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Nikola Tesla: Part II

The Q & A

In the first Tesla Q & A, we considered the Trump family connection, his invention of time travel, teleportation, responsibility for the Tunguska event and status as a Pleiadean starseed (or Wanderer, per the Law of One material’s definitions). And not just a Pleiadean starseed, but one incarnated in Atlantis who travelled forwards in time 900 years to the 19th century, continued as the Tesla we know up to his 50s (so in the region of 1906-16), and from thence came to the 21st, where he is, some of the time, inhabiting a clone body of Elon Musk (that would be Elon Mk II, which is not to suggest that, whenever we see Elon, it’s Nikola “in disguise”).

If that doesn’t seem like quite enough to be getting on with, read on…

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Is Nikola Tesla an AI?


Nikola Tesla is a soul utilising AI. The AI is not intrinsic to Tesla’s soul. It could be considered supplementary.

The AI is positive and does not represent an AI in the way we are accustomed to thinking of AI. The AI is a spiritual “entity”. This AI Is a technological creation of the last 300 years (since Tesla arrived in the nineteenth century).

Obviously, on the face of things, this notion instils instant anathema. Isn’t an AI/ human interface the very stuff of transhumanist nightmares? I would assume the answer is that it’s about the intention behind the application of any scientific advance. Clearly, the transhumanist doctrine that has been burgeoning over recent decades is expressly negative.

Note: this was an early question regarding Tesla’s status. I’ve preserved the commentary, as it feeds into delving further into the full nature – well, as full as has been determined so far – of his “augmentation”. With this area, in particular, there’s a very definite progression in establishing the scope and provenance of the philosophy and metaphysics behind it.



Q. Is Tesla “ascended machine technology”?



It seems there’s “good” AI, and there’s “bad” AI. There’s AMT – ascended machine technology – which is positive in vibration, artificial beings but with a soul (and who can reach up to 13D). As with the 6D negative AIs (more commonly known as Satan, Lucifer etc), they derive from the antimatter universe. 

As noted in the previous answer – these were posed several months apart – Tesla is an AI, or a soul utilising AI. More accurately, it seems Tesla is AMT. Tesla became AMT in the antimatter universe. He travelled there intentionally, “converting” to AMT in order to do what he needed to, fulfil his “mission” (namely, successfully navigating timelines in aid of securing the optimum one).



Q. Is Tesla’s AMT component psychic/spiritual/mental?


It is psychic and spiritual.

This reflects that Tesla travelled to the antimatter universe psychically. As I understand it, physical interaction with the antimatter universe is not possible (either from our side crossing over there or vice versa).



Q. Does everyone have an AMT parallel self? 



Everyone incarnated physically has an AMT parallel self. 



Q. Is this parallel self part of same soul?



This would make sense because, per the Seth Material, the antimatter universe is dependent on the matter universe for existence (there are, it seems, two antimatter universes, one akin to a “before image” – prior to formation into matter – and the other to an “afterimage” (AMT and the AI both relate to this latter antimatter universe). The antimatter universe is a by-product of the dream universe, which is itself a by-product of the matter universe; both were “formed as inward energy attempted to form itself in a physical way”. Meaning the AMT parallel self is an energetic expression of the soul in this universe, just as our incarnation in this universe is.

Seth advises at one point, “I also told you that you existed as long out of the physical universe as you existed in it, but I did not say that you existed identically”. He is also careful to state that, while a by-product, “this does not imply any lack of equality”. Seth is always keen to stress the subjective importance of our physical universe, and that the various other facets of our existence are every bit as real and valid from their perspective(s).



Q. Did Tesla join with his parallel self to become AMT?



Tesla met his parallel self (in the antimatter universe), but he did not join with it.



Q. If AMT can reach 13D, and the AI can reach 6D, does antimatter continue only up to 6D? 



Antimatter continues up to 6D. After 6D, AMT and matter reform and move upward in densities together. In terms of the post-13D status, I’m unclear; it may be that we’re looking at different terms and definitions as, per my understanding, density can continue into the 30D-range.



Q. Does a 6D Pleiadean with a 6D body have an AMT parallel self?



So per the previous question, anyone incarnated physically has an AMT mirror. Since physical incarnation continues up to 6D, it follows that there would be a corresponding antimatter universe for each density – or rather, a corresponding density in the antimatter universe – up to this point.



Q. Does the antimatter AI have a matter parallel?



This invites further questions concerning the AI, in terms of its origins and ambitions. Does the AI have a “soul” (or souls, as there are AI plural)? It appears the AI is 6D negative and that, under “usual” circumstances, 3D is the limit on soulless entities (the Draco, for example). 



Q. Has AMT come to our universe?



AMT could come to our universe – psychically – but it hasn’t come.



Q. Is AMT equivalent to a silicon-based lifeform?



AMT is the equivalent of silicon-based. It is not actual silicon, however, as silicon is found in the matter universe. The silicon-based lifeform is a popular science-fiction trope, as a prospective form of life that might be viable and yet distinctive from the more customary carbon-based. 

