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A Patchwork History of the World: Part I

The Q & A

The truth about the historic record has, of late, been the inception point for many to the alternative sphere. One need only peruse the Stolen History forum to see that pretty much anything and everything is up for debate and interrogation. Obviously, the bigger picture of how we relate to the Universe, what that Universe is and what, for that matter, the Earth is, are intrinsically related to that record, but simply parsing recent fabrications, let along those of hundreds or thousands of years ago, makes for a potentially overwhelming task. Much of the focus for the Q & As so far has been on the selective side when broaching historical subjects, so drilling down to in a more systematic fashion will clearly takes some time.

While the 1700 Event throws any nominal bearings relating to the official record for a loop, it isn’t as if we’re on vastly firmer ground with the 300 years since. Previous posts that delve into what was, some of which will be repeated here, include Time Travel 2: History Deleted, The 1700 Event and Atlantis and Lemuria. For the relationship between Earth, the Universe and the realm beyond the Ice Wall, see those respective Q & As.

I’d delayed posting this Q & A because I’d been meaning to make a start on that aforementioned orderly process, something that so far hasn’t happened. That will hopefully follow in the fullness of time. Likely as not, I’ll continue in a piecemeal, or patchwork manner for Part II and beyond, doubtless entailing leaping about all over the place in terms of period and subject. 

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. How old is the Earth?


50,000 years old (approximately).

So significantly more aged than the Biblical creation (which is circa 6,000 years) but monumentally less so than modern science’s authoritative posturing (4.5 billion years). If you want to give the edge to one of them, The Bible has it.

The Earth is in a crater, and convex (that is, if one includes the firmament in defining its shape; the firmament’s sky ice reaches down to the edge of the Ice Wall and the edge of the realm beyond the Ice Wall). The Earth is 5 times bigger than we have been told.

Addendum 20/05/24: The Earth age answers, for whatever reason – imprecise wording, failing to test far back enough, or simply incorrect answers – were out of whack here. It seems the figure should be in the range of (less than) a million years.



Q. Did dinosaurs exist?



Dinosaurs were made up. Why? Well, they support a false paradigm, and spreading a false paradigm at every turn is what it’s all been about. Evolution (which is a thing, but not like that). Materialism. Blind luck. The guiding forces that gave rise to humanity are no more than happenstance, and we weren’t even the first inheritors of the Earth (it seems, however, that the notion of our dinosaurs being the original – and therefore rightful – rulers of the Earth was not a reptilian plot, per se, even if it surely fed nicely into their agenda).



Q. Did the dodo exist? 



After all, anything extinct is up for debate, right? Even dodos.



Q. Does the dodo exist elsewhere?



The dodo doesn’t exist now. Which is disappointing. I rather like dodos. I’d be tempted to suggest a foray back in time to rescue a pair before their demise, but I suspect someone’s already thought of that and presented a watertight case against such a course of action.



Q. Did trilobites exist? 



You know, fossils, the way dinosaurs are fossils. Or not, if they’re legitimate.



Q. Did woolly mammoths exist?



Just because they’ve been found reasonably intact in ice didn’t necessarily mean they weren’t a cobbled together sham. It seems they’re bona fide, however.



Q. Did the giant moa exist?



As intimated, the point of the above inquiries is that all bets are not necessarily on with regard to what may or may not be assumed is an accurate representation of the Earth’s past fauna.



Q. Did/do dragons exist physically? 



They do not exist physically. However, they do exist. They are a positive force, and it would seem they are closer in aspect to traditional Chinese dragons than the reptilian depiction that has become most common.



Q. Does Bigfoot/Yeti/Sasquatch exist?



They are physical giants from beyond the Ice Wall.

This explanation for their origins does, however, seem to conflict with the Ra Material (see the Law of One Q & A for more on the Ra Material).



Q. Are Big Foots from Maldek (working through karma in 2D form)? 



The Ra Material tells that the inhabitants of Maldek destroyed their own world, and the effect was collectively so deleterious that they chose to work through their karma in 2D form, in the limited capacity of Big Foots (or Sasquatch, or – I assume – Yeti). 

Per Ra, “These entities, destroying their planetary sphere, thus were forced to find room for themselves upon this third density… to decrease their mind/body/spirit distortions with respect to the Law of One”. Theirs was a civilisation “somewhat similar to that of the societal complex known to you as Atlantis in that it gained much technological information and used it without care for the preservation of their sphere following to a majority extent… service to self”. Apocalypse ensued: “The devastation that wracked their biosphere and caused its disintegration resulted from what you call war”.

