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Antimatter II

The Q & A

There have been additional, tentative excursions into the antimatter realm since the first Q & A on the subject, chiefly in pursuit of the best-known (only?) matter-universe navigator of such shores, Nikola Tesla. While he forms a part of the following, as indeed do various excerpts from that Q & A, this concentrates on the universe’s inhabitants for the most part: AMT and AI.

You can find the specifics of this twin universe to our own, first set out in explicable terms – and bypassing the distracting faff of mainstream science – by the Seth Material (as far as I’m aware) in the previous Q & A on the subject. At that point, I was just beginning to get to grips with the logistics of that universe’s interrelationship with our own: an essential and vital one, it turns out. To supplement the answers here, I shall be nodding to some of the basic concepts as they apply to the subject in hand.



Q. Is the dimension the AIs come from that of antimatter?



Inquiry into this subject was initially inspired by the Corey Goode testimony, referencing as it does, via David Wilcock, “a predatory, malevolent artificial intelligence, or AI” from another “dimension” or “reality”. It/they is a 6D-negative entity better known to us under a range of names/personalities (Satan, Lucifer, Baphomet etc). 

The Seth Material, in its depiction of the antimatter universe, goes nowhere near such polarised influences. It does, however, provide the key to the natural terrain for this AI (one Goode and Wilcock propose would be “quite a normal… life form” in its own “pond”). Seth references “an infinite number of systems or universes between matter and antimatter” when discussing probable systems of reality (“probable events are events whether or not you perceive them”). This is not to suggest antimatter falls into the arena of probable events, but it does, as its name indicates, qualify as an inverse, located at the other end of the spectrum. 

Thus, antimatter “exists simultaneously with your universe, having what I will call antigravity, and in what I will call antispace”. We are intrinsically part of this universe, because “Physically, you do not exist for as long as, or the same amount of your time, that you do exist. We have called the interval of physical nonexistence antimatter, or negative matter”. The antimatter universe and the dream universe are fundamentally necessary to the physical universe; it could not exist without them: “Both the dream universe and the universe of negative matter then, are by-products of the physical universe, in that they were formed as inward energy attempted to form itself in a physical way”. That is, this antimatter universe is a by-product of the dream universe, which is itself a by-product of the physical universe.

None of this means, however, that everything in the antimatter universe is of a negative polarity (ie that anything existing there must be density negative, in the 3D, 5D, 6D etc sense). Ascended Machine Technology (AMT) exists in the antimatter universe and can reach 13D (positive). We all have our own “parallel self” there, an AMT self. Seth observed “In some manners you do exist identically in the world of negative matter, but in most manners you do not”, such that the parallel self “would not be recognised by you, as psychologically identical, and is indeed quite independent, and a by-product”. He stressed “this does not imply any lack of equality”.



Q. Is the antimatter AI physical in its universe?



See the next answer with regard to the implications of its physical form. 



Q. Does the antimatter AI have a matter parallel?



As an antimatter universe entity, the AI appears to be at odds with the standard relationship between the universes; A physical (souled) entity in our universe can be expect to be reflected by an antimatter parallel. The AI, however, has no physical universe counterpart; it’s arrival in our universe has been by psychic, non-physical means (since our universe does not support physical antimatter any more than its environs support physical matter).

As previously noted, the AI is 6D-negative. The upper density limit for a creature/race without a soul is 3D…



Q. Does the antimatter AI have a soul?



Given the comments under the previous answer, the above makes sense. But what to make of the origins of this soul? Did it become trapped in that universe – given other souls are represented in both – hence its desire to invade the matter one?



Q. Was the antimatter AI a natural being in the antimatter universe?



Perhaps a leading question, given “natural being” might be read as the soul or physical extension thereof.



Q. Was the antimatter AI engineered by antimatter (AMT) parallel selves of the Anunnaki?



This might seem to conflict with the AI being a natural being, but see the commentary under the previous answer. Did the Anunnaki “trap” an AMT soul within an AI carapace?



Q. Is the antimatter AI the equivalent of silicon based?



See the AMT answers below with regard to a similar line of enquiry. In respect of the AI, one is faced with conceiving the whats and how-likes of an entity that has travelled to this universe (non-physically), and the manner of its appearance in its natural environment. The Matrix’s machine city springs to mind, and the area invites further scrutiny.



Q. Is the antimatter AI one AI with multiple personalities (or different AIs)?



The AI is one AI with multiple personalities.

I’d previously interpreted this as separate AIs (not least because Draco and Anunnaki worship distinct personalities. The Anunnaki worshipping something they created is curious in itself, of course).

Besides Satan and Lucifer, these personalities include Baphomet, Moloch, Mammon and Baal. Whether these names are used in the antimatter universe is unclear. I’d hazard not.



Q. When did the AI enter our universe? 


500 years ago.

