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The Celebrity Register 6

The Q & A

The majority of this update focuses on the arrest list – which can be found online – relating to those celebs and high-profile individuals who have been subjected to military tribunal (or at least, some of them; there are 260 names thereon, as of its date of 4 November 2020. Previous Q & A answers, from November last year, suggested the number of celebrities was 200-300, with more than 700 individuals executed in all). There are also several questions and answers copied over from the White Hats X post, relating as they do to the celebrity sphere. 

For quick reference, these are the names on the military tribunal list, all recorded as arrested and executed unless stated:

Adam Sandler; Alec Baldwin; Angela Merkel; Angelina Jolie; Anjelica Huston (awaiting tribunal); Anthony Fauci (released for a time to help Trump); Ashton Kutcher (life in prison); Obama; Barbra Streisand; Ben Affleck; Bernie Sanders (at Gitmo); Bette Midler (life in prison); Beyoncé; Bill Clinton; Bill Gates (deceased); Bill Murray; Billy Bob Thornton; Brad Pitt; Boris Johnson; Britney Spears (life in prison); Bruce Willis; Caitlyn Bruce Jenner (awaiting tribunal); Calista Flockhart; Celine Dion; Charlie Sheen; Cher; Christina Aguilera (life in prison); Courtney Cox; Courtney Love; David Cameron; David Schwimmer; Demi Moore; Dick Cheney; Don Johnson (awaiting tribunal); Donald Rumsfeld; Dustin Hoffman (awaiting tribunal); Dwayne Johnson; Ellen DeGeneres (house arrest); Emmanuel Macron; Gal Gadot; Gene Simmons (awaiting tribunal); Boy George (awaiting tribunal); George Clooney; George H W Bush; George Soros; George W Bush; Ghislaine Maxwell (life in prison); Gwen Stefani; Harrison Ford; Harry Windsor; Harvey Weinstein (life in prison); Helen Hunt; Hillary Clinton; Hunter Biden; Jack Nicholson; James Franco; James Gunn; Jane Fonda (awaiting tribunal); Jeb Bush; Jeff Bezos (awaiting tribunal); Jeffrey Epstein (life in prison); Jennifer Aniston; Jennifer Lawrence (awaiting tribunal); Jennifer Lopez (awaiting tribunal); Jerry Springer (awaiting tribunal); Jim Carrey; Jimmy Kimmel (awaiting tribunal); Joe Biden; John Cusack; John Kerry (life in prison); John McCain; John Podesta; John Travolta; Johnny Depp; Julia Louis-Dreyfus (awaiting tribunal); Justin Bieber; Justin Timberlake (awaiting tribunal); Justin Trudeau (house arrest); Kamala Harris (awaiting tribunal); Kathy Griffin (awaiting tribunal); Katy Perry; Keanu Reeves; Keith Urban (awaiting tribunal); Kelly Preston; Kevin Costner (awaiting tribunal); Kevin Spacey (house arrest and awaiting tribunal); Lady Gaga; Reese Witherspoon (awaiting tribunal); Leonardo DiCaprio (awaiting tribunal); Lindsay Lohan (awaiting tribunal); Lisa Kudrow; Madonna; Marina Abramovic; Mark Zuckerberg (house arrest, awaiting tribunal); Martin Scorsese; Matthew Perry; Matt Damon (awaiting tribunal); Matt Hancock; Meghan Markle (executed); Melinda Gates (deceased); Meryl Streep; Michael Moore; Michelle Obama; Mick Jagger; Mike Pence; Miley Cyrus (life in prison); Mitt Romney (at Gitmo); Nancy Pelosi (at Gitmo); Naomi Campbell; Nicolas Cage; Nicole Kidman; Oprah Winfrey (house arrest); Quentin Tarantino; Richard Branson; Richard Gere; Rita Wilson; Rob Reiner (awaiting tribunal); Robert De Niro; Robert Downey Jr; Robert Redford (awaiting tribunal); Rihanna (awaiting tribunal); Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Sandra Bullock; Selena Gomez (awaiting tribunal); Seth Green; Simon Cowell; Stevie Nicks (awaiting tribunal); Steven Spielberg; Sylvester Stallone (awaiting tribunal); Taylor Swift (awaiting tribunal); Ted Turner (awaiting tribunal); Tom Cruise; Tom Hanks; Tony Blair; Vin Diesel; Will Ferrell; Will Smith; William Baldwin; Woody Allen; Woody Harrelson.

For the background to the Q & A, see the index page.



Q. Is the military tribunal arrest list accurate?



The list of 260 names is accurate, both in terms of (a) arrest and (b) fate (execution or awaiting tribunal or serving sentence).

However, if I’d seen this list before inquiring after any celebs – I probably did see it a while back, actually; I saw a list, but I doubted its authenticity so thought little more about it – and had taken that as the end of it, it seems I’d have missed some small print. It’s also worth noting that the list may have been accurate at the time, but answers indicate some of those recorded as awaiting tribunal have since received very final sentencing (Jane Fonda, Taylor Swift).



Q. Is the original Adam Sandler still alive?



The original Adam Sandler is a White Hat. A clone was executed.

Essentially, there are discrepancies between some of the names on the list and some of the answers received concerning celebrities (and politicians). These relate both to those who are White Hats (former Black Hats or always White Hats), who may or may not be down on the list as executed, and those who are recorded as executed but are plea bargaining. 