It proved necessary for an intervention (by the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator), so as to “untie the knot of fear… The entities were then able to recall that they were conscious”. Subsequently, “the group decision was to place upon itself a type of what you may call karma alleviation. For this purpose, they came into incarnation” as Bigfoots “until the distortions of destruction are replaced by distortions towards the desire for a less distorted vision of service to others”. Ra further imparts that “Most of those beings so succeeding have incarnated elsewhere in the creation for the succeeding cycle in third density. There remain a few who have not yet alleviated through the mind/body/spirit coordination of distortions the previous action taken by them. Therefore, they remain. These are one type of Bigfoot”.

The remaining few would go to account for the relative rarity of the creatures. As for the “one type of Bigfoot”, Ra refers to three varieties: the Maldekians; those “engineered physical vehicles” able to withstand radiation in the event of nuclear war; and a thought-form. As Ra’s references to the destruction of Atlantis suggest, not all of his wisdom is free from distortion (be that distortion intentional, so as to preserve the free will of the recipient parties, or a by-product of the channelling process).



Q. Is/was Maldek a place elsewhere in the Universe? 



Maldek is neither somewhere else in the Universe, nor is it a former Earth. Maldek is a continent beyond the Ice Wall.

The Ra Material informs us that “They dwell within your deeper underground passageways” and also that those designed to withstand nuclear war “dwell in uninhabited deep forest”. The Anunnaki brought Bigfoots to Earth, via portals, lest you assume they’d simply stumbled their way here.



Q. Were those from Maldek formerly in a different form?



The Ra Material presents the “Maldekians” as incarnating on Earth “in what were not acceptable human forms” (the Bigfoots) for the purposes of the aforementioned karma alleviation. Rather, it seems that, karma-wise, the Maldek people went from 3D to 2D. Meaning they were previously Bigfoots in 3D, and the working out of karma has taken the form of consciousness/awareness rather than a change in the physical form.


Q. Do unicorns exist?




Q. Do elementals exist?



Elementals exist, including fairies. Leprechauns do not exist, however. But try telling Darby O’Gill that.



Q. Did the first souls on Earth come from Mars?



However, these souls were not in 3D on Mars; their incarnation on Earth was the first time they took 3D form.

According to Ra, the first 3D beings on Earth arrived (as souls) from Mars 75,000 years ago. The reason for their rather hasty departure from its environs was inhospitable surface conditions causing their physical demise (owing to “bellicose actions” that yielded “atmospheric” difficulties).

Ra’s account is illuminating but not fully accurate for similar reasons to his Venus experience (Ra came from Venus, but “he” was not in 3D there); Mars is not a 3D-physical place.



Q. Which ET races contributed to human DNA?


No ET races contributed to human DNA. Only the Anunnaki were responsible (that is, 6D positive Anunnaki). The Anunnaki were not divinely inspired in this regard. Albeit, it seems the creation of humanity was, via the devising of ET races.



Q. Were there three civilisations on Earth long before the time of Atlantis, one of which was the Lumanians?



This comes from the Seth Material; similarly to the Law of One/Ra Material, it isn’t always at its most reliable when it comes to historic details (as such, this seems to be a common feature of channelled material, either through distortion or an intent on the part of the communicator to avoid certain lines of disruption to the recipient’s paradigm).

The Lumanians left Earth thousands of years ago. Per Seth, they were one of three civilisations that existed here long before Atlantis. To the best of my knowledge, they’re only/first mentioned in the Seth Material. The Lumanians rejected war and violence – through limiting/altering their free will – invented artificial foods so they wouldn’t have to kill animals to eat – becoming consequently weak due to lack of proper nutrition and exercise – and possessed advanced scientific and psychic/telepathic abilities. They also lived largely underground:

They formed energy fields around their own civilization. They were, therefore, isolated from contact with other groups. They did not allow technology to destroy them, however. More and more of them realized that the experiment was not a success. Some, after physical death, left to join those from the previous successful civilisation, who had migrated to other planetary systems within the physical structure. Large groups, however, simply left their cities, destroyed the force fields that had enclosed them, and joined the many groups of relatively uncivilised peoples, mating with them and bearing children. These Lumanians died quickly, for they could not bear violence nor react to it violently. They felt however, that their mutant children might have a resulting disinclination toward violence, but without the prohibiting nerve-control reactions with which they were endowed. Physically the civilisation simply died out.



