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Send in the Clones: Donald Marshall and the Underworld

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Donald Marshall’s testimony is among the most valuable to emerge from whistleblowers and also among the most disturbing. It’s chiefly known for documenting the Elite’s widespread use of cloning and cloning centres, as well as the parasitical effects of the Vril lizard on a human host. Marshall’s experiences in the centres make for grim reading, his gifts as a musical prodigy only having gone so far in protecting him from the torture, murder (of clone bodies) and debasement of the arena, where he’d be watched by gathered clones of celebrities and politicians. While Marshall touched on many different subjects over the years, he was clear in his mission: “I’m concentrating on getting cloning, Vril and hosts exposed being the root of the problem”.

Per Donald Marshall Revolution website, which provides a series of instructive essays detailing his background and experiences, Marshall’s account surfaced online in 2011 (I’d recommend donaldmarshall.proboards.com, as the most valuable online resource for his statements, which has yielded most of the information and quotations considered here (amended for spelling, punctuation and meaning as deemed appropriate). With regard to Marshal’s statements, I’ve tended to avoid the grimmest details where possible. Nevertheless, there’s a degree to which some of thesse can’t be avoided. Unexpurgated accounts can be found on proboards (there are also various collected Marshall writings available on amazon, although I can’t vouch for them). 

While he was selected to the secret-government programmes at a young age – accounts of such programmes can be found in many places and forms elsewhere, from the MKUltra and the Montauk Project to Corey Goode’s testimony – Marshall had no recall of his life in the cloning centre until the truth was revealed to him on his 30th birthday (this would have been 2005). Memories subsequently began to return. He discovered his entire extended family were involved – and had not been memory suppressed – with Illuminati ties going back generations (while I generally use Dark Forces or Elite catch-all for such activities, I’ll mostly adopt Marshall’s chosen “Illuminati” term here). This fits with the testimony of other whistleblowers – pressed into service as MKUltra sex slaves – such as Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien (Marshall was initially there as a “diddle kid” to be “sexually used, abused and discarded in time”; per the generational nature of such activity, his mother had been used in similar fashion).

To my understanding, 95 percent of Marshall’s account is accurate (see the Q &A on Marshall and his testimony). By which, I would infer, that which isn’t is most likely based on second-hand information fed to him or his own unsubstantiated opinion (whether of people or incidents). It’s evident from his posts – as he recognised on various occasions – that some of the “truths” being revealed to him were intentional attempts to mess with him. It also seems he’d undergo frequent clone body retribution if his whistleblowing on particular areas met with express disapproval. He would say that giving him an aneurysm would receive too much attention (since this had been done to others and there was too much attention on him to have it brushed under the rug), but there’s likely a degree to which his relaying dark secrets, both accurate and disinformation, served their purposes. His audience was, after all, a limited one, and many versed in the conspirasphere rejected his propositions as simply far too far far-fetched (even now, there exists only limited appreciation of his testimony. There’s increased acceptance of cloning’s widespread use, but the Vril remain a relative outlier). 

Indeed, the tell-tale effects of Vril-ing (the black eye) often tend to be ascribed to adrenochrome use – or in Kab’s case, to chipping; Kab, or his professed Pleiadean channel, rejects the Vril’s existence – the farming of which wasn’t a part of his information. But then, there’s no particular reason he’d necessarily be privy to it, since his encounters were in a cloned environment. Adrenochrome only comes up on proboards in respect of Facebook posts from 2021 onwards; per Q & A answers, Marshall is no longer alive and was killed (droned/Vril’d) in 2020. White Hats are now responsible for posting messages as Marshall. 

The question going into all this might be: why Donald Marshall? Why was he selected for such singular and ongoing torment? Marshall intimated that he’d been approached as a potential candidate for Project Camelot, “a plan they have implemented to create a messiah-like figure to calm the public in the event of global catastrophe”. He said the Illuminati had considered many for this and “they said I’m the best candidate for the job, likable and all the songs and stuff”; “they wanted me to masquerade as Jesus” (with regard to the project, circa 2012, he suggested “They are rethinking several plans now, knowing the public wouldn’t believe most of them”). 

Marshall may not have wanted to “play” Jesus, but he evidently bought into some degree of legitimacy to ascribing certain Nostradamus prophecies/references to himself (“If I start trying to say there is a correlation between me and a prophesied saviour, then people will think I`m a nut and won`t read the info [on cloning]”). He commented that “telling everyone about all the [Nostradamus] similarities and everything makes it look like I`m trying to insinuate that I`m Jesus which I`m not. But there are too many references in it, the words and the pictures”). 

It seems – per Q & answers – there was no basis for this line of correlation on Marshall’s part, although it would be understandable, given both his talents and treatment, that he might be inclined towards such a suggestion. Marshall was not, it seems, an advanced soul. Rather, he agreed to his incarnation and the experiences it held as penance (perhaps pertinent to this is an exchange with another poster,  Natalie Of the family Kyle, who suggested “Somehow part of yourself is consenting or submitting” to attendance at the cloning centres – having related how she’d learned to counter the frequencies in order not to be taken there – and her instruction that “You have to learn to control your own energy field and your intent and your mind, it is YOUR mind. not theirs”. Marshall was sceptical, believing he had tried everything, and there was no escape from attendance).


There’s little reason to doubt the gist of Donald’s understanding of clone centres’ origins (for which he would not have been present; he was born in 1975). He suggested cloning began in the 1940s – actually the 1930s, but in “common” use since the 1960s – and the centres became a means for world leaders to meet and plot coming developments. Per Donald Marshall Revolution, “Over time, however, they got bored and began to clone others and bring them to the cloning centre, as well”. 

These others included famous figures from various spheres – movies, music, sport, art – “all cloned and personally delivered to the Illuminati, in order to indulge their every fantasy”. This duly degenerated into “acts of depravity, including crimes such as murder, kidnapping, torture, rape, child abuse and child exploitation”. Marshall remembered attending as early as 5 years old (the age his mother sold him to the Illuminati – a means for a parent/family to gain membership). Most children there were memory suppressed, with a decision made later, based on how useful they might be once they had total recall, on whether or not to unlock them.

Marshall referred to the arena/dirt pit as “murder theatre for the rich and famous”, with those attending able to tell themselves “no harm is done since none of this is real”. He’d be activated and required to fight – or tortured if he refused – to death, usually with swords (upon dying, he would be reactivated in a new body; as a result of these constant trials, Marshall became highly proficient at such fighting, which meant celebrities would, in turn, want to fight him to prove themselves). The other most notable activity was of sexual fantasy given vent; those queuing up for fame agreed to sex-slave status and would “bang the pigs in the pit” as an entry requirement. Such “entertainment” was videoed and shown on viewing screens at other cloning centre DUMBs.

Of which, “It’s not just the one cloning centre. There are many, I’m usually in an above-ground one that seats 400-500, but other underground ones can seat way more, and as I’ve said, there are many cloning centres in bases all around the world, different countries”. In the UK, for example, “There are several cloning centres. In underground military bases”.

Drugs were also employed as a means to encouraging the depravity: “They have in every clone there an internal drug dispenser, and in this drug dispenser is heroin, most clones there don’t know about this implant, I’ve told many but they just bring in a new oblivious group”. Marshall recounted how a shot of heroin would be released when Queen Elizabeth II was torturing him: “They feel the rush and think it’s a magical pleasurable thing to torture me”.

Accompanying posted images of Rothschilds (Jacob, Evelyn, David, Nathaniel), Rockefellers (David, Jay), Henry Kissinger, George HW Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Adolfo Nicolas (Jesuit and priest “Black Pope”), Marshall wrote “If you want to be famous or make it in Hollywood or anything, you have to have clone sex with these guys and more at the cloning centre. Then if you have children they will have to as well, and if you ever want to retire and not attend the cloning centre anymore, like Whitney Houston, you will have a remote-controlled aneurysm. To deter others from ever leaving”.


“R.E.M-Driven Consciousness Transfer” is the term for the process by which, during the sleep cycle, the target’s consciousness was transferred into an identical clone body at the centre. Distance was not a factor; Marshall (in East Canada), would find himself in a centre somewhere in Western Canada – he believed, albeit he said he’d been activated in military bases all over the world and that all cloning centres looked alike – almost every night. He would remain there until his real body woke up, at which point the inert clone would be stored by workers until the next night. As suggested by the reference to Whitney Houston, anyone who subjected to this process could be killed at any time by remote aneurysm.