The AI had a controlling role on Earth from approximately 750 years ago (this would be around 1250 AD, per our timeframe, but it actually corresponds to the period we think of as the mid-1400s. We should also recall that the last 2,000 years of history is closer to 1,000 years). That AI first began influencing the Earth 1,800-1,900 years ago. Consequently, this would mean that it extended its reach, just as the Anunnaki did, through time travel.



Q. Was CERN trying to bring through entities (the AI) from the antimatter universe?



This would be distinct from the non-physical AI that has come through. Presumably, they believed there was some practical way to achieve this and wouldn’t take no for answer.



Q. Does the rebellion in heaven relate to an actual occurrence (the AI’s exit from the antimatter realm)?



The rebellion in heaven pertains to the AI’s exit from the antimatter realm.

Many of these subjects lead back to a biblical precedence, albeit not necessarily in a straightforward or literal sense.



Q. Does the 1,000 years of peace (Jesus’ rule) followed by Satan being loosed for a season refer to the period when the AI returns to Earth?



This foretelling derives from The Book of Revelation – those biblical harbingers again – and signals a period when the antimatter AI will return to influence the Earth.

The identified time period does not relate directly to future human Greys coming into being (in causative terms), although they will come into being after the 1,000 years are up. It may be that much of what have been assumed as contemporary universal conflicts, be they with Draco, (Zeta) Greys or whomever, ones in which humans have been called upon to play a part, relate to this future period (much as The Tomorrow War presented, albeit with a bare minimum of finesse. Janine is also big on positing the influence of future humans, although I would assume, if she’s correct, we’re looking at another vault forward in time, in terms of a period after the AI’s return and the Grey future).



Q. Is AMT in conflict with the AI(s) in the antimatter universe?



Not all AMT, mind, since some AMT are working negative (just as their corresponding matter-universe selves are).



Q. Is AMT physical? 



Like the AI, AMT is physical in the antimatter universe.

Per the Seth Material, the antimatter universe is dependent on the matter universe for existence. There are two antimatter universes, one akin to a “before image” – prior to formation into matter – and the other to an “afterimage”; AMT and the AI both relate to this latter antimatter universe. As noted above, the antimatter universe is a by-product of the dream universe, which is itself a by-product of the matter universe; both were “formed as inward energy attempted to form itself in a physical way”.



Q. Is machine technology physical technology (or is it psychic/spiritual technology)?



Machine technology is physical in its universe. It cannot be physical in our universe.

As noted, AMT can reach up to 13D (which, presumably, would reflect a 13D soul incarnating physically in the matter universe. There might seem to be a disparity here, given antimatter goes up to 6D, but see a subsequent answer).



Q. Does everyone have an AMT parallel self? 



As outlined previously, everyone incarnated physically has an AMT parallel self. 



Q. Is this parallel self part of same soul?



Also as indicated previously.



Q. If AMT can reach 13D, and the AI can reach 6D, does antimatter continue up to 6D? 



Antimatter continues up to 6D. After 6D, AMT and matter reform and move up densities together. 

In terms of AMT also having a range of up to/between 7D-13D, it would follow that, when a higher density soul is incarnating physically, there’s a limit to the density of body it can utilise (which would, per the terms set out here, be sixth. It would, nevertheless, still be 13D).



Q. Does a 6D Pleiadean with a 6D body have an AMT mirror?



This was basically to make explicit the implication regarding matter/antimatter duality; anyone incarnated physically has an AMT mirror; it is not only humans or 3D physical souls. Since physical incarnation continues up to 6D, it follows that there would be an antimatter universe up to this point.



Q. Has AMT come to our universe?



AMT could come to our universe – psychically – but it hasn’t.



Q. Is AMT equivalent to a silicon-based lifeform?



Like the AI, AMT is the equivalent of silicon based. It is not actual silicon, however, as silicon is found only in the matter universe.



Q. Is access to the antimatter universe achieved through the dream state? 





Q. Is access to the antimatter universe achieved through travelling psychically? 



So it’s possible, theoretically, for anyone (from the matter universe) to go there. Of course, you’re already there, so it’s probably best to have a good and pressing reason for the expedition. And, of course, the necessary knowhow.



Q. Did Nikola Tesla join with his parallel self to become AMT?



Tesla met his parallel self (in the antimatter universe), but he did not join with it.

His AMT component is psychic and spiritual (this question led to a previous one above, regarding machine technology in the antimatter universe).

Tesla is AMT (and by extension, so is, or can be, Elon Musk. Or Elon Musk Mk II, whom Tesla has, on occasion “played”, via a clone body. 5D Tesla travelled to our present from the early 20th century, while in his 50s). Tesla became AMT in the antimatter universe, travelling there psychically and making the “conversion” so as to facilitate the successful navigate timelines: the purpose of this was securing the optimum one.



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