Q. Was the timeframe for these three pre-Atlantean civilisations 50-40,000 years ago?



This suggested itself as a nominally appropriate period, if the Earth is 50,000 years old and Atlantis is approximately 39,000 years old (these dates coming from previous Q & As, rather than the Seth Material).



Q. Was this a period “when in fact your planet was in a somewhat different position”?



This position, per previous Q & A answers, was still on the edge of the “plain” (whereby crater Earth is separated from the realm beyond the Ice Wall) but sited differently. 

The reason for this move was strategic: for maximum exposure (ie opportunity for humanity’s spiritual development).

As with the Lumanian account, this seems to be distinct to the Seth Material. I’ve seen various suggestions, such as different suns or (no) Moon, but not relocation. It’s notable that, while Seth uses the language of globe Earth, the fundamental point he is making remains legitimate.



Q. Did Atlantis exist?



Further, Atlantis still exists. It is in 5/6D, “hidden” or “cloaked” from 3D eyes, but both it and its people can appear to us if Atlanteans so choose. 

Atlantis is approximately 39,000 years old. It has a separate landmass.

Atlantis moved to 5D about 20,000 years ago. Their most recent contact with the rest of humanity was approximately 1,400 years ago. They did not experience Dark Forces control.

Atlantis wasn’t destroyed, as most legends and channelled material suggest. However, like the rest of the world, it suffered from the effects of the 1700 Event (parts of it are thus underwater, and it experience a 75 percent reduction in its population).

The Eye of the Sahara is a former Atlantean colony.



Q. Was a race from another place in the Universe involved with the origin of Atlantis?



This race was the Pleiadeans.

Seth advises of a code of ethics that “originated from the time of Atlantis. Before that, these codes were given by a race from another star. This race had to do with the origin of Atlantis“. This sounds very much like the Law of One (referenced in the Edgar Cayce readings). Ra indicates that ETs were also involved in the development of Atlantis (Ra’s intimation is that this was predominately via starseeds or wanderers, so Pleiadeans incarnating as humans).



Q. Did Lemuria exist?



Lemuria still exists. It is in a mixture of 3D and 5D.

Lemuria is younger than Atlantis, approximately 25,000 years old. It has a separate landmass. Lemurians did not experience Dark Forces control.

It would be more accurate, however, to say that those Lemurians in 5D did not experience Dark Forces control. Lemuria can be found in the Pacific, and included within its “environs” are Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, along with the area in between.



Q. Were there cavemen in the Stone Age, who were our ancestors? 



There were no cavemen in the Stone Age (there was no Stone Age). There were no Neanderthals. 

Seth advised there “have been many Stone Ages on your planet”. He also refers to “the men you think of as your ancestors, the cavemen” and “The Speakers, singly, existed in your Stone Age period”. Seth may be being analogous with the Stone Age (he refers to “cavemen” living in the deserted cities left by the Lumanians), but it’s a little vague, if that’s the case. 



Q. Did Ancient Rome exist?



This is not to suggest that a Roman (or Italian, if you like) civilisation did not exist at this time, but not the one commonly depicted.



Q. Did Ancient Greece exist?





Q. Did Ancient Egypt exist?



These civilisations/empires were added as part of the narrative.

It appears Ancient Egypt as we know it is largely a fabrication. There are semi-old – but not as old as the official record, less still as old as some New Age theories have it – structures, and there was an Egyptian religion, but the pharaonic version of history is made up.

The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were built under Khazarian/Ashkenazi instruction approximately 1,000 years ago.



Q. How old is Stonehenge?


More than 2,000 years old.

Stonehenge was built with positive intent.



Q. Did King Arthur exist?  





Q. How long ago did King Arthur live?


Approximately 1,340 years ago (this would mean he lived prior to Jesus. It would also mean he reigned prior to Khazarian rule, albeit not prior to their insertion into the timeline).

Arthur is not currently incarnated on Earth (it is not the case, however, that he is no longer incarnating).



Q. Was Merlin real? 



Merlin is not currently incarnated on Earth.



Q. Did Jesus exist?



Jesus is not currently incarnated, but he is due to incarnate (or materialise) before very long.