Clones were produced in “grow rooms” in DUMBs, “in the dark, suspended in water, in stacked glass tubes”. They were either grown from a baby or to duplicate a mature body, depending on the desired purpose; “gestation” took 5 months. Handlers accompanied clones in public due to the latter’s propensity for erratic and violent behaviour when presented with situations they didn’t understand (whether such tics are present in those currently operated by White Hats is another question; I’m using the past tense with regard to cloning centre activities, on the assumption they have been shut down, but there’s the caveat that White Hats continue to run some clones for tactical purposes). While there were a few “reals” – actual humans – on site, most of the maintenance work was undertaken by clones due to the danger of clone malfunctions. The need for replacement clone bodies depended on degradation (without it, a new body each year was the standard).

Asked about children held in DUMBs, Marshall replied there were “Lots. Real and cloned children. LOTS of cloned children. They go insane after a while” (Q & A answers suggest reports of children – in the region of 20 million, a fifth of whom were cloned – rescued in DUMBs and taken off-world for treatment are accurate). Marshall insisted cloning was not a viable technology and that it needed to be “outlawed. It’s not good for nothin’. Can’t even use the organs for transplant. Rejection. Not viable at all” (again, my understanding is that White Hats are currently using clones as a means to an end, rather than it being a technology they wish to perpetuate). 

Asked about inhabiting younger clones, Marshall commented “they can do that, but it makes you more confused dizzy and psychotic as a clone when they do that… clones are loopy enough but alternate body makes it worse… … has to be recent of you for some reason”. He also said “they told me it’s whenever you get the sample is the age they can clone you at, they’re always upgrading the technology though, so I’m not sure all that they can do”. He stressed the “major mental side effects” of inhabiting such (younger) clones, however, and cited Stephen Hawking’s presence at the clone centres, where he “can walk and talk as a clone. Gets sex there. He and many other disabled people are pro-cloning”. He suggested Hawking was “¾ retarded during, but hey”.


With regard to the improvements in technology, Marshall referred to a “different kind of clone” reserved for Obama, one called a “double”.  Of which, “if he dies he will transfer his consciousness to the chip in the double’s brain…” The consciousness chip (or “soulcatcher”) relates to recording the soulless consciousness of the individual onto a chip that is then inserted into a “host” body (this body then becomes a “chiphead”). Marshall related that this technology was fundamentally defective, such that “They come back a mockery of their former selves. Kinda like Vril lizards do but technological, not a cellular biological parasitic transfer”. Perhaps he was implying that, in Obama’s prospective case, it was “less” defective (or simply that the double was a superior host). Nevertheless, he said the technology could not be improved: “It’s flawed and what they call a dead-end tech, (no pun intended), they will never fix the flaws. Spent a lot of money trying, but can’t”. He added that “you come back [an] evil bisexual child molester. Kind of like Pet Sematary”, and “They’re not even alive. They’re a computer programme”.

Marshall referenced a number of these chipheads he’d encountered (see the appendices for further detail). The most bizarre account probably relates to Elton John (“Queen Elizabeth IS Elton John… Killed Elton John a long time ago because she wanted to enjoy life as a man”). For the most part, the technology appears to have been used in relation to the otherwise deceased, but it could enable more extensive applications. So, in the Queen’s case, “A person… can copy her consciousness and insert that consciousness into another person’s head via a chip… Both the original consciousness and the copy experience a day and the experiences of the copy are then uploaded back to the original person”. Marshall recounted that he was already chipped (meaning his consciousness had been recorded on a chip, as opposed to being a chiphead). 

Chipheads identified by Donald – in parentheses are whether these were confirmed by Q & A answers – included Walt Disney (yes), Adolf Hitler (no), Joseph Stalin (yes), Aleister Crowley (no), Margaret Thatcher (no) and Michael Jackson (yes). Marshall suggested the “Russian Leadership still do what Stalin says. Germans leadership do what Hitler says and China do what Mao says, and all 3 are just recorded consciousnesses, and recorded when there were only Mark 1 clones…” This may fall into the category of things he was told, rather than things that were true in practice, however.


Marshall also cites a number of celebrities from various spheres who were “remade” individuals from the past, dug up and cloned from a baby. The degree to which these figures from the past are genuine is debatable, what with made-up history being what it is (or isn’t), and also given that – per Q & A answers – clones were also sent into the past, but is seems this essential process was being undertaken. There were “lots of remade dead people running around… There’s a bunch of remade dead popes Kings and Queens and Pharaohs and others”. See Appendix 4 for some of these.

There’s a broader limitation of paradigm here, of course; whoever was telling Marshall they – or others – were remade individuals from a (fabricated) era of the past, may well have believed it themselves. Likewise, Marshall’s response, when asked whether this process utilised cells from bones and whether they could bring back dinosaurs, was “Yes and yes”. Obviously, there’s no chance of bringing back (invented) dinosaurs.


Marshall’s account of the Vril probably had the greatest impact on me when I first encountered his testimony I think probably around 2015, although it may have been later – but it also led me to put everything he said entirely to one side, labelled “approach with caution”. Not so much the potential of their existence, but rather the idea that they were indigenous creatures – a “prehistoric parasitic lizard” – that evolved on Earth millions of years ago. 

As documented by Donald Marshall Revolution, “Vril lizards have a natural proboscis at the top of their head, from which they eject a type of thick cerebrospinal fluid. When this fluid enters the human, usually through the eye and from there, to the brain, a chemical transformation immediately begins to take place. The victim essentially dies, leaving the lizard parasite in complete control of all brain function. After a period of recovery, the Vril host can return to its regular activities, looking, acting and seeming completely normal”.

This activity has also been termed “droning”, and “soul scalping” by some, its common signifier being membership of the black-eye club (readily Google-able for members, albeit it should be borne in mine that not every famous figure photographed with a black eye has been Vril’d). Marshall commented “when someone is droned, it’s the same as dying, soul departs like anyone else’s does when they die”. The Vril lizards have been linked to the Vril-ya master race of Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s The Coming Race and the Vril Society (per Donald Marshall Revolution: “the Nazis forged an alliance with Tibetian monks, who understood exactly what they were searching for and, deep within their fortress monasteries, introduced them to the prehistoric Vril”). 

Whether the two are connected or it’s more disinformation (per their being prehistoric), is moot. As Marshall admitted at one point, “I don’t know Vril origins, they’ve told me many fairy tales” (these include the British Royals: “Windsors are one family that helped lizards in the past, through the centuries certain families were friends to Vril, back to the Middle Ages and beyond”, and the “English side Vril that they called fey or fairies and a couple other things”. He also suggested the “Vatican has been down with Vril lizards for a long time”). Marshall’s appreciation of the Vril presence changed somewhat over time, both in terms of recall and awareness of other reptilians. 

So, to clarify, in contrast to the idea that they “come from deep underground, not outer space or another dimension”, the Vril are not from Earth. They’re from elsewhere in the Universe and were brought here by the Draco. They’re parasitic creatures and do not possess intelligence; they infect and take over their host, and the parasite then feeds off the intelligence of that host. This contrasts somewhat with Marshall’s apparent understanding. Per Revolution: “It is crucial to understand Vril lizard psychology, since Marshall maintains that all Vril lizards want to be human. They admire human intelligence and the beautiful human form”. Marshall suggested they “want drone world” and “Vril are asexual. They want a future race of asexual bodies, they’ve said”. In considering a parasitic creature, this would make sense, and it also feeds into Dark Forces’ greater agenda for humanity – “Hosts are also all Luciferian” – but it would appear erroneous to ascribe them a coherent psychology, separate from/preceding the effect – noted below – a parasite has on the human host. Marshall did also stress “They’re animals, they have hollow bones like birds. Also, they’re cowardly to the extreme. It’s part of the parasitical psychology”, so he seemed aware of their essential lack of intelligence. 