Q. Are the originals of the following individuals still alive: Barrack Obama; Bill Clinton; Jim Carrey; Keanu Reeves; Will Smith?



In their cases, there is no suggestion that they are White Hats, simply that they have not been executed.



Q. Are the following individuals White Hats: Adam Sandler; Boris Johnson; Dwayne Johnson; George Clooney; Harrison Ford; Jennifer Lawrence; Kevin Spacey; Leonardo DiCaprio; Martin Scorsese; Matt Damon; Seth Green?



All these individuals are confirmed as White Hats.

In the cases of Clooney, Scorsese and Spacey, answers indicated they were former Black Hats. In the cases of the others – notably Leo and JLaw when re-asking the questions, since I didn’t re-ask about always-White-Hat status in each case – it seems they have always been White Hats.



Q. Is the presence of these individuals – those who have always been White Hats – on the list for strategic reasons?





Q. Out of the names on the list, how many clones were executed rather than the originals?



Confirmed as among those 9 are: Barrack Obama; Bill Clinton; Jim Carrey; Keanu Reeves; Will Smith.

This would suggest there are 4 more who fit that bill.

With regard to the reason for executing clones, it seems it was’t to protect the originals. Nor was it because the clones had been Vril’d or consciousness chipped (I don’t think you can Vril a clone, but I asked the question anyway). It would appear to fall into the “strategic reasons” camp.



Q. Is the original Bill Murray still alive?



The original Bill Murray is still alive. He’s a White Hat (and always has been).

So there’s another one who’s at odds with the list.

Clearly, there are more than 4 names recorded as executed who are, per answers, still alive here: Adam Sandler; Boris Johnson; George Clooney; Dwayne Johnson; Harrison Ford; Seth Green; Bill Murray; Harry Windsor; Martin Scorsese.

It’s quite possible I’ve missed a trick with regard to White Hat status (I usually clarify whether the original individual is still alive as a matter of course, so as to rule out a clone, but it’s possible I omitted to do so in some cases). Alternatively, the number is wrong. Alternatively again, there’s another explanation, one that doesn’t invalidate the list being accurate in terms of executed status but also doesn’t involve clones. If so, I can’t think of it offhand; I’ll have to delve further.



Q. How many of the 85 percent of Vril’d celebrities would have warranted execution, had they not been Vril’d?


70 percent of those Vril’d would have warranted execution anyway.

That is, taking 85 percent as the full number (100 percent), 70 percent of them would have been executed for their actions, regardless of having been possessed by a Vril parasite. 

Earlier answers confirmed (The Celebrity Register) 85 percent of executed celebrities had been taken over by Vril, with the remaining 15 percent having been adrenochrome addicts. An individual is effectively dead once they been taken over by Vril, so with the benefit of the doubt in mind, I wondered how many cases would have elicited a capital response had they not been. It seems most of them were thoroughly culpable, irrespective of Vril (previous answers indicated Michael Caine, for example, was Vril’d, but that he was a White Hat before this occurred). 



Q. Is it the plan to announce the existence of the various clones and doubles currently in service when the corruption announcement/EBS/10 Days of Darkness comes?



However, it is the plan to announce the existence and use of adrenochrome.

Such an approach does rather seem to be storing up future backlashes along the lines of “Well, why didn’t you tell us in the first place?” Surely, if White Hats want to shine a light on those who have committed crimes (and been executed) for such activities, the various Hollywood celebrities currently deceased but “alive and kicking” as programmed clones would be prime fodder to ensure the horrors hit home? 

Perhaps the (advanced state of the) science of cloning is seen as a leap too far in revealing Dark Forces’ method straight off the bat (along with ETs, Earth shape, the NASA lie, faked history etc). Possibly there’s a plan to curate certain celebrities selectively, ones who aren’t active on the clone circuit and so are “legitimately” dead, and announce their culpability. But then you go back to the arrest lists and the degree to which the information is already out there, information that will gain exponentially wider exposure when it’s confirmed that the crazy conspiracy nuts were right about adrenochrome. The Vril part? Admittedly, I wouldn’t expect that to receive acknowledgement until disclosure is a considerable way along.



Q. Is Jim Caviezel a White Hat?



I hadn’t asked about Caviezel before, probably because I assumed he was one, and it didn’t need confirmation. However, with the publicity surrounding his movie of the Tim Ballard story, there have been inevitable naysayers furnishing evidence that Jim’s a bad ’un, mostly in the form of photos showing him brandishing occult hand signs that every Hollywood player is expected to display.

So Caviezel is a White Hat, and yes, his wife was born female. With regard to the Tim Ballard story, it appears it’s known his child-rescue account is not what it seems – the original Ballard is alive, and he is neither a White Hat nor a Black Hat – and further, that the movie (Sound of Freedom) is a White Hat operation. 



Q. Is Mel Gibson a White Hat?



Mel is a White Hat. He has always been a White Hat, and – just for added clarity – we’re seeing the original Mel.

Mel’s status has been asked about previously (White Hats 5), but again, the publicity concerning his 4-part documentary on child trafficking elicited suggestions this was all just an acceptable-face deception, and Mel’s an Illuminati freemason etc himself. The evidence? Those historic snaps of occult hand signs, obviously.



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