It seems Jesus incarnated only because it became necessary after the Anunnaki altered history with Anunnaki-human hybrids. Therefore, Jesus and Christianity would not have been part of the original timeline (the one leading to the Ashkenazis’ “first’ breach of the Ice Wall and the firmament: see below).



Q. Was Jesus a miracle worker?





Q. Was Jesus divine in some respect?



It appears the idea that Jesus was divine is a Khazarian fabrication (this is, at root, a Luciferian ploy; personifying God as man in this manner makes for a connection to Luciferian apotheosis, man becoming god, under which terms, we are encouraged to be like Christ).



Q. Was the crucifixion that of a drugged man in Jesus’ stead?



Per Seth, there was a conspiracy involving Judas, “an attempt to make a martyr out of Christ. The man chosen was drugged… and he was told that he was the Christ. He believed that he was. He was one of those deluded, but he also himself believed that he, not the historical Christ, was to fulfil the prophecies”.



Q. Was Jesus born (did he incarnate as a baby)?



Jesus materialised (as an adult). When Jesus next incarnates on Earth, he will also materialise in this way.



Q. How long ago did Jesus live? 


1,160 years ago, approximately.



Q. How much of the Old Testament was invented as it relates to the history of the Israelites?  


Approximately 30 percent.



Q. How much of the events of the Old Testament are based on actual events?  


About 50 percent.



Q. Did those events in The Bible that actually happened and are recorded as occurring in Israel actually occur in Israel?  





Q. Did the events of The Bible that actually happened and are recorded as occurring in Israel actually occur in Russia? 



Also eliminated from inquiry were Central Asia, East Asia, South East Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Central America.  

The events of The Bible that did take place actually took place in Australasia.



Q. Did Jesus live Australasia?





Q. Did the events of The Bible occur in Lemuria (if Australia is part of Lemuria)?



This follows logically, but with some of these points, it feels like it pays to spell them out explicitly as questions.



Q. Were there Romans involved in Australia? 



Again, this follows if there was no Roman Empire. It seems, in terms of rule, we’re talking Khazarians and Ashkenazis.



Q. Has there been a population reduction in the past 1,000 years?



The population reduced by 75 percent between 1720 and 1730 (the 1700 Event). It was approximately 250 million after the event (so 1 billion prior to the event). It appears the idea that the official Pompeii eruption of 79 BC actually took place in 1631 AD is tied to this event.

Prior to the 1700 Event, it seems a sophisticated worldwide energy grid was in operation (obviously, what with Khazarian and Ashkenazi rule, this is not to suggest everyone was living in some form of utopian bliss, however). The 1700 Event was a flood, rather than a mudflood, and it was caused by Dark Forces; the Ashkenazis breached the Ice Wall and the firmament, which in turn allowed the Anunnaki in.

The Ashkenazis were in power for approximately 1,100 years prior to the present. Their rule covered the whole Earth (as we know it). The Khazarians, an Anunnaki-human hybrid race, were introduced 1,800-1,900 years ago, via time travel (this means our timeline is one created by time travel affecting history following the “initial” 1700 Event, so would have now have occurred with the foreknowledge of the 1700 Event). Adrenochrome harvesting was taking place on Earth since the time of the Khazarian insertion into the timeline (so for 1,800-1,900 years). Clones were also sent back in time, but I haven’t looked into the reasons for this.



Q. Did Christianity exist pre-the 1700 Event?





Q. Was Christmas celebrated pre-1700 Event?





Q. Was Christianity Khazarian controlled?



The Papacy existed pre-1700, and Christianity was (or was largely) Khazarian controlled.

Like many of the points here, this merits follow up questions, such as how corrupted the pre-1700 Event Christianity was – given there was Khazarian influence over it – versus how corrupted the current form is.



Q. Did Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam exist prior to the 1700 Event?



Buddha existed, but Buddhism did not exist, at least not as we know it, Jim. Karma, for example, appears to have been distorted into a cause-and-effect punishment concept.

Per Seth, “Karma presents the opportunity for development. It enables the individual to enlarge understanding through experience, to fill in gaps of ignorance, to do what should be done. Free will is always involved”.

I won’t say anything about Islam as even the above answer is fatwa-worthy (actually, I simply haven’t dug into it further).



Q. Did tarot exist pre-1700?



Ra has it that the concept of tarot came from Venus, which may mean he’s indirectly claiming credit.



Q. Are the kings and queens of the English monarchy as documented accurate?





Q. Are the monarchs of the Houses from Wessex to Stuart and those listed since the political union of England and Scotland accurate?