In terms of “normal” function of a host, “they can emulate human behaviour”, and “Vril don’t like bright light, no, but as human hosts it doesn’t affect them”. Marshall noted that “Vril are stupid, and drones are still stupid but smarter than Vril… their intelligence increases but they’re still not as smart as the average human”. Additionally, “Vril hosts and chipheads have some kind of caveman disfunction where they get the compulsion to molest kids”. Per Q & A answers, Vril (and thus hosts) crave adrenochrome. Revolution observes “Marshall claims that all loyal families within the Illuminati are expected to offer one of their children to be replaced by a Vril host”, and as Marshall put it, “A lot of celebrities are Vril lizard parasited drones. Don’t get. Famous”. See the appendices for further Marshall comments on hosted individuals. 

As noted, it’s evident that, at least consciously, Marshall underwent a developing awareness of the Vril “hierarchy”. Circa 2012, he related that “There are 3 kinds of Vril lizards that I know of and the third is largest and run them all’. It would seem this third kind were actually Draco (“I need to make a slight correction too LOL! Um, ‘Dracos’ is not another word for Vrils. Dracos are something else bigger ’n’ smarter… Draconians, which I thought was another word for Vril but isn’t”). Manipulated information, whether by design or omission, is especially evident in respect of Marshall’s “ET” encounters generally, and also how he related that the Draco, the Vril Type 3, were planning to “reveal themselves to the world soon, calling themselves Pleiadeans”. 

Per Marshall, Vril Type 1s are Chupacabras, which have entered UFO lore far more prevalently than Vril Type 2s (the ones he mostly discussed). The Chupacabras, or Goat Suckers, “just poke one hole and drain the blood usually” (additionally, “the spit makes ya die, neurotoxin or something, you seize all up”). Vril Type 3, we have clarified. It’s unclear which Vril’s “pineal glands allow them to have empathic powers”, but I’d have assumed none of them. He also said the Vril are “strict carnivores, and they don’t have the ‘capacity’ for compassion. There are no nice ones. They fake it good though”. This sounds more like a description of the Draco, unless he meant droned humans.

With regard to Vril’d/droned individuals, Q & A answers suggest 85 percent of executed celebrities were Vril’d (with the remaining 15 percent of executions accounted for by adrenochrome addicts). That said, 70 percent of those who were Vril’d would have warranted execution anyway (for their activities prior to being Vril’d). 


The bigger ’n’ smarter Draco should need no introduction, but Marshall’s awareness of them is instructive. Circa 2014 (in terms of posts on proboards), he related that “I met them when I was 5 then never saw them again until now. I assumed they were MK [ultra] illusion terror scenarios they were running on me, as I’d never seen them again”. He described them as “like 5 times as scary and bigger” (than Vril) and said “They want me to think of a way to introduce them to the world without the world freaking at their appearance”. There was surely some manipulation going on when he suggested “They are so ashamed of their appearance. They live in perpetual depression about it. It’s kinda sad”, and again when, despite describing them as “the scariest looking”, that they also “somehow are nicer than the other ones, not even being deceptive. They’re smarter too”. They offered the “best talks I’ve ever had with something other than human”.

The Draco, who are AI-controlled, arrived on Earth subsequent to the 1700 Event and also time travelled 190 years before it; the presence of Vril on Earth goes back no further than this period (so early-1500s equivalent). They worship Lucifer (the AI that controls them), and were in control of the cloning centres. They were engineered by the Anunnaki but took control from the Anunnaki on Earth in the 1860-70s (the Anunnaki subsequently maintained an uneasy alliance with them). This is covered in the relevant Q & As. Marshall suggested of reptilians, “There ain’t no shapeshiftin’ LMAO! Rest easy that there’s no morphers”. Of the Royal family, he commented “They can’t morph from lizard to human and back, that’s just a myth and a myth they like to foster as it throws people off the truth”. While it seems reptilian-human hybrids cannot shapeshift, Draco themselves can. It’s unclear if Marshall was ever witness to Raptors; his reptile/lizard encounters seemed restricted to the types of Vril and Draco.

On the positive side, it bears emphasising that there are now no longer any Vril on Earth, or Draco, and all droned/Vril’d and chipheads have been rounded up (and, presumably, executed). 


Admittedly, Marshall’s cross-identification of non-human forms he encountered can sometimes create confusion for the reader. Mostly because that was evidently the intent of those who fed him the information. So Marshall was introduced to those claiming to be Anunnaki, but they looked “like that cartoon puppet bird”. By which he appeared to mean “Skeksis from the movie ‘The Dark Crystal’. Which they helped to make” (he also seemed to allude to Draco resembling Skeksis, which may mean he saw a Draco that looked a little like one or he was conflating creatures). He said the Skeksis were “what old Anunnaki end up looking like” and “When the folks talk of Blue Avians” – that would be Corey Goode and David Wilcock – this is what they meant. 

So some quite elaborate disinformation was put into this. Not only were the 8-foot bird creatures misidentified as Anunnaki, but they also were with the Blue Avians. Indeed, the creature announced itself as “Amon Ra”; in the Law of One Material, the Blue Avians – a 6D “social memory complex” ET intelligence – identified themselves as “Ra”. Marshall imparted that “Everyone’s scared of this stinky bird at cloning. Even Vril and hosts” and further still referred to it as “Lucifer” (he might have been euphemistic, as he prefaced it with “I’m not Lucifer”). 

To add to the strange brew, “It’s a race supposedly called the Kemet”, could occupy male or female bodies, was “angry that I won’t play along with its false messiah plan”, “supposedly runs Inner Earth” (with Nazis and others), is “just an undead alien. They use consciousness chips”, and asked “Why don’t you like the Anunnaki, Don? We love you“. He also referred to it as “Ishtar/Istar”, an “Undead chip head alien” and an “Undead techno god”. The chiphead part may be the giveaway here, as Q & A answers indicate Amon Ra represented a genetic experiment; if it was an experiment that was consciousness chipped, it could explain the description of an alien that is “Smart but slowwwwww. Can’t register fast speech”. Aside from deliberately misinforming with Marshall, Amon Ra served as an overt character assassination on the Blue Avians/Ra.

Amon Ra also told Marshall it created humans, which fits with masquerading as Anunnaki. But it seems Marshall did meet Anunnaki, only “They’re not Anunnaki. They say they’re Elohim” (which is another name for Anunnaki). They’re “big guys” (which is right), and they’re also known as “Ur” (which sounds a little a little Biblical). They’re the “giants from The Bible”, and “The Elohim say they’re the good guys. But they’re not” (Marshall commented that they were “new. Just met them” at the cloning centre in 2015). He further said “They don’t like their images depicted”, and “They’re really slow, dumb” (the latter, if that was the impression they gave, was presumably intentional on their part, as I don’t think anyone would accuse the Anunnaki of being dumb, whatever other less than complimentary adjectives might apply).


To my understanding, the only actual ET species Marshall would have encountered in the DUMBs were the Draco (well, one could include the Vril too). Accordingly, the other purported aliens he met were genetic experiments. These included 4½-foot fleas – “Veknar or somethin’” – walking on their hind legs (“These things are so horrifyingly hideous that they have to wear a mask and robe around people. Black, circular like a spider, and they don’t blink”). 

With regard to Greys, there appeared to be some confusion of terms and what it was Donald was referencing (“they call themselves Vril”). He saw “Tall Whites”, who evidently were not the positive-ET Tall Whites (so again, might have been intended as disinfo) and said it was “unknown if they’re from space or just a Nazi gene spliced creation”. He described them as 6-8-feet tall with elongated, sharp teeth. They wore “total cover black contact lenses because they have crazy eyes”, and he suggested they were a “reptilian hybrid of some kind”.

In other situations, he was fully cognisant of encounters with genetic experiments from “gene-spliced hybrids and breeding programs”. These included the “spider-horse thing” from the New Mexico Dulce base (“Can’t beat it with a sword even, would have to have a gun”). Another that was the “size of a medium dog, but like a pig, but a mole rat’s face”. There were “human and Vril mixture creatures”, isopods, scarab beetles, and also a “blue Arab woman, named ‘Kali’… She is a clone. They are trying to pull BS on me”.

Perhaps the creature eliciting most comment aside from the Vril was the “evolved species of ‘rodent’ I think they said rodentia gigantus”. Adding to the misattributions, they were identified to him as Nephilim. They were not the Nephilim – who, it seems, while existing, have not been on Earth – and nor were they ETs. Rather, like the Anunnaki, they came from beyond the Ice Wall. Marshall described them as omnivores with a natural defence to drive Vril away (it’s unclear how this relates, if the Vril and rodentia are from different locales). 

