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Atlantis & Lemuria 2

The Q & A

A more recent, “joined-up” overview of Atlantis can be found here. The following is largely intended to convey various nuggets from the dimensionally shifted lands that have already been referenced in other Q & As, but not in the first Atlantis & Lemuria. Indeed, some answers here will now have been reproduced in triplicate – they can also found under Starseeds II and The Law of One Part 2 – so apologies if such replication proves irksome; it feels more useful to include as much relevant information to a particular subject as possible, for ease of reference’s sake.

Much of the focus is on the nature and “substance” of those inhabiting the lost continents. That is, the significant presence of starseeds (more prevalent than those of the same incarnated on the known Earth) and the higher density nature of the populations in general.



Q. Was a race from another place in the Universe involved with the origin of Atlantis?



This race was the Pleiadeans.

Seth (see the Seth Material Q & A) advises of a code of ethics that “originated from the time of Atlantis. Before that, these codes were given by a race from another star. This race had to do with the origin of Atlantis“. Which sounds very much like the Law of One (the code of ethics, that is). Ra also indicates ETs (starseeds) were involved in the development of Atlantis.



Q. Were Lemurians from a 2D planet in the Deneb galaxy (whose inhabitants had difficulty achieving 3D)?



Those souls incarnating as Lemurians were from a land beyond the Ice Wall. They did have difficulty achieving 3D, however, and Earth offered appropriate conditions for this.

The information comes from the Ra Material, which refers to these pre-Lemurians as having, on their second-density planet, experienced “some difficulty, due to the age of its sun, in achieving third-density life conditions. This planet was from the galaxy Deneb” (Ra also mentions “those of Deneb who had chosen to incarnate as a body in what you would call China”).



Q. What proportions of the 500 million living in Atlantis and Lemuria are distributed in each civilisation?


50 percent.

Evidently, this would mean approximately 250m souls are living in Atlantis, and 250m are living in Lemuria.



Q. Are those humans in 3D in Lemuria also hidden/cloaked from the rest of the world’s view?



It had previously been established that Lemurians included those in 3D and 5D. However, those in 3D in Lemuria are unaware of the 5D Lemuria. They are part of the known Earth (two different planes of existence are operating). Lemuria, it seems, is to be found in the Pacific (and covers Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the span in between).

Asked for clarification, whether a 3D human stepping “over the threshold” into 5D Lemuria would realise what was occurring, it seems they would not. This didn’t explain the situation to complete satisfaction, so…



Q. If a 3D human approached Lemuria by boat or land and crossed the threshold, wouldn’t they find themselves in its confines, if 5D Lemuria still has physical 3D landmass but is cloaked?



The cloaking makes it (the 3D landmass) intangible. 

Presumably then, 5D Lemuria is “out of phase” in some way.



Q. Could a 5D (Atlantean) human make themselves visible to a 3D physical human?



As I understand it, it would be a case of expressly choosing to do so, however. Like Lemuria, Atlantis is in 5D (or above), “cloaked” from the rest of humanity.



Q. Are Atlanteans (like Tesla) 5D but 3D physical?



Atlanteans in 5D with physical bodies have 5D physical bodies (this follows for all Ds higher than the third, except where the higher D is working negative. In such cases, they have 3D bodies).

A 5D Atlantean could touch a 3D physical human, if they so wished (so not dissimilarly to making themselves visible to 3D humans).



Q. Does a physically incarnated 5D Atlantean or Pleiadean have to adjust their perception/ energy to become aware of a 3D environment and people?



Much of this line of reasoning was inspired by the explanations Ra gives about the 4D physical Orion Group not (generally) appearing physically “due to the necessity for concentration upon a rather difficult vibrational complex which is the third density you experience”.



Q. Is the Ra Material correct that those starseeds who aided Atlantis are in 6D?



This is part of Ra’s assessment that most starseeds are in 6D. To the degree that Ra provided specifics, he/they (“I am Ra”) indicated all of Ra were in 6D and all who had aided Atlantis in its development were in 6D.



Q. Are there Atlanteans and Lemurians in 6D?



Leaving aside those who are starseeds, this would make sense, given the periods in which they transitioned to 5D (in Atlantis’ case, 20,000 years ago).



Q. Did Atlantis have a bifurcation?



That is, at one stage, there were those in Atlantis who had moved to 5D, and there were those there who were still in 3D, much has taken place on the known Earth in recent years (in the period from 2012).



Q. What percentage of starseeds of Ra are in in Atlantis? 



One gets the impression Atlantis has traditionally been a preserve of Pleiadeans, an understandable situation if they were crucial to its inception; this answer would seem to confirm that.



Q. Are 50 percent of Lemurian starseeds Ra starseeds?



As noted above, Ra imparted that all starseeds (wanderers) of Ra are in 6D.



Q. Did the 3D flood kill 5D Atlanteans?



Evidently, the effects of a 3D physical disaster are also going to affect those in the locality who are 5D physical. Given the essential nature of the physical incarnation – ETs elsewhere in the Universe are not incarnated physically – the bedrock of lower-density “fundamentals” will not be immaterial to those who are higher, even if the two may be mutually intangible in terms of incarnatory aspects.

The disaster refers to the 1700 Event, which had the same impact in Atlantis (and Lemuria) as the known Earth (wiping out 75 percent of the population). This represents the only submerging that Atlantis has experienced.



Q. Was the “keeper of the portals” mentioned in the Edgar Cayce readings referring to portals to places elsewhere in the Universe?



Cayce gives a reading concerning an individual who was “the keeper of the portals as well as the messages that were received from the visitations of those from the outer spheres”, suggestive, per general understanding of portal activity, that Atlanteans may have either travelled elsewhere in the Universe via such means or received visitors via the same. 

As indicated elsewhere (The Universe II), excluding non-physical ETs arriving through portals, such visitations, when physical, would logically have to be from the realm beyond the Ice Wall (since there are no other physical locations in the Universe).



Q. Did the events of The Bible occur in Lemuria (if Australia is part of Lemuria)?



This follows (based on earlier answers), but with some of these points, it feels like it pays to spell them out explicitly as questions.



Q. Were there Romans involved in Australia/Lemuria? 



Again, this follows if there was no Roman Empire. It seems, in terms of rule, we’re talking Khazarians and Ashkenazis.



Q. Did Lemuria not experience Dark Forces control – excepting “Lemurians” on the known Earth (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji etc)? 



This is correct. Dark Forces influence did not extend to those in 5D, in the cloaked Atlantis and Lemuria.



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