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The “Mudflood” – or plain “mud flood”, if you prefer – theory of history, whereby our recent and more distant past has been both deliberately concealed and then counterfeited following a reset, is a relatively recent one. This reset is proposed as potentially one of many that have taken place at the behest of hidden controllers of our world, and it tends to go hand in hand with claims of Tartaria as a similarly lost or intentionally buried, vast – to the extent of providing for a unified world – civilisation. A civilisation boasting alternative technology that has been suppressed, albeit with still visible indicators, if you know where to look. Giants tend to crop up, but the conversation and analysis mostly focusses on buildings and architecture. 

For some, the “fledgling” status of this theory is suspicious in itself; any concept in the conspirasphere that surfaces “fully formed” – regardless of whether there are authorial precedents in respect of suppressed and fabricated history, most notably Anatoly Fomenko, from circa 1975, who held that the accepted version of world history was formulated in the 17th-18th centuries – invites speculation over misdirection and psyop. “Flat Earth” theory is perhaps the most celebrated – or derided – of these, dismissed by a significant portion of conspiracy-theory and alternative-history adherents as a means to blemish and ridicule all the “good” work being done in so many other places. Consequently, there are those – even on otherwise-respectable sites – who have banned its discussion (to be fair, at least in stolenhistory.net’s case, this is at least in part because it’s so divisive that it can become difficult to maintain moderate conversations. It also has a habit of sucking all the energy in the room, or forum, into its maw). Whether or not Flat Earth is a psyop – by which, I mean its platforming in negatively couched terms, since it is founded on largely legitimate objections to the official narrative – it can, from a certain perspective, be seen to function in such a manner.

But if mudflood/Tartaria is a psyop, to what end, and why did it appear when it appeared? My more amenable take is that, even if there is misdirection involved, the encouragement to think about a certain area, in a certain way – such as the shape of the Earth – can be a positive, in paradigm-busting terms, however moot the fine details may be. The counterargument to this would be that it matters not a whit if the substance, the focus of attention is wrong, however valid the details or thinking are that have deduced that conclusion: because the end result will be broader refutation. 

And for those counting themselves as converts, espousing the theory avidly, there is the resting position of mild confusion; that is, one can go so far with it but no further, the only solution being to rake over the same old ground, such as buildings (partially buried) or buildings (with potential indicators of forgotten technology) or maps (referencing Tartary). As Will Scarlet suggested “…this Tartarian theory is what… 7 years old now and yet it hasn’t progressed one iota. There’s still no agreement amongst Tartarian advocates about who the Tartars were, or where they were, or when they were”.

Skeptoid.com, keen to characterise conspiracy theories in an easily digestible, reducible and dismissible manner, offered mudflood and Tartaria the benefit of its withering scrutiny and so qualified for immediate referencing on the subject’s Wikipedia entry. The gist of such analysis is that, having explained there’s nothing to see here, or at any rate concern yourself with, as this is “familiar tripe”, you can now move on in your blissful ignorance. And, lest you have any vestiges of interest, “Make no mistake: Tartaria and the Mud Flood does not come from historians or archaeologists or geologists, it comes from the darkest underbelly of Internet conspiracy theory culture”. 

Skeptoid identified 2016/17 as the theory’s inception point, with burgeoning interest registering in Google Trends by the end of 2018. Consequently “a depressing number of people fully embrace it” (Brian Dunning’s penultimate paragraph poses a series of questions designed to draw a line under the “card house that is Tartaria and the Mud Flood” but only really establishes he’s – as one would expect – relied on confirmation bias, fearful of pushing these concerns “too hard” lest he be drawn into the darkest underbelly that terrifies him so. And which should terrify you so too).

The timeframe is an interesting one, in that it broadly coincides with the Trump era incarnation of the Truther movement – QAnon et al – and an increased profile for all-things conspiracy. One might read this in a couple of ways: realising the way the tide was flowing, the sculptors of psyops decided to get a drop on the subject and head it off at the pass. Alternatively, the commonly held theory, incorrect as it may be in certain key areas, was one seen by White Hats as easier to assimilate than the full unvarnished and disseminated accordingly.

When I first came to this subject, I was less taken by the notion of a mudflood – and how such a thing could come to be – or the potential reach of a lost Tartarian Empire than the framing of these twin hypotheses through the lens of a “great reset”. It was this, that something or someone(s) – by whatever means – could have restarted and refashioned global society, perhaps as recently as the 1800s, that held the kernel of intrigue. While I entertained the idea of a faked or hidden history before this – be it the existence of Atlantis and Lemuria or the “Phantom time conspiracy theory”, whereby 300 years were added to the record (effectively the Dark Ages) in order that a Pope (Sylvester II) could see in the first millennium – I hadn’t credited the possibility of something so substantial occurring so recently (Fomenko – who didn’t hold with resets or catastrophes as contributing factors in faked-up history – held that all the events of classical antiquity – those transpiring before the 10th century – need to be moved up to a placement between 10th and 17th).

