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White Hats X

The Q & A

As tends to be the case with White Hats posts, this is mainly something of a grab bag of loosely pertaining subjects from the past month or so. Some of the questions reference figures in the truther movement, largely due to suggestions they’ve made on subjects that begged further scrutiny. Others take in more general truther scuttle, of the sort that surfaces when any given celeb or person of profile has been awarded White Hat status (in general, caution is entirely reasonable, as it pays to be cynical). There’s the usual check on timings (as ever, everything is imminently pending). And there’s a dip into the territory of ET influence posited by Captain Mark Richards; this will likely go further in another ETs Q & A in due course, but it warrants more digging around the subject first.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Is Ben Fulford a White Hat?



Fulford’s a long-standing (decades-spanning) figure in the conspirasphere, albeit one predominately given to commentary on the political end of the spectrum. He tends to hold anything more far-out, such as off-world or ET matters, at arm’s length. Which is not to say he’s entirely dismissive of such matters, but they aren’t really his bag. 

I read him avidly for a number of years, although I’ll readily admit I frequently found the comments section more engrossing than the weekly updates themselves. He plumbs various sources in agencies and secret societies (notably the White Dragon Society), and the quality of his info, as well as the polarities of the parties he discusses – someone might be on one side one week and on quite another a few weeks later – could be all over the place. At times, there also seemed to be a tendency to pluck items from the previous week’s world news and offer barely disguised speculation on them, with a conspiratorial twist, which any old columnist can do. Nevertheless, he remains something of a luminary, just as long as you turn your bullshit detector on first.



Q. Does Ben Fulford present disinformation?



However, he does present misinformation, and he’s aware that it’s misinformation.

I’m not entirely sure about parsing the distinctions here, as to my reckoning, awareness that the information is suss when passing it on rather makes it disinformation. Perhaps it’s down to the desired end, such that if a White Hat is doing it, it may be misleading, but it’s to an ultimately positive end. 



Q. Is Ben Fulford correct regarding the Khazarian Mafia controlling 11 percent of the world?



However, this does not invalidate earlier answers indicating White Hats are in control of all governments of the world. The 11-percent Khazarian Mafia control is located in government but has been allowed for strategic reasons. Consequently, while this influence may include the US, it does not mean the Khazarian Mafia “rules” the US.

When previously asking on this, I had the impression the 11 percent related to corporate interests – there may be something of that too, at least as it relates to funding and the power structure; winkling out those members and affiliates thereof in whichever arena who pose a threat is surely a key goal – but it seems this is in respect of the establishment itself. Certainly, it appears the strategy in place in allowing the Khazarian Mafia to continue in positions of authority is part of the reason that White Hat operations are taking so long to culminate.



Q. Is Ben Fulford right that Asians want to see the US’s woes increase because it puts them in a more advantageous position?



Fulford saidThe Khazarian Mafia only rule over 11% of the world now. Unfortunately, Americans are among that 11% from an Asian perspective, it is better to have a US government that has to obey them because it needs to borrow more than to have the US declare a default”.

I wondered if this might be the perspective of Asian corporate interests, but that does not appear to be the case. So as far as the Asian position is concerned, this may be an example of Ben’s misinformation.



Q. In how many countries has the Khazarian Mafia been permitted to continue rule in government for strategic reasons?



There are 4 such countries were the Khazarian Mafia has been permitted to continue such activities: the US, the UK, France and Switzerland.



Q. Is the Khazarian Mafia still in contact with Anunnaki or Draco?



This contact is by technological rather than psychic means. Which would not, I presume, preclude nanotech. They probably aren’t in the basement with a pair of headphones and a shortwave radio.



Q. Is Jim Carrey playing Joe Biden?



This was previously asked in White Hats 8 (also playing Creepy Joe are James Woods and Straun Rodger). I thought it worth asking again, since Phil Godlewski intimated that Carrey wasn’t playing Joe (it seems Phil’s info is generally pretty sharp, although I tend only to watch him occasionally as small doses go a long way). Perhaps Phil was preserving the party line on Carrey, since he’s down as executed on the arrest list doing the rounds.