The rodentia gigantus can get big, “Big as the biggest horse”, “are smarter than Vril but not as smart as humans” and resemble the elders in The Dark Crystal, “depicted as good and wise. So they want to deceive humans into thinking that they are nice”. Their deadly-looking teeth, which hooked backwards “like a killer whale”, were omitted from the movie to make them seem more benevolent. The sound they’re able to make, “the Mystic’s Chord” from The Dark Crystal, “can mess you up with it at close range especially if a bunch do it at once… vibrates your brain and joints if you’re in range”. Marshall suggested they’d been mistaken “for bigfoot, wendigo and werewolves” and dragons. They could take control of humans only with consciousness chips. He also commented that they “supposedly have a global killer technology underground, deep underground” something he also attributed to Draco elsewhere.


Marshall discussed various secret projects and technologies that, as with the non-humans he encountered, require one to consider the caveat of what he was told versus what he experienced directly. The mechanism he expanded on the most was Project Pegasus, a Groundhog Day technology, enabling “Quantum hopping… They will use the Hadron Collider to collide protons… which will BLAP the day back to the last time they collided protons, JUST like the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray”. The Illuminati were able to “bounce” time back “a day or more. I already did this. So did you. Something happened that they didn’t want to happen, and they did the ‘Groundhog Day’ effect with the Hadron/proton Collider”. He indicated the range would be “maybe 1 day, maybe more, depends upon when the Collider made the last slam”.

Per the Q & A, this tech works as Marshall suggested, except for the part where “they can only do it like 7 times because 8, 9 and 10 times in a row, [there’s a] chance [of] black holes appearing in the earth”. It seems there was actually no limit on the number of times the reset could be performed. Marshall professed how “They wanted to keep it active as a catastrophe eraser” and “It’s one of their fave techs and they reeeaaally didn’t want me to tell people about it”. 

So, for example, provided they “slammed” the Collider every week, in the event that a nuclear weapon was used, they could reset to the most recently available prior date. Marshall related that “If you have a chip, you get STRONG déjà vu of everything all day” (the first time it happened to him, they did it “as a joke to me for 6 days”, and he “thought I was stuck in a Star Trek time loop thing”). He also referenced Tila Tequila – who caused waves at one stage by speaking publicly about cloning centres – and suggested, as an example, that “If Tila goes on TV and tells all about cloning ’n’ lizards with a Vril’s dead body and everything, and people freak out, panic in the streets, rioting, the Queen is killed, bad governments hung from lamp poles… The guys at the proton collider thing just slam protons again. BANG. Were back to before Tila told all”.

Marshall said “I don’t think they can go back or forward. Never showed me anyway” but added that it had other applications: “It can supposedly transmute elements too”. Of CERN generally, he was less certain (“They say it can open a portal. I don’t know if it’s true or not. It can affect time, though. They have said they could flee through a portal to another place, planet, dimension”; my understanding is that its principle purpose was opening portals). 


HAARP came up, particularly in respect of what Marshall understood (in 2012) to be planned apocalyptic havoc (“the government is doing this to MANUFACTURE events that will coincide with Biblical prophecies like in revelations and others like Nostradamus”), leading humans to seek shelter in the DUMBs and get Vril’d. It’s possible/likely this was a wind-up (not that various elements of the scheme outlined might not have been planned in some way, shape or form). Marshall was cognisant that HAARP “Could be used for great benefit, but is used as a weapon. HAARP used correctly will tame weather with no adverse effects”. He mentioned other optional functions “like low frequency sonic warfare crap. Emitting vibrations that make us mildly crazy or nauseous or various other things depending on the output”.


Obviously, post Coof, there’s been significant attention given to virus theory in the alternative community, and the distinctions between Pasteur and Bechamp. Marshall understood there to be a “bunch… that do different things, each big country has a secret biological weapons project”. He was uncertain of potential delivery methods but “for all I know, it could be in chemtrails, and they have the technology to remotely activate the virus with the option to make it contagious; they have lotsa stuff”. With regard to the jab – your common or garden jab, rather than a coof one – he commented “The vaccines, I was told, are to kill you over a long time… they told me specifically not to get flu shots, saying it would mess me up”. He was informed of various “idiotic plans” including a “zombie virus” designed to kill black people, and “the chemtrails you all talk about have an airborne vaccine to the Zombie virus”.


Project Camelot has been mentioned, “a plan they have implemented to create a messiah like figure to calm the public in the event of global catastrophe”, for which “they had many people set to play the role”. Donald cited weapons/tech “whereby they can turn off the sun for a time”, or “solar flare us”, cause a tidal shift killing everyone but those in Russia and China. He threw in that “cold fusion is probably what destroyed Atlantis”.


Marshall’s take on aliens was understandably jaundiced, given the leading info/disinfo he was fed. At one stage, he suggested the Illuminati knew no “off-world aliens” and said they faked abductions (“They do the grey alien abduction porn things too”). On another occasion, he amended this, saying “There are a bunch of different kinds of aliens, and there are a bunch of terrestrial aliens too beneath the surface of the Earth. Some outer-space aliens have bases here”. On yet another, “Aliens are demons. Just a different name”. 

The prospect of positive ETs met with undisguised contempt: “If there are good aliens somewhere? They ain’t doing nothing, and they can get lost too… The ‘aliens’ making the crop circles aren’t trying to warn or enlighten you with the crop field pictures. They are making fun of you”. Of Area 51, he said those on site were compartmentalised in knowledge, but “The high-ups know the run of the place. Saucers, Vril lizards, gene splicing, cloning”, while Montauk was “One of many bases. Supposedly a lot of gene splicing going on there”.


Marshall’s takes on conspiracy theories and false flags included the possibility that Sandy Hook was botched on purpose (“They are literally trying to get the public to demand answers EN MASS TO SAVE THEM FROM THE SECRET OF VRIL… They want the public to save them, basically”. He suggested this was a reason his own whistleblowing was allowed). On JFK’s assassination, Donald was able to add that the President “was going to expose hosts and cloning” to the pile of reasons others have argued he had to go (rather than the assassination itself being faked and Kennedy going underground). Furthermore, “his wife fired the killshot”. 9/11 was conceived because the World Trade Centre was “damaged from a bombing in the basement from like 10 years before”. Repair work would have been exorbitant, so “they used the situation to blame ‘al-Qaeda’ and… enter Iraq for the oil, and Afghanistan eventually for the opium fields so they could get free opium for ingredients that go into pharmaceuticals. The Arabs on the planes were either clones or were bodysnatched”.


Marshall’s particular “claim to fame”, in respect of the programmes was, as noted, his musical gifts. He told how came up with Lady spontaneously on his first terrified visit to the arena, aged 5, singing it to the attending/presiding Queen Elizabeth (“serenading the monster” as he called it). It hit No.1 (US) for Kenny Rogers in 1980. He went on to be, well “prolific” would be an understatement, and many of his lyrics related to his experiences in the centres. 

Marshall’s nickname was Amadeus – Rock Me Amadeus was his – and he wrote big hits for Madonna, Michael Jackson, Bowie, Tina Turner, U2, Guns N’ Roses and Prince during the 1980s, along with much of the New Romantic movement (so from the ages of 5 to 15). During the 1990s, he pretty much was Nirvana and much of grunge. Later, he also delivered key rap and hip-hop compositions (Eminem) and Lady Gaga’s best known tracks. I mean, no one’s going to believe he was responsible for all that. Are they? It’s tantamount to Theodor Adorno (Under the Silver Lake depicts a similar underground composer who crafted all the most famous tunes). Check Appendix 1 for an (incomplete) rollcall of artists Donald was responsible for, as well as attributions thereto. 

Marshall warned “If you have a cute child or a child with a moneymaking ability (like song making), they will clone your child, and molest them, it’s a paedophile’s paradise and must be stopped”. He commented that Queen Elizabeth “secretly owns a few music companies, (Universal and others) with bands under contract; she forces me while under the knife to compose music for them – if I can’t she will stab my clone, burn me, have her pervert thugs smash my body there”.