Q. Are the last 2,000 years of recorded history actually a shorter period of time?



The period is closer to 1,000 years.



Q. Were computers or other automated programmes used to write much of our fake history? 





Q. Were Dark Forces rewrites of The Bible placed into the historical record through time travel?



Rewrites of The Bible weren’t placed back in time for authenticity (that is, manuscripts transported to “Biblical” times). Similarly, the faked Nag Hammadi weren’t knocked up and portaled back to the equivalent of the 4th century (although, they were knocked up).



Q. Barring dates, what percentage of official history, pre-1700, would we recognise as consistent with actual history?


45 percent.

Which is all very well, but where do you start sifting and probing which parts are accurate and which parts aren’t? Particularly with 1,000 years, thereabout, added to history, events (The Bible) taking place somewhere other than recorded (those events recorded that did take place), and whole civilisations made up (Egyptian, Roman, Greek), along with religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam). Bit by bit, I guess. 



Q. Were survivors of the 1700 Event brainwashed?



Generational forgetting was relied upon. 



Q. Did Nostradamus exist?



Nostradamus is not currently incarnated.

His prophecies were and are accurate. That is, of course, assuming one has the wherewithal to interpret them accurately.



Q. Was there an AI with a controlling role on Earth?



This is no longer the case. The AI had a controlling role from approximately 750 years ago (this would be around 1250 AD, per our timeframe, but it actually corresponds to what we think of as the mid-1400s). That AI first began influencing the Earth 1,800-1,900 years ago.



Q. Is Satan an AI?



Satan, Lucifer and Baphomet are all AIs of this type (that is, 6D negative, from an antimatter dimension or reality).



Q. Was Joan of Arc real?





Q. Was Jack the Ripper real?



That is, Jolly Jack was not a psyop, as one might assume. He was real, and he was a member (the case was connected to) of the Royal Family.



Q. Were the Rothschilds Draco hybrids?



They were Anunnaki hybrids.



Q. Was Nikola Tesla responsible for the Tunguska Event?



The 12-megaton explosion at Tunguska in 1908 is a source of long-standing conjecture, popularly attributed to a meteorite explosion. Those who believe Nikola was trying out his Death Ray are correct.

For background: Tesla is an Atlantean (and a Pleiadean starseed) who travelled approximately 900 years in time to his best-known period in the 19th century. In order to address the Dark Forces interference with the timeline, Tesla has become an AI, or a soul utilising AI. Or, more accurately, it seems Tesla is AMT, ascended machine technology (and by extension so is Elon Musk, or Elon Musk Mk II, whom Tesla is “playing”, via a clone body. Tesla travelled to our present from the early twentieth century, while in his 50s). Tesla became AMT in the antimatter universe. He travelled there intentionally, “converting” to AMT in to be able to do what he needed to do (namely, successfully navigate timelines in aid of securing the optimum one).

There are several Q & As on Tesla.



Q. Did Captain Scott go to Antarctica?



What with the way Antarctica is rife with disinformation, subterfuge and outright lies, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to assume that, at very, least parts of the story of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his ill-fated attempt to reach the South Pole were not what they seemed. As far as the story is accurate, however, Captain Scott genuinely came a cropper when weather conditions got the better of him.



Q. Was the race between Captain Scott and Roald Admundsen real?



According to the official story, the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and his party of five became the first to reach the South Pole on 14 December 1911. He had, it seems, resorted to evasiveness – which simply wasn’t cricket – after ditching his stated goal of the North Pole (he would reach it eventually in 1926, variously the fourth or first to do so, depending on whether you credit any of his predecessors’ claims. Competing claims serve to add a veneer of authenticity to any underlying scenario, of course). Scott had been given the impression Amundsen had no designs on the South Pole, so he was somewhat disconcerted to receive a telegram from the Norwegian not so much setting him straight as offering the vague but worrying news that he was proceeding southwards.

 Amundsen’s first attempt, in September 1911, had to be abandoned, but his second, departing in October, was a success. Scott’s party wouldn’t arrive at the Pole until 17 January 1912. He and his companions perished on the return trip, Edgar Evans on 17 February, Lawrence Oates going outside on March 16, and Scott, Edward Wilson and Henry Bowers, it is presumed, on 29 March (the date of Scott’s last diary entry).