Q. Is Elvis Presley alive?



Elvis is no longer alive. He was in a clone body as identified in Celebrity Register 1 but has since left the building permanently. Again, this was asked following a Phil statement. Godlewski decried suggestions that the King might still be in the land of the living. Thank you very much, Phil.



Q. Is Donald Trump a time traveller?



Donald Trump is a time traveller but not physically. He time travelled psychically. He was taken to an alternate timeline. An alternate present (ie, presumably to see what transpired in a dystopian Earth where White Hats didn’t bang Dark Forces to rights). Barron is also a time traveller and accompanied the Donald. 

This is another question inspired by Phil, who replied on the subject during his quick-fire round with something to the effect of “Travels? Traveller? Disregard”. Which, in his cryptic way, suggests he knew there was a truth there but not a tangible one.



Q. Is Donald Trump a hybrid?



This one came from one of Janine’s – of Tarot by Janine and her paywall; she appears to have a Facebook copycat grifting her videos and reposting them, however – readings. She talked around the subject of Donald, that she’d done previous readings showing he was from an Elite family but male, despite the inversion common to such families (Trump is also confirmed as born male by the Q & A). She suggested too that he was a hybrid of off-planet races, that his wife was handler, and she too was a hybrid.

It seems there was an ET hybrid Trump. He is no longer alive, however. With regard to his wife being a hybrid, past or present, Melania or Princess Di, this does not appear to be/ have been the case.



Q. How many delays to the EBS/10 Days of Darkness were there in May?


There were 6 delays in May.

There have also been delays in June (question was asked 9 June).



Q. Is the stock market still due to crash prior to the EBS/10 Days of Darkness?



I suppose it doesn’t necessarily need to crash in a traditional stock-market-crash sense. The mooted cyber-attacks could probably achieve the same thing.



Q. Is it the plan to announce the existence of the various clones and doubles currently in service when the corruption announcement/EBS/10 Days of Darkness comes?





Q. Is it the plan to announce the existence and use of adrenochrome when the corruption announcement/EBS/10 Days of Darkness comes?



I don’t quite follow this one, as it seems to be storing up future backlashes of “Well, why didn’t you tell us in the first place?” Surely if they want to shine a light on those who have committed crimes (and been executed) for such activities, the various Hollywood celebrities currently deceased but “alive and kicking” as programmed clones would be prime fodder to ensure the horrors hit home? 

Perhaps the (advanced state of the) science of cloning is seen as a leap too far in revealing Dark Forces’ method straight off the bat (along with ETs, Earth shape, the NASA lie, faked history etc). Possibly there’s a plan to curate certain celebrities selectively, ones who aren’t active on the clone circuit and so are “legitimately” dead, and announce their culpability. But then you go back to the arrest lists and the degree to which the information is already out there, information that will gain exponentially wider exposure when it’s confirmed that the crazy conspiracy nuts were right about adrenochrome.



Q. Are the therapeutics in chemtrails having a positive effect?



The therapeutics in chemtrails are raising vibrations.

My response to this is a level “Okay…” Not that I don’t accept that chemtrails have been switched from heinous to helpful, but any hint of a “Happy happy joy joy” impact doesn’t seem evident. Besides which…



Q. Would sunlight also raise vibrations?



This is my major beef with the therapeutics approach. How consistently raised are vibrations likely to be when the Sun is shrouded day after day by a hazy fug of fake cloud? One thing I’ve noticed on that score, though: in the past, as the chemtrails ushered in an entirely different day to the one forecast, the online weather charts would scramble to adjust. Now, it seems they either can’t be bothered or the disparity is designed to make people sit up and pay attention.