The appendices that follow document some of those Marshall encountered in the cloning centres. He had very little sympathy for these attendees – except maybe Liam Neeeson (below) – even ones less keen on the deal they found themselves in, which variously sounded like most of them (“Greedy scummy souls, some are scared but they’ll still torture a little child to get the next album. Anything for fame and fortune. Anything”). Marshall said “They do not want to attend but are activated into there anyway… Sell yer soul thing”. It may have been a case whereby some of them were telling Marshall one thing and thinking another; certainly, and ironically, his take on several, when it comes to politicians and royals, might be considered to stray into being too understanding on his part.

But perhaps Madonna did indeed hope the truth “goes global ASAP”. One example he cited was Roseanne, who “thinks she can be redeemed by ‘turning over a new leaf’? She is just a rat fleeing the sinking ship a little early like most of the smarter ones there are doing”. He said she was “a scumbag for decades at cloning”. He’d also say “You guys don’t understand how traumatised some of these people are just by knowing what the Vril look like, and then there’s the murder films Elizabeth made most of us all watch”.

It bears emphasising, then, that there’s a distinction between Marshall’s (reasonable, given his situation) judgements and the view that might be taken of those who invited a situation where there’s reluctance but little available option for the reasons he recognised. Certainly, to Marshall, he was the only one making a stand, and everyone else was a coward. 

Some of those he heaped scorn upon have come up as White Hats in the Q & A, and some Black Hats have evidently – because, presumably, they weren’t one step beyond in whatever they did, and so were allowed – changed teams. When it comes to those in the alternative community, it doesn’t seem, by and large, that their having to abide by the strictures of what they could and could not say necessarily prevents them from being White Hats, regardless of how much Marshall might have strenuously begged to differ.  And when it comes to politicians, there’s one who notably appears to have been playing long-game subterfuge (for the White Hats), while another, even given that everything Marshall says of him appears to have been valid, is allowed White Hat status because he has set himself against Dark Forces.





Marshall advised that “Nearly all” world leaders attended the cloning centres: “Hostages, basically. World control through clone hostages. If you protest, you die, they replace you one way or another”. Presiding over the cloning centres – or at least ones where Marshall attended – was Queen Elizabeth II. 

His account of her occasionally registered vaguely Stockholm Syndrome-like tendencies. That, while she was horrendously evil, she was also a hostage herself. Consequently, he’d comment “You’d never know how sinister [and] sadistic[ally] she behaves like when the cameras are off” and she “can’t just get immunity. Bitch needs to hang. She did too much evil” but also that “She will redeem herself”.

Hence his suggesting “Queen Elizabeth loves me beyond measure, and will not allow me to perish or fail. She is human. She is a hostage, basically. She has to follow suit to ensure her survival. Alien fear can make you do a lot of crazy stuff. But she and her family are psychologically traumatised. And can’t have say in politics”. This idea that she herself was being held hostage recurs in his posts (“She wants me to speak up for her when the time comes, say that Vril fear held her hostage”).

And again, “Elizabeth is terrified of Vril” and was a “lifelong hostage. She had to follow or she would look untrustworthy. She would be killed and replaced. She went above and beyond to look evil, though, overcompensated [in the] extreme. Sometimes, I feel sorry for her. Then, when I hear things like eating babies and serving children to the lizards, I just want to hurt her” (this references her eating gold foil-wrapped babies “in a devotion to Lucifer”). He would also say she “WANTS the world to end. Wants nukes to fly, she has a luxury base to hang out in”.

As mentioned above, Marshall recounted how Queen Elizabeth assumed the identity of Elton John via an implanted consciousness chip and “has body snatched many using the chip implantation technology”. Utilising this tech, she would go “on a debauch spree across UK or US as [an] implanted attractive young woman, usually culminating in murder-suicide”.

He also related a video he’d seen where Queen Elizabeth, having encountered “English-side Vril” as a child and resolved to avoid being droned herself, was introduced to “German Vrils” at the end of WWII (in a clone body). In accounting for her cruel disposition, he suggested that, having been “scared into it from a young age… some try to be extra evil; as evil ‘cool’ people are safer, they will be safe too and be evil”, their excuse being that “they had no alternative to be evil and follow suit in the death cult”.

Q & A answers suggested the Queen was not a hostage but also that the account of body snatching Elton John is accurate. The Queen is, obviously, dead (and was, obviously, dead long before her official date of expiration). It seems that, in contrast to popular assumption, she was human. And also that she underwent some form of soul scalping (this was not by Vril, however).


Donald suggested “Diana was a willing attendant of the cloning centre for at least 10 years and did what the rest of them did. She liked being surrounded by the celebrities”. He commented that “She clone tortured me multiple times, thinking she was the celeb of celebs” and “wasn’t as nice as everyone thinks. She willingly went there for a while” (he also suggested she wasn’t “very smart at all”, initially thinking she was being transported to the “5th dimension” – a reaction that doesn’t seem to have been that uncommon – and “one of the dumbest clones that I’ve met there”; one should offer the qualification that intelligence in a clone body doesn’t necessarily reflect actual intelligence). He described how Diana didn’t want to go to cloning centres anymore, and “they used to drug her into a lucid state and she would be more receptive to having sex with people there”, MKUltra-ing her to make her see an attractive face rather than “an old man friend of Charles’s”.

With regard to Diana’s (official) death, “She was going to marry an Arab and didn’t want to attend cloning anymore and had threatened to tell the world in a press conference if they didn’t stop bringing her there… so Elizabeth ’n’ Charles gave the OK to off her”. He was subsequently told – “Supposedly anyway, lol, never know with them” – that “she was re-animated, but all she did was cry, so they ‘discontinued’ her. Allowed her consciousness to escape”. 

Q & A answers confirm Diana attended the cloning centres for 10 years, but not that she did so willingly (as noted, Marshall’s view of anyone in attendance tended to the dyspeptic and unforgiving, and his characterisation of someone would be coloured by whatever it was they felt impelled to do – not least to him – to survive). As far as her death goes, this was faked.  


Marshall said he referred to Prince Philip as “the diddling devil duke”. Per Q & A answers, Philip was entirely reptilian (not a hybrid).

(King) Charles was a “crack addict and voracious paedophile pervert”. Charles is dead, of course. He was an Anunnaki hybrid.


Like the Queen’s, Marshall’s account of Hillary Clinton vacillated somewhat. When someone suggested she was pure evil, Marshall replied “No, she’s just scared. Trying to make sure she’s on the winning side. Doesn’t want to die”. On another occasion, he attested “Hilary is terrified. Is only a clone sometimes. Has no choice like many others. Only alternative is death by so called natural causes. She and many others hope I can save them by informing the public where they can’t”. 

With regard to which, “The bilocation of Hillary Clinton was her one attempt at telling the world”. This 2008 incident, as a result of which, “they talked about killing her for it at cloning. She was there crying, saying it was an accident. But she did it intentional[ly]. Trying to get help. Wants out of cloning. But is still an evil scumbag”. By which, “She’s way mean at cloning. And she’d stomp your clone face”. He also suggested she was “heavily traumatised by alien interaction. She will do whatever they say with glee”.

Per Q & A answers, Hillary was not scared (she is also, as most ought to realise, dead).


Marshall’s account of Vladimir Putin suggests extreme derangement, describing “one of the goofiest mental cases there”. Donald had him pegged as “a pervert… extreme. No one to stop him” and “No humans besides people like Vladimir Putin actually like Vril lizards or parasited human hosts”. He said that, while pretty much everyone wanted out of the clone-hostage situation – “Even Elizabeth wants out…” – “Vladimir doesn’t want it to end” and knows that the day it does “will be a very bad day for him”.

One Marshall anecdote supporting the “goofiest mental case” assessment is that “Pink and purple and yellow and blue are Vladimir’s favourite colours They’re the colour of internal organs, and Vlad had the minarets of the Kremlin in Moscow painted win these colours in swirls”. It may be telling, however that “Elizabeth and Vladimir Putin are the biggest camera hams in the world”, as this is indicative of a skill in manipulating others (not least Donald). 

Certainly (per Q & A answers), Putin now carries the status of White Hat, which is not to suggest he is a nice guy (whether this extends to being flat-out the “goofiest mental case” is unclear, but the criteria is perhaps most appreciably an “enemy of my enemy” one).


And then there’s Donald Trump. The idea that Trump was attending cloning centres may be anathema to his most devoted advocates, but the question would be, if he was intent on carrying out the long-game subterfuge necessary to enact the overthrow of Dark Forces on Earth, how he could have done otherwise? There’s undoubtedly a degree to which the alternative community, where there were those with genuine positive intent, found themselves prisoner to very scenarios Marshall identified and so said only so much and no more (yet he also railed against: the cowardly who would not risk death by speaking out). In Trump’s case, however, the entire point was that he would appear to go along willingly with the agenda.