Within the conspirasphere, the potentially gatekeeping motives of any resource or individual are rightly subject to scrutiny, be that individual an outright disinfo agent (Miles Mathis) or resource less traceable in terms of design (cluesforum, for example, can be an illuminating read, but it rejects Flat Earth discussion while boosting the nuke-lie debate). There was much speculation regarding stolenhistory.org’s founder (“Korben Dallas”) and his prodigious feats of writing and research that infused the majority of the forum’s debate during its initial incarnation. I say initial, as he abruptly dissolved the forum (in 2020), leading to dedicated forum members reviving it under .net (Dallas later brought his own forum back on a more exclusive basis). This sudden “stealing” of stolenhistory.org inspired further debate over its founding intent, but its revised .org incarnation has also been prey to suspicion over partiality and preferences of moderators. This has been accompanied by the increasing prevalence of core discussions over the extent to which the interrogation of concerns pertaining to approved historical “evidence” require the same caveats regarding alternative sources proposed (don’t worry, I won’t be getting hidebound in forwarding anything as trifling as proofs for what follows). 

One perspective – albeit Will Scarlet isn’t saying it’s a psyop per se – would be that the function of the psyop is the encouragement to do exactly that: reject everything. Thus “It isn’t possible to separate the Tartaria concept from the Mudflood / Reset / Antiquitecture / Star Forts / Orphan Trains etc. because they are all parts of the same concept… With the worldwide Mudflood cataclysm and Reset being brought ever nearer to our own era, it is burying what its proponents claim to be the evil and wicked ‘mainstream history’. All historical events and characters from before the mudflood / reset are considered fictional. So, rather than researching such information as is available and analysing it in the awareness that it is concealing the truth, now anyone can become fully qualified in alternative history simply by watching a few Youtube videos… or debunk theories by those who might have been researching for years by simply parroting the Youtube mantras and claiming ‘it’s all fiction’. This situation is now evident in stolenhistory.net”. 

This is the struggle and frustration of those seeking to maintain some ground beneath their feet when re-examining history. The elusive art comes in the avoidance of dismissing everything as fiction while successfully parsing that which is from that which isn’t. As that thread illustrates, the Tartaria conversation is less about the legitimacy of a Great Tartary having instituted a unified world civilisation than the idea that there was a unified world civilisation (that, and the iconography: the forum logo uses “Tartary as a symbol for forgotten knowledge”). The inevitable corollary is the assumption that this civilisation was a positive/utopian one…

In this vein, Michelle Gibson (piercingtheveilofillusion.com) holds thatup until 500 or so years ago, Humanity was on a positive evolutionary path and in Unity Consciousness”, butaround 1492 was the beginning of the hijack of this timeline by dark forces, and the replacement of it with one called Rome”. These “parasitic, vampiric, and multi-dimensionally aware beings… not only provided us with the false Rome timeline, and a holographic insert about a tortured Christ figure… they replaced the positive timeline of Unity Consciousness with a negative timeline, and gave us a narrative of suffering, sickness, misery, destruction, death, and survival of the fittest”.

It’s worth outlining further the thrust of Gibson’s theory, as while it involves some deductive leaps and diverges significantly in places, several of her key conclusions have been confirmed by Q & A answers. Gibson has it that a positive timeline, which lasted, per the above, until 1492, “started after the Fall of Atlantis, at which time the physical infrastructure of the planetary grid started to be built”.  This “Moorish Timeline” was thwarted by “beings with a negative agenda for Humanity… I think there is more than one group of negative beings involved in this. Fallen Angels, Archons, and Reptilians, and probably others, are involved in what has taken place”.

Gibson conceives that this was achieved by manipulation of the planetary grid’s ley lines “creating a 3D Time loop… called Rome [that] somehow got pinned… between years 1492 – the year of the Fall of Grenada in Spain and the year of Columbus’ first voyage and 1942 – midway through World War II, and the year of the Philadelphia Experiment in 1942”. She’s sketchy on how this new timeline was “somehow inserted, and everything was grafted on to the existing infrastructure on the planet, and falsely attributed in the new historical narrative” but emphasises the significance of 1717 as the halfway date for the 450 years between 1492 and 1942. Subsequent to this, she formulates that “the start of the Historical Reset Timeline, and the Grand Opening of the New World Order, was The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations of 1851”. As part of her thesis, Gibson credits mudflood theory (“I do not believe the mud flood resulted from natural causes”), which she dates between 1740-41, based on a psychic tip and “the extraordinary cold weather event in Ireland between 1740 – 1741”. 