Q. Was the Italy flooding the result of White Hat actions?



What with White Hats apparently controlling all HAARP facilities now, any weather manipulation would presumably be on their part. It seems the flooding in May was intentional.



Q. Were the Canadian forest fires natural?



Some slightly confused answers were received for this (due to phrasing), but it seems Janine’s interpretation, that the fires weren’t of natural causes and were from the use of off-world tech, is correct.



Q. Were the Las Vegas ETs real?



The ETS were real. They were not Dark Forces. They were White Hats. (This relates to an incident at the end of April that received widespread Internet coverage during June.)

(Janine’s reading on this suggested the ETs had an agreement with the “Dark Hats” and the crash related to their expecting support they did not get, presumably because the Dark Hats’ system is no longer in place.)



Q. Was the Schumann’s Resonance reading an indication of genuine activity?



The change in resonance reading was reported around 18 June. It was not a glitch (per the official verdict). It was real. As to what it means for our vibrational states, well, that’s the $64,000 question. (Janine had it that it was both a glitch and sign of something real, that it was there for those who could appreciate it amid all the stresses and fears currently gripping humanity. The good rather than the miserable should be focussed upon.)



Q. Did the Titan submarine really go down?



This story, which seemed to overtake everything else for about a week in the middle of June, was not a psyop. A psyop was my initial reaction (as these kinds of events tend to suck up attention in a way that seems custom engineered for that express purpose). And then there were the comparisons being drawn between the Titanic & the Gold Standard and the Titan & the imminent global financial reset.

However. While the Titan did do down, there wasn’t anyone inside it. It wasn’t a psyop in that it was a White Hat operation, taken over from those with “nefarious” intentions (as Janine put it. However, Janine’s reading seemed to get that the crew were on the sub when it went down).

OceanGate seems like a name designed for a subsequent scandal. Always fun to see Jimbo chip in on something fishy too, saying he told them months back their sub was doomed.

Addendum 28/06/23: I understood it wasn’t supposed to be a great idea to ask the same question repeatedly with tarot, but Janine obviously thinks it’s fine, since she’s forever doing it (this is at least the third time relating to the sub). Her 26/06/23 look at world news still had this as a Dark Hat operation being used as a distraction, but she qualified previous readings by saying she wasn’t entirely convinced the sub occupants had passed over. Alternatively, some might be dead in a different way. She took away that there was a lot of smoke and mirrors with the story.



Q. Is Jim Caviezel a White Hat?



I don’t think I’d asked about Caviezel before, probably because I assumed he was one and it didn’t need confirmation. However, with the publicity surrounding his movie of the Tim Ballard story, there have been inevitable naysayers furnishing evidence that Jim’s a bad ’un, mostly on account of photos showing him brandishing occult hand signs that every Hollywood player is expected to display.

So Caviezel is a White Hat, and yes, his wife was born female. With regard to the Tim Ballard story, it appears it’s known his child-rescue account is not what it seems – Ballard is alive, and he is neither a White Hat nor a Black Hat – and further, that the movie (Sound of Freedom) is a White Hat operation. 



Q. Is Mel Gibson a White Hat?



Mel is a White Hat. He has always been a White Hat, and – just for added clarity – we’re seeing the original Mel.

This has been asked previously (White Hats 5), but again, the publicity concerning Mel’s 4-part documentary on child trafficking elicited suggestions this was all just an acceptable-face deception, and Mel’s an Illuminati freemason etc himself. The evidence? Those historic snaps of occult hand signs, obviously.



Q. Was the threat of nuclear war between the US and the USSR during the Cold War real? 



The threat was real. However, it appears it was “controlled” at the highest level.

This question is copied over from the Going Nuclear Q & A, by way of an introduction to the ET influence on nations and the Earth. It seems, rather than the entirety, the Draco had control of a portion – presumably the prevailing portion – of the Earth (which, doubtless, was the portion the Anunnaki previously controlled). Whether that equates with AI’s control, I’ve yet to pursue. 