Thus, Marshall observed – in relation to the then-upcoming 2016 elections – that “All the candidates are illuminati members and attend cloning in REM”. Marshall quite understandably felt the “election won’t matter. There will be an Illuminati president. Always is”. He said of Trump “He’s been at cloning since I was a kid. Claimed credit for a few ideas of mine. Like that munchie baby product. Said he invented it himself. Lol. He is down with the illuminati. Knows about it everything” (while I’m not doubting this munchie baby product, which Marshall mentioned several times – “the ‘Munskin’. It’s a pacifier with a mesh nipple that you put peaches in n stuff Popsicles this n that. No choking hazard to baby” – I’ve been unable to find reference to it in the inventory of Trump’s achievements).

He also said “Guy sold out America for a profit. He literally said OK, I won’t tell about Vril hosts or cloning I’ll do business with you. I can’t wait to see what people actually do in the end. When all is known globally”. Donald considered him “a rotten bastard” who “shot me in the stomach with a handgun there a little over a year ago. It hurt bad” (this post was in 2016, so the incident would have been in 2015). 

The Q & A confirmed Trump’s attendance at cloning and that he shot Marshall. 


We’ve recently seen the Dali Lama’s – or his clone’s/double’s/CGI avatar’s – fall from grace with regard to the tongue-sucking incident. Marshall related that he was “totally down with Vril and parasited hosts, totally loyal to the Illuminati”. He also suggested “Tibetan monks (at least the leadership) have been down with Vril for hundreds of years”.

Of Pope Francis, “This man is a monster. You would have to see what he does at the cloning centre to believe it”. Marshall additionally claimed he was “exceptionally stupid” and “a dead chip head. No way to tell who is on the chip”.

President Gadhafi was “still alive. That was a clone they killed. Everyone that captured him were in on it. It was a big stage play, and he had his pain sensors turned off. You’ll never find the body”.

President Reagan “was a hostage like most are. Knew all about cloning, Vril hosts, and me”. Further, he was “only President because a bunch of Illuminati crazies liked him in movies as a cowboy”.

Jeffrey Epstein received a mention, relating to Epstein memes: “How about Epstein isn’t dead? Because he isn’t dead”.

Stephen Hawking was noted above: “He can dance talk ’n’ have sex in his clone body… Not a nice guy… Everyone says he’s so smart. He is not really and is very dark and cruel. Very weird person”.

Bill Gates “is small time compared to a lot of these guys”.

Richard Branson was “a bad dude”.




I’ve included some actors/musicians in the following due to whistleblowing or suggested White Hat activities. This is an area where Marshall became especially incensed, given these were the individuals from whom he would have hoped for a degree of solidarity (but again, see under Trump). Marshall stated “[Alex] Jones [is] in it, David Icke is in it, [David] Wilcock is in it, Bloom and Steele are in it… They’re all on the payroll. Talking about what they’re allowed to talk about. Mind you they’d die if they talked” (the last two individuals are Lenny Bloom and Jane Steele, who were presenters of Internet radio show Shock Talk).


Of David Icke, “People hang on that scum’s every word. Thinkin’ he’s Mr Nice Guy. They’re being deceived”. Marshall claimed he “talks about shapeshifting to distract from the truth of Vril lizards. Has been to the cloning centres, has seen them and me there. Knows what he’s doing. [He’s] At the cloning centre sometimes… It’s all an act”. He said “Icke knows what I know, but he lies and tells half-truths to throw people off the real truth”. He “does and says what he is told to… He will pay for his cowardice”. Icke “turns quite a profit at misleading the world about a parasitical bodysnatching alien species” and “runs the risk of being burned at the stake for what he has been doing”, as “truth’s comin’ out and it’s going to devastate him. Because he knew and decided to side with evil”.

And yet, Donald also expressed very plainly the dilemma involved, that “If Icke told the truth, he would have an aneurysm, real quick”. Further, “He will claim fear for him, his family, reanimated after death and killed clone by clone… BUT what am I DOING???” Contrarily, and evidencing his stresses and strains, he also said, objecting to “hinting” at the truth “You won’t get in trouble for SPEAKING THE DIRECT TRUTH! I have. You all know the real deal here. Knowledge is power. Just have to tell the world”.  Q & A answers confirm Icke’s attendance at the cloning centres and that he was only saying publicly what he’d been allowed to say (answers also confirm Icke as a White Hat, emphasising demarcation lines less precise than Marshall suggested).


Alex Jones had “been clones, got intro’d months back”. Jones “can’t wait for me to win. He doesn’t wanna be at cloning, he’s stuck there too. He doesn’t get tortured, but if he spoke up, he would be”.

Kerry Cassidy “thinks the cloning centre is her in another dimension. That she accesses while sleeping. It’s what they tell many”.

Joe Rogan was labelled an “Illuminati agent/puppet”.

Regarding super soldier James Casbolt, Marshall said “don’t claim [to be] oblivious of the situation”.

Jesse Ventura “attends the cloning centre, has been there longer than me, way back to his WWF wrestling days; he was a sex slave there, now he is a disinfo specialist and says what they want him to say – they pay for his show”.

Edward Snowden “hangs at cloning and is part of a plan to fabricate a people’s hero”. Further, “the things he ‘revealed’ were already public knowledge, he just turned eyes to it; he is supposed to make Obama and [the] American government look bad, while making Russia and China look good”.

Ben Fulford received a mention, albeit not specifically regarding attendance at cloning centres. In reference to the Queen’s time being up, he said “She has Ben Fulford and Icke and all her evil scummy minions trying to placate everyone with BS”. Q & A confirms Fulford as a White Hat.

Regarding David Wilcock, Marshall said he messaged him for help in the beginning, didn’t hear back, and “Then I find out he’d been sitting in the stands there like other disinfo people and ‘Truthers’, watching me get tortured and singing songs”. He suggested that “Whoever raised him had him sold out as a sex slave when young”, and “His radio show or whatever is Illuminati run and is a reward to him for loyal service”. Wilcock “talks about what they allow him to. He isn’t memory suppressed either. Was when he was a kid but had his ‘awakening’”, whereby his memory was “unrepressed”. In reference to the Blue Avians – as we’ve seen, misrepresented to Marshall – he said Wilcock left out that “the birds body snatch too and are mean as well. About REM cloning, parasite hosts and lots”. Nevertheless, Q & A confirms Wilcock as a White Hat.

Rowdy Piper, star of one of the Truther movement’s most celebrated movies They Live! was “a slave with benefits” and “One of the nicest at cloning to me. Refused to harm me”. However, “They killed him. He tried to expose Vril hosts in a more than hinty way”.

Regarding Chris Cornell – the suggestion being he was killed because he was planning to expose music-industry child trafficking – he said, “I hate that guy and hope he died suffering Used me as the others did”. 

Another Hollywood conspiracy theorist, Randy Quaid, “didn’t have a problem with the Illuminati when he was in lots of sitcoms and talk shows”. Marshall claimed “He fled (to Canada) because they don’t just kill by aneurysm; sometimes they just shoot ya. There is no distance limit from the cloning consciousness transfer thing. They could have dropped him at any time by remote aneurysm, but a few others died like that after talkin’ bout NWO/Illuminati stuff”. (Of Randy’s brother Dennis, “They were also going to kill [him] at one point”.)

Corey Feldman “is only allowed to say so much” and “is a scared puppet. His intentions are good, but he intentionally misleads because he is commanded to”. Marshall also suggested he was “ratting on those the illuminati want him to” (and commented that Feldman was “allegedly a host. Or so he and others have said at the [cloning centre] when they were more confident that I would fail”).




Anyone wondering at the precipitous plummet in Disney’s fortunes post-plandemic and in contrast to the giddy heights of the MCU, Pixar and (for a brief movie or two) Lucasfilm, along with the unstoppable-force purchase of 20th Century Fox, should note Marshall’s warning “Do NOT take your kids to Disney nothing. Just don’t. Disney goes DEEP underground”. It’s highly unlikely anyone will want to be associated with Disney product, let alone operate a company with that name on an ongoing basis, once the truth comes out.

