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Beyond the Ice Wall Part IV

The Q & A

Given the reach of the realm beyond the Ice Wall, both geographically and conceptually – it is, after all, the source of all, in physical terms – the potential wealth of information to be gleaned on the subject is likely bordering on the limitless. With all such matters, though, it’s knowing where to start. We’ve established this realm has its own continents, oceans and different climate zones. It also has its own sun and moon and firmament(s) – although there may be some shared “ground” with the latter – and it’s surrounded by its own ice wall.

The realm is, in terms of breadth, not insignificant: 160 times larger than the Earth (which is, in any case, five times larger than we’ve been told). As noted, everything in the Universe – that would be 1,150 species (of human or higher intelligence), many of whom have long since moved elsewhere for development – originates there, and the oldest race is 950,000 years old. But the realm itself is ageless, as is the corresponding universe.

The following largely comprises new questions and answers, but it also reiterates some information that can be found in the recent Universe II, Dark Forces III and ETs Part 2, relating to physicality itself. So we’ll begin there.



Q. Are there other places in the Universe, besides Earth and the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



There are other places in the Universe. 

This was to confirm previous understanding from Q &As: that there are other places in the Universe, created at the same time as the realm beyond the Ice Wall and that both are ageless.



Q. Are there 3D-physical places elsewhere in the Universe, other than beyond the Ice Wall?



Assuming the accuracy of this answer, this represents an area either misunderstanding, lack of clarity (in posing questions) or errors (in the answers) have hitherto occurred. It made more sense, given previous answers relating to ETs (largely of higher-density, so non-physical in our terms), that we are dealing with a greater Universe that doesn’t submit to traditional, Earth-based interpretations of the same. Similarly, answers suggested the Universe isn’t “just” whatever is found beyond the Ice Wall. 

However, it was difficult to reconcile earlier answers that the Earth (and thus the realm beyond the Ice Wall) is centre of the Universe if there were other physical places created at the same time (not to mention the question of how such places would corelate in terms of physical space without physical outer space between them). Yet it seemed other answers – that there were ETs who were 3D, and various references to humans visiting other places in the Universe – invited such a reading. 

As such, the most persuasive interpretation of these factors is that, as far as answers are concerned, the terms “Universe” and “ET” are not entirely separate from the realm beyond the Ice Wall (even though answers have, on various occasions, distinguished races from the realm beyond the Ice Wall as non-ETs).

Where we are dealing with 3D races who are not, it seems, to be found beyond the Ice Wall, the probable solution would be, if not somewhere else in the Universe, then “some when” else. This would certainly make sense of Zeta Greys, given the status of future-human Greys. Draco, Vril and Black Goo could apply various combinations of this reasoning (see ETs Part 2 for more in this vein).



Q. Are there other D-physical places elsewhere in the Universe, other than beyond the Ice Wall?



One might deduce therefore that, while densities beyond the third are not, as a matter of course, visible or interactive with those of a lower nature, they are also necessarily inseparable from each other in terms of the essential building blocks of physical existences.

Extrapolating, a Pleiadean or Arcturan or Andromedan only truly becomes “ET” after they have left physical incarnation behind. Thus, where there are, say 5D or 6D-physical ETs, the obvious explanation would be that these are starseeds of one description or other (most likely incarnated on Earth, as humans).

A past Q & A answer confirmed there are other flat planes elsewhere in the Universe (as per beyond the Ice Wall), and while this could simply be an inaccurate answer, it could, perhaps more plausibly, reflect the nebulous nature of the answer (define “plane”). It would appear that the essential 3D-ness (or 1D and 2D-ness, to break it down further) of the Universe is its defining characteristic, in terms of experience and expression of Source, which is why there are non-physical 5D-plus realms elsewhere in the Universe (that nebulous part again, but most positive ET races are not “located” beyond the Ice Wall, so they ARE “somewhere”, even if that somewhere isn’t a place as we would encounter it). 

Again, referencing an earlier answer, seeking the correlation between Earth/the realm beyond the Ice Wall and other “places”, it seems everywhere else is “peripheral”. Which makes sense, if all life in the Universe of human or higher intelligence originates from the realm beyond the Ice Wall.



Q. How many continents are there in the realm beyond the Ice Wall?





Q. How many of these continents are (naturally) 3D visible?


All of them.

The question was based upon the (apparent) immateriality of Atlantis and Lemuria on Earth. However, it would likely be a task (even given similar circumstances prevailing) to conceal the historic existence of an area beyond the Ice Wall, given the various different stages of development, disposition (positive or negative) and awareness of the races of the realm.



Q. How many races in the realm beyond the Ice Wall have 3D bodies?


79 races have 3D bodies (and are in 3D or above).

Previously identified numbers were confirmed as correct, with regard to races: there are 10 positive indigenous races; of these, 7 are bipedal, all are in 5D and 8 are in physical form.

Also as previously confirmed, there are 2 negative ET races (it was established that these were neither Zeta Greys nor Draco). The question requiring a follow up here is (and as alluded to when discussing ETs under previous answers): how did they come to be both ET and 3D? An immediate answer might be regression in some manner (assuming any part of a race “left behind” when the rest go elsewhere in the Universe don’t automatically qualify for ET status). There’s also the time-travel possibility mentioned above (this wouldn’t make them non-local, per se, but certainly non-temporal).



Q. How many negative indigenous races are there?



It can’t necessarily be assumed that these are all Dark Forces, however (previous answers give the non-Anunnaki Dark Forces population as 650,000-700,000, albeit this doesn’t appear to have stipulated non-ET). Working negative doesn’t require a unified purpose.