This lends itself to the inference that the level of control was neither as direct nor unqualified as one might assume when entertaining the prospect of a globe-spanning Elite simply calling the shots. That is, there are the factions thereof, ones not necessarily on the same or even similar pages, aside from keeping largely schtum about their presence and oversight – Ben Fulford has always been keen on documenting such groups, sometimes seemingly contradictorily – and then there are those off-world forces, who may have – or had – an influence or purview over nations (and again, there are those among them who may be at philosophical loggerheads). 

In the Cold War’s instance, I was specifically thinking of the Draco – and by extension the Anunnaki and then Khazarians – and whether they would allow such an apocalyptic conflagration if it came down to the wire (given their oversight at the time appears to have related to the USSR, I would assume the positive ET races influencing the US wouldn’t either. But that doesn’t necessarily account for other allegiances of, and influences over, those “in power” in either country).



Q. Did Reptoids, Draco and Greys exert influence over China, North Korea, Japan, India, Pakistan, CERN, Iran, Central and South America, the Vatican and Putin/Russia?



Mark Richards identified Reptoid/Draco/Grey influence over all those identified nations/institutions/tech at various points. I intentionally used “influence” rather than “control” as there appear to be nuances in terms of more direct “control” that lead to a response in the negative (at any rate, there were with the USSR).



Q. Did the Nordics exert influence over Britain?



The Nordics are confirmed as a positive ET race. Reptoid/Draco/Greys do not appear to have exerted an influence over Britain (or at least, not on a “guiding” level).



Q. Did the Anunnaki exert influence over Israel?



So this would presumably be an exception to the Anunnaki ceding control to the Draco during the nineteenth century (after which they maintained an uneasy alliance with the Draco).



Q. Did the Raptors, Mantids, Pleiadeans and Canonians exert influence over the USA?


Yes to the above, bar the Raptors.

The Raptors appear to be Richards’ particular and consistent embellishment (which isn’t to say they don’t exist, but rather that he sketches them on a much broader canvas, and a benevolent one, than seems to be the case).

As suggested, the manner in which such scenarios expressed themselves in practice calls for further inquiry. We know the Draco controlled the cloning centres and that attendance wasn’t limited to those countries over which they exerted influence, while earlier answers in this Q & A aver to the influence of the Khazarian Mafia (within, for example, the US and UK). It isn’t as if having positive ETs having input ensured that the USA and Britain were shining beacons – far from it – but it may have meant that, by and large, the tide was kept from outright turning against them. It’s also worth noting that White Hat is a relative term; one essentially appears to qualify by standing in opposition to Dark Forces (of whatever manifestation). As such, figures who are not, by a reasonable yardstick, terribly nice – Hitler, Putin – qualify for White Hat status.

On the “immediate” elite level of influencers, the “organisation” of such higher-level relations may be closer to the kind of thing Fulford would talk about, of secret societies and groups agreeing and disagreeing, of having principles potentially, but insufficient ones – either that or resources – to induce rocking the boat in terms of shifting paradigms or choosing to be non-complicit in perpetuating lies. Leaders – to the extent they’re informed anyway – may be persuaded to go along with those pursuing agendas. White Hat groups (as seen currently) may be required to play the long game in the face of the Deep State, while the Deep State itself may have been composed of both the dyed-in-the-wool and infiltrators. 

Even with the most readily identifiable Dark Forces “party”, the Khazarian Mafia, were there those who maintained primary allegiance to the Anunnaki in spite of the Draco when the former ceded control? Quite probably. DUMBs, adrenochrome, child trafficking, ET involvement, “space” exploration, the nature of the Earth etc all required a tacit preservation of the status quo in whatever quarter of the world, aided doubtless by layers upon layers and secret orders piled upon other secret orders. Which is to say, it’s much easier to assimilate the subject in a simpler, broad-brush manner than attempt to account for all the intricacies and variables.



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