Marshall’s mainstay talent may have been musical, but it seems he was also involved with Hollywood in a variety of guises. Some of them actual guises. Perhaps most notable in this regard, inducing audibly incredulous responses, was his work on The Dark Knight. Donald related his version of Heath Ledger’s death, that the actor “broke his neck trying to do a breakdancing move where you spin and push up on a hand and land back on your feet; he slipped and came down on your [his] neck, broke his neck and they finished him off so he didn’t end up paralysed”.

Consequently, with the movie unfinished, they “Had me in a Heath Ledger clone and made me run around making up lines in a role-playing situation to add catch phrases and lines to the script”. He gave as an example, “I was in a boardroom with a bunch of criminals, and they were like ‘You think you can just walk in here and rob US?’ I couldn’t think of anything funny to say, couldn’t think of any witty comeback, so I just said ‘Um, yes’, as in, like, obviously. I thought they’d get mad that the comeback was not good enough, but the idiots said it was genius and used it in the movie”. Well, to be fair, that bit is pretty funny. 

Marshall also claimed “I’ve helped with some Simpsons stuff and many other cartoons…

I invented South Park and made the theme song at cloning”. Of popular movies, he said “Illuminati made the Matrix movies…That movie was/is big with them”, and “The whole Star Wars thing is a futuristic mock-up of the Nostradamus prophecy”.


Then there are those who ended up dead (or allegedly dead), and those who somehow did not. Probably the greatest “hero” story Marshall told concerns Liam Neeson, “one of the (very few) good people that are at the cloning centre”. Marshall related (in 2013) how the continued tortures he was subjected to were causing damage to his heart, and some attendees were requesting he be left to live out the rest of his life without further injury. Queen Elizabeth, offended by the few occasions over the years he’d managed to land a retaliatory kick or punch on her, responded “‘I’ll see that man tortured until I breathe my last, no one does that to me’. LIAM NEESON, THEN stood up calmly, was sitting in the front row, climbed over the hockey boards slowly, and walked from the side stands, to the end stands where Elizabeth and Charles and the Royals sit. He THEN (knowing her pain sensors were off) RIGHT HOOKED HER CLONE IN THE FACE!!! HARD! Hauled back and punched her right hook like 5 or 6 times, her head bouncing off her back, broke her neck, I think. (No one did anything.) Everyone was shocked. Someone remotely turned off Elizabeth’s clone, and Liam then turned, looked at me, smiled and said `There, NOW what`. Then his smile faded, and he looked concerned, but then shrugged it off, smiled at me and went back to his seat and sat down. It`s a step in the right direction. If Liam Neeson ends up dead anytime soon, you know why. I don’t think they will, though. I think it`s just part of the end of the Illuminati”.


In contrast, there was Bernie Mac, who died in 2008. Marshall noted how Mac openly supported his cause and “tried to start an uprising at cloning to save me”. In response, “They gutted Bernie Mac terrible as an example. That shut people up fast”. Mac died “From getting chopped up as clones. He had an aneurysm, yeah”.


There are various accounts of Paul Walker’s fate on the conspiracy circuit, including the theory that he went into witness protection and is still alive. Most suggest he intended to expose the Clinton Foundation’s activities in Haiti. Marshall confirmed “He was going to talk, the Illuminati killed him”, saying “He wanted to be the brave one that helped me first”. He recounted how a clone of Walker was “out in the arena, tied to the same cross I’ve been chained and tied to; 2 people were stabbing and punching him – everyone had to watch as a deterrent”. Marshall concluded he was dead (“Haven’t seen Paul Walker since”) and suggested his “death and mistreatment is going to slow any other celebs from talking, I assume”. He also said Walker “was supposedly not a real human being anyway”.


With regard to Anthony Bourdain’s “alleged ‘suicide’. Met him at cloning before. He and his wife were speaking out about child trafficking and the evils of Hillary Clinton”.

Robin Williams was “One of the only good people at cloning… Few. And they’re all cowards. Every time I ever spoke to him he was jittery as fuck”. Williams “said he was anxious to go to the next body. He had many problems. Health and financial”. Of his death, Marshall suggested “he did hang himself. But they coerced him to”. (Q & A answers suggest Williams is still alive.)

Bill Murray was “not mean like the rest there: tries to crack jokes and acted nervous there. Didn’t want to be there”. However, Marshall said on another occasion, “He is not my friend. He’s at cloning and will do whatever they tell him to. He is an illuminati member”.

Kurt Russell received one of the few free passes. He “declined to torture me on a rack when offered to. He doesn’t want to be in cloning”. Russell was one of few “normal” attendees.

Winona Ryder “was nice to me at cloning. Others made fun of her for not being evil, called her soft”. Being nice to Marshall didn’t seem to get Ryder off the hook, however, as (per Q & A answers) it seems she’s been executed.

Joan Rivers was “one of the nicer ones at cloning”. He suggested she would “just go to [a] clone or a stolen body now” and that she “Went to a new body, probably intentional death”.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were “pro-cloning, pro-illuminati”, “members for life” and “basically privileged sex slaves”. Marshall said they were “pretty gross. Sometimes as clones at the zone, they will go out into the centre dirt and have sex”.  

Angelina’s dad Jon Voight “is an Illuminati member” (since everyone there was, pretty much, it doesn’t necessarily prevent them from having been secret White Hats, however).

The Smiths (Will, Jada et al) “are a perverse, upside-down, incestuous family. One of the most perverse celeb families out there. The Smiths are grotesque [and] perverse in real life, though, too. Kids talk, they die”.

Jennifer Aniston joined “to get on Friends”.

Samuel L Jackson was a “bad guy. Is Illuminati loyal”.

Tom Cruise was “supposedly” droned, “and his eye that got the proboscis in it, is sinking into his head”.

Brittany Murphy was droned “and still lives through head chip in another head, she was rotten. She wasn’t even a she, was more like an it”.

Morgan Freeman “wants out like 95 percent of others there”, but “will bang anything that lets his ugly ass. Should be put to death”.

Macauley Culkin was “used as a sex slave since early childhood, was a favourite of Michael Jackson and hates his life: self-medicates to deal with it”.

Of John Travolta, his son “Jett was killed because he was slightly mentally disabled, and John was embarrassed of him”.

Jack Black was “a big supporter of the cloning centre, so are his parents” (Black’s parents’ backgrounds are military and NASA).

Chris Hemsworth “Killed me by punching a clone of me to death. He has sex with rich old homosexuals to get the chance to be in movies”.

Jared Leto “Got old fat men banging him at cloning almost nightly. He don’t mind as long as he gets some kind of benefit”.

Ben Stiller “is especially mean”.

Ellen DeGeneres was “Nasty”.

Ewan MacGregor “knows everything. Is friends with Queen Elizabeth”.

Simon Cowell “indulges in all the slimy place has to offer, a freemason and personal friend to the Queen (or at least SAYS he is like everyone else there does) to receive more benefits”.

Hugh Laurie was “a deranged pervert” who raped and tortured “for sexual gratification and all kinds of stuff”.

Russell Brand was “one of the worst of them. Elizabeth likes him”.

Drew Barrymore was “at cloning as long as I have, we used to hang there as kids together”. Regarding her movie Cat’s Eye (1985), “The troll…represented a Vril, yep, more hinty hinty. Even way back then”.

Marshall offered different takes on George Carlin, who “saved me from much pain once when I was 5 as clones. I wish he was still alive. He was trapped and afraid, as I was. As most are still”. On another occasion, however, he referred to him as “totally a member… He didn’t like me much… He was a child molesting pervert… long winded scumbag. Don’t miss him”.

Dave Chapelle was “Not a nice guy. Loved enslaving this white boy”.

John Stewart “is also an Illuminati member and attends cloning. Is a coward and traitor and an opportunist”.

Clint Eastwood “Had me tortured to make songs so his son could claim credit for them”.

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson “acts like he’s a lord of the land and untouchable” (Marshall said this was also the case with Spielberg and Lucas: “All the rich ones do, until a politically powerful person talks down to them and then they hush up and look to the floor”). Marshall recalled Jackson “made me help with lines and ideas for the Lord of the Rings movies and a couple of others. Also attacked me at the cloning centre, showing off for the others, but with him it was like he had to or he was ordered to, to be like the rest; he didn’t want to do anything to me”. He noted Viggo Mortensen and “almost all the actors from LOTR attend one of the cloning centres”.