Q. How many positive ET races are there in the realm beyond the Ice Wall?



When last asked, positive races included those from Lyra, Arcturus, Andromeda and Vega. Currently, there are only those from Arcturus and Andromeda.

Asked how many positive ET races there were beyond the Ice Wall, it became clear the answer was all of them, since all ET races originated beyond the Ice Wall (see the introduction for some context).



Q. Were Lemurians from a 2D planet in the Deneb galaxy (who experienced difficulty achieving 3D)?



Souls incarnating as Lemurians were from a land beyond the Ice Wall. They did have difficulty achieving 3D – as indicated by the Ra Material – and Earth provided conducive conditions for this.

Ra referred to these pre-Lemurians as having, on their second-density planet, experienced “some difficulty, due to the age of its sun, in achieving third-density life conditions. This planet was from the galaxy Deneb” (Ra also references “those of Deneb who had chosen to incarnate as a body in what you would call China”).



Q. What density are Mantids?



If I had to hazard a guess, it would be that Mantids were Anunnaki engineered. There are both positive and negative Mantids. Whether “ET” is their correct designation (see earlier comments regarding 3D ETs) or they’re more appropriately classed as indigenous is one to follow up.



Q. What density are Aldebarans?


Third and fourth.

4D coming up is curious, as this is the first time it has happened in the Q & As (4D is frequently referenced in the Ra Material, however, and in respect of the density of negative Orion group entities). 



Q. Do Aldebarans come from beyond the Ice Wall?



Notable in respect of the Aldebarans is that a previous question asked if they were a negative ET race, eliciting an affirmative response. So for the purposes of a race living beyond the Ice Wall, there appears to be a precedent for their being identified as ETs, even if, at other times, answers have offered a distinction between the two (Mark Richards suggested the Aldebarans were visiting the Earth and helping the Nazis, neither of which, it seems, was the case).

Alternatively, since the Aldebarans are both third and fourth density, it could be the latter enables tentative ET status while the rest of their number are local (in which case, it would require those in 4D to be working positive).



Q. What density are Cat People?



The Cat People were previously identified as living beyond the Ice Wall. They’re the inspiration for the Na’vi in Avatar.



Q. Were the Draco engineered by the Anunnaki from an existing creature/race?



This occurred less than 150 years ago.

To my understanding, there are no Draco in the realm beyond the Ice Wall. Could the Anunnaki have engineered them there, ready to portal them across over to Earth? Perhaps. Another one needing clarification.



Q. Were earlier races ie Anunnaki and Pleiadeans also engineered? By other races in turn? By God? Were they souls experimenting with matter?


Earlier races – which pretty much runs the gamut, since humans are, as far as I’m aware, one of a fairly exclusive selection (see the next question) – such as those mentioned, were not engineered by others in turn. 

Rather, they gained physical aspect as souls experimenting with matter. This sounds similar to the Edgar Cayce readings, with regard to souls’ initial interaction with the Earth. Indeed, it may be there’s some distortion there, transposing elements of other races’ tentative experiences with those of humanity. That said, it would appear other parts of the Cayce readings, such as references to humans, or the forms that would become humans, being initially hermaphroditic – not separated into male and female – is accurate, but represents part of the Anunnaki experimentation that led to humanity. 

It should be noted, in this regard, that the Anunnaki (Elohim) are commonly identified as hermaphrodites. In DNA and template terms, therefore, this correlation would appear apposite. Anything, however, with regard to negative Anunnaki influence along such lines – “returning” to the intergender form or venerating the same – is clearly a corruption of the divine inspiration that yielded humanity.



Q. How many races have the Anunnaki designed in the way they have designed humans?


9 (positively).

That is, positive Anunnaki devised 8 races prior to humans. Whether these were situated beyond the Ice Wall or had their own time, as humans do, via placement in an Earth-type environment, is unclear (it’s been established there are no other craters besides Earth and that the Earth has previously occupied a different position, but not whether there were prior “Earths” in terms of purpose). 



Q. How many races have the Anunnaki augmented or engineered the way they have Draco or Trogs?


66 (negatively).

Just off the bat, we have Draco, Trogs, Vril, Raptors and (presumably) Reptoids. I’d presume Khazarians (human-Anunnaki hybrids) are also one of these.

I don’t know if the Black Goo counts as a “race” (in intelligence terms, probably not). Indeed, it may be that a parasitical form like the Vril doesn’t either (Vril are one of various Anunnaki Chupacabras). And whether they’re also responsible for the menagerie of engineered horrors Donald Marshall witnessed, and whether they also count, or were relative one-offs, is uncertain (these include the 4.5-ft Veknar (fleas), 8-ft reptilian birds (Kemet and Amon Ra), isopods, scarab beetles). Quite possibly, rodentia giganticus – the name reeks of an adapted species, but that’s neither here nor there – were also engineered, although they’re confirmed as coming from beyond the Ice Wall.



Q. Were ETs divinely inspired re humans, enlisting the Anunnaki to do the science?



This was to make explicit the previous understanding of the “arrangement”. While the Anunnaki contributed DNA (and ETs did not – well, given they would have no longer been 3D, being ETs, I guess this is retrospectively self-evident), their involvement in humanity’s creation was not divinely inspired. That impetus came via ET races.

The situations cited by Ra in respect of Mars souls (as the first souls incarnating on Earth) and the aforementioned Deneb ones suggest the realm beyond the Ice Wall has had its issues in yielding the desired circumstances for 3D development.



Q. Does the dodo exist elsewhere?



The dodo doesn’t exist now. So any hopes a couple can be retrieved from the realm beyond the Ice Wall are dashed. I’m as disappointed as you are.



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