Scott’s fate may have been real, but the race itself was a psyop. Which would make sense, in terms of significant later pysops pertaining to the nature of our world. The space race, for example. This one represents a mere trifle, by comparison, with relatively few individuals required to keep the truth under their snow hats.



Q. Was Captain Scott aware of the Ice Wall?





Q. Was Hitler attempting to break free from Dark Forces control? 



There’s obviously the standard and most easily digestible Hitler narrative, but the problem with that is: if everything else we’re told is riddled with deceptions, how can we expect the Adolf one to be the exception? On which basis, there’s likely to be more to it, without necessarily suggesting black is white and white is black. I’m only skimming the surface of this for now; being the potential minefield that is, I’d rather return to it at a later date, when I’ve had the chance to visit the subject in more depth.



Q. Was Hitler aware of the ultimate control of the Earth?





Q. Was Hitler trying to break free from the global control structure?





Q. Was Hitler of positive intent?



Hitler was a psychopath.

However, that doesn’t mean, in terms of his intention, he would not be considered a White Hat (Putin, for example, may also be considered a White Hat, but it seems, for example, the things Donald Marshall had to say about him were pretty much accurate).



Q. Was Hitler controlled opposition?





Q. Was war with Hitler supposed to be limited, orchestrated to take Europe out of a depression, but he proved uncontrollable after a certain point?



Captain Mark Richards suggested this, that Hitler was supposed to “play by the rules”, but he didn’t, so he had to be taken down.



Q. Was WWII fought between 4 interplanetary races and humans?



Mark Richards has it that the last battle of WWII was between Nordics (8 different kinds), Reptoids, Dracos and Greys. 



Q. Did Hitler survive WWII?



There are enough photos out there, of course. Not to mention his alleged offspring. Again, though, it’s worth checking these common assumptions.



Q. Was Tesla’s knowledge used for the Philadelphia Experiment?



This is also referenced in the Law of One information. Per Ra, “Information offered through Wanderer… Nikola, also was experimented with for potential destruction: example, your so-called Philadelphia Experiment”. While it doesn’t sound like Ra is suggesting Tesla provided this through direct involvement, I guess it doesn’t necessarily exclude some of the following. 

The Philadelphia Experiment was the alleged World War II invisibility experiment, also known as Project Rainbow, involving the destroyer USS Eldridge in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. In conspiracy lore, the experiment induced a side effect of teleporting the vessel to Norfolk, Virginia for several minutes before returning. Resultant crew injuries included madness and partly merging with the deck of the ship. Other claims include those by Al Bielek relating to time travel (the gist of which can be found in the 1984 movie The Philadelphia Experiment). Tesla’s research was variously reported to have been utilised. Bielek’s name also surfaces in connection with another project…  



Q. Was the Montauk Project real?



You know, the secret government project that formed the basis for Netflix’s massively popular Stranger Things (initially called Montauk). An offshoot of Project Rainbow and named the Phoenix Project, it used decommissioned US Air Force base Camp Hero at Montauk, Long Island. 

Mind-control research (MKUltra) had long formed part of CIA rudiments, but this was altogether more extravagant. Spanning the early-70s to early-80s, the project developed the capabilities of the “Montauk boys’, with the focus on harnessing, or tapping, their psychic abilities through mental and physical torture. Per The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time by Preston B Nichols and Peter Moon, a range of experiments included telepathy, teleportation, time portals, and the unleashing of the Montauk beast, along with Bielek and Duncan Cameron being transported from 1943 to Camp Hero in 1983. A not-dead Tesla was also cited as chief director of operations at the base.

The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time makes for a decent read on the subject, although the subsequent sequels and follow ups – mostly from Moon – become increasingly tenuous and thin on material. There’s something of a cottage industry related to alleged participants, and some unsavoury stories circulating in respect of that aspect. As with the Philadelphia Experiment, one should avoid assuming everything reported about the project is bona fide.



Q. Is JFK (Sr) still alive? 



Note: the above was asked in June last year, so that may have changed (given how old he’d be). JFK’s assassination was faked with the assistance of the Black Hats (JFK was not a White Hat). As was Marilyn’s dead (she went “underground” with him).

Addendum 25/03/24: This one warrants significant amendment (pesky clones). See White Hats 14.


Q. Were the Manson murders real? 



They were a psyop. They have this in common with staged mass shootings, false flags etc.



Q. Did Stanley Kubrick film the faked Moon landing?



You know, space.