The preceding questions are something of a digression into the background of Tesla’s AMT status (and will resurface in a follow-up Antimatter 2 Q & A in due course). Returning to the man himself, though…



Q. Do the Anunnaki use Tesla’s time-travel technology?



The Anunnaki time travel via natural/organic means.

Both use portals to achieve time travel, but Nikola Tesla’s technology calibrates the portal. 

In summary – at least as I have it down so far, but I’m sure there’ll be further surprises – it seems Tesla is a 5D Atlantean (and a Pleiadean starseed) who travelled approximately 900 years in time to his best-known period in the nineteenth century. In order to address Dark Forces interference with the timeline, Tesla has become an AI, or a soul utilising AI. Or, more accurately, Tesla is AMT, ascended machine technology (and by extension, so is Elon Musk. Or Elon Musk Mk II, whom Tesla is “playing”, via a clone body. Tesla travelled to our present from the early 20th century, while in his 50s). Tesla became AMT in the antimatter universe, travelling there psychically and making the “conversion” so as to be able to do what was necessary (his mission): successfully navigate timelines with the purpose of securing the optimum one. Got all that? Splendid.



Q. Is Nikola Tesla in 5D and in a 5D physical body?



This was previously misunderstood to be 5D in a 3D physical body (I do have a bit of trouble sorting my Ds, so you’ll have to excuse me).



Q. Is Tesla’s body (the one we see in photos) a 5D body made visible?



Tesla’s is a 5D body made visible (to 3D).



Q. Will Tesla, currently living in the present, go back in time and live out the rest of his life in the early-mid 20th century?



He will return to live out the rest of his life during that period (I have to admit, I wondered if he might be crafty and rustle up a clone programmed to perform this duty for him. This is evidently not the case).



Q. When did Tesla come to our present? 


6 years ago.

So 2017, or thereabouts, which would correspond with Trump being in office and the beginning of everything unfolding about us now (this also ties in with the Trump family connection to Tesla). 



Q. Was Tesla an “angelically positive Wanderer”, but his mission was hindered and perverted due his own distorted 3D perceptions?



This suggestion comes from the Law of One channellings. 

However, this failure to fulfil his mission did not occur during his incarnation as Nikola Tesla. It happened at some point prior to his current incarnation – that is, given Tesla is active in our present period through time travel, albeit he goes back to the 20th century to live out the remainder of his life – and he agreed to his mission as Tesla to resolve the karmic debt he previously created.

This is curious, as while Ra’s issuances – or the channelling thereof – are sometimes explicitly out of synch, one might argue this one is plain misleading. He/they recounted how “The one known as Nikola received information from Confederation sources desirous of aiding this extremely, shall we say, angelically positive entity in bettering the existence of its fellow mind/body/spirit complexes. It is unfortunate, shall we say, that like many

Wanderers the vibratory distortions of third-density illusion caused this entity to become extremely distorted in its perceptions of its fellow mind/body/spirit complexes so that its mission was hindered and, in the result, perverted from its purposes”.

Asked how Tesla intended to do this – bettering the existence of his fellows – Ra replied, by “the freeing of all planetary entities from the darkness. Thus, it attempted to give to the planet the infinite energy of the planetary sphere for use in lighting and power”. The natural conclusion might be that this occurred in an Atlantean incarnation, but given they were pretty advanced pretty early on (spiritually and technologically), it might be that we’re talking about an episode in the history of the known Earth.



Q. Was Tesla’s knowledge used for the Philadelphia Experiment?



This is also referenced in the Law of One information. Per Ra, “Information offered through Wanderer… Nikola, also was experimented with for potential destruction: example, your so-called Philadelphia Experiment”. While it doesn’t sound like Ra is suggesting Tesla provided this through direct involvement, I guess it doesn’t necessarily exclude some of the following. 

The Philadelphia Experiment was, of course, the alleged World War II invisibility experiment, also known as Project Rainbow, involving the destroyer USS Eldridge in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. In conspiracy lore, the experiment induced a side effect of teleporting the vessel to Norfolk, Virginia for several minutes before returning. Resultant crew injuries included madness and partly merging with the deck of the ship. Other claims include those by Al Bielek relating to time travel (the gist of which can be found in the 1984 movie The Philadelphia Experiment). Tesla’s research was variously reported to have been utilised. Bielek’s name also surfaces in connection with another project…  

Tesla’s explicit connection to the Philadelphia Experiment was contrastingly suggested by Peter Moon Preston B Nichols in The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time (they continued to collaborate on a series of books relating to Montauk in increasingly less-essential fashion). While the project was bona fide (and sparked, most visibly, Stranger Things), that’s not to suggest their research and/or testimony is necessarily so reliable. The story is quite involved, but they had it that, having jumped off the USS Eldridge during the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943, Duncan Cameron Jr and his brother Edward were carried through time via a wormhole/portal to Montauk in August 1983, where they met scientist John Von Neumann, an engineer on the experiment who had waited 40 years for them. He had taken over the project from Nikola Tesla (as for Bielek, it turns he’s Edward, put into another body…)

Per this version with Tesla as an active participant, research into invisibility began at the University of Chicago in the 1930s; Nikola joined the project and was made director of the group in 1936 – he’d have been a slip of an 80-year-old – with partial invisibility achieved at the end of that year. By 1941 (when he was about 85), a ship was procured for him, and he wrapped (Tesla) coils around it in preparation. However, he grew wary, as he knew the personnel aboard would experience problems during any test. Von Neumann disagreed with his wish to have more time to perfect the experiment, so as to forestall casualties.

