blood type. As indicated in the next question, the proportion of those with Rh-negative blood is very much the minority among humanity, but I’d suggest those representing “pure” bloodlines are among an even narrower band. And even there, there’s freedom to work Service to Others rather than Service to Self (notwithstanding the indoctrination that comes with “nurturing” influences).

There’s evidently a lot more to explore with the negative/positive blood type side. Not least the oft-cited situation whereby an Rh neg mother’s blood can attack her Rh-positive child, causing Haemolytic disease.



Q. Do 82 percent of people in US have Rh-positive blood and 94 percent worldwide?


Yes. The statistics on Rh-positive blood are correct.

You can never be sure with anything official, least of all stats, but it would appear these are pretty much correct.



Q. Are there other 3D-physical places in the Universe, other than beyond the Ice Wall?



This question was included in The Universe II, since its ramifications are most fundamental in that sense, but there are significant connotations with regard to certain assumptions made of certain 3D ET races. 

For the most part, ETs have come up as being of advanced density, and therefore free from the constraints of the physical as we perceive it (or even, necessarily, the physical as we don’t: inhabiting higher-D physical bodies). One of the major factors – either assumed, misconstrued or misgiven – that led me away from the conclusion that anywhere else in the Universe (that is, anywhere aside from the Earth and the realm beyond the Ice Wall) had no 3D physical aspect was the understanding there were/are 3D ETs. At very least, when referencing Draco and Zeta-Greys, for example, there was no indication there was any problem with defining them as such (as ETs). If, however, they’re in 3D, they can’t be ETs in the sense higher density, non-physical races are (and since they are working negative, 3D bodies are prerequisites. Quite besides which, Draco are soulless). 

This would mean that any Draco activity would, logically, be restricted to the Earth or the realm beyond the Ice Wall. Previous answers indicated Draco did not “come” from the realm beyond the Ice Wall, and further that there were no Draco beyond the Ice Wall. In retrospect, one might interpret this as their not being indigenous – ie, they weren’t a natural race there, but they were constituted by Anunnaki there and came here through portals – and that any who were there came here en masse. My interpretation had been that they arrived here from elsewhere in the Universe. Given the time of their inception (as identified at the beginning of this Q & A), however, it would seem equally feasible that they created here by Anunnaki (otherwise, one would need to extrapolate less obvious hypotheses, such as their somehow being created by Anunnaki within portals, or having some connection to the antimatter universe).

The only other scenario that would see the Draco lent a pertinent ET definition might be activity in non-physical dimensions. We have seen various of Corey Goode’s experiences he reported as 3D (such as his Moon base astral meeting(s)) were not so. Whether there’s a capacity for a soulless race to operate in such territory (astral warfare, if you will), may require following up.

We have a similar situation with the Black Goo and the Vril (understood to have been brought to the Earth by the Draco). Since both were engineered, it doesn’t mean that, with their not having originated beyond the Ice Wall (they weren’t indigenous), they weren’t “formulated” there. Alternatively, if the elements from which they were engineered were put into place on Earth, they would neither be from beyond the Ice Wall nor from Earth.



Past Questions


The following relate to questions asked some time back that I haven’t had the chance to pursue to a degree I’d like. That is, to offer some quantification of degrees of influence and control over time of Dark Forces on Earth post-1700 Event. If we start with that 14 percent control marker, developments in the 300 years since have hardly suggested White Hats ever gained much of an oppositional foothold, and yet it would seem the most negative of scenarios (that of full global iron grip) is a touch bleaker than was actually the case (evidently, or there’d have been no clawing control back to the current situation). 



Q. Did the Draco have ultimate control of US and USSR? 



The Draco did not have ultimate control of US and USSR. 

The problem with this would be leaping to the obverse conclusion. Evidently, both have been hot beds of negative influences, be it Deep State or the communist scourge. One might also confer the wrong thing here (did AI have ultimate control? Was it the Draco/AI remit to influence rather than control per se? That is, pushing pieces in the right (wrong) direction, rather than simply puppeteering them).

This was previously discussed in White Hats X, with regard to the nuclear threat/Cold War. The Draco undoubtedly controlled a portion of the Earth, presumably the portion the Anunnaki relinquished. The degree to which AI control equated to Draco control is undetermined. 

As I suggested in that Q & A, the inference is that the level of control was neither as direct nor unqualified as one might assume when entertaining the prospect of a globe-spanning Elite simply calling the shots. That is, there were the factions thereof, ones not necessarily on the same or even similar pages, aside from keeping largely schtum about their presence and oversight – Ben Fulford has always been keen on documenting such groups, sometimes seemingly contradictorily – and then there are those off-world forces, who may have – or had – an influence or purview over nations (and again, there are those among them who may be at philosophical loggerheads). 

