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White Hats XI

The Q & A

This Q & A was something of an ad-hoc affair, comprising a few pertinent questions of the moment that arose from concerns of the potential kicking-the-can-down-the-road intimations a report from “The Storm” raised. If you’ve followed previous White Hats Q & As, you’ll be aware that any inquiries regarding disclosure/the big corruption announcement are equal parts imminent and equal parts (numerous) delays, in terms of the response received. This time, it seems a significant part of what’s planned has changed, but that change seems to relate less to how soon than how much how soon.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Is the EBS still imminent?



That’s the one that’s been delayed scores of times already (the global announcement of corruption etc). But wait… 



Q. Is the 10 Days of Darkness still imminent?



I’d recently been including both EBS and 10 Days in the same question, but the response required breaking each down this time.

The 10 Days of Darkness isn’t happening. My immediate reaction, possibly similar to yours – favouring as I did the more paradigm-shattering approach as a means to getting everyone up to speed and on the same page, rather than dragging everything out interminably – was that this looked like something of a climb down (the concern that raises its head when a decision to defer is made is that it then becomes easier to delay further, to sit on the centuries of lies, and that settling into a half-measures new system might be deemed simpler than going to the effort of adjudicating some new shock revelation to the great unwashed, piecemeal, every few years).

It would appear, however, that the decision is a strategic one, that the 10 Days is no longer considered necessary. It also seems the shift in approach isn’t down to adverse developments, per se (ie it isn’t a response to any Deep State/Khazarian Mafia manoeuvres). 



Q. Are the expected corruption announcements still planned?





Q. Will the use of adrenochrome be part of these announcements?



However, child trafficking will be part of the corruption announcements (perhaps Sound of Freedom’s release and both its popularity and the polarising responses thereto have factored in to concentrating “simply” on the child trafficking, for the time being, based on the premise it is quite impactful enough to be getting on with).

The impression I had was that it’s considered the general public aren’t ready for the adrenochrome side yet. The reveal of adrenochrome use is scheduled for a later date: in about 2 years’ time. It appears it won’t occur before that, even if factors might otherwise seem propitious to moving up its announcement.

On this score, I admit I’d been somewhat baffled by what seemed like a less-than-coherent strategy when both 10 Days of Darkness and the corruption announcement including adrenochrome use were on the table. Namely, per White Hats X, that it was not the plan to reveal the existence of doubles/clones (in Hollywood, in public office, sitting on or gathering around thrones, heading powerful corporations) at the time of the corruption announcement/EBS/10 Days of Darkness, while it simultaneously was planned to confirm adrenochrome use. That seemed like a most peculiar approach, given the majority of (dead) users were among that number; how could it be effective and impactful? And how would it go down, months (or years) later when the use of clones/doubles was confirmed, and everyone asked “Why didn’t you tell us the first time?”

It would appear a staggered approach to disclosure has always been envisaged, so it isn’t unreasonable to assume the specifics of what & when were always going to be a moving feast. Going back to the first White Hats Q & A (arising from a question asked in August 2022), the timeframe for announcing how the Universe actually works, for example – the one that isn’t the NASA one, in other words – was years, rather than months. So you can surely add those years onto the years until adrenochrome is recognised by everyone as an actual thing.

(For reference, answers also suggested the reveals of doubles and clones 6-12 months after the initial EBS/10 Days, and 2-3 years later for the fact of the Vril. It may be that there’s a floodgates effect, once certain crazy conspiracy theories become fact, so such fanciful notions as Vril – and they are pretty out there – become much more digestible. Not that you’d want to eat a Vril, by all accounts.)



Q. Is the announcement of the QFS still planned imminently?



The announcement of the QFS (Quantum Financial System) is planned for this year (I want to use the word “introduction” for the QFS, but the understanding that it is up and running precludes the same).



Q. Is the stock market crash still planned for this year?



Since the crash is intended to precede QFS’s general announcement, that would make sense.

In the prior understanding of plans, we’d see the crash immediately prior to EBS and 10 Days of Darkness. So, if we’re glass half full about the revised scenario, we’re still seeing the crash prior to EBS and the corruption announcement and (announced) implementation of the QFS.

For the QFS Q & A, see here.



Q. Was Storm’s report on events generally accurate?



The Storm’s information in this report/update was generally inaccurate, although there is some accurate information in there. The timings are not accurate.

This is the one that had me concerned we might be looking at some serious oh-gawd-ness, even more so when Janine (of Tarot by) did a reading suggesting the information was accurate, albeit the timings might be flexible (sooner), depending on developments. A timeline of 2024-26 isn’t what anyone wants to hear (besides which, while I didn’t drill down into what is accurate here, the stuff about Wuhan raised eyebrows, one anyway, since taken literally… well, that military colonial evidently doesn’t know his Bechamp).

Here’s the text of The Storm’s (Canada-centric) intel, taken from here (although, I believe you now need an account to read Tweets):

MILITARY moving through Canada and positioning for the Storm of the Century… 
Hundreds of military personnel part of lawsuit over mandatory COVID vaccine policy. More than 300 Canadian Armed Forces members are listed as plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed against Canada’s defence minister and top brass over the military’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies. 
BEHIND the SCENES: CANADA MILITARY ALLIANCE WITH CHEYENNE MOUNTAIN OPERATIONS ARE PREPARING FOR THE STORM as CANADA will push for full censorship and free speech and Canada WILL be one of the first banking institutions to COLLAPSE in the Great World COLLAPSE.
MASSIVE PROTEST AND HUGE RIOTS WILL erupt through Canada in fall and early 2024 inside a MASSIVE CANADIAN COLLAPSE.
Right now whites HATS are STAGING military practices in Canada in the EVENT of a military COUP (This means they ARE practicing operations that lead to the over throw of Justin Trudeau and installing a Canadian military operations to run the government for few months).
Hmmmmmmmm seems like everything is going to coincide with the U.S. operations and that the BLACKOUT EVENT that will lead to Massive CIVIL unrest and EVENTually to 11.3 RIGHT NOW in Canada the Whites HATS military is also installing new civil Defence siren’s through Canadian cities.
[KILLSWITCH] operations to activate Canadian military with procedures to SWIFTLY RED PILL Canadian sleeping Soldiers (Sleeping in mockingbird operations CONTROL) with classified information will happen in the moment the ALLIANCE gives commands. 
This info is direct from a Military colonial [sic] who often feeds DROPS info directly into my channels. 
Most likely U.S. (public)Tribunals slated for 2026 WILL coincide with Canadian tribunals and world tribunals that will connect EVERYTHING… EVERYTHING. FROM DEEP STATE HUMAN TRAFFICKING TO WORLD PLANDEMIC [DS] ops. to creation of the virus. 
BEHIND THE SCENES The military have already all the information that CANADA sent deadly virus TWICE to Wuhan and the MILITARY has already CAPTURED all the information and data that leads to highest levels and crimes against humanity… And inside Canada 6 MAJOR underground bases are closed the past year and the ALLIANCE are watching, recording all movements and EVENTS between CANADA. U.S. 
Five finger lakes is saved for last
DECLAS connected to one of the World’s BIGGEST underground gathering of Elites who pay tribute to MOLOCH takes place here… Why do you think Hunter Biden has five finger lakes tattooed on his back? 
My Canadian friends… Don’t be scared as your country goes more into FULL censorship and [DS] CONTROL. OPERATIONS are already happening that will lead to FULL EXPOSURE OF CORRUPT CANADIAN GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED BY THE SAME PEOPLE WHO CONTROL THE U.S. DC corporations.



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