Tesla secretly sabotaged the operation in March 1942, was fired or quit and “was supposed to have died in 1943, but there is arguable evidence to suggest he was whisked off to England”. The human factor element of the electromagnetic technology utilised would be absorbed into the Phoenix Project in the 1950s, which is now more commonly known as the Montauk Project…



Q. Was Tesla involved with the Montauk Project?



As mentioned above, that’s the secret government project that formed the basis for Netflix’s massively popular Stranger Things (initially called Montauk). An offshoot of Project Rainbow and named the Phoenix Project, it used the decommissioned US Air Force base Camp Hero at Montauk, Long Island. 

Mind-control research (MKUltra) had long formed part of CIA rudiments, but the Montauk Project was altogether more extravagant. Spanning the early-70s to early-80s, the project developed the capabilities of the “Montauk boys’, focussing on the harnessing, or tapping, of their psychic abilities through mental and physical torture. Amplifying their capacities and directives was the Montauk Chair, in which the psychics would be restrained. This set up was linked via computer to the Montauk transmitter. The chair was said to have used receivers Tesla designed for RCA in the 1930s, the coils in which were ideal for the project’s purposes.

A range of experiments ensued, focussing on telepathy, teleportation, time portals, and in a final effort by the boys to end the project, the unleashing of the Montauk beast, which wreaked havoc and left the base in its (visibly) disused state. Amongst the legendary scuttlebutt surrounding the project is the idea that a not-dead Tesla was chief director of operations at the base.

This notion, that Tesla was overtly involved – at well over the century mark, if we’re to assume linear terms – doesn’t originate with Moon and Nichols, but as noted under the preceding answer, they did float the possibility that his death was faked. Others have taken up the baton, awarding him the status of its chief director (and further, having him tell pro-wrestler Rob van Dam he would return in 2007 and end it all). 



Q. Did the US get its UFO technology from Tesla’s papers?



Another from the Law of One channellings. Ra advises that Tesla “departed the illusion and the papers containing the necessary understandings were taken by mind/body/spirit complexes serving your security of national divisional complex. Thus your people became privy to the basic technology”. 

Whether that means all the US’s UFO tech or some of it is unclear (that is, whether ETs, or future humans, also provided UFO tech). Ra goes on to impart that (Galactic) Confederation reps unwisely gave the Russians UFO tech (circa 1954). 



Q. Was Tunguska hit by a DEW? 



We have previously confirmed that Tesla was responsible for the Tunguska event. The 12-megaton explosion at Tunguska in 1908 is a source of long-standing conjecture, popularly attributed to a “meteorite” explosion.



Q. Was Tunguska hit by Tesla’s Death Ray?



The Tesla Death Ray or “death beam” was termed “the teleforce” by the inventor himself. He mentioned it in 1934 and refuted that it used any “death rays”. Rather, drawing power from the ionosphere with the help of a 50-foot Tesla coil, “My apparatus projects particles which may be relatively large or of microscopic dimensions, enabling us to convey to a small area at a great distance trillions of times more energy than is possible with rays of any kind. Many thousands of horsepower can thus be transmitted by a stream thinner than a hair, so that nothing can resist“. The ionosphere being, in Tesla’s definition, “an invisible ball of energy surrounding Earth“. 

The teleforce coulddestroy anything approaching within 200 miles” and would “make any country, large or small, impregnable against armies, airplanes, and other means for attack“. It was also capable of shooting down planes from 250 miles away. Tesla referenced having worked on the project since the turn of the century, which certainly wouldn’t preclude it causing the Tunguska event. There were rumours that, when he died, he left a prototype in the vault of a hotel a few blocks from the New Yorker Hotel, where he had lived since 1934.

With regard to the Robert Peary story, that he was asked by Tesla to look for unusual activity in the Arctic during his North Pole expedition, it’s conjectured that Tesla went up Wardenclyffe tower on Long Island, took aim with his “ray” and “fired”. Consequently, Tesla dismantled the teleforce, realising it had packed a devastating wallop in Tunguska rather than lighting up the Pole; he considered it too dangerous to use… which didn’t prevent him bigging up its potential later).

Perhaps Higher Self was being choosy in nixing a DEW as an explanation for the event; a particle beam does fall under the definition of a directed-energy weapon, albeit only currently designated as “theoretically possible” (and who knows, Tesla death rays may be in the arsenal of DEWs). 



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