In the Cold War’s instance, it would seem the threat was “controlled” at the highest level, so I’d infer, if that was an accurate understanding, either the Draco weren’t the ones having that say (which would leave the AI), or they only intervened when there was a danger of envisaged plans going awry (an apocalyptic conflagration would not, most likely be in their best interests, particularly given how control lapsed after the 1700 Event).



Q. Did Reptoids, Draco and Greys exert influence over China, North Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, CERN, Iran, Central and South America, the Vatican and Putin/Russia?



Mark Richards identified Reptoid/Draco/Grey influence over those identified nations/institutions/tech at various points. I’ve intentionally used “influence” rather than “control”, due to the apparent nuances, per the previous answer, in terms of more direct “control”.



Q. Did the Nordics exert influence over Britain?


The Nordics are confirmed as a positive ET race. Reptoid/Draco/Greys do not appear to have exerted an influence over Britain (or at least, not on a “guiding” level).



Q. Did the Anunnaki exert influence over Israel?



So this would presumably be an exception to the Anunnaki ceding control to the Draco during the nineteenth century (after which they maintained an uneasy alliance with the Draco). Much of the background to the current conflagration may be traced to this.



Q. Did the Raptors, Mantids, Pleiadeans and Canonians exert influence over the USA?


Yes to the above, bar the Raptors.

The Raptors appeared to be Mark Richards’ preferred disinfo embellishment (as far as sketching them in as being a now benevolent ally).

As suggested, the manner in which such scenarios expressed themselves in practice calls for further inquiry. We know the Draco controlled the cloning centres and that attendance wasn’t limited to those countries over which they exerted influence, while earlier answers in this Q & A aver to the influence of the Khazarian Mafia (within, for example, the US and UK). It isn’t as if having positive ETs providing input ensured the USA and Britain were shining beacons – far from it – but it may have meant that, by and large, the tide was kept from outright turning against them. It’s also worth noting that White Hat is a relative term; one essentially appears to qualify by standing in opposition to Dark Forces (of whatever manifestation). As such, figures who are not, by a reasonable yardstick, terribly nice – Hitler, Putin – qualify for White Hat status.

On the “immediate” elite level of influencers, the “organisation” of such higher-level relations may be closer to the kind of thing Fulford would talk about, of secret societies and groups agreeing and disagreeing, of having principles potentially, but insufficient ones – either that or resources – to induce rocking the boat in terms of shifting paradigms or choosing to be non-complicit in perpetuating lies. Leaders – to the extent they’re informed anyway – may be persuaded to go along with those pursuing agendas. White Hat groups (as seen currently) may be required to play the long game in the face of the Deep State, while the Deep State itself may have been composed of both the dyed-in-the-wool and infiltrators. 

Even with the most readily identifiable Dark Forces “party”, the Khazarian Mafia, were there those who maintained primary allegiance to the Anunnaki, in spite of the Draco, when the former ceded control? Quite probably. DUMBs, adrenochrome, child trafficking, ET involvement, “space” exploration, the nature of the Earth etc all required a tacit preservation of the status quo in whichever quarter of the world, aided doubtless by layers upon layers and secret orders piled upon other secret orders. Which is to say, it’s much easier to assimilate the subject in a simpler, broad-brush manner than attempt to account for the intricacies and variables.



Q. Did the Anunnaki in the new timeline who were made aware of the placement of Khazarian hybrids in history ensure Khazarian hybrids were sent back in time following the 1700 Event?



This was first addressed in an Addendum to Time Travel 2. Theoretically, the scenario outlined above would require a “perpetual” series of new timelines being created, essentially, yes, for anyone else altering the timeline (anyone going back and changing the timeline would, in the new timeline be required to go back and change the timeline etc)

However, this was not the case with the Anunnaki. It would seem there was something special about their situation. I’d suspect this relates to their natural abilities in respect of time travel and portal manipulation.

The Anunnaki who sent the Khazarian hybrids back in time, or placed them in history, after the Ashkenazis’ breach of the Ice Wall let the Anunnaki in are not the same Anunnaki (timeline-wise) as those let in after the breach of the Ice Wall by the Asheknazis and the Khazarian hybrids on the “second go round”. It would appear the second timeline overwrites the first, yet the Anunnaki in this second timeline don’t have to ensure Khazarian hybrids are sent back in time.



Q. Had the Ashkenazis made contact with the Anunnaki prior to breaching the Ice Wall (in the original timeline)?



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