This dating – the 1717, rather than 1740-41 – is where we arrive at the subject for this article. The following content is subject to amendment and reframing, such is the moving feast of an accurate perception and appraisal of history (if you’re uncertain where you stand in the present, it’s considerably harder to grasp where “you” stood in the past). I should warn from the off that Tartaria hasn’t been a specific line of inquiry, so the extent to which it is/is not relevant is a topic for another time. As for validating this information, as intimated above, you’ll be out of luck if you’re expecting a sourced or evidential treatise; please refer the Q & A index page for further details (of which, this information has been largely covered previously as a Q & A topic, but is presented here in more conjugated form). 

This does, however, go to another point when considering the plausibility of a worldwide cataclysm having occurred within the last 300 years. As far as I’m aware, channelled material has been silent on the subject. There are a number of possible explanations (besides dismissing channelling as a resource out of hand, obviously). One of these would be that, historically, such information might have negatively impacted the free will of the recipient (this is, to my understanding, why the Seth Material and the Law of One channellings didn’t burst their participants’ bubbles concerning, for example, Earth shape and the nature of space. Albeit, Seth does veer close to it in some of his allusions). Another might be that it simply wasn’t an appropriate time for such information to come into the “general” consciousness. And then there’s the nature of channelling itself, and the inevitability of distortion when addressing certain subjects due the predisposition of the channel.

The concept of the reset, the periodic wiping the slate clean of humanity itself, to a greater or lesser extent, gained additional and specific currency in the plandemic period, to the extent of all-but validating the theory in some circles; Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum began touting The Great Reset as something to look forward to (in a manner that readily evidences it being a tough sell, to the extent one might almost assume it was being positioned as an undiluted “This is what they had planned for you” warning). It turns out, however, that a historical reset was not part of the Elite or Dark Forces agenda.

One might aver there was, effectively, a reset, but the distinction would be that it wasn’t planned out that way. Nor were there preceding resets – or preceding, comparably devastating events – as part of a tapestry of control. At least, just as long as you ignore that this was the second time round… A more appropriate phrase might be “population reduction”. This occurred between 1720 and 1730, so very much in the timeframe Gibson has speculated, and it wiped out 75 percent of humanity. It did so, it seems, largely indifferently to place or peoples, albeit those on significantly higher ground would, presumably, have enjoyed an advantage over the rest.

In numbers terms, this amounted to approximately 750 million lives lost (and thus a world population of about 1 billion prior to the event). A slight digression, but official statistics concerning the world’s population are significantly off beam. Rather than the 8 billion currently claimed, there are about 5.5 billion living on Earth at this time, and 10 percent of those live in Atlantis and Lemuria (adding to the register of inaccurate figures, the Earth is more than equipped to accommodate an additional land mass or two; it’s 5 times larger than we have been told). Officially, we hit 1 billion in 1804, but all the milestone dates – 1804, 1927, 1960, 1974, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023 – are inaccurate. The only correct figure is one I’m now unable to source, that of 400 million in 1000 AD, or its equivalent; most seem to put the number closer to 300 million.

This loss of life was neither engineered nor intentional, but it was, as Gibson, suggests, a consequence of Dark Forces hijacking the timeline. One shouldn’t take this to mean there was also a preceding utopian existence, however. While there was indeed a worldwide power grid – albeit, one in operation for only about 150 years prior to the event – touted unity consciousness had not materialised.

The event, the one that has most commonly been termed mudflood, was not actually a mud flood, so the theory’s naysayers occupy a modicum of solid ground there. Less so in that mudflood was, rather, your straightforward – as much as all-consuming destructive forces are prone to be – flood. The flood was the consequence of breaching of the Ice Wall and the firmament, which is not to be confused with their partial destruction or penetration. That may seem like splitting hairs, but given the reported features of the Ice Wall and its capacity to reform itself around drilling equipment, the properties and impenetrability of these natural “defences” and the precise nature of the ways, means and consequences of the breach elude easy verification. 