Oliver Stone “is one of the worst people there. He’s tortured people as clones to interrogate ideas from them”.

Ridley Scott “has had me help him with movie ideas and scripts lines and stuff”.




Most of the following artists are identified in articles on the Donald Marshall Revolution site. Quotes are largely from proboards posts. Donald stated that he wrote all Madonna’s early songs (he describes Live to Tell in the most detail), along with Whitney’s, Whacko’s co-credits on Thriller (Billie JeanBeat It, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, and The Girl Is Mine), Tina Turner’s Private Dancer hits (What’s Love Got To Do With It, Private Dancer, Better Be Good To Me), Bowie’s Let’s Dance hits (Let’s Dance, Modern Love, the remix of China Girl; I don’t know what he contributed to the latter, since the original was on Iggy’s 1977 The Idiot; perhaps the “faux-Asian” intro), Prince’s Raspberry Beret (a co-write with Prince), The Human League’s Don’t You Want Me, Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer, Guns N’ Roses’ Welcome to the Jungle and Sweet Child O’ Mine, Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me (and all their popular songs) and Poison’s Every Rose Has Its Thorn. And hits for the likes of Phil Collins, ABC, a-ha, The Cure, Depeche Mode, the Eurythmics, Culture Club, Duran Duran, Wham!, Billy Idol, Tears For Fears, The Police, U2, A Flock of Seagulls, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds, Soft Cell, Spandau Ballet, Thomas Dolby, the Thompson Twins, Ultravox, Roxette, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, KISS, Black Sabbath, Scorpions and Whitesnake.

The 90s saw Marshall penning Smells Like Teen Spirit and everything else by Nirvana (as well as naming them), Metallica’s Enter Sandman. R.E.M’s Losing My Religion (he previously gave them It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)), Britney’s Baby One More Time , Ice Ice Baby for Vanilla Ice, Creep for Radiohead –  apparently “many of the songwriters for whom he provided music are actually bitter by the fact that Marshall’s songs are usually the most popular tracks on any album, always the most requested and loved by fans”, which may explain Radiohead refusing to play Creep – grunge hits for Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Hole, and Stone Temple Pilots and more hits for Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, Nickleback, Beck, Counting Crows, Soul Asylum, Garbage, Rage Against the Machine, No Doubt, Dido, Oasis and Foo Fighters.

Into this century, Marshall was responsible for the best known Gaga (Just DancePoker Face,

Bad RomanceTelephoneAlejandro and Born This Way: “I made all of her songs from the outset of the thing’s career”), Muse, Coldplay, The White Stripes, The Killers, Green Day, Rhianna and all things Eminem.

You can also add popular chanteurs and chanteuses Dolores O’Riordan/The Cranberries Mariah Carey, Adele, Alanis Morrissette, Jewel, Natalie Merchant, Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Usher, Pink, The Black Eyed Peas, Selena Gomez, Kesha, Avril Lavigne, Enrique Iglesias, Lana Del Rey, Florence + the Machine, and rap and hip-hop artists Public Enemy, Run-D.M.C., Master P., OutKast, N.W.A., LL Cool J, MC Hammer, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, the Fugees, Salt ‘N’ Pepa, the Beastie Boys, DMX, Jay-Z, Tupac Lil’ Wayne and Kanye West to his output. 


Donald referenced encounters with these some of these stars in the cloning centres.

Madonna was “so cold and evil. Tortured me herself personally for songs, even as a child clone there”.

Of Lady Gaga, he was told “by her and others as clones that she is a parasited host of a Vril lizard”, this being the reason “one eye goes like that”. In support of this, she’d have “smaller scaly Vril Type 1” sitting on her lap at the cloning centre.

Michael Jackson was Vril’d: “he was a drone… a super paedo… he lives again as a dead consciousness in a stolen body somewhere in Bahrain, I was told”. 

Britney Spears was “no victim like people think” but “freaked out from watching too many murder videos there and watching Vrils eat children and drone humans”. He said she married the son of a cloner so she’d no longer be a sex slave (he added that she was 5 years old when she first attended the Cloning Centres, and that Sean Penn brought her there).

Whitney Houston “wanted out of the place and wanted to retire”. She was hopelessly addicted to crack and was considered a security risk to talk, so “they made an example of her and she had an aneurysm”. He added that the “last person that broke free of the Illuminati was Whitney Houston… and you all know where she is now”.

Miley Cyrus was “terrified and desperate to escape cloning, but doesn’t want to end up like Whitney Houston”. She was “a hardcore crack addict among other things”.

Bono was a Vril host, and “the constant sunglasses are to cover his bulging eye”. He’d tell Marshall “But I’m a good host” (Marshall’s response: “A host is a host”).

Of Sinead O’Connor, “Her breakdown was due to drugs, she ripped the pic [of the Pope] to attract more fame but it backfired on her, Illuminasty knew it would. She was and is a very willing illuminati member”. He described an encounter with her in the arena, where she “thought it was her time to shine. Was like a robot, just jamming fingers in my eyes, ripping skin off my face, looked like she was in a trance. And as bad as Elizabeth IS, SHE was the one to say ‘Alright, Sinead, that is enough’”.

Celine Dion “is as Illuminati as they get”.

Kanye West “is a… parasited human host”.

Katy Perry was “supposedly a Vril parasite host”.

Prince “is just as Illuminati as the rest of them”. Marshall “made songs for him as a kid clone at the place or he would stab me”.

Of Michael Hutchence, “They killed the INXS guy. Someone wanted his woman. Guess that was scummy Bob Geldof”.

Concerning a-Ha’s Morten Harket, Donald made songs “for this parasite host”.

’80s band Fine Young Cannibals “ate human at cloning. Thinking they were cool”.


Marshall told an anecdote regarding Oasis, that “The fools had the bravery to have me in a clone and wanted me to watch stage-side while they performed. I waited, and when the big guy next to me wasn’t focused on me, I bull charged and rammed Noel off of the stage”. This refers to a 2008 incident where Danny Sullivan (whose clone body Marshall was presumably occupying) was charged with attacking Gallagher on stage; Sullivan pled guilty, of which Marshall commented “I wasn’t him then. And he probably wasn’t either. Most likely some actor occupying his body”.


Regarding John Lennon, he was “a monster” and “One of those fake truther guys. He was a real scumbag”, Donald recounted how the former Beatle “was a closet fag and a rotten disgusting bastard” who had “that Arab guy” – he presumably meant Mark Chapman, as was pointed out to him; I wondered if he was confusing him with Sirhan Sirhan, who didn’t assassinate RFK – cloned “and fagged out on him nightly”. His victim didn’t understand his circumstances, “thought it was just another dimension”, and resisted Lennon. He and Yoko had (Chapman) drugged before activation and “they’re beatin’ him up, hurtin’ him, torturing him, trying to get him to be gay there and say he loved Lennon”, the result being that he shot the ex-Beatle. It appears, per Q & A answers, that this account is accurate. Except that Lennon didn’t die when he was shot. 

Of Elvis Presley’s fate, he “did a lot of coke, popped his ticker. He supposedly had a clone there being used, and thought it was a different dimension and his real body, as many do”. Q & A answers suggest Elvis’ death was faked, and he only died recently (having moved on to using a clone body).




Lil Wayne, Marshall was told, “isn’t even a real person, He is a replication clone, grown from a baby and is just a body double of King Tut, with new upbringing and education, he remembers nothing of Egypt or that past life”.

Similarly, Kurt Cobain was “supposedly a drone and a remade body of someone from the past” This individual being Vercingetorix, King of the Gaulish Empire.

Mike Tyson was “a famous Pharaoh’s most trusted personal bodyguard”.

Oprah Winfrey was “an ancient Egyptian remake too”.

James Gandolfini “is a replication clone of Pope Leo X” (pope, officially, from 1513-21).

Nicolas Cage was “someone they dug up from the past, and cloned from a baby”. Regarding Cage, he was Vril’d and “spent the entire movie with a make-up bullet wound directly to the eye” because “he has swelling that is making his eye bulge outwards” (Marshall was referring to 2011’s Drive Angry).

And then there’s Vladimir Putin who “told me at cloning years ago that he is the remade son of the last Russian Czar”.


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