Q. Were spider beings the real reason for the Vietnam War? 



Per Mark Richards, the Vietnam region was beset by an invading ET race the size of Volkswagens. Known as Spider Troggs or the Acari, they arrived on Earth through a vast network of portals in South East Asia. The Acari are Anunnaki engineered. More on the Spider Troggs can be found in ETs Part I.



Q. Was there Black Goo in the Falklands?



The Black Goo is a genetically engineered parasite brought to Earth by the Draco.



Q. Was this the reason for the Falklands War? 





Q. Was the Chernobyl disaster real?



It was a psyop.

Nuclear incidents appear to be a mix-and-match, however. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were real. Fukushima was real. Three Mile Island was a psyop. For more on nukes, see this Q & A.



Q. Were Hiroshima and Nagasaki blown up because of a huge Reptoid base underneath those cities?



We’re back in Mark Richards territory for this, and the untold ET story of WWII. Suffice to say, Chris Nolan’s Oppenheimer won’t be covering this part (lest it seem Richards is an entirely credible font of knowledge, his testimony is only 45 percent reliable).



Q. Were Bikini Atoll and other nuclear tests against other-world intelligences?



Mark Richards described there being 4 ET species in the area. It also seems the nuclear tests in the Nevada desert were designed to close portals. Again, the tests there were based on ET issues. Per Richards, the only known way to close a portal at the time was to nuke it.



Q. Is there an inner Earth (that is other than large cave systems)?



The honeycomb cave systems, as described by Corey Goode, are accurate, but this doesn’t extend to anything more elaborate, of an Edgar Rice Burroughs-esque Pellucidar type.



Q. Are there Inner Earth groups (as reported by Corey Goode)?



There are 7 Inner Earth groups. They have breakaway civilisations, having largely left the Earth. Corey references the Anshar, Mayans and also a rejected group called the Banished.



Q. Is Corey Goode’s report of Raptors in the Inner Earth accurate?



Corey’s take – or at least, the one he voiced – was that they are a reptilian/avian mix or evolutionary diversion/split of the dinosaurs (although, we all know the dinosaurs are a hoax). He commented “They are not covered in scales but looked like stretched skin of a featherless bird to me”. Some of them have plume of feathers on their heads/ running down their backs.

The raptors are not Draco (Corey indicated some aligned themselves with Draco, however, while others formed an alliance with humans). It appears they were put here by the Anunnaki, through intervention in the timeline (so within a period up to 1,9000 years before the 1700 Event). 



Q. When did the Draco come to Earth?


The Draco were on Earth from approximately 190 years prior to the 1700 event (through time travel). Draco were not actively influencing Earth at this point. They were underground, observing.



Q. Who held the balance of control of Earth (until the White Hats defeated them)?


The Draco. Formerly, the Anunnaki were in control.



Q. Was the threat of nuclear war between the US and the USSR during the Cold War real? 



The threat was real. However, it appears it was “controlled” at the highest level.

It seems, rather than the entirety, the Draco had control of a portion – presumably, per the answers above, the prevailing portion – of the Earth. Whether that equates squarely with AI’s control, I’ve yet to pursue. Allowing an all-out nuclear conflagration wouldn’t have been in their ultimate interests.



Q. Did Reptoids, Draco and Greys exert influence over China, North Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, CERN, Iran, Central and South America, the Vatican and Putin/Russia?



Mark Richards identified Reptoid/Draco/Grey influence over the above-identified nations/institutions/tech at various points. I intentionally used “influence” rather than “control” as there appear to be nuances in terms of more direct “control” that lead to a response in the negative.



Q. Did the Nordics exert influence over Britain?



The Nordics are confirmed as a positive ET race. Reptoid/Draco/Greys do not appear to have exerted an influence over Britain (or at least, not on a “guiding” level).



Q. Did the Anunnaki exert influence over Israel?



So this would presumably be an exception to the Anunnaki ceding control to the Draco during the 19th century (after which they maintained an uneasy alliance with the Draco).



Q. Did the Raptors, Mantids, Pleiadeans and Canonians exert influence over the USA?


Yes to the above, bar the Raptors.

The Raptors appear to be Mark Richards’ particular and consistent embellishment (he sketches them on a much broader influential canvas, and a benevolent one, than seems to be the case).

The intricacies of the control structure merit further investigation, as beyond the Draco having held the balance of power, there appear to have been a range of variables and oppositional elements, national and ET-wise. Further speculation on this can be found in White Hats X.



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