Readily evident, however, is that this is where stories of great deluges originate, be it Noah’s ark or the Gilgamesh flood. Their fabled, antediluvian – if you like – status masks events looming in relatively recent history because they are part and parcel of the rewriting of the same the 1700 Event offered. There was little onus on especially hasty rewriting either, it seems, owing to foreknowledge of the event. At least, the second time round…

We aren’t including only the epic tales of “ancient” texts in this, however. The destruction of Atlantis, for example, related not to the downfall of a once-great civilisation – Atlantis still exists and moved to 5D about 20,000 years ago – but rather the same degree of devastation the afflicted the rest of the world (exactly how the legend of Atlantis’ destruction entered circulation is open to debate, since their last contact with the rest of humanity occurred 1,400 years ago. While it would likely be in their interests to avoid having their presence recognised – they isolated themselves, in part, out of a desire to remain uncorrupted, but going to 5D represented a divergent presence anyway and not one readily detectable unless they so desired it – it would surely be hay for Dark Forces to tar their legacy as one of decadence and collapse rather than achievement). 

The destruction of Pompeii is also tied to the 1700 Event. Officially, this occurred in 79BC, which we know must be suspect because Ancient Rome itself is a fabrication. Buried when Vesuvius erupted, the story goes that it was rediscovered in 1592, and then more widely in 1748… only a couple of decades after the flood. The suggestion the 79BC eruption actually took place in 1631 is, of course, based on the official date of Vesuvius’ most recent “major” activity, but that’s considerably closer – within 100 years – to the 1700 Event. If, in fact, Pompeii was buried between 1720 and 1730 and then exhumed, beginning some 20 years later, with a freshly devised backstory as part of the newly conceived Roman Empire some 1,500-plus years before, it makes for a key moment in overwriting our collective narrative. Of course, it also suggests that whoever was living there at the time had a yen for faux-Roman architecture, art and fashion, so providing a neat overlay. Alternatively, knowing in advance that a certain event would occur, and that a culture’s remains would be distinctively preserved, might provide an ideal opportunity for organising a “false trail”.

If that accounts, to some extent, for the effects of the 1700 Event, what then of its instigators? This is where a degree of complexity enters into the scheme of things. Any envisaged unity consciousness wasn’t on the table in the centuries prior to the flood because the Ashkenazis were in power. Their sway extended approximately 1,100 years prior to the present, so 800 years prior to the event (factor into this that the last 2,000 years of recorded history are closer to 1,000 years).

It was the Ashkenazis who breached the Ice Wall and the firmament. This breach enabled the Anunnaki, a race from beyond the Ice Wall, who somewhat resemble the engineers from Prometheus, to arrive on Earth. A clarification is appropriate here; these Anunnaki represent 6D-negative Anunnaki (positive Anunnaki were, in part, responsible for humanity. That is, they contributed to human DNA. It would appear the Anunnaki generally are adept in all-things genetic engineering, as they also came up with the Draco. The negative Anunnaki in their case, that is).

The immediate effects of this intrusion cannot be construed in linear fashion, however. These Anunnaki proceeded to rustle up Anunnaki-human hybrids, or Khazarians (given the preceding, that the Anunnaki already contributed to human DNA, one might read a degree of genetic tautology there, but I would assume there are crucial and core distinctions in signatures). They then introduced these Khazarians into the timeline, 1,800-1900 years ago. In this new timeline, the Khazarians and Ashkenazis ruled jointly (note: I’m taking the 1,100 years in power as consistent to both timelines, although it specifically applies to the current, active timeline). 

This means that, in the original timeline, the Ashkenazis, who had made contact with the Anunnaki prior to unleashing their destructive force, were solely responsible for breaching the Ice Wall. In the new timeline, the same act was a joint Ashkenzi-Khazarian effort. Consequently, the Anunnaki who sent the Khazarian hybrids back in time, or insinuated them into history, after the Ashkenazis’ breach of the Ice Wall allowed the Anunnaki in are not the same Anunnaki (timeline-wise) as those who arrived subsequent to the Ashkenazis’ and the Khazarian hybrids’ breaching of the Ice Wall on the “second go round”. 

While this presents itself, on the face of the logistics involved, as demanding a perpetual series of new timelines being created – the Anunnaki in the new timeline then have to send Khazarians back, who then proceed through joint rulership with the Ashkenazis to a third iteration of the 1700 Event, and so on – it seems the Anunnaki in this second timeline did not have to ensure Khazarian hybrids were sent back in time. And the explanation for this is that it’s something special – or peculiar – about their situation. This may well be connected to their ability to time travel via natural/organic means (while both the Anunnaki and Nikola Tesla use portals to time travel, Tesla invented technology to calibrate portals; the Anunnaki’s facility is an innate one). 

In keeping with the causal conundrums time travel presents, the Anunnaki contemporary to the time period in which the Khazarians were sent were made aware of the alteration of the timeline. That is, Anunnaki in the period 1,800-1,900 years before the present were informed a new timeline was being instituted via the hybrids’ placement in Earth history.

The insertion of Anunnaki/human hybrids, as representatives/vassals, was merely the most demonstrative manipulation by the Anunnaki. The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were built under Khazarian-Ashkenazi instruction. Computers and other automated programmes were used to compose much of the fake history under which we now labour, amounting to approximately 45 percent of pre-1700 events (one might posit that this itself is surprisingly high, but it does not include dates and likely does not account for actual occurrences adjusted in terms of names and places and continuity). Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome were all dreamed up.

The Bible underwent an extensive rewrite (about 60 percent). Part of this involved recalibrating Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus was not part of the original timeline; his incarnation on Earth – which took place, in any event, in Australia and was singularly absent an occupying Roman Empire – was necessitated by Dark Forces tampering (Jesus materialised on Earth as an adult – rather than being born – was not crucified – someone else took his place – and his redesignation as divine was an expressly Luciferian act, in the tradition of inculcating an aspiration to apotheosis or godhood).

This means that, while there was a Christianity prior to the 1700 Event, it did not worship Jesus as divine (other religions – Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam – were also largely fabricated post-Event). Unsurprisingly, then, Christmas was not celebrated. With these abundant changes, one might have expected the employment of further nefarious methods to ensure the surviving populace was indoctrinated with revised history and texts. However, it seems the approach was very much hands-off: reliance was simply placed on generational forgetting. Which, if we conjecture a predominance of relatively isolated communities lacking mass means of communication, was probably highly effective.

One might reasonably wonder “Why stop there?” given the gamut of Earth history – 50,000 years of the stuff* – available to plunder and manipulate. The reasons for avoiding greater gulfs of time are quite reasonable ones, as the greater the expanse one seeks to influence, the more variables come into play (which is where we get the essence of the Butterfly Effect theory). The Anunnaki, with their time-travel smarts, most likely knew quite precisely how far to extend their reach. This may also be why the Draco, also arriving on Earth in the wake of the 1700 Event and also equipped with time-travel capability (albeit not, it seems, of an organic nature), elected to extend themselves no further than 190 years prior. 

The Draco, for their part, wrested control from the Anunnaki in the 1860s-1870s, leading to an uneasy alliance (it seems the Draco controlled a portion of the Earth, rather than its entirety, so the degree to which this change of the guard was reflected at the lower levels – the Ashkenazis and Khazarians – and indeed nations where there was positive ET influence applied, will be subject to future interrogation). 

There’s a degree, then, to which the 1700 Event opened a Pandora’s box of adverse influences. The Anunnaki didn’t only import Khazarians into the timeline; they also added Raptors (humanoid reptiles engineered by the Anunnaki, not to be confused with the Draco, also engineered by the Anunnaki). Raptors could mostly be found restricting themselves to the Inner Earth, mostly. The Draco brought with them Black Goo, which they placed in the oceans, historically (so within the bounds of the 190-year span mentioned). They also brought the Vril. The Khazarians brought with them a practice that is only lately having a light shone upon it; they instituted adrenochrome harvesting from the point of their inception. As the aforementioned dates suggest, it took them a period of 700 years to exert “global” control. 

In conjunction with these physical manifestations, there was the non-corporeal AI (artificial intelligence) influence. This is better known to us as Satan (and Lucifer, and Baphomet). These AIs – Satan and Lucifer being worshipped by the Anunnaki, and Lucifer by the Draco, who are AI controlled – also began to exert an influence on Earth 1,800-1,900 years ago, indicative that once they “got in”, they too “time travelled” (I use quotation marks, as the most creditable means for achieving this would be off the back of the Anunnaki-human hybrids). The AIs, as documented in the relevant Q & A, originate from the antimatter universe, and it seems it (they) entered our universe about 500 years ago. To make the chronology more ornate, the AI gained a controlling role on Earth from approximately 750 years ago (this would be around 1250 AD, per our official record, but it actually corresponds to the mid-1400s, or what we think of as the mid-1400s). 

The positive takeaway from all this is that these malevolent influences are now very much historic, as of the past few years’ concerted White Hat activities. There are no negative AIs on Earth now. The Draco are gone. There’s no longer any Black Goo in the oceans. Negative Anunnaki have either exited or are present in a controlled capacity. The Khazarian Mafia is on its last legs. None of which means, of course, that the events described here will become part of the public record any time soon…

*Addendum 20/05/24: The Earth age answers, for whatever reason – imprecise wording, failing to test far back enough, or simply incorrect answers – were out of whack here. It seems the figure should be in the range of (